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Hi I’m a big fan of persona I’ve been playing since innocent sin

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Whitch phantom thief is gay?
Oh because I’m gay that’s why I’m asking
My Dumbass School
They don’t know about this in my school lol I’m typing this on my school ipad
Whitch phantom thief is gay?
Wait so Yusuke is actually gay
<spoiler>So we back in the mine [/center]</spoiler>
Any quote from P5 that's your favorite?
“So long dear father I am no singer you’re subservient puppet”<div class='edited'>(edited by Yusukeinari)</div>
Thoughts on the P5R opening?
I enjoy it in my OPINION I like it more than the original here is to a great game ^_^

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Mishima I love you please notice me senpai
Mishima kun please (I’m not being serious lol)
Whitch phantom thief is gay?
Ryuji many Yusuke who do you think?
Who did you romance
Who will you romance in p5r
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