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[P5] The Endgame
Ok, Sam's a fighter (ZEUS), Laharl's a demon overlord (SHIRANUI), what else?<div class='edited'>(edited by eihara-shiomi)</div>
[P5] The Endgame
Let's start the game, shall we? <center><b>DM MODE ACTIVATED.</b></center> So, what are your OCs names and classes? I'll be playing as well, but my Dungeon Mastering will be on my other account.
[P5] The Endgame
<quote user="Sayaka_Miki">so we can't kill NPCs, but can we kill ourselves?</quote> The NPCs I was talking about are shopkeepers and passersby. You can kill enemy NPCs without me penalizing you. <div class='edited'>(edited by eihara-shiomi)</div>
[P5] The Endgame
Laharl, quit shitposting.
This site is unblocked on school computers.
I know right?! It's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird!
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>EIHARA SHIOMI APPEARS!!</center> E: Let's Go! Orpheus Aternas, use Chernobyl Nuke! ++ACTION++ Chernobyl Nuke: Heavy Nuke damage to Scepter!
This site is unblocked on school computers.
Reddit's unblocked for me, too!
Your First Day as a Phantom Thief
I cut it with my razor sharp iai blade, while saying <b>&quot;Omae wa mou shinderu.&quot;</b>
Why Is Mona So Thicc
The reason is so he doesn't get insomnia!

Recent topics

[P5] The Endgame
<center><b>Rules:</b></center> <i>No shitposting.</i> I have an RP that you can shitpost on to your heart's content. ([P5] The Final Resolution) <i>No weapons in the overworld.</i> Unless you could carry it around without it being fishy. (E.G, a baseball bat, a cane, etc.) <i>Definitely no OP OCs.</i> Unless you're the antagonist, for some reason. <i>And finally, no messing up the STORY.</i> This will be like DnD. Unless you perform an action, I'll tell you to stop messing it up. (I.E, having Shujin Academy get hit by a meteor, killing a NPC {Non-Player Character}, etc.) <center>Have fun!</center>
[P5] Final Resolution
<i>As the days ticked past the end of Persona5, something stirred. The MetaNav app appeared on 9 people's phones. However, Yaldabaoth was just the beginning. The other (I.E, 7,999,999-no, I'm not making this up!) gods have created a new Metaverse, with new hearts to steal, new dangers to brave, and it finally leading to the conclusion.</i>
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