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The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Walog] <i>As the beam destroys Rook's cover. Rook is a little surprised. The armour the batteries provide is quickly evaporated as Rook rolls forward. His shoulder having a chunk taken out of it as he digs into a small pouch. Pulling out a more batteries that cause his weapons to glow orange. He then fires two streams of flames of flames at Walog as he runs towards him. Keeping the heat on before trying a cautious kick</i> Drat! You ain't normal.. I'm too old for this. [Tenkai] <i>Unfortunately for Tenkai. Taiyuki has a mask on that prevents the blinding. Allowing him to easily counter the goblin by giving it an elbow. He would then continue his assault by picking up the goblin by the head and drop kicking it towards Tenkai.</i> Hmph. [Sunna] <i>As the blade is catches. The fox snarls it's teeth. Opening its mouth and catching the blade in it's mouth. Continuing to scratch and prod at whatever flesh it can get it's claws on. Ai on the other hand takes her blade and meets the other weapon. Trying to break the staff.</i> J-just die! [Crucis] Hey hey! Your the one who ruined my clothes! If anything you're paying for this one! <i>As By Design &quot;narrowly&quot; dodges the odd ball. He scrambles away a small amount. Picking up and old handheld fan and summoning his stand. The spiral spining and causing the fan to blow a huge cold wind at the boy. So cold it could freeze and slow him down</i> Have a taste of my stand! If you haven't noticed I can take an aspect of an object and amplify, or transfer it to another object! Like that concrete and dirt! Or this fan! [Sana] <i>As the X closes in, PK uses the hole he just cut to his advantage. Hopping into it to dodge the strike as he quickly reappears underneath Sana. By slicing another hole underneath her. He then strikes at Sana with his blade haphazardly before trying a kick to keep some distance.</i> <spoiler>I was kind of exaggerating but hey. More accurate then expected.</spoiler> [Kaz] <i>The Ironclad initially stares at his opponent for a while. A little bewildered. After all his flexing was to boost his strength. However after a short while he sheathes his blade on his back before clapping to the performance. Once it's his turn he takes a deep breath before awkwardly attempting to tap along to the groove. Mostly focusing on stepping in and out before incorporating another element. Once he's got his footing down he summons flames from his hands which act like looking flowing streamers. They trail behind in the wind as he gets up on his tippy toes. Flailing his arms like as majestically as you would lift a 20kg medicine ball. He would then do a short dash on his toes before hopping into the air and landing on one toe. Creating a large crater in the floor from his weight. The Ironclad would then look to Kaz as he precariously balences himself.</i> [Sana] <i>As the elfboy runs off to duel with a man wielding a pistol who miraculously seems to dodge all of the strikes coming towards him. Sana meets an odd vending machine. It has no window to peer inside. Only a panel with a keyboard to type into. The digital panel seems to spell out &quot;input anything&quot;. Meanwhile another person waits behind Sana. Blood pours out from multiple wounds as they grumble to themselves. Dragging behind a giant greatsword</i> Damn NPCs hogging up everything...
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Sana] <i>As Sana continues down her random street. She may be able to spot an oddish elf boy wearing a cloak and armour with an odd slate of stone at his hip. The boy would look at her once, before running off. Figuring she wasn't important</i>
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
<spoiler>alright pologies boys but my brain has melted writing for I think 10 different characters? Posts are gonna slow down now. I'll be updating asap over the next few days until its conclusion. Just letti g y'all know.</spoiler>
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Kaz] <i>As Kaz turns to face the Ironclad. He seems to smile underneath the mask. Gripping his blade as Kaz grips his. Tombstone seems to translate for the silent.</i> I think hes saying. &quot;I only wanted to fight you. I only had immolate in my hand&quot;. No idea what immolate is as the only thing in his hand is a sword but whatever! And good luck with that one boyo! I'm over here in the multiverse! You got a whole cinematic universe in front of ya before you can face me! <i>The ironclad begins to flex as Tombstone is speaking. Letting Kaz get the first shot as he poses extravagantly. Even doing the sprinkler!</i>
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Tenkai] <i>As the wheel approaches. Taiyuki attempts to cover up by crossing his arms in an X formation. Unfortunately the fire is unable to damage Taiyuki as his body is fully covered by the odd metal. It still does a small amount of damage to the metal though. After a second or two of the assault. The metal on his arms open up again and acid sprays on the wheel. Melting it to a pulp as he take a deep breath before running towards Tenkai again. This time trying a roundhouse kick. His leg opening up as he does to spray a layer of acid everywhere.</i> Running low...
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Walog] <i>As the car explodes, Rook is blown back, taking a fair amount of damage as he is tossed back. He does roll though and fires 12 shots of lasers in quick succession as he empties them fully at his opponent. As soon as he does. The batteries in his guns get blown out. The batteries creating a small shield on Rook as he watches his opponent. Running around to a knocked over table as he stands over it.</i> Hmpf. That was a good shot. You'll have to do more then that to kill a Grifter though.
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Sunna] <i>As Ai is hit by the staff, she rebounds onto the nearby ground as she digs her blades into the floor to stop spinning. A small bruise appearing on her arm. Once she does she grunts and flares in in anger again</i> YOU!!! Don't you DARE call me that! Your gonna pay for that sunshine girl! <i>Ai then loses the red in her hair as a large nine tailed fox is summoned from her. Ai then tosses a shortsword directly at Sunna as the fox charges as well. Trying to swipe at her with claws.</i> Go get em Korumi!
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Crucis] <i>As soon as the boy grabs By Design he smiles. Happily letting the boy grab him and pushing him into the concrete. Taking little to no damage as the concrete is as soft as dirt. Once he stands up in the mess he smiles as the spiral stand is called from him</i> Now I've got your attention! Lets kick things off then! By Design! Lets show him what we can do! <i>Having his stand pick up clumps of concrete. It begins to chuck tons and tons of clumps of concrete at the boy. However. Once in the air they immediately harden. Becoming balls of deadly density</i>
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Kaz] <i>As Kaz dodges the initial fist. The Ironclad tumbles into the ground. Rolling and getting up onto his feet before continuing the chase. As soon as he does though a dark chain appears on his hand. His wings also disappear. This time he pursues on foot into the city. As he approaches the crowd he gets down onto the floor before striking it once with his fists. Cracking the floor and causing large spews of magma. Creating large areas of magma that get countless bystanders scorched. As Kaz looks up MC Tombstone responds for the Ironclad</i> Kid, kid. There is no reason for this! Its the Nexomania rumble! Everyone wants to be the Heavy Weight Champ of the Multiverse! Even our silent rougelite friend here! And guess what? Hes gotta defeat every hero here! Hint. That includes you!
The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
[Tenkai] <i>As soon as he mutters disgraced Yakuza. Taiyuki grits his teeth. The metal on his neck then extends to cover his face like a gas mask. He then begins running towards Tenkai and charging at him with his shoulder. Once hes within a nearby distance the metal on his shoulder opens up and shoots out a high pressure spray of green acid that chewed through anything that it touches.</i>

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The Inter-Multiversal-Nexo-Heavy-Weight Rumble!
<i>Suddenly. All throughout the sky. Multiple panels seem to illuminate the clouds. As a heavy metal guitar rift sounds a rather large man in a cowboy hat, big white beard and a large metal T dangling from a chain on his neck begins to speak into a microphone. Able to be seen from any of the panels in the sky.</i> ARE YOU READY FOR THE INTER-MULTI-VERSAL-NEXO-MANIA-WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP? WELL YOU BETTER BE CAUSE IT'S READY FOR YO- Wait. What do you mean we have the wrong place? We are in a different Nexus? Damn. Well too late to change dimensions now! I am MC Tombstone! Your glorious announcer for this event! I'm calling on all you Heros to buckle up and rumble with some villains! Here's the rules for ya. THERE ARE NONE! You best be ready because the Villains are running to your location now! I hope to see new budding Heros of the Storm today! <spoiler>OOC: Hello, hi. Welcome. Feel free to hop in. Just be sure to describe where your character is at the moment of the broadcast. It will be where one of my devious villains will fight ya. Have fun. Ps: Your hero doesn't necessarily have to be a &quot;hero&quot; it can really be whoever you want</spoiler>
<i>In a dark room, a figure boots up an old computer screen, it's bulky and unwieldy, still, the screen flickers to life. Buttons are pressed as a floppy disk is inserted and a world opens up.</i> <b><span class="underline">[WORLD OF HORROR</span></b> <b>[TOWN OF 000, JAPAN 198X]</b> <i>You are a normal 000 arriving in 000 Town. Perhaps drawn in by mysterious happenings, or returning to your home town. Regardless... Rumors of robed figures disappearing into the woods, people mysteriously vanishing, monstrosities lying just under the surface of the sea. Something is drawing you to this town. In a location in this town, a group gathers, placing a large mirror within a pentagram inscribed on the floor. The Old gods are attempting to break the thin barrier that exists between our world and theirs. Gozo, the thing forsaken by God, has awoken. ... The train arrives at its final stop. And you step off. It is up to you to delay the inevitable and seal away the Old God once again. Save the doomed town.</i> <spoiler>small OOC blurb. Enter with any character. Note that this will be a multi part adventure appearing whenever I have time. (Haha) It'll mostly stay open, there is an emphasis on powerless characters. Feel free to be proficient in skills, but no inate magics or what not. Also note a separate canon. Feel free to include a small backstory as well. Be a student, adult, whatever floats your boat. But be aware. There are things in mirrors that you don't want to see. P.S. 000 means a blank/Redacted</spoiler>
A Lonely Firepit
Deep in the wilderness of the Nexus, lies a deep forest with giants trees and large vines, trapping those who ventured within, luckily for these adventurers, a clearing sits just ahead, perched atop a cliff face. The clearing has a large bonfire right in the center of it with the ruins of a previous civilization right trailing behind it, as the sparks from the fire flicker it burns away, an endless flame weakly fighting back against a night sky. For any seeking rest or comfort, the pillars and pieces of wood next to the flames make a great spot of respite. Or next to the small pool a little yonder into the ruins, a great resting place.
The Stray Sheep: A Sleepy Night
<b>Once more, a long bar opens its doors, curiously nobody is inside, but that shouldn't deter anybody from at least looking inside. What would be inside in a counter with various drinks behind it and a small jukebox in the corner. So pull up a chair and have a drink. The night is young after all.</b>
The Misty Forest
<b>In a remote location, far away from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, a large misty forest has appeared, people have reported seeing people venture into these forests and never appear again. Some say that a rare treasure lays inside the heart of the expanse. The only way to find out is to venture in yourself. At the entrance of these woods lay a giant stone gate opened in the middle with a small fire just outside. A small bit of hope to those that go in.</b>
A Secluded Warehouse of Wonders
<b>Deep within an industrial district, one warehouse stands out from the others, rumors circulate about a wonderus storeroom filled with crates of goodies from across worlds. People say that these boxes hold whatever the heart yearns for most. Inside the warehouse lies crates stacked upon crates, what is inside however is unknown, there is no packaging or labels indicative of anything. It remains to be seen what is inside these boxes.</b> <spoiler>TLDR it's a warehouse with boxes, go open some boxes and get whatever you want from them and go wild. </spoiler>
An Empty Mall
<b>Off the street of a train station, there existed a construction site for a few days now, the locals speculated what it exactly was, and as the days drew on it was quickly becoming apparent it was a 1 story mall, advertising all the things you would find in one. Food, clothes and other amenities! However as it opens for its first day the area around it is oddly quiet, the parking lot empty, and the glass front doors leading into an empty lobby with the local mascot, an anthropomorphic raccoon greeting nobody. However the lobby seems to have 3 corridors leading from it, one forward, one to the left, and one to the right. What lies inside is a mystery.</b>
The Blue Door: Neo Shibuya
*It's a quiet day in Shibuya, business men are going to work by train, housewives are out buying groceries, children are playing and teenagers are going out with friends. However in a dark alley a door materializes itself, lined with neon lights. Pulsing with an aura inviting people to enter...
A Tower of Fate: The End Or A Beginning
[The golden tower stands tall in the Nexus, a dark ominous cloud surrounds the top as it seems to seep into the air, casting a shadow over the city, the civilians seem to grow restless as they snap at the slightest annoyance, upon drawing near the entrance has opened up to a bright staircase leading to the roof, what lies ahead is a mystery] (Quick heads up, this is the finale to the Aitome plot line, however everyone and anyone is free to join at any time, there is no player limit, with that being said the actual thread will start in about 15 minutes)
An Icy Portal in Shibuya
*In the middle of Shibuya a blue icy portal appears, it emits snow and a cool breeze, inviting adventurers to enter the portal, (Welcome to the Snow Rangers RP! We will be using a part Narrative part Update! Putting in more details into your attacks will be beneficial! At any rate I will accept as many people as possible! The RP starts in 30 minutes!)
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