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Terry Bogard will be way better than Joker
Terry Bogard will be way better than Joker
Imagine being a character that stars in only one game of a long-lasting franchise and it's spin-offs that you can count on one hand instead of being the face of a company that popularized an entire genre. Y'all skinnies really got the short end of the stick when it comes to the dlc. They should've added a character that's actually in all them weeb games like that one Geno demon with the ice powers.

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Terry Bogard will be way better than Joker
Even if he ends up super broken, no one will care because he's Terry and he's super awesome. The hoes mad meme will basically disappear because no hoes will be mad about Terry. Literally the only thing you can ask people who aren't celebrating his release is 'Are you okay?' Which is a non-answery question because it is obvious they are not. He will probably also end up with a killer stage that's way less boring and generic than a few platforms plus a roof that sometimes appears. Basically i'm sorry for Joker fans that their character got chosen as just padding to fill out the fighters pass while daddy sakurai worked on Terry Bogard.
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