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Everyone's favorite truthseeker and least favorite Persona protagonist.

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P4 plot holes
Adachi in general isn't just some psycho killer or whatever. It wasn't really about the killing or even if he could get away with his crime for him. He just wanted to keep his game going and outright shooting the competition wouldn't have accomplished that.
What game should I play first if I wanna really get into Persona
Depends what you're looking for really. Persona in general is mostly just an easier version of the mainline games with more straightforward themes and the whole dealing with personal demons aspect. Persona 3 is often considered the best game story wise but the gameplay is fairly lacking between lack of party control and some unbalanced encounters. The only exception to that is the PSP version of Persona 3 but you'd be sacrificing 3D custscenes and overworld for better gameplay. Next is Persona 4 which in my opinion is the most middle ground game in the series. The story is alright as long as your okay with a lot of happier moments and a murder mystery. The gameplay is also a lot more balanced than P3 with full party control right off the bat. The worst part about P4 though is that if your not using a guide it's fairly easy to get trapped into a bad ending. Now, the older Persona games...haven't aged well admitingly. The story in both games is top notch but both games require a fair amount of dedication and grinding to get through.<div class='edited'>(edited by Yu-Narukami)</div>
If you had to save one game for the sake of posterity, what would it be?
Skyrim because the name of, our Lord and Savior, Todd Howard must live on through the generations.
Photoshop Challenge!
As someone whose known to occasionally make cursed images in photoshop this upsets me greatly.
So I won a Raffle...
Umbreon Plushies but send them all to me.
Could you be a Phantom Thief? Welcome to the Velvet Gruum
I'm too busy watching TV to be a Phantom Thief.
Change my bully's heart
Look, we've tried to change Mona2's heart many times but no matter what we do they won't give up their bullying ways.
Phantom Thieves, please change my heart!
I have a better idea. Let's take a trip into a TV.
P5R sucks
So in conclusion, you're upset with a product but you're still going to buy it thus supporting Atlus and letting them know &quot;I want more of this.&quot;

Recent topics

Dramatic Finish
A while back I used to do these RP character fighting game threads but for the most part I kinda ran out of interesting ideas for these. Well, here's one now. Dramatic finishes like in Dragon Ball FighterZ. So, like at the end of a theoretical fighting game a special scene your character might have against another specific one.
Is the investigation team real?
Yes and we're coming for your knee caps criminal scum.
I know this isn't the best way to reach out to someone but I'll have to ask the mods for forgiveness as I have no other way of reaching you aside from discord. If you see this can you say whether you're okay or not. You're discord account seems a bit strange at the moment and you left the server without a word so that left me a little worried.
Totally not an April Fools Joke
Hey, it's my birthday today...
Question for new members
Noticed a lot of new people so I was curious if anyone would mind sharing where they found out about the site. Just seems like a lot of new faces all at once.
Yusite Descriptions
Tag Yurself my fellow Yus. Yu-Narukami- Yu
Dragon Marked for Death
Anyone else playing this lately? I've been a bit addicted since I got the game. Was wondering if anyone else plays it here. I've been using the Witch mainly for anyone curious.
Games Like Persona
Thought it'd be neat to make a thread dedicated to series/games with very similar themes or gameplay to Persona. Off the top of my head I can think of Tokyo Xanadu, it's an action rpg about highschoolers who travel to another world connected to our own and fight embodiments of humanities evil using weapon made from their souls. Pretty easy to see the parallels there. A game that's getting ported to the PC soon that I'm somewhat interested in is Caligula Effect. Has that same highschool setting and other world theme, not to mention it deals with similar concepts of human emotion that I feel Persona often tackles. Given enough time I can probably think of more examples but I also want to hear if anyone else has anything they can think of.
The Curse has been lifted
Joker is in smash. Finally, a Persona cameo I'm not involved in! This is it! I'm finally free! Hahaha! The curse has been passed on! No more spin-offs and random cameos! It's your curse now Akira! Hahaha!
Don't you love witner?
The sun was engulfed! It's only 6:00 but its pitch black outside! Dear god, who extinguished the sun!!!
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