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Best girl and best boi.
I shall take your best boy award.
Kitagawa Draws Again: The Thread
I am igoryujji, i would like you to paint me.
best p5r girl?
https://i.imgur.com/qWpJBbL.jpg this
Phantom Thief Applications
<quote user="Mona2">sorry pal but only straight men are allowed to fuck me</quote> i think he meant it as in the hatred quote
Phantom Thief Applications
Codename: Mr L Weapon of choice: Sai! Special skill: Taunt Character in FRIENDS that you relate to the most: Chandler So there's a trolley that's going to run someone over. You're right by a sequence of levers that has no connection to the trolley but instead remotely operates a jukebox nearby. What song do you play?: Last suprise Obama's last name: O b A m A Reason for wanting to join: Adults can be messed up. Where would you take me on our first date: The fanciest resturant i can afford, it can go up to 12000 yen. Availability: Anytime you want.

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I need to know this, who and i mean WHO is the best boy?
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