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Face-off: Estate of evil
&quot;Right, then. When you ask for work, do not ask to see me. The last thing I want is to deal with this dumbass grade-schooler. But alas, cheap labour is cheap.&quot; <i>As he says this, Itachi pulls a pen out of one of his coat pockets and makes his way over to the paper towels. He rips off a sheet and places it down on the counter, beginning to write down several sets of precise coordinates in unnaturally clear hand-writing perfectly matching up with an 11.5pt aerial font. The nearest of the coordinates being in Alberquerque, New Mexico. He would then walk over to the fridge and sift through until he found a cup of yogurt, immediately tearing the cover off and drinking out of it before devolving into an abstract mess of binary digits which slowly fade away.</i> <b>El Missiono Completo</b>
Face-off: Estate of evil
&quot;Ah, yes, of course.&quot; <i>First, Itachi would open the left side of the fridge, revealing an assortment of beverages. He would pick up an Orange Vanilla Coke can and toss it to Torrick.</i> &quot;It's quite the coincidence that you're looking for connections, considering that was the entire purpose of this experiment. You're certainly more than qualified to take on the less elaborate jobs,&quot; <i>Itachi, through some unseen method, manages to pull a large briefcase out of his coat pockets. He sets it down on the counter nearby him and opens it up, revealing three large stacks of dollar bills with one slightly larger than the other, each tied together with a rubber band. He would pick the larger stack up with one hand and the other two with his other hand, holding his hand out and gripping half of both stacks, handing the larger stack directly towards Tenkai while smirking and waving the other two stacks in the general direction of the other characters present. </i> &quot;Ordinarily, i'd take my potential employees out to one of my coffee shops afterwards. As this was an excursion, however, we are quite far from any of the locations in my network. I can send the coordinates of any of the locations I operate at to any technological device you may own, if you so wish.&quot; <i>Itachi would chuckle after saying this.</i>
Face-off: Estate of evil
<i>Itachi chuckles.</i> &quot;I don't mind paying whatever you wish. All that matters is that I accomplished what I set out to do here. As for Grimnir, he fled, meaning he is no longer of interest to me. Now, I presume you want to be paid in American Dollars?&quot; <i>Itachi walks over to the fridge, opening the right door slowly. He would shuffle through the pockets on the inside of his coat while simultaneously glancing over the assortment in the fridge. Inside the fridge were a variety of American and Japanese foods and other such stuff, with a noticable lack of drinks and beverages, including soda.</i> &quot;Uh, let's see, your work included some minor (lousy) detective work and a brief skirmish. That should come to around... $50,000 each? Would that suffice?&quot;
Face-off: Estate of evil
<i>Valerie and Torrick would find they were the only ones in their room, leaving them to fend for themselves. Itachi, meanwhile, would smile and wave at Tenkai as he approaches. </i> &quot;Ah, so you'll be joining me. In that case, I'll show you the way to the kitchen. I had some time to explore the place after my battle with the wind god concluded. Of course, we do have some matters to discuss as well. On that note,&quot; <i>Itachi peeks out of the door to the previous room, lifting his chin and raising his voice to the two idly standing-by. </i> &quot;Hey, why don't you two join us? It would make things easier if I could pay you all at once.&quot; <i>Not waiting for a response, he walks further down the hall and midway through opens a door on the left, leading into a modern western kitchen with few Japanese modifications such as a floor table.</i>
Face-off: Estate of evil
<i>As the shadowy hands slam down on Entora, his form is crushed, causing reality to trail off in a blur as if it was running on Windows 98. The party felt stronger for their victory, precisely one level stronger. Of course, since stats aren't being precisely calculated this boost would have to merely be approximated. The party would boot up in their positions prior to the fight in the ordinary mansion, feeling disorientated from the phenomenon. Entora gazes at Torrick conflicted, tilting his head in worry </i> &quot;Forget this! Ugh, just consider yourselves guests, I have things to attend to…&quot; <i>The aura of darkness would retract into the atmosphere, leaving behind a chilling air. Entora's form would revert to a mundane human guise as he nonchalantly heads up the stairs in a hurry, going further inside the mansion. Just as nonchalant would be Itachi, leaning back against the wall west of the entrance.</i> &quot;Well, now that that's settled, i'm gonna grab something to eat.&quot; <i>The scientist would casually walk across the room past the party, heading through a door on the left, turning right into the long hallway out of the sight of the party. </i>
Face-off: Estate of evil
[Main Party] <i>The barrage of attacks would slightly damage Entora, but altogether unphase him. He would glare at Torrick, raising his voice so as to address everyone in the room. </i> &quot;Hmpf, I expected much more of a resistance. You really <i>aren't </i> the professionals I took you for? Very well, then, I'll let you off this time with a warning. I will ensure that the one who tipped me off about 'an army of elite soldiers heading my way' is punished severely, though.&quot; <i> Entora would stand up, pointing at Valerie as the tendrils shot forth off his hand and firing towards the enemy as if sharp spears were being flung at her. He would then turn his back on his enemies, scoffing as a distorted air washed over the party, lowering their parameters. As well, the dark energy from the atmosphere would begin drawing towards Entora, gathering at his wings and flowing through his vains. </i> <spoiler> Ability: Sweltering Darkness - The accumulated darkness can potentially overwhelm the party. Increased chance for Entora to inflict fear Move: Terror Claw - Deals Medium Physical Damage to Valerie Move: Debilitate - Decrease the stats of all foes </spoiler>
Face-off: Estate of evil
Entora dams - Near defeat [Main Party] &quot;I see, so that's how it is.&quot; <i> Tenkai's response would remove all debuffs from him, as well as reduce his chance to be targeted as Entora's enmity towards him passively subsided. Torrick's nervous system would not respond (as he was down), making him unable to drink the soda this time. Valerie and Torrick would only invoke greater anger from Entora, causing their defenses to decrease greatly from the sheer intensity of his presence as well as the demon's own attack raising. </i> &quot;You really are stubborn little monsters, aren't you? Maybe you would understand if you knew what it was like to care for something other than yourselves. I suppose it can't be helped now, though. Best to eliminate threats rather than leave to hunt another day, after all.&quot; <i>Entora's face would gradually become more emaciated and his form more distorted, as his long claws stretch down into dark tendrils piercing the ground, giving him an eerie mostly erect quadrupedal humanoid form with black gooey veins covering his flesh which takes on a dusty look. As well, 8 dark tentacles form from both sides of his back, culminating in sort of mangled winglike appendages. The creature would put their hand forth, a surge of volcanic energy blasting through the air in a spire aiming to pierce Torrick with a fatal amount of force. The dark mass that formed the beings portals would breeze through the party like wind, gathering to the center and chilling the air as the creature smiles unnervingly. </i> <spoiler> Ability: Sweltering Darkness - The accumulated darkness can potentially overwhelm the party. Increased chance for Entora to inflict fear Move: Agidyne - Deals Heavy Fire Damage to Torrick Move: Evil Smile - Inflict Fear (Medium odds) to all enemies </spoiler>
Face-off: Estate of evil
[Main Party] <i> Entora would grit his teeth, the sparks lashing at his skin like whips. He would fall to one knee while he catches his breath, dispelling the damaged barrier. Fading into a mere silhouette of dark matter before the eyes of everyone present, the man would appear immediately south of his portal with a black murky trail left behind before quickly dissolving. He would then put one hand forth which would send a shockwave all across the arena which did nothing but disorient everyone. He would then solemnly tilt his head back. </i> “Perhaps my attempts at direct confrontation were misguided. You’ve survived this long, so i’ll at least hear you out. Tell me, what reason do you have to still carry out this course of action?” &gt;State a selfish reason &gt;State a selfless reason &gt;Say you have no choice <spoiler> Valerie Status: Weakness - 25% reduction for strength and intelligence Ability: Null State - A dark portal will open up each turn, empowering Entora Move: Down Wave - Inflicts Down on all foes </spoiler>
Art request :0
Can you do an old business man, balding with some futurisric tech and possibly some hidden cybernetics? Round, conservative spectacles too.<div class='edited'>(edited by Xix)</div>
Art Requests SUPER
nothing you can draw can surpass the epicness of cursed emoji akechi

Recent topics

Face-off: Estate of evil
<i>Itachi, the owner of a shady corporation, has recently traveled to Los Vegas after the reports of a violent monster attacking gamblers came to light. After briefly investigating a ravaged casino, Itachi was able to uncover a victim of an attack, giving him a clue as to the identity of the suspect after an autopsy was performed. He prepares for a confrontation by secretly contacting mercenaries beforehand, giving them a brief explanation of their mission. He has explained to them that they were to meet outside the target's house, whose address he disclosed, early in the morning in order to minimize his chance of escape.</i> <b>This thread will cover a single battle, following an ATBish system. At least once per day I will update, ignoring everyone who hasn't posted. You will also need to give a brief description of your character's abilities as well as defining what role they primarily fall into (DPS, Tank, Healer, Support, Balanced). At least one DPS is necessary. Handicap adjustment is available with consensus.</b> <i>Itachi waits outside the elegant mansion, holding his hand out to it for a moment. Tapping his feet impatiently, he crosses his arms and leans back against the extravagant gate while he waits for his mercenaries to arrive. </i>
High-stakes escapade
Rules: No Eihara <i>Should your travels take you here, you find yourself encountering a curious scene outside a vibrant casino near a run down neighborhood of Las Vegas. The regularly colorful neon signs outside the establishment lie broken and shattered, the shards of glass still lying fresh on the ground. The bystanders lie in a vegitative state, either being unable to process their surroundings or blatantly ignoring the scene and walking past it. The door was naturally baricaded with a caved in infastructure, standing in the path of a scholarly old man in white jacket known to few as Itachi. He furrows his brow and cocks his head, adjusting his spectacles before he slaps a piece of paper om the wall adjacent to the rubble with large bold letters reading &quot;'HUNTING' JOB INSIDE&quot;. He then leans back against the wall and casually sips a bottle of water, glancing at any passerbys.</i>
Leblanc: The Caffine's Curse
<i>Leblanc was set up for a halloween party, the ordinarily formal businessman attending behind the counter dressed up as Dr. Finkelstein, complete with wheelchair and inethical experimentation. Besides the ordinary menu, he had prepared treats modeled after certain fantastical horrors, as well as decorations that somehow invoked personal trauma. Indeed, Itachi had sparred no expense in conducting the most invasive research so as to create the most horrifying experience possible, tailored to the personal experiences of any patrons that may enter.</i>
Mission Mode: Fend Off The Corruption!
<i>Through no will of your own, you were given a mission. Whether it be transmissioned on youe cell phone (which it would be should you have one one hand), broadcasted to your television or sent to you through a fax machine, a virtual halogram would intrude in the same space as you. The man being projected stood in a gentlemenly manner with his hands behind his back, maintaining an intimidating posture. He furrowed his brow, the round spectacles on his face somehow intensifying his glare. He spoke in a serious, direct way, making no visible movement save that of his lips.</i> &quot;This message will not repeat, so listen closely. You have been selected for a vital mission, along with a few other candidates assuming they may answer the call. Should you succeed, you will be rewarded with a base compensation of ten million yen. Of course, the transaction will be private, so it will be subject to federal taxation. In addition to this, you may be rewarded based on your efficiency. As for the actual summary of the mission, you will be required to travel to the Zarutora private institution in the Zeekai district of Cyberhama, the city neighboring Tokyo. All expenses for this trip will be paid, as well as the one back. Your mission will be to defend the school at costs. Should whatever equipment you have not suffice, we will be willing to supply you with whatever you deem necessary at no additional charge. If I have successfully piqued your interested, you may board the flight at (coordinates) at 5 am tommorrow morning. You may also go just for further inquiries. Forgive the haste, for time us of the essence. This concludes this message.&quot; <i>Should one go to the location disclosed, they will find themselves in the parking lot of an extravagent airport seemingly owned by someone affluent enough to use it exclusively privately, since it had no patrons nor evidence that it ever did, save that of a threatening stranger garbed in a military grade assault jacket showing off the darkest shade of black. Heavy shades obscured his brow, but his solemn lips gave off an air of professionalism. He stood by the entrance, motioning for you to discreetly approach.</i>
Quest: The Introduction
<i>Tokyo, the lively capital city of Japan, was home to millions of lively citizens. Along with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the city also faced an invisible crisis. Malevolent spirits roam the city like they own it, unseen to all except the bravest who dare to gamble their lives in combat of all who invade this world and scourge the lands as if it were their own. Perhaps the strangest thing about this city was not the prescence of constant threats, but the absence of them. Suspiciously, fewer and fewer demons, yokai and monsters dared show their face lately. It was as if a bigger predator had scarred them all away, one cunning enough to evade detection from both citizens and braves alike. Of course, this was all conjecture and with nothing to go on, the people who normally kept the streets safe were left with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and sightsee. Whether this was a blessing or curse was soon to be made clear, as everyone who possessed the faintest trace of bravery in them could only groan as their head began to ache slightly, but just enough to make one feel uneasy.</i>
Virtual City Casual RP
<i>In the border east of Shibuya, the ground began to expand and contort as if a tectonic plate was being moved, albeit no earthquake resulted from it. The land on both sides of the border rapidly drifted further apart, a mysterious digital yet hyper-realistic mass of ground filled the gap left behind. From this floor a city began to arise instantaneously, filled with various brand name stores and businesses such as Cafe Leblanc, the Sun Mall, Game Cave, McDonald's and Burger Kyubey. In addition, one would find that the regular consequences of reality did not appear here, meaning they would not die, even of starvation or being killed.</i>
The MK Infinity Tournament has reached it's finale
<i>With only vague recollection of how he got to this moment, Hikaru stands on the edge of a Colosseum, the rock opposite to him bloody and beaten. Itachi descends from a magic escalator leading straight into the center of the arena. He confronts the victor and stands in front of them, clapping his hands together.</i> &quot;Congratulations, Hikaru Michi, for felling many opponents up to this point. I suspect you will face many more opponents in the future, and will come out triumphant time and time again. I deem you worthy of going on to face bigger and better trials. Thus, do I bestow upon you the right to attune to the Infinite Messiahs.&quot; <i>He holds out his hands slowly, the tips of the plasma blade appearing out of the palms of his once clapped hands. He then grabs the hilt and thrusts the blade into the ground in front of Hikaru.</i> &quot;With this light, you shall attain infinite potential. Use it wisely.&quot;
Onset Of Oblivion
<spoiler>This will be part of a larger series so I recommend choosing a character you would want to use often</spoiler> <i>Reports came in about various attacks throughout the nation. Places like Shinjuku, Ginza and Ueno were overrun by various monsters clad in a black goop. The media led the public to believe that the attacks were mere earthquakes, signs of seismic activity supported this as well. However, few perceptive individuals would notice something disturbing in the reports had they access to them. Nevertheless, many seismologists had believed the next attack to show up somewhere in the Shibuya 106 shopping mall. The areas reported to be attacked had sticky black substances scattered around, yet it was too soon after the attack for any further investigation and many who survived are too traumatized to talk about it.</i>
ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ
ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ
MK Infinity Tournament Round 1: Homura versus Momo
<i>Itachi cracks his knuckles and nervously clears his throat, checking through documents to get ready for the last match of round 1. He calls the combatants who have yet to fight or have finished their match upon the bridge of the heli-carrier </i> &quot;Homura… I'm sorry. We should've made the risks apparent from the beginning. But, what happened back there only reaffirmed my beliefs; We can't go unrecognized any longer. What we really do is study technology, power and the human psyche in the hopes that we may be able to prevent such unnecessary destruction. -In order to proceed with these objectives, I came up with an idea for where to hold the next match. A world mirroring our own selves… that let lays beyond our reach. If a fight was conducted in somewhere like that, we'd be able to collect immense data to research. We've been keeping tabs from a distance, and I thought you might have the power to traverse such a world. If you're willing, that is.&quot; <i>He holds his right hand out to Homura </i>
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