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Appreciation Thread
I appreciate that Daiki is gay for me, but I wish he'd remember I'm in a committed relationship with Amily
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>The scientist sets his gun down beside him, resting his hand upon the hilt of a blade set on a worktable. The jewel placed into the pommel glows with a hollow blue light. He lifts it, the same light flowing throughout the blade, some tracing into his own arm.</i> ???: &quot;I know not who you are, but you have come into something that far exceeds your scope as a living creature! My words could never be enough to explain the anguish I feel, not to fools such as you!&quot; <i>He flicks the blade, light blue sparks flying off as he holds it in both hands.</i> ???: &quot;I have been beset on all sides simply because I wish to do what is <i>right</i>. I have the power I need... All that's left is to do away with the obstacles!&quot; <i>His stance tenses, the blue glow finally reaching his heart, the core of his being. The light is rather blinding now, and reality itself seems to distort with every breath he takes.</i> T: &quot;I'm sure you're going through a lot right now, and frankly I don't even know most of the weirdos who followed me here. Hell, only one of them seems to be listening to me... He and I will have a nice chat once this is over, but you're clearly the more immediate threat, so I think these folks will be much more attentive...&quot; <i>Tsukasa walks toward the German, no thought or care put behind his walk. The distortion in reality seems to stop as he grows closer. In response to this, Hans slashes the air, a blue arc flying directly at Tsukasa, but it seems to go right through him, directly at those behind him.</i>
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>Having finally been asked a proper question, Tsukasa stops, fittingly before a large steel door.</i> &quot;What's going on is you followed a stranger into a crazy fog mess and you only now thought to speak up after seeing a war zone. If you wanted me to exposite you shoulda asked earlier. People won't answer the questions you don't ask after all.&quot; <i>Having said his... questionable piece. Tsukasa kicks open the door, it flying clear off its hinges. Inside the room stands a tall figure hunched over a dimly lit workshop. The bang of the door has clearly grabbed his attention, and he points a gun at the assembly. He speaks with a thick accent, German in nature.</i> ???: &quot;What are you doing here!? Who sent you!? Speak quickly, or I will kill you!&quot; T: &quot;Simple, I'm here to destroy this world. I've already made my decision, and I'm gonna have to ask that you clear the way.&quot; <i>The strange man lowers his rifle, but only for a second. It was quickly trained on Tsukasa once again, this time a shot rang out, just barely missing him.</i> ???: &quot;Then explain the others! Why do you come into this place w-with your death squad!? How did you know I was here!? I won't miss this time!&quot; _______________________ <i>Teddie would be met with the same sight as the others had, but this time he was alone. A quick eye might spot the group leaving the building, but an even quicker response would be needed to catch them.</i>
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>Tsukasa takes a minute to survey the battlefield, to which he promptly turns around and begins walking to the opposite side of the rooftop. He did this because there was a stairwell from which he could descend. He wanders slowly until he reaches the street. A quick glance to the left seems to direct him to a bunker, which has had its door blasted from its hinges. There is a smell of dried blood in the air.</i> &quot;I think I get the gist...&quot; <i>He proceeds further, hands in his new pockets.</i> &quot;Anyone ever dealt with a paranoid scientist hellbent on destroying the world?&quot; <i>He seems to ask this to nobody in particular.</i>
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>The man stares at the group, almost completely through them. He seemed to exist in his own world, or he would have, had the rear wall of GYM been replaced with an amorphous mass of a foggy substance. As soon as he saw this, he'd swivel himself to where he was now leaning forward on the couch. He sighs as he adjusts his camera, winding up the lens.</i> &quot;No time for chit chat, no time to fight either... Ah well, you all seem a crazy bunch, care to go for a walk?&quot; <i>He saunters over to the fog, taking a deep breath before waltzing through it. Anyone who follows him would note that as soon as he touched it, it rippled like a still pond. Upon physical inspection the fog felt non-existent, like it wasn't even there. Upon exiting, those who followed would find a modern battlefield. What seemed to be inexhaustible supplies of men charging at each other, never seeing the expression on the face of the opposition that gunned them down. Standing at the edge of the rooftop was Tsukasa. Noticeably his blazer had been replaced with a solid white lab coat, billowing in the winds of war.</i>
GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>An ominous cloud of fog recedes to reveal a man in a silk magenta shirt, in his hand is a single 9mm pistol. Around his neck hang two cameras, one being a traditional tourist camera, while the other was magenta and seemed to fit his motif. Instead of waiting patiently for the automatic door to open for him, he opted to unload a couple bullets into the glass. He steps through the frame, whistling quietly.</i> &quot;It's a little depressing that they had to go and remove my favorite past time... Honestly isn't this place the king of not having doors?&quot; <i>He drops a magazine from the gun, and loads a fresh one in, he chambers a new bullet. He then holsters his smaller gun, and adjusts the rifle on his back.</i> &quot;What's a guy gotta do to get some bread around here?&quot;
Crossover RP
Sorry, I can't join because I'm a Gary Stu...
Swords of Rest and Guilt
<b>ILLUSION!</b> <i>The gem appears in the hands of a young man, of which there are several copies.</i> &quot;Sorry, but I'll be taking this for safekeeping. Can't have someone go <i>destroying</i> it!&quot;
GYM: A Swing and a Miss!
<i>Being guarded by the dragon as he is, Tsukasa barely feels any of the wind.</i> &quot;You'll have to forgive me if I don't let my hair down to enjoy this pleasant breeze.&quot; <i>The dragon spirals up behind Tsukasa, beginning to blast his rear with fire. This serves to send Tsukasa flying at... Feebo. Tsukasa assumes the position of a forward kick, with considerable force backing him.</i>
GYM: A Swing and a Miss!
<i>As Tsukasa is struck away, he slides on the floor, maintaining his footing.</i> &quot;Sorry lady, but I'm a very shallow person, who only judges based on looks, so any way you slice it, you're a girl. Not that I intend to slice, I'm more of a slash kind of person.&quot; <i>Tsukasa pulls a card from the inside of the book, replacing it with his current one in the belt.</i> <b>KAMEN RIDE</b> <b>RYUKI</b> <i>Two mirror images of a greyscale knight fly inward toward Tsukasa, replacing his suit with a red base, and steely helmet. The strongest feature is the vent-esque helmet.</i> &quot;If you don't mind, I'd rather get the showing off bit out of the way rather quickly.&quot; <i>He retrieves another card, tapping it twice. He repeats his actions from before.</i> <b>ATTACK RIDE</b> <b>ADVENT</b> <i>From the door, a slender serpentine dragon flies in, wrapping itself defensively around Tsukasa. Tsukasa begins to levitate, but acts with nothing for now. The dragon's roar shakes the building</i>

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Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<b>Everybody has a journey they must embark on, and every journey can tell a story. There are journeys that can be short and to the point, or arduous and complex, but there are some journeys that never end, and those journeys can never tell their story. A journey with no story to tell is a journey that leads nowhere, a limbo trapped between triumph and doom. These worlds serve little purpose but to illustrate the loss that comes when there is no end. Enter the destroyer of worlds... As he wanders through such worlds, what could his eyes see?</b> <i>GYM. Famed for its thrilling battles, real owner, and lack of doors. The wanderer takes a moment of respite upon its cushiony couches. His fly 35mm TLR camera lazily rests upon his reclined chest. Apart from his bright magenta shirt hidden beneath his blazer, he is the picture of being unassuming. As often as people come and go, the establishment appears to be void of life save for the bum sitting near the entrance.</i>
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