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-Ann is boring -Makoto is annoying -Futaba is your sister! Don’t date her! -Haru doesn’t get any screen time -Hifumi is a yugioh character -Kawakami is your teacher! Don’t date her! -Tae is a big tiddy goth gf -The fourtune teller lady exists I guess -Ohya is the devil -I don’t trust Kasumi -Ravioli Ravioli don’t lewd the warden lolis -Ryuji is over rated -Morgana should go the eff to sleep -Yusuke is best boi -Akechi is the very bestest boi -Mishima is annoying as hell -Sojiro is best coffee dad -Iwai is best gun dad -No good Tora? More like ALL GOOD TORA
Persona 3 is the best persona game

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Post itt and i'll say what I think about you
Thanks for reminding me I’m not funny :)
Why did you just ask yourself a question?
welcome back archer
God has returned
More like Stupei: Ace Defective
Forgive me for I have committed the deadly sin of cringe. I will now atone for this crime by disappearing for 24 hours out of extreme embarrassment
Lnari’s Show and Tell
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D5qF3m4WwAEYq2q.jpg Here is the bestest boi in the world
Phansite cheetos contest
Dead memes flavor
Mmmmmm, I'm an original joke
When was the naked Mitsuru meme a thing? I haven’t heard of it till now.
It’s beastilality not Pedophila. Isabelle is in her 20s
no more heroes
I remember seeing it in Nintendo directs a couple of times, I don’t know much about it.

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More like Stupei: Ace Defective
<i>Junpei doesn’t learn maragi skills</i> Me: Friendship ended with Junpei Iori. Now Koromaru is my best friend
P5R Story Theory
Kasumi will most likely join your party during Sae’s palace. This is because all of the footage of her awaking looks like Sae’s palace. The story will be mostly be the same with the only difference being that Kasumi is there now. The new story is probably going to start 1/2 right after the New Years event. For about a week, we’ll see the phantom thieves dreams become real. After we see all of the dreams, Akechi reveals to be alive in some Avdol level bullshit and probably was a hobo for basically a month. He probably won’t be playable during the Yaldy fight because he didn’t appear during the New Years event. So yes, Akechi saw the world basically ending and was like “This is fine lol” and didn’t help. He’s going to tell you to meet him in a week if you want to save your friends. This probably could lead into a bad end if you don’t go help him. There are probably two “palaces” you get to explore in the story. The stage looking place and white mementos. The stage place will probably be the thieves’s palace if that makes sense. Basically all of the thieves have separate sections to each of them and when you complete a section that character will be added to your party. The theater will probably be a bunch of reused mechanics and remixed bosses from previous palaces. (In PV#2 we see a remixed boss fight with the art guy I forgot the name of). The party will probably start off as just Joker and Crow. White Mementos will probably be unlocked after gaining Morgana. The bottom of White Mementos is “Heaven” (Based off of Harry Type-C’s translation) and is probably where we fight the final boss. The end of PV#2 we see the phantom thieves panicking and telling Joker to stop. This could mean two things. A) Joker is destroying the dream world. Or B)Joker will be Door-Kun 2: Electric Boogaloo. While option B seems to make no sense. It actually is probably the most probable outcome. We hear Kasumi’s voice at the beginning of PV#2 and he’s saying (Based on Harry Type-C’s translation), “The door had always been sealed, it’s finally opened” and in response Egg Boi says, “It’s all thanks to Onii-San, isn’t it?” The door that Kasumi is talking about might be Blue Jesus’s door. And someone must of removed him. And apparently Jose’s “Onii-San” did it. Onii-San means “Older Sibling” Jose looks like a velvet room assistant (minus the clothes) so the Onii-San might just be Elizabeth. I think Elizabeth removed Door Jesus from the door but because no one is sealing the door Nyx is coming back and Joker sacrifices him self to evolve from a virgin chair to a Chad door. This may seem like completely out of place in Persona 5 but the major theme is desires. And people can desire death. So it works. Also Blue+Red=Purple, purple is a color associated with Royalty, Royalty-&gt; Royal, Persona 5 Royal. I win. Praise Door-Kun.
The Shitpost Army
<i>Join the Shitpost Empire’s Army! With your help we can take our rightful place as the ones who rules the phansite! Probably... Maybe... Not really... ... ... Uh... We have cookies...?</i> <spoiler>So I kinda suck at RPs. I like making not serious characters. And when the RP is serious I kinda feel out of place. So this is a bit of a joke RP so I can RP without ruining the tone of the story being told.</spoiler>
The Floofy Trailer
https://youtu.be/2HMUtO-u9Zo -More Of her Morgana Showtime is shown -Talking with Mishima -Talking with you and Morgana -Okumura is somehow not dead
I did an oopsie
So I’m replaying Persona 4 and I got to right before Kanji’s dungeon <i>buuuuuuuut</i> I might of locked myself out getting in there. So what you’re supposed to do is talk to Kanji’s mother in the shopping district then a lady in Junes and then wait a day and go back to Junes and talk to Naoto and <i>then</i> you can go save kanji... <i>...buuuuuut....</i> My dumbass forgot about that and assumed it will tell us in one or two days and just did some social links instead. And now I think I just locked myself out of Kanji’s dungeon because I don’t have any saves that go back to the 18th and I didn’t talk to Naoto
Just take the vacuum Futaba
I bought this expensive vacuum for Futaba and the game is telling me that it’s too awkward. That vacuum wasn’t cheep god dammit just take it
Back from vacation
I went to Oregon this weekend. I’m from Utah so going from seeing a church every 5 minutes to seeing a place that sells weed every 5 minutes is truly and experience.
New P5R info
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SVNcmXopUeo I haven’t seen a translation but this is what I got so far from watching it and reading some comments. -Kasumi’s arcana is Faith and she only has five ranks -Weird skull potato fusion -Ryuji has a healing skill -You can ambush shadows with a grappling hook
This thread includes spoilers for P3
So I’m wondering, if Door-kun came back in a future (non PQ like) persona game, how would you like him to return?
Making Pancakes for Akechi
Today we will be making the perfect pancake for our boi. How this game will work is that we will write a recipe to make the perfect pancake. It can be as ridiculous as you want it but we all have to go along with whatever is going on. Example: Person 1) Stir while screaming “We are the phantom thieves” Person 2) Take a drink of water because your throat hurts from screaming
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