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elm here, i'm a cool person son of chad official maidler of Archer4534 tw: @elmco666

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
that's a really funny reaction image, you should use more of them
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
egg helms https://i.imgur.com/ZMt2QIN.png
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
don't use kaguya caps if you're not gonna time them appropriately
I'm on drugs
drugs are fun
My last (and worst) shitpost
your words are glowing
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
t u u u n n e l v i s i o o o n

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I was born in poverty, was bullied for 15 years, have no social skills, speak the truth which no one want to hear. @Hyp0thetical went bitch mode because I guessed "her" (probably a guy) age with a 6 year range not exact even and continent between 2 continents, not even one. That's like me guessing @Clementine lives in NA or EU so "she" (probably a guy) ignores me, oh wait "she" already does. Also @elmco threatened to banned me just for tagging people and now acts likes a dick to me. I do one little thing so you obese Discord neckbeards then you ignore me, be a dick and threaten to ban me from the server or call me a creep. Also I was banned from the official phansite Discord server for talking, for literally talking and keeping the conversation going so @Joker banned me. Why? Was it logical? Was I doing anything bad? No. The apology on the phansite, I take it back, you're all overly emotional and want drama, you want a villain, well I'm not a villain, I'm a normal person like anyone else but because I make one little mistake once every so often I'm hated. Also Hazama banned me for nothing, that one time because what? I'm a villain, guess what real life doesn't have good and bad guys. Also the apology to @Clementine I take it back as well, if you want to not type to me anymore that's fine but at least tell me, don't just ignore me for weeks, well you can do that too it's your life but it makes you rude.
petition to add a counter to the main page
this is my petition to mishiman the legendary legend to add a countdown to d-day on the mine page of phansite.net
so step on up to the plate
i could never get a home run in base p5 but i found it easy in p5r
i am calling out samuel1364
he is a fool and a child and he's only 1r years old i want him dead <i>NOW</i>
shido does NOT deserve all the girls he gets
like he has no personality whatsoever, what the hell
join my discord server
you know what time it is... time for me to advertise my discord server that's on constant life support we've got lots of cool stuff - hifumod - the daily haru guy - me - mishima's polish music - many other spooky surprises waiting for you!!!!! also i always make sure to tell everyone that the new phansite discord was birthed from my server sooooo... yeah clout or whatever we also sometimes (rarely) play games together, like jackbox and maybe i'll organize among us or something idk https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx
it is mine today hooray
p5s western release confirmed
https://personacentral.com/persona-5-scramble-confirmed-west-release-koei-tecmo-earnings-report/ the article is a few days old, so it's not new news to a lot of you but hey at least we're getting it
what is time
like for real tho
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