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Just a huge Persona 5 with nobody who wants to talk about it with me. I’m a lover of the fine arts, particularly theater, art, and writing. I’m just here to have a good time with the people who love Persona just as much as I do. I hope that everyone is considerate and kind of everyone’s opinions, but you know this is the internet after all. Hopefully we won’t need the phantom thieves to change the hearts of anyone here.

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A quick word about scramble
When you think about it, what color will be next for persona 6? We have red, yellow and blue right now.
What is you’re favorite persona
I have a lot of personas I like but like one that nobody ever really talks about is Horus. Horus looks so cool! He’s like a shining bird of light!
Phansite Help
Alright good to know.
Post in this thread and i'll rate your odds against me in a fight
And what about me Mona? Do you think you could take me down in a fight?
Phansite Help
Thanks for the advice I’m like kinda new to this site, but I’ve been a fan of the game for awhile. Still trying to figure everything out.
Any other fans?
Ann was always my favorite. She’s super sweet and very motivated. I really felt bad for her during the first palace, and I wish she’d gotten more to do after they took down Kamoshida.
Delicious pancakes
Coronavirus thread
<quote user="GETBENT">I heard that coronavirus have been secretly made by americans, in a secret laboratory in china, where russian scientist had sex with T-Virus modified bats. </quote> My mom literally told me the other day that she thinks the corona virus was created by China and the Democrats to make trump look bad during his presidency/assassinate him through the virus. I guess that kinda paints the picture of what my family is like.
What’s your opinion of Akechi
I love the guy. He’s gotta be one of my top favorite characters and I’m excited for his bigger role in the Royal. I’m gonna guess half of people’s love for the character is just his general attractiveness. People wouldn’t love him nearly as much if he was ugly. I just really like his character and role in the story. He’s just an interesting guy with an interesting part to play in the roles of the phantom thieves. Now I also have to say <spoiler> I know Akechi is a bad person. He’s murdered countless people, but I really wanted to see how his story would have played out if he had survived in his final fight. Akechi is the kinda guy who is a train wreck of a person and you just wanna see how he recovers, or doesn’t recover. I was disappointed with his death because I wanted to see more of him. </spoiler> I really hope the royal does him justice (no pun intended) cause I really do like him and he’s probably my favorite character in the game.

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Phansite Help
Just curious is anyone else unable to load their messages? I can’t access mine the page won’t load.
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