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Well this is a less of an about me, and more of a thank you mish, Probably like most people, i just looked up phansite out of curiosity, i was so thrilled to find that one not only existed, but was gorgeously made, doing a very good job of recreating the snazzy UI of persona 5 that i'd so deeply fallen in love with. But of course being the cosplay whore i am, i had to use the phansite as a cosplay prop for my genderbend Justine and Caroline, and my joker cosplay. Thanks Mish, and everyone else who's been around here, even if i've not spoken much, just lurking around here has created some great memories.

Recent posts

https://i.imgur.com/L2Ci3Cp.jpg Made my anual pumpkin a Frog
the best answer and simplest, <spoiler>Just DM me either through the phansite or the phansite's discord (i go by prof.Doobie in the discord</spoiler><div class='edited'>(edited by WeebB0s5)</div>
https://i.imgur.com/y0w1OYR.png i've also made a NieR:Automata one for my brother <spoiler>Defiantly not my proudest work, but it's hard to top persona 5's amazing UI</spoiler><div class='edited'>(edited by WeebB0s5)</div>
with three apps, (all for android, don't think they are on ios) Nova launcher, so i can change app icons, KWGT so i could make the custom widgets, and KLWP for the live wallpaper, you can buy the pro editions for KWGT/KLWP and download other peoples themes, but since i'ma cheapskate, i just made them all my self, mostly just using what the apps provided me, but i did get my hands on a few of the original P5 UI assets for the later designs.<div class='edited'>(edited by WeebB0s5)</div>
https://i.imgur.com/pklSfiF.jpg Now a sad Frog
Arsene izanagi or orpheus
honestly they're all cool looking, just wish stat wise you could main them
https://i.imgur.com/FsnUlh9.jpg Frog<div class='edited'>(edited by WeebB0s5)</div>
<spoiler>The evolution of my persona 5 themed phone over the past two maybe three years</spoiler> <spoiler>https://i.imgur.com/M2nA4bo.jpg</spoiler> <spoiler>https://i.imgur.com/CaYHyoy.png</spoiler> <spoiler>https://i.imgur.com/GXhMuge.png</spoiler> <spoiler>https://i.imgur.com/9tCwzqo.jpg</spoiler> <spoiler>https://i.imgur.com/d5RWTQs.png</spoiler> <spoiler>https://i.imgur.com/tDfU4SN.png</spoiler>
<spoiler>The background moves and changes to a night mode automatically</spoiler>
Phansite will shut down on December 1
i may have only found this place last year, but ive loved every moment on the phansite, R.I.P. hopefully the archive will be as stylish as the site. <spoiler>F</spoiler>

Recent topics

https://i.imgur.com/Oq2KoZq.png Minus well show off my phone theme before the site goes down
Final fantasy discussion (xvi and more)
i've got mixed feelings on final fantasy xvi's trailer, both the setting and combat i've got mixed feelings on. on one hand, the setting is a good return to medieval fantasy, however, i actually prefer final fantasy games to be set in weird locations, like the almost cyberpunk look of 7, the uber steampunk looks of 6 and 12, the straight up modern day setting of 15, ect. so a return to just normal fantasy would be nice, except we've got action rpg open world games set in traditionally medieval settings, like the witcher 3, i'ma include assassin creed origins/odyssey/vahala cause, even tho i know they are not medieval europe. and combat wise, well, it looks fun as hell, so i'm not complaining yet, as long as there is a lot of customization, rpg mechanics, and weapon selection i'll be happy, it's more devilmay cry look, seem like fun. we'll see how it compares to other final fantasy games in just a few decades, so i'm excited more or less to see fan response, not so much the game itself. i'm curious to see what other peeps think of the trailer and what their favorite final fantasy games are, (mine's 15, i know, i'm so rebellious)
2020 is coming up, but as the weebs we are. How dare us use the normies 2020, it should be 20XX.
Sexy Geography
Persobally italy is tge sexiest shaped country, but sweden is pretty close. And mother russia is a damn hot milf.
stupid question
does anyone have a picture of arsene's cane from persona 5? i'm trying to do a joker cosplay, and i can not for the life of me find a picture of the cane's model.
Haru best girl
It has come to my attention that best girl Haru gets a lot of hate in the Persona 5 community. so I'm creating this thread for all the hardcore P5 fans out there.
Is dancing star night a good dancing game?
Is dancing star night worth a purchase or would I be better off blasting the P5 and P5 dancing soundtracks and pray to kawakami no one walks in on me dancing?
Wait a minute...
Waaaaaait a second... Humor me if you will. Arsene the persona is based on Arsene Lupin the Gentleman Thief. And Lupin the Third is Arsene's grandson... And Sherlock Holmes made an ironically illegal appearance in the Arsene Lupin books. And well persona is a JoJo reference... Thus meaning Benidect CucumberPatch an actor who portrayed Sherlock a JoJo reference meaning the recently released trailer for 1917 in a JoJo reference prequel if you like. And if that means WWI is a JoJo reference obviously the hit sequel WWII is a JoJo reference and wait Hitler the antagonist of WWII was in persona 2? So wait where does that leave Stroheim the helpful Nazi. And basically what I am saying is Arsene is a bad add designed character in all incarnations. Whether it be the OG Lablanc. The 1967 Japanese sequel series. Or the Stan- Persona their all great examples of true gentlemen. As a fan of putting to much thought into worthless things character design is one of my favorites and helps improve my cosplay efforts. So seeing a design as well crafted as Arsene the persona it pains me he is so horrible statistically... And that's all I wanted to get off my heart (pun intended)
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