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'Sup all you party peoples, you can call me Tot Pop, and I'm every bit as cool as I look. Much as my getup implies I'm pretty cool and not so fond of the man, if you get what I mean. Long as you're ready for a good time I'm pretty sure we'll get along. Oh yeah, as for the look I'm a bit more than your ordinary rocker. Tot Pop's a Magical Girl name, not a stage one. As for my real face? Well I can't just go around showing that much to strangers can I? Never know who's lookin' around. Long as you got all that, we're Rockin'.

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Yeah I know weird isn't it? I brought up the character count like a week ago and no one commented?
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;Nice to meet ya too Yumi!&quot; <i>The other girl had already taken to Tot's nickname, so she thought it fine to give them one back. Tot heads in with her new friend. Tot's never been one to leave space in a conversation so she'd go into herself without needing to be asked</i> &quot;With the name and all its pretty obvious I stick out a bit, but I've never really let that worry me. I'm from New York, one of the biggest cities back in the US. Moved over here a while back for a job. Mostly end up fixing out odds and ends and all that. Doesn't pay super well but its a cool experience.&quot; <i>In fact her main job usually didn't pay at all, but that's what the side jobs were for, helping to get by while keeping up her main gig, but while Tot could talk for a while, it'd also be good to drive the subject away from there, so she starts asking Yumiko about herself</i> &quot;You're still a student right? What school do ya go to around here? I'll need to know where ta find ya if you feel like skippin' out.&quot; <i>Tot grins in a half-joking matter that betrays her own delinquent past. Something to keep the conversation going.</i>
Forum Game: Guess the Game.
Ah right, sorry I forgot about this. Its actually Tales of Xillia 2, one of the few direct sequels in the Tales series. Will let others take over though
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Joker mentioned he’d end it whenever it started to break the site. Which is around 30k posts
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;Well come on then.&quot; <i>Tot could tell at a glance that the sushi was something the other girl wanted, but they were largely worried about what people might think of them for it, and maybe that they'd feel guilty. Hoping to ease these fears Tot puts arm around the younger girl, in a somewhat intrusive show of affection, and gives them a grin.</i> &quot;Name's Jessica Praise, though my friends call me Tot. As ya mighta guessed I'm new to this town, so it'd be nice for ya to show me the spots. Of course least I could do is treat ya for the trouble&quot; <i>though Tot was far from rich, she still had a fair amount of money on her at all times, enough for a night or two. With everything as cheap as they are now, it'd be easy for Tot to treat the black-haired stranger to dinner.</i> &quot;Any of your friends show up n' ya can even introduce me. Sound good?&quot;
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
If I'm rememberin' correctly Kalib was looking into it briefly using Mugen software but was sidetracked by more important things in life. Might be worth talkin' to him or Delta on discord to see how far he got if you wanted to make a simple fighting game.
Forum Game: Guess the Game.
Could be any Yakuza game, but likely means Kiwami more specifically as the later in the series you go the more reluctant Kiryu gets. If no one gets this by the time I’m off work I’ll add a hint for the sake of continuation. Scions of Kresnik A race to the promised land Spirits hold their breath
Win quotes
I do have a few going on now that I think of it, so lets hop to it. Tot Pop General: &quot;Guess that's another one down.&quot; &quot;Keep on rockin'.&quot; &quot;Hope you enjoyed the show everyone.&quot; Vs. Penny: &quot;Lookin' good kid, keep up the practice and we just might have a fight.&quot; Vs. another musician: &quot;I could totally feel your passion there.&quot; &quot;Hear the rhythm of my soul.&quot; Vs. Ene: &quot;Just another girls' night out for us huh Sparky?&quot; Vs. Prima: &quot;I hope I've earned your SEAL of approval.&quot; Sayaka Miki General: &quot;I can't stop here after all.&quot; &quot;Justice is served.&quot; &quot;Man I hope people saw that.&quot; Vs. Madoka: &quot;You really have grown a lot since we first met.&quot; Vs. Homura: &quot;I dunno what she sees in you.&quot; Grimnir General: &quot;You can't stop the wind!&quot; &quot;Cool Gods don't lose!&quot; &quot;At last, I, Grimnir, the Mad Cyclone of Devastation have proclaimed victory in this magn...&quot; *continues talking as the screen fades to black* Vs. Itachi: &quot;Man, if that's what human technology can do I can't wait to see where it goes next.&quot;
In a world filled with RP threads
It’s been a while since you’ve gotten to make one of these huh? Also has that letter count at the bottom always been there?
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Tot doesn't seem to notice the strange looks she's getting, or perhaps she simply doesn't care, as if lost in her own little world. Though she does notice the dark-clothed teenager's hardened, stony look, they seem like the kind of person who's probably well-off on their own, much like the other group's leader for this ordeal, so there's no need to bother them. Looking at the prices, Tot grins and silently blesses inflation. She'd never had much money mostly working part-time jobs whenever she could. Tot checks her own pockets to see if she has any money on her before walking over to the dark-haired girl. Though Tot had never actually seen a Persona, in her line of work she'd gotten good at telling when someone's abnormal</i> &quot;Heya there, ya waitin' for someone?&quot; <i>of course she could already tell the girl wasn't, but its a good way to start a small conversation like this, a less-intrusive way to ask what they're doing.</i>

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Leblanc: Restart
<i>It had been a long time since the oft underappreciated cafe opened its doors. Some might find themselves wistfully wandering by on dreamy afternoons, waiting for a dream that might never come true. Until at last, it did. The small cafe was run, not by its usual owner, but by a girl who looks to be college age dressed up in a punkish black and white outfit with her blonde hair frosted red. The... New counter keeper stands there, cleaning off a few glasses as she awaits the inevitable.</i>
Fortnite Review
When I first purchased this game I came in with low expectations after having played Player Unknown Battlegrounds and being less than impressed. Little did I know this game was about to BLOW. MY. MIND. It started off as you would expect, waiting to get enough people for the game to start but once it did things got wild. At first I was appalled to find none of the other players were interested in my talks about peaceful cooperation and preferred to settle their issues with gun-based violence, which was by far my biggest problem with Player Unknown. But that’s when I found it. You see, Fortnite has a simplified crafting system that enables you to build your own customizable home in the middle of this chaos. By stealing materials from the surrounding area while your angry neighbors yell at you to get off their lawn and threaten you with gun violence. That’s when it hit me. Fortnite is more than just a game, it’s the most realistic Rural American home building simulator in history. Once I discovered this I couldn’t stop playing, though the community could be a little more helpful Overall I rate this game a 6/5, an incredible work of art everyone should enjoy
Physical Gym Training Project: Reverb
<i>Off on one of the various side streets of the city lies a fairly old building simply labeled &quot;GYM&quot;, its been well-worn, though its reinforced door implies it was totally rockin' in the past, today it feels more like an elderly man tryin' to remember the good old days. That is to say its clearly fallen on some harder times, to the point where it almost seemed abandoned. That is to say, it would be if it weren't for the noise bouncing out of the place, disturbing an otherwise quaint and quiet neighborhood with some kinda' metal gear that's clearly been cranked up to 11</i>
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