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Did you expect a detailed summary of who I am? I'm sure someone with too much time on their hands has done that on some website that isn't here. Maybe actually put some effort into your research and "Google it up".

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Burger King 2.0
Psh. Like you could ever match up to Advent Burger.
Lady problems
Clearly, the only option is murder. I mean what else are you going to do? Talk out your issues lie rational people instead of asking random people on the internet? Like that would ever work. Why is this tagged as RP again?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Well, I see this circus is still going strong. Are we trying to break a record for the longest thread on the site or something?
Return to us, God Emperor Archer p
Silly Sarin. Everyone knows Archer doesn't like Three Houses. It's on the Switch.
Lazytown: The RP
This is an example of why The Elders were right to try and destroy humanity.
Alright, class, today we're going to be learning the terms commonly used on this epic website.
Weeb- A term used to describe someone a bit too obsessed with japanese culture and that God probably touched a little too hard.
GYM DX: Button Smashing
Power Rangers are Kamen Riders but American and that is the only differance. Same powers. Same stupid transformation sequances. Same level of being completely and utterly pathetic.
GYM DX: Button Smashing
*The Hunter looks at Ex Aid, unimpressed* Tell me, have you never heard of a door? Or are you Power Rangers too cool for conventional means of walking into a building?
GYM DX: Button Smashing
*Sitting in the stands, polishing his rifle, sits The Hunter.* Oh dear. Seems the Kamen Rider weebs are at it again.
CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
Run into an alleyway so you can lure the so called Hero into a trap

Recent topics

Do you have a fear of Long Words?
Then it is in indubitably my responsibility to provide information that the affliction you are suffering from is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Try not to die while reading that. I swear you humans made that word specifically to troll people scared of long words. And people say I'm a sadist.
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