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'Sup all you party peoples, you can call me Tot Pop, and I'm every bit as cool as I look. Much as my getup implies I'm pretty cool and not so fond of the man, if you get what I mean. Long as you're ready for a good time I'm pretty sure we'll get along. Oh yeah, as for the look I'm a bit more than your ordinary rocker. Tot Pop's a Magical Girl name, not a stage one. As for my real face? Well I can't just go around showing that much to strangers can I? Never know who's lookin' around. Long as you got all that, we're Rockin'.

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Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
OOC: Sorry for not posting on this, and in fact I still won't be able to post for a while, I just couldn't quite let this lock
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;Awesome, the gang's back together!&quot; <i>Tot Pop jubilantly declares as her, Penny, and Prima head through the gateway and back home. Well, home's a bit of a stretch. Back to the base area at least, where she'd be able to see Ene.. Around. The girl doesn't really mind the others' reactions, like she's in a world of her own.</i> &quot;Just gotta wait for the other crew to get back and we'll be ready. Anyone got anything to pass the time?&quot;
no nerds allowed!!!!!!
aye phansite could you do me a favor?
yeah I can look over your banana. Just get me some toilet paper while you're out.
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;You're just fine, its always nice to talk things out with a friend!&quot; <i>Tot laughs and pats her companion on the back as the pair receive their bill. As promised, Tot would be able to pay for it, thanks to how much inflation had moved, leaving her and Yumiko free to go. Shortly after she pays Tot shrugs in response to Yumiko's last question</i> &quot;I dunno. I mean I've got a crew waitin' for me around here somewhere so I should prolly find them again. After that I just sorta go where the wind takes me ya' know? <i>Tot doesn't really think about it much, simply because there's not much to think about it. With their bill paid for, Tot's ready to lead Yumiko outside, and continues the chatter while they go</i> &quot;I wouldn't worry about it. I mean even if we don't see each other I'll still be around. Just gotta keep movin'.&quot; <i>Tot doesn't really pay the aura any mind, though it did seem kinda nice, like a passion waiting to be unleashed.</i> &quot;I'll be listening for ya, alright?&quot; <i>With that little sign-off, Tot would give Yumiko a wave before going to return to the others. Whatever they were doing, at least she had fun here.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;That's what I do anyways. Worked out well so far&quot; <i>Tot replies with a grin, much more in the swing of things now. The girl laughs for a moment before continuing</i> &quot;Ya do what ya can and let things fall where they may. If yer always second-guessing yaself then you'll never get anywhere. And anything's better than that.&quot; <i>her piece said, Tot finishes off the last of her sushi with a smile, ready to let things come as they may.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;well, yeah. Ya were asking what us Americans did right?&quot; <i>Tot gives a cheery response before quickly moving into her meal. Though she might come off as a bit improper, truth was Tot simply didn't like wasting time, always eager to get onto the next moment. Still, Tot pauses for a moment as she tries to remember which movie Yumiko might have referred to</i> &quot;That one of those Indiana Jones movies? Its more of an adventure thing, but I liked all o' the ones I've watched so I think it'll be good. Besides&quot; <i>Tot gives Yumiko a smile before continuing</i> &quot;I'm sure he'll like anything ya can come up with.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;Oh, right. Uh...&quot; <i>Tot shifts nervously a bit before eating one of her sushi pieces to stall for time. Truth is she hadn't actually dated anyone before, so it was an odd question for her. However, she does remember hearing all the other girls talk about stuff like that</i> &quot;Well usually the guys'd take the girl out for something they like, but if sports are out you could try a movie? Guys like all those action movies coming out. Maybe you could take him to one of those?&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;Oh really? I guess you're probably gonna meet up with him after this huh?&quot; <i>Tot chuckles a little to herself before the waiter arrives. She'd order some Ebi Nigiri for herself, brushing a few stray hairs out of her face with a smile</i> &quot;Yeah it does look pretty well on ya. That's one good thing about moving to Japan. We don't have nearly as many cute school girls back in the US.&quot; <i>Tot makes sure to observe Yumiko's reaction with a grin to see how the younger girl reacts to her teasing before adding</i> &quot;You'll wanna take him somewhere cool today for sure then. What kinda stuff's your father into anyways?&quot;
This is awesome
don't you dare crush that positivity. Its precious

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Leblanc: Restart
<i>It had been a long time since the oft underappreciated cafe opened its doors. Some might find themselves wistfully wandering by on dreamy afternoons, waiting for a dream that might never come true. Until at last, it did. The small cafe was run, not by its usual owner, but by a girl who looks to be college age dressed up in a punkish black and white outfit with her blonde hair frosted red. The... New counter keeper stands there, cleaning off a few glasses as she awaits the inevitable.</i>
Fortnite Review
When I first purchased this game I came in with low expectations after having played Player Unknown Battlegrounds and being less than impressed. Little did I know this game was about to BLOW. MY. MIND. It started off as you would expect, waiting to get enough people for the game to start but once it did things got wild. At first I was appalled to find none of the other players were interested in my talks about peaceful cooperation and preferred to settle their issues with gun-based violence, which was by far my biggest problem with Player Unknown. But that’s when I found it. You see, Fortnite has a simplified crafting system that enables you to build your own customizable home in the middle of this chaos. By stealing materials from the surrounding area while your angry neighbors yell at you to get off their lawn and threaten you with gun violence. That’s when it hit me. Fortnite is more than just a game, it’s the most realistic Rural American home building simulator in history. Once I discovered this I couldn’t stop playing, though the community could be a little more helpful Overall I rate this game a 6/5, an incredible work of art everyone should enjoy
Physical Gym Training Project: Reverb
<i>Off on one of the various side streets of the city lies a fairly old building simply labeled &quot;GYM&quot;, its been well-worn, though its reinforced door implies it was totally rockin' in the past, today it feels more like an elderly man tryin' to remember the good old days. That is to say its clearly fallen on some harder times, to the point where it almost seemed abandoned. That is to say, it would be if it weren't for the noise bouncing out of the place, disturbing an otherwise quaint and quiet neighborhood with some kinda' metal gear that's clearly been cranked up to 11</i>
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