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elm here, i'm a cool person son of chad official maidler of Archer4534 tw: @elmco666

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
i am a living(?) contradiction
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
i'm not angry, i'm disappointed and angry
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
it's almost 2 years old older than me
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
that day better be today or i'll spot mish $20 to destroy you
What do you call the p5 protagonist
his official name is ren amamiya, but i never used that name in my playthroughs so to me he's just joker
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
is that supposed to mean something? edit: just googled it, and i somehow now understand it, but jesus christ that is the most complicated sentence i think i've ever read<div class='edited'>(edited by elmco)</div>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
what's the buffalo one

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so step on up to the plate
i could never get a home run in base p5 but i found it easy in p5r
i am calling out samuel1364
he is a fool and a child and he's only 1r years old i want him dead <i>NOW</i>
shido does NOT deserve all the girls he gets
like he has no personality whatsoever, what the hell
join my discord server
you know what time it is... time for me to advertise my discord server that's on constant life support we've got lots of cool stuff - hifumod - the daily haru guy - me - mishima's polish music - many other spooky surprises waiting for you!!!!! also i always make sure to tell everyone that the new phansite discord was birthed from my server sooooo... yeah clout or whatever we also sometimes (rarely) play games together, like jackbox and maybe i'll organize among us or something idk https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx
it is mine today hooray
p5s western release confirmed
https://personacentral.com/persona-5-scramble-confirmed-west-release-koei-tecmo-earnings-report/ the article is a few days old, so it's not new news to a lot of you but hey at least we're getting it
what is time
like for real tho
p5r free themes
in p5r, after getting certain achievements, you're supposed to get an email with a code for a bunch of free themes and avatars, there are 4 codes in total. i platinumed the game over a month ago, and never got anything. today i was fed up and decided to contact them directly using their live chat. the lady was helpful and quick, and i ended up getting all my codes no problem. i know there were a lot of people online who never got anything despite reaching the required threshold, so hopefully this helps. just go to live chat. thanks for coming to my ted talk. p.s. i am canada so it may not be as easy for you as it was for me, idk
it's my birthday!
i lied. it's not my birthday. i hope you feel disappointed in me, as well as yourselves. shame. and remember, BORN TO DIE WORLD IS A FUCK
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