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elm here, i'm a cool person son of chad official maidler of Archer4534 tw: @elmco666

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Suggested Romance Route for NG+? #Persona5
bruh none of them celibacy is the way to go
steal my heart
you waited until right at the time limit
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
i'm eating a grilled cheese, and it tastes good
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
exercising is ripping your muscles in certain ways (hence soreness) so when it heals it heals back stronger obviously ripping my muscles hurts
p5r free themes
i know one you get from beating kamoshida, another for platinuming it idk about the other 2 though
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
you do know how exercising works, right
p5r free themes
if you have the game, you should receive the codes via email. you don't need to buy anything

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p5r free themes
in p5r, after getting certain achievements, you're supposed to get an email with a code for a bunch of free themes and avatars, there are 4 codes in total. i platinumed the game over a month ago, and never got anything. today i was fed up and decided to contact them directly using their live chat. the lady was helpful and quick, and i ended up getting all my codes no problem. i know there were a lot of people online who never got anything despite reaching the required threshold, so hopefully this helps. just go to live chat. thanks for coming to my ted talk. p.s. i am canada so it may not be as easy for you as it was for me, idk
it's my birthday!
i lied. it's not my birthday. i hope you feel disappointed in me, as well as yourselves. shame. and remember, BORN TO DIE WORLD IS A FUCK
steal my heart
do it pussies you won’t
persona on pc
https://www.gematsu.com/2020/06/persona-4-golden-coming-to-pc-on-june-13 so i guess this is fucking happening
it's my phanniversary
i joined the phorum 2 years ago on this day and wow what a time it's been. i've met a lot of people through this place, many of whom i'd consider close friends. and mona. it's somewhat sad that i don't use the site as much as i used to, but i'm present on the discord pretty often. so, two years. may as well look back on those two years. a bit over a year ago, my friend told me about a game called &quot;persona 5&quot; and told me i should play it. he's a shifty individual so i said &quot;no, fuck you&quot; but then he told me it was on sale for golden week. may as well give it a try. after sinking about 120 hours into the game on my sister's ps4, i honestly really enjoyed it. it was one of the first games i had spent over 100 hours in, i think the first being botw. after that i wondered if there was a real phansite, to which i discovered this place. it took me about a week to realize there was a forum, as my dumb ass didn't see the big &quot;forum here&quot; button. from there it's probably similar to how it went for most of you. i posted some, made some cringey threads, got made fun of for being inept, your normal internet stuff. not really sure what it was, but i really stuck around. even back then i barely used the PMs, but when i did, i met a bunch of people like luna and sarin, and a bunch of other folks. it's been 2 years so there's a big gap in my memory but at some point i made my discord server, which now has like 80 people that all collectively barely talk (https://discord.gg/a2fRTcx) but a lot of phansite folks are there. and from my discord server stemmed the new phansite discord server (because that was when the site got DDoSed and no one could use it talk, which only left people's personal servers like mine) which is now a very big and busy place. i also got bullied off of that server for a little while but that's not a story i like to bring up. all in all, this place has been with me for the good times and the bad times these past 2 years, and i can confidently say i would not be the same person i had i not discovered this place 2 years ago. i want to thank everyone i've come to know either through the site itself or the discord. you guys are awesome, and it's been really cool getting to know you. also wanna thank amma for being a cool and <i>helpful</i> co-admin on my server. but i really want to thank mish for making this <span class="through">occasionally</span> beautiful place, where i've really come into myself during the rockiest phase of my life (mentally). here's to 2 more!
a nintendo conspiracy theory
ok so here it goes... <b>nintendo created the coronavirus to coincide with the release of animal crossing</b> if you think about it, it all makes sense. nintendo has profited more than anybody during this pandemic, as ACNH has become one of the best-selling switch games in less than 2 months, and <i>everywhere legitimate is completely sold out of switches.</i> their new game has been a major success mostly because nobody can go outside, and their system had a huge sales boom due to the same reason. why do you think barely any new first-party titles are coming out this year? because the development teams are all making and evolving the coronavirus. it all makes sense! it wouldn’t surprise me if they had their hand in the scalping business as well, but there’s no substantial evidence of that so it’s just a theory. feel free to let me know your opinions below, and if you disagree with my theory you’re factually incorrect thank you and goodbye
it's cold
why is it cold it's fucking may already
best p5r girl?
now that we have a few new characters in royal, it's time to ask the age old question... who is best girl? and of course that's of <b><i>all</i></b> girls in the game, not just party members. so, the choices are: Ann, Makoto, Haru, Futaba, Kasumi, Ryuji, Kawakami, Hifumi, Sojiro, Ohya, Yoshida, Chihaya, Takemi, and Jose. so explain your choice and why
happy one year anniversary to this awful thread
i'm going to pee my pants this is so funny to look back on https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=16363
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