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Hi, I’m here sometimes. Sometimes I make stupid threads. My Twitter handle: @blue_haired_emo

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Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
But you can pet him in Royal ...... and also annoy him
Opinions everyone!
Uhhhhhh P3 good
It just needs to install wiggle.exe<div class='edited'>(edited by bluehairedemo)</div>
Actually it’s neither of those. I thought it would be fun.
Because yes
Kotone OP Pls nerf
Joker Reviews: Daemon X Machina: Prototype Missions (Demo)
I just wanted to play it for the robots tbh I’m really looking forward to it though
LeBlanc Re:Chain of Memories
Good thing I had those Phoenix Downs

Recent topics

I return for a short period of time
Then I’ll disappear for like months again. So... who’s looking forward to them dancing games and PQ2?
PQ Aigis appreciation thread
https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/d/d8/PQ_Aigis.png/revision/latest?cb=20140214182450 I dunno, I'm bored.
What did you think of Persona 5 overall?
I don't see a lot of people saying their thoughts on the game... or at least I miss them. Anyway I'm interested to hear everyone's opinions.
How do I seduce a chair?
As usual I'm asking for a friend.... this one has odd taste....
How do I seduce a door?
Asking for a friend.... as usual.... heh....
Moonlight Cafe: The Blue Hairs Strike Back
<i>It's been quite a while since this place last opened it's doors. The calmness of the cafe was still the same... but the interior was a bit different. There was enough blue to almost rival the Velvet Room, as well as some silver in there. Brand new tables, seats, the walls were painted a new shade of blue, and of course behind that counter was the owner of the cafe, the blue man himself... Makoto Yuki.</i>
How do you seduce a toaster 2?
I'm asking another friend.... I swear.
I'm done RPing here
No I'm not leaving the site entirely but I am switching over to a special server made a while ago. I don't just want to up and leave you all in the dust so I'm gonna leave an invite here. Also if you just want to join to chat then go ahead, the chat channel is open to everyone. And with that I don't really say goodbye but I guess a see you later. <a href='https://discord.gg/G9wugmJ' class='link' target='_blank'>https://discord.gg/G9wugmJ</a>
Shibuya Adventures II
*Another busy night in Shibuya. Yuki was walking down central street with a bag in his right hand...*
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