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Could you be a Phantom Thief? Welcome to the Velvet Gruum
<quote user="MichaelisYusuke">I think I could be a phantom thief, but I'm not looking forward to ripping that mask off of my face. That would be painful.</quote> No pain no gain boi
The time has come...
I, a totally normal dude, just go down to where Leblanc was for coffee, and in its place, I see Nyx. I take a selfie with them. I proceed to run home, as they start to chase me. When I arrive, I proceed to acquire my sword that I have on my wall. Fighting Commences.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="McDonalds-employee">Welcome to McDonald what's your order?</quote> Uhhh, I'll thake a Bacon McDouble and the M C S A N D W I C H
Could you be a Phantom Thief? Welcome to the Velvet Gruum
I would probably be cool with changing the hearts of the many assholes at my school
botw 2 wishlist
I would also like a persona reference<div class='edited'>(edited by Zerino)</div>
My thoights right now
Crap i made a typo
Your First Day as a Phantom Thief
I rebel against the palace's owner and i get a persona

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My thoights right now
I really wish I could be a Phantom Theif
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