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Rejoice! The reader of the past and future! The prophet who ensures the proper timeline, and his name is Kamen Rider Woz! This is the first page of a new history!

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Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>Once all of those within the chapel had made their decision the walls would collapse. The setting outside the church appeared completely different. Whereas it used to be nestled between several buildings, the platform that was the floor of the church was all that remained of the old world. The new setting was the same city, but apparently blasted out by a nuclear device. Looking to the sky would reveal what seemed to be the sun, but more like a close up image of it. Reflective of this size was intense heat. For some reason the platform of the church remained cool as if still air conditioned.</i> &quot;So you've come...&quot; <i>Falling from the sun was one of the men that used to stand at the front of the church, the one with the darker outfit. He landed with perfect silence, standing close to where the door used to be.</i> &quot;Greetings, I am Woz, the prophet of time.&quot; <i>He pushes his scarf over his shoulder, it seems to shrink into place.</i> &quot;You have roughly five minutes to prepare yourself for the battle to come. My only advice I can give you is to know yourself, that and to create large quantities of debris, I will explain this later.&quot;
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>After the last of the chosen had entered, the doors would slam shut, the sound of the heavy oak colliding with the frame echoing out through the whole sanctuary. Once the noise had faded into oblivion, the two men vanished. There was no trace left of them. Their voices echoed from around the hall.</i> &quot;So you've all prepared? For a battle you cannot win?&quot; <i>A faint rumble builds in the distance.</i> &quot;Though if you're here, it means you don't care what I have to say. I suppose you believe that you are the almighty chosen hero who is born to win, and that my dissuading you is simply another obstacle to your glory.&quot; <i>The stained glass begins to shatter as the rumble grows to a quake.</i> &quot;They're coming, you know.&quot; <i>Dust falls from the ceiling of the building.</i> &quot;Tell me, truthfully. Do you have the resolve to wage war against beings beyond your comprehension? Furthermore, does that resolve outweigh your fear of death? A simple yes or no will do.&quot; <i>This question hangs silently in the air, as it seems the rumbling has stopped.</i>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>As the day progressed, those who had chosen to remember their struggle could feel a pull. Not a physical pull, but as if their very souls were being dragged. Attempting to fight this pull would result in the pull growing exponentially stronger. Things would seem normal for now, every citizen doing his comings and goings, birds fluttering about, vehicles chugging along to wherever they needed to be. The pull would eventually lead to a small chapel, stained glass letting in multicolored light. Inside, at the lectern stood two men, both with the same face, but with wildly different outfits. One held a book, the other a tablet. The man with the tome had brown attire with a gray scarf. The one with the tablet had a sleek silver outfit and a beret.</i> &quot;Welcome, you have done well to heed the call.&quot; <i>They both spoke simultaneously, each with an otherworldly echo.</i> &quot;There are others like you who have yet to arrive, please, become acquainted with each other.&quot; <i>They stood there with mirrored expressions, both equally blank.</i>
Come to the Carnival
<i>American Food. That stuck out the most, and things sticking out traditionally are to be expected at a carnival, but this? Needless to say it was vague enough to pique Woz's interest, so he walked up to the stall to inspect the menu, if there were any.</i> &quot;Curious to say the least...&quot;
Come to the Carnival
<i>The wandering prophet, as if drawn by the strings of fate, was the latest arrival. Time was tenuous to him so he may as well have arrived first for all he cared. The threeway split led him toward the food stands, having not eaten along his journey in quite some time.</i> &quot;A carnival... hmm? Rather intriguing a place, no? Perhaps I'll find why I was guided here now?&quot;
GYM Deluxe: Mechanical Melee
<i>Outside of the simulation, Woz would have donned his gilded armor before spectral screwdrivers moved toward the terminal. Upon contact, the entire reality within the machine would stop, reverting to a barren space of light blue squares stretching to eternity. Movement became unrestricted after this change, but notably the squares changed from light blue to neon green. Fading in from a beam of golden light stood Woz, armed with a staff and covered in mechanical implements. A focus on his mask would reveal the phrase &quot;Kikai&quot;.</i> &quot;I've been observing your fight, and much to my chagrin, the virtual aspect of this reality has been vastly neglected. Tokyo? Perhaps if you wished for a basic playing field, but given what I've seen of your abilities, a trial such as this deserves a befitting stage! It deserves something worth rejoicing over!&quot; <i>Woz would slam his staff into the ground, the arms on his mask emitting a familiar glow. A spectral projection of the hands would fly behind him, materializing in a massive clock that was almost twice the size of him. The mechanical arms would turn until striking midnight, upon which time itself would stop. That isn't to say once it moved on the difference would be only where Woz stood, but instead that it seemed as if it was physically impossible to move. Woz would stroll about in this stalled time, examining the other two. He wouldn't interact with them, instead allowing projections of the screwdrivers to fly off into the eternal white before a black beam came down, striking into the digital grid.</i> &quot;I can think of several more fitting locations, ones much more befitting of your powers. [Stands], correct? Well then, best not to let me keep you from going at it.&quot; <i>In a flash of gold, Woz was gone, but the black beam kept growing in intensity, and width. It came to the point where it completely enveloped the virtual world, replacing it with something... almost alien one might say. The turf turned crimson, as did the sky. A tower rose in the distance, some sort of black hole atop it, swallowing whatever world they were on. Gravity seemed about half as intense as Earth's, even less the closer one moved to the tower, but the footing of the entire planet wasn't stable at all. It was crumbling apart, albeit in decently sized chunks. Once again, movement was restored.</i>
GYM Deluxe: Mechanical Melee
<i>The wandering prophet, having come down from his latest adventure, enters the empty doorway, surprising as it was automatic, but at this point was there really any surprise to be had in things? Needless to say he paid it no mind. Today he was relaxing as much as it could be believed by entering a building known for its combat implications.</i> &quot;Oho, an occupant? One who seems competent no less! Assumptions do no good, yes... but one must always see the potential in others, lest bitter defeat caused by overconfidence be their fate!&quot;
Phansite Quest: Threads of the Shining Phantoms
<i>Woz would unclasp his tome, pen at the ready to record any pertinent information.</i> &quot;I have come with my fellows from a distant land, and we seek to aid this town. We have visited the church, but the Father was ill, so one of the Sisters present directed us here. My fellows are out investigating, so I was hoping the mayor would know if there was anything for us to do that could help.&quot; <i>Woz considered asking of an apothecary or anything of such sort, but at times like these the best choice was the authority figure.</i>
Phansite Quest: Threads of the Shining Phantoms
<i>Woz begins walking toward the ridge, his scarf once more being used as a mask to repel as much of the sickness as he could. He'd begin scaling the stairs, passing by what seemed to be shops, and he'd arrive at the door.</i> &quot;If you'll excuse me, I'd like to interact with the mayor alone. I find little sense in a chance of losing our only potential contact for this quest. I recommend checking the inn, maybe you'll find a place for us to rest after this ordeal is over.&quot; <i>With those words, he'd begin knocking on the manor door, waiting patiently for his knocks to be answered.</i>

Recent topics

Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
[<center><b>In a Realm Unknown to Man</b></center>] <i>Entrusting oneself to fate and fortune is a wonderful gift. This gift was given freely to man, and he has squandered it. He has chosen to struggle against fate, to curse his fortune, not once occurring to him that denying one's destiny and slighting one's blessings will ultimately lead to doom.</i> &quot;Will you embrace your fate, or fight it until your own power is not enough to move your body?&quot; <i>A lurching pain brews within... fear, perhaps?</i> &quot;Should you choose to fight it, know you will have allies. These misguided souls will fight the unwinnable battle alongside you. The actions you take will decide what awaits you. Awaken from your slumber, forget my words if you will be a sleeping slave, crushed beneath the wheel of fate. If you choose to defy the chains of destiny, and free yourself from bondage... then seek him. Seek the prophet who exists beyond time, who writes his own fate in his tome. He possesses the means to take you further.&quot; <center><b>Tokyo, At the End of a Decade.</b></center> <i>After that dream ends, the decision was upon you to forget what you had dreamed, and fall back asleep, or awaken with the words etched into your memory.</i>
Kujigoji Workshop: Vacancies to fill
<i>Perched atop a hill, at the end of several sets of concrete stairs lies a few sets of buildings, none more noticeable than the store that had a piece of paper taped to the door reading 'Rooms available for rent!'. It seemed cozy enough on the outside, clocks ticking rhythmically in the window. The door was unlocked, and upon entry the first sight is an immense amount of clocks, watches, and other time keeping pieces. The other detail would be the aroma of coffee and some other savory food item wafting in from the hall beside the counter.</i>
Relics of the Past: The First of All
<i>Deep within the blasted out ruins that once made up a prosperous section of Tokyo, a sole light wanders the streets. It is a strange light that beckons all toward it, its prismatic beams serving as a path toward whatever truth it was trying to reveal. The source was the tome held in the hand of the wandering prophet, who seemed to be walking without direction, but with purpose. He stopped upon reaching a specific shell of a building that perhaps at one point might have been the center of a bustling community; however time had not been conducive to whatever this building had once been for. He entered, sitting down on a worn and ashen booth, the table in front of it rotting and breaking apart.</i> &quot;What did they see in this...? Why the stubborn hold on it? Perhaps that is why I have been led here, not to preach, but to learn...&quot;
Armor Time: Futuring Another Woz
<i>Rumor had been circulating of mysterious lights flashing in the wharf located near the Rainbow Bridge. Reports of arcing green bolts of lightning and an ominous white light flying to and from had become commonplace. There was almost a mysterious compulsion that screamed 'Stay away!'; however, it seemed a gap in that mindset had formed, allowing brave souls to venture in and discover the cause of these phenomena. Of course, if you felt worthy.</i>
Fishing Weekend of STR
<i>In Inokashira, the prophet of time would be sitting with what appears to be a large plastic spear embellished with a smartphone aesthetic. It appears a string has been tied to the edge and is dipped into the murky water. An empty bucket sits beside him.</i> &quot;REJOICE! He who will learn to master the ultimate technique in combat, the prophet of time and non-existence! His name is Kamen Rider Woz, and now the first page of a new history is written!&quot;
Rejoice! Behold your future!
<i>The new world seems to pay no heed to prophets, not unless they prove their own merit! After rejoicing the future for most of his life, why not allow others in on the glory of time? It is to this end that retainer to the King of Time, Woz, would add his own twist on the title of fortune teller. It is a job largely shrouded in mystery and the arcane, but no longer! Why utilize esoteric means of deciphering the future when all one needs is a prophet?</i> &quot;Rejoice! The reader of past and future stands before you, his name is Woz, and today he shall impart his blessings upon the public! <i>...for 250 yen.</i>&quot; <i>His stall is anything but humble, gold satin draped over a sedan chair housing a throne laden with watch faces, in front of it is a stool from which he stands with his hand aloft, open book in hand. In front of THAT stool would be an ornate wooden chair with a crimson velvet cushion.</i>
GYM Deluxe: Street 9-to-5-er
<i>The lights within the recently renovated building inexplicably revived. The once locked door found itself open to the public for another time, but was it ever truly locked? Were the lights ever dimmed? As unlikely as it seems, one would have to bear with it for now. From amicable fights to tragic deaths, the building has long since been chronicled as a hub for self-improvement, and now is no exception, as a new guest arrives add his own flair upon the place.</i> &quot;It would seem I have some time to peruse this... hmm? A gym, or rather GYM? As unoriginal as it seems, improving myself for My Overlord must take precedence over even the necessity of air itself!&quot; <i>An oddly dressed man enters reading an even more odd book, bound by what appears to be a watch-strap. He enters the and appears surprised by whatever it is he's reading.</i> &quot;Many have entered this building for many different reasons, countless even... Now must I too give mine own reason to the annals of history, but what a reason it is! Perhaps the most important of all! Come ye who dare challenge me! Learn what it means to fight a servant to the King of Time!&quot; <i>With his speech finished, he would stand proudly before an arena, of course he didn't seem phased that nobody was there to hear his proclamation, he almost expected that, but he proclaimed nonetheless.</i>
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