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I want to touch Haru's hair
Personally, I would want to touch Joker's hair Donno why
Favorite Palace Theme song
Favorite: Freedom and Security 2nd Favorite: Ark 3rd Favorite: A woman
Any quote from P5 that's your favorite?
<i>&quot;I'll reveal your true form&quot;</i>
Who is the best Persona protag and their main persona
<quote user="Xanadu200">Mine is Minato/Makoto from Persona 3</quote> I forgot to add Orpheus (Minato's/Makoto's persona) lol Also I would go more into details in why I like them, but I would end up rambling, the post would be too long, and I don't wanna spoil any thing XD
Who is the best Persona protag and their main persona
Mine is Minato/Makoto from Persona 3
What's YOUR Arcana?
I'd be Hermit because it describes me the most
Phans of Reddi- I mean the Phansite, why are you here?
I only stick around to just because I'm bored and have no social life

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Another random persona question
Out of all the social links listed, who would make the best sister character: . Hanged Man (P3) . Justice (P4) . Hermit (P5)
Random Persona Question
Which Persona game (1-5) you would want to be the silent protag in?
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