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don't really have much to say here ig talk to me if you wanna know me

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Very obscure video games you're a fan of
dunno how obscure this is, but i know the creator isn't really the Chzo Mythos series by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw neat group of AGS point and clicks + a text parser with a horror lore that gets more intricate after the first two Trilby: Art of Theft, a side game with the main character of two of em, is also p cool, but shit's hard on keyboard after a few levels
Shitty super powers
you can melt your internal organs and bones but when melted they become acid
Greentext thread
no i'm meming on op
Greentext thread
>be me >newfag to 4chan >make persona 5 general thread in /b/ instead of /vg/ >get banned from the board >mfw >check phansite >idea.mp3 >make thread >"Greentext thread" >they'll_never_see_it_coming.txt
What if Joker Smoked T H E D A N K K U S H ! ?
makoto and SEES smoke weed in the dank hour every 4/20 yes, even with the dog and the robot<div class='edited'>(edited by TheRoyalWaitress)</div>
Why is Barney so scary.
barney is the ronald mcdonald of puppet kid shows elmo's the burger king but you know who's the five guys? motherfucking count dracula
everybody gangsta 'til _
tbh i think that helps make me gangsta gangstafy me? idk
The world of darkness
<i>Simon and Garfunkel play the Rock out, as the curtain closes, with &quot;I Am A Rock&quot;.</i>
why did this place boom?
met a group of friends in mid 2017, of which a few liked persona they talked about it every now and then in the following year, and once december hit and joker got revealed for smash, i wanted to watch somebody play 5 (can't do so myself as i've only got nintendo consoles) i heard about this site during it and checked the main page, finding it cool throughout the next few months, i watched somebody play 4 golden and (last month, albeit before i joined, 3 fes. still doin that one) and i joined the site because why not, after all i joined discord because of starmen.net so this place could be intradastin

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everybody gangsta 'til _
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