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As a girl, I feel the Persona series is severely lacking in diversity.
Nice try, Mona, but we both know that you don't actually exist so therefore this is all invalid.
First It Giveth: The Sky Is Fallin'
<i>Teddie calms down for a moment.</i> &quot;I-I don't know, I was cleaning up the... Beary bad wreckage of the Junes when everything started to shake, the TVs started glowing too... The next thing I know, there are jets of orange light and... One took me.&quot; <i>He tries to think for a moment.</i> &quot;I don't think this has much to do with the TV world, though this place looks like it... It just doesn't beary much feel like it...&quot;
watch ytp sexer
shut the fuck up barney no one asked your purple ass
watch ytp sexer
oh ok love you bby
watch ytp sexer
but mona i thought what we had was special
Post some P5 memes on here.
Everyday's Great!
&quot;...I don't get paid enough for this.&quot; <i>He punches a wall in frustration. The sound of multiple TVs, both big and small can be heard crashing down, followed by screams of everyone inside. There was one very large TV or just a general screen that played advertisements, that definitely killed some people upon it crashing down.</i> &quot;Oh, eheh... I should probably run.&quot; <i>He scurries off as the Junes gets evacuated. That's a 2nd opening day that's been a disaster because of the bear.</i>
Everyday's Great!
<i>Teddie shrugs.</i> &quot;Well, again, tell me when you're beary ready, or just head right on in and explore the store for yourself.&quot; <i>He attempts to keep a forced smile on his face.</i>
Everyday's Great!
<i>He sighs. That right there was a blow to his paycheck.</i> &quot;Y-you do know the doors here open on their own... Right?&quot;
Everyday's Great!
<i>Ted smiles at Takuto.</i> &quot;You'll be happy to know that there's a huge sale on apple juice, then.&quot; <i>Oh boy, Barney showed up.</i> &quot;...And there's also a beary big sale on chalk too.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Teddie-Anon)</div>

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watch ytp sexer
Everyday's Great!
<i>An ad pops up on your electronic devices, whether or not it's a TV or simply a phone you were watching videos on, it still pops up. The advertisement urges you to go to the new Junes location. They promise more stuff than any other location, probably due to the fact that the Junes location in Beijing fell flat. But hey, new Junes, go wild.</i>
Why people saying Kasumi is best girl are objectively wrong.
y'all mfs don't even know her personality yet we don't even know her arcana wait until the game comes out because all you're going off of is those thick thighs
Hot take: Pokemon Let's Go appeals to filthy casuals
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/453074249649881089/512676097205338113/Screenshot_20181115-114214_iFunny_.jpg am i wrong
This goddamn cat speaks to my soul.
About the Siivagunner King for a Day tournament...
If Unregistered Hypercam 2 doesn't win, I will do a vocal cover of Paralyzer.
Important Announcement.
There's been a lot of talk going around that due to Ace from PPG begin part of Gorillaz that Jack Black is in Samurai Jack... BUT. With the new Wreck-It-Ralph movie being based around the internet, that means that Fat Albert is canon to KH3 due to Ralph being a summon... But it doesn't end there. This means that everything is canon to everything due to everything being on the internet. <b><i>WRECK-IT-RALPH FUCKED EVERY CANON IN EXISTENCE</i></b> <i><b><span class="underline">THIS ALSO MEANS THAT ONCE THE MOVIE RELEASES, OUR UNIVERSE WILL COLLIDE. HIDE YO KIDS</span></b></i>
PK, I don't feel so good...
the anons did nothing wrong
leave my friends alone, stinky
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