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pussy pop

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This is the best website!
when did peons get a say in this
This is the best website!
pripare 2 b dispaoint
sorry, what's a peon?
ha ha peon get peed on
Your Persona
i am purse owner an i wil throw my car keys at ur eyes lolol
Stop calling me pancake boy
ha ha thread created on weed day for twendy blayz itt also what is an uhketchup
Good Burger RP
ha ha weak a$$, no need for burger lolz, im out <i>leafs</i>
Good Burger RP
i hav mons from stupid mom. take it and gib chainje. <i>throw coin on register, shouts at idiot's co worker</i> he no qualified for mini mum waje but he qualified to succ dicc
Good Burger RP
omg. refr to die. pls. no diet pepsi. just pepsi. bepis. good burger need to be good burger. can i leave with food.
Good Burger RP
pls die. t pepsi. diet pepsi with bepis on it. and good burger thtas good aburger. pls.

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just finished homework lmao
stupid a$$ homework, lolz. which idiot would like 2 tell me wtf a persona is. is it like a cardboard brand or something. idk :v
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