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Phantom thieves audition
"I used the Stones to destroy the Stones."
Phantom thieves audition
"I am inevitable." -Sir Wilfred Laurier
will sans be in smash poll
Steve would be an easy pick for a Microsoft rep, but I hope they choose Halo instead
Ok say you were a true phantom thief
Codename: Titan Persona: Cronus
Can we get a rip for elmco
Go to school and learn, nerd.
Phansite Valentines Year 3
Thanos "Reality can be anything I desire, but I'll ask nicely. Will you be my Valentine?"
Phansite tag urself 2
lnari approval rating up by 15 percent
today is an important phansite anniversary
This... this does put a smile on my face.
Take This person(s) heart!
<span class="through">Steal my heart. Do it or no balls. You won't. </span> I regret my decisions to snap half the universe out of existence. I did it purely because I have an obsession with an undead beauty that I have no ability to be with, due to her obsession with a psychopath. Please forgive my actions, as I'm willing to end myself in repentance. <div class='edited'>(edited by Joker)</div>
Random Thought with PK
Yeet that meat. If everyone is going to die and there's absolutely no chance of rescue before food runs out, welp, bye old people and bye children. See you need to get rid of the old and the young at the same time, keeps it all in balance. Humans are just spokes in the great wheel of life after all.

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