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Thoughts on the old Persona games.
The most annoying thing is that its hard to play these games. I know that Persona 1, 2 Innocent sin and 2 Eternal Punishment were ported over to the psp but the Eternal Punishment port is the only game that hasn't been localized. Even though Eternal Punishment was localized on the ps1, I still want to play it in English and I dont want to buy a copy of the game and a ps1 to play one game. I also find it weird that they localized half of Persona 2's storyline but not the other half.

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Thoughts on the old Persona games.
The old Persona games aren't talked about that much and i want to know your thoughts on Persona 1 , 2 Innocent Sin and 2 Eternal Punishment Thoughts on the old Persona games.
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