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I work overnight from 22:00 - 06:00 EST. So expect to see me posting and being active around then. All around swell dude, IMO. Can be a jerk, but hey, just tell me when I cross a line and I won't overstep it again. Basically a real-life shittier Daru. Arcana: Temperance // Persona: Roland Lab assistant to both Doctor Ver and Doctor Ivo.

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Win quotes
Vs. General: "You've got potential! Let's go a couple more rounds!" (No losses) "Don't take it too hard. I'll keep practicing with you!" (1 loss) "....whew.... That was one helluva ride! But everyone loves an underdog story!" (Low health, 1 loss) Vs. Kazuya: "Being the owner of GYM has its perks. I'm glad to see my strength stacks up!" "Your diversity in battle strategy is always a treat to face of against! I just wish I had a bit more breathing room, ha ha..." "That power of yours is nothing to sneeze at. One wrong move and I would've been toast!" Vs. Tatsuya: "Looks like my flames were burning a little bit hotter today!" "Your ability to swap personas is beyond tricky. But your experience is even more terrifying!" "Whew... just made it by the skin of my teeth. I wouldn't have been able to awaken to Roland without that power of yours. Your flames will never die!" Vs. Yu: "Now that's how I wish our first battle went! Well fought!" "The power of the Wild Card is certainly something else. I'm just glad I ended things before it got really out of hand, hehe!" "That's all she wrote! Now that was a match! I'll never forget the day you helped me get Leonidas, we've both grown so much since then!" Vs. Delta: "I'm glad to see you're just as strong as ever! Let's go again!" "Swapping between personas and creatively using their powers, you make it plain as day that training isn't a joke!" "Game set! I think I'm finally mastering more of my persona's abilities! Time to tweak them into special moves to really blow your socks off next time!" Vs. Emerson "Come on. You're way better than this! Come at me with all you've got!" "Your weaponry and persona really don't leave me with many means to fight back. But lucky for me I'm adept at being on the back foot!" "I haven't seen you this strong since you went all evil on us, I'm glad to see you're still getting tougher and tougher!"
What's YOUR Arcana?
I am the Hanged Man, cuz man am I hung. Dab dab
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
<i>Kalib quickly jots down the info with a smile and passes it to Isurugi on his way out. He'd then lay his head back down and shut his eyes. His hand would make its way over to the bracelet and hold it tight.</i> &quot;I don't know who you are... but I appreciate you standing your ground back there. I'm sure you're not too thrilled being here, but let's do our best to get along for now.&quot; <i>With that his pain would coax him back to sleep.</i>
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
<i>Kalib shakes his head with a sigh.</i> &quot;Guess that'll be something to keep in mind once I get in touch with the rest of the gang. Last thing we need is super powered psychopaths running rampant while the peace keepers are left unawares.&quot; <i>His stomach would growl at the mention of food causing his face to go red.</i> &quot;Eheh... well I'm good with whatever Chief. If you've got any cravings then I'm down for takeout! I'll be sure to pay you back in kind as soon as I'm back in fighting shape!&quot; <i>He frowns as he looks back out to the window.</i> &quot;I sure hope GYM wasn't caught up in that wall... I'll have to survey that when I get out too... typical. No rest for the weary...&quot;
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
<i>Kalib finishes his own can and holds it in his lap. He smiles softly at Isurugi's encouraging words, however the last bit causes him to raise a brow again.</i> &quot;How do you mean? Standing close to the box is an issue? Wait. I was in between them and the box. What's that mean for me?&quot; <i>Hearing mention of his double would cause Kalib to crush the can he was holding. His face sunk as he tried to find the words to explain the situation.</i> &quot;The simplest way to put it is he's the darkness to my light. He showed up because... a third party wanted me to do some work for them. I refused, but there was a part of me that didn't mind getting his hands dirty. Him and I are two sides of the same coin... granted I'm sure he's still working on getting one over on me. I'd suggest staying away from him. He's wily... and I don't know what his whole plan is anymore.&quot;
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
&quot;Per...sona?&quot; <i>It could be the news that nobody got hurt, aside from himself, or it could be the news of him finally having power again, but regardless of the reason he felt a warmth inside. One that had been gone for so long. A flame of hope. Kalib eagerly reaches out and grabs the can of coffee. He was still feeling groggy so the can of joe would be a step in the right direction. He greedily begins downing the warm drink.</i> &quot;Whew! That's terrible! I love it! But more importantly, I had the power to stall Hazama and the other guy! My Persona came back, I'm stoked!&quot; <i>He puts his right arm out and closes his eyes.</i> &quot;Come on, Roland! Welcome back!&quot; <i>He goes silent for a few moments.</i> &quot;Persona!&quot; <i>Still nothing.</i> &quot;I am thou, thou art I... come forth, Roland! Please?&quot; <i>He drops his arm to his side.</i> &quot;Well that's embarrassing...&quot;
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
<i>Kalib is at a loss for words. He simply sits there and stares at the vessel for his new roommate. A mix of emotions start to swirl around inside his head. Most notably, fear. He lost control of his own body, again. The many gruesome outcomes painted by his imagination were painful to deal with. With his head now in his hands, he slowly began to speak.</i> &quot;My name is Kalib... I'm sorry to have caused any grief Mister Isurugi... I appreciate you tending to me like this. But I have a question... what exactly did she do while she was in the pilot seat? Did anyone... Did she kill anyone?&quot;
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
<i>Kalib stifles a laugh as Evolt explains what happened with the box and the bracelet.</i> &quot;Well excuse me for being the only one who had the nerve to stand against those jerks. And why did you kit me out with this bling anyways? What could that have done?&quot; <i>He shifts slightly at the mention of his soul.</i> &quot;Well it's a rather long story. And hell, I haven't even heard your name yet. Not very cool dude... but I'll give you a general idea. I cheated death and the Reaper wasn't too keen on letting that slide. Threw down with him myself and lost horribly. Now I'm on borrowed time according to Death himself.&quot; <i>He glances up at the monitor with a worried expression.</i> &quot;That'll suffice, I hope...&quot;
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
<i>Kalib raises a brow at the man's mention of his lair.</i> &quot;Brilliant. Go figure I'd end up getting in too deep with mad scientists... it's poetic really.&quot; <i>He shakes his head with a sigh before looking out the window. The sight was burned into his eyes. The large wall was foreign, anyone could tell that much, but for some reason it made him sick to look at.</i> &quot;Before I went dark, huh? Well I remember I was standing in the way of some strange box so that Hazama and Relius couldn't get their no good hands on it. It seemed important.&quot; <i>He hung his head for a moment and noticed a gold bracelet upon his wrist.</i> &quot;That's weird. I don't typically accessorize... when did I put this on?&quot;
Back Alley Healings: A Bitter Pill
<i>The large man would stir in his sleep as a sonorous snore filled the room. The body seemingly defying Evolt's requests to wake up. However, the man was forced to comply as Evolt pinches his arm. The signal travelling all the way up to Kalib's brain and causing him to shoot up.</i> &quot;I'M AWAKE! YES! HELLO!&quot; <i>The man looked around in a panic before finally noticing Evolt. His brow furrowed as he stared at the man.</i> &quot;Hey... what's the big idea? Where am I? Who are you?&quot; <i>The pain from his previous encounter began to pulse as he got more agitated.</i> &quot;And why am I so sore!?&quot;

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GYM: A Good Day to Die Hard
<i>Silence. The moment's reprieve was a welcome change of pace from all the hustle and bustle that GYM usually sees. However, the silence is quickly broken by a long sigh coming from the owner sitting at the juice bar. The large man shifts slightly behind the counter as he looks upon a long sword resting on the counter. He runs his left hand along the blade before leaning against the counter.</i> &quot;Well no use worrying about it. I'll deal with it when I get there.&quot; <i>The large man stands up proudly as he looks towards the door.</i> &quot;Well then, let's see what we got on the menu today! Eheh!&quot;
GYM: Phantoms of the Past
<i>A furious typing comes from behind the juice bar of GYM. The source? A rotund man looking down at a laptop with a furrowed brow.</i> &quot;Ahh... next time I'm hiring an accountant to do these damn taxes.&quot; <i>A defeated sigh escapes his lips as the sun begins to dip in the sky. A warm orange hue stains the rest of the facility while the din of pedestrians outside gets louder.</i> &quot;That time already, huh?&quot; <i>The man sits back in his seat and closes his eyes for just a moment. Or maybe a minute? The light was warm as the man relaxed further.</i>
GYM: The Graveyard Shift
[The sound of a vacuum reverberates through the empty GYM as glimpses of Kalib can be seen cleaning the staff room. Cleaning supplies are sprawled out atop the counter, allowing him to fetch tools with relative ease. The sign on the door is flipped to close, yet the door was unlocked and the lights were all on. The vacuum stops.] &quot;Whew! Geez this place gets dusty real quick.&quot; [Wiping a bead of sweat from his cheek, he walks out to the counter and basks in the silence. His face remains still as he loses himself in thought.]
GYM: Out With a Bang!
<i>Kalib finally gets back to his business after running around all day. The goal of his errand was to deliver invitations and put up posters for an event he was planning later that very same evening. Exhausted, he collapses in a chair near the entrance.</i> &quot;Why... is the Nexus.. so damn expansive? Fweh...&quot; <i>With his breathing finally returning to normal, he looks around the building with a smile.</i> &quot;It hasn't even been a full year, but I have so many memories thanks to this place. For good or bad. And I've made so many friends while running GYM, so even though it hurt at times, I know I have people who have my back through thick and thin.&quot; <i>Fragmented memories begin to come together as the man's eyes start to well up with tears. In surprise he brings up a hand to his face and wipes away the tears. He frowns slightly but shakes it off as he finishes wiping away the tears and stands.</i> &quot;Heh. Enough of that! I can't run this show without a happy face!&quot; <i>A quick slap to the sides of his face and his smiles again, cheeks red. He heads out into the large arena behind the building. Light flurries dusting the ground with powder as the sun begins to set. Kalib sets off to clear off some bleachers for the show to come.</i> <i>Everyone would have received an invitation at their home address, but if they were out on the streets, Kalib made sure to cover the Nexus in advertisements. All of which read:</i> <b>&quot;Come one, come all to the year end extravaganza at GYM! Instead of testing your might in the ring or training with our equipment, we offer you the chance to come display your abilities in a grand fire works display! And for those without the means to participate, we have sparklers and firecrackers for you to enjoy on top of the performances! Let's end this year with a bang!&quot;</b>
Lost in the Fog
&gt;<i>The night air is cold and the howling of the wind only make it colder. A full moon looms in the sky, a radiant orb of beautiful light. All the while a familiar looking man to most is seen leaning against a lamppost just outside the big city. The man holds a small black orb in his hand and he idly pokes at it. The orb begins to ripple from the touch, stopping only when the man removed his finger.</i> &quot;Brilliant. The experiment is moving along better than I could've hoped!&quot; &gt;<i>Suddenly, the wind stops and the night is still. From the distance, a large fog bank can be seen creeping towards the man. The light above the man flickers and a smirk crosses his lips.</i>
Tag Team Quotes
Continuing the theme of both Yu's and Bona04's threads, what would be your entrance and victory/loss quotes for a tag team. I had forgotten to pose this question earlier, but oh well, better late than never.
GYM: Resonant Mettle
<i>It's been some time since Kalib last set foot in the business below his apartment. A thin layer of dust coats the counter he'd normally stand behind. With a small smile, Kalib would move over to the register and wipe it off.</i> &quot;Yeesh. This is what happens when I'm gone...&quot; <i>He lets out a small chuckle before turning to the fridge and counting his stock of protein drinks. Satisfied with his count, he'd nod and finally move for the door. Putting out a hand to the lock and twisting it to the side before reaching up to the closed sign and flipping it to open.</i> &quot;Alright! GYM is back baby!&quot; <i>With a triumphant explanation, Kalib would move behind the counter once more and eye the door eagerly.</i>
GYM: Body and Soul
*Kalib sits at the counter after a long day of fixing his establishment from the constant punishment it receives.* Hah...why are we still here? Just to suffer? *He laments while looking towards the door, knowing that soon...it won't be there.*
Phansite Q: Mount Brain
*Before you rises a massive pink mountain. The texture is malleable and soft, however some of it is rigid. From the base of the mountain you can see flashes as synapses jump to life with electricity, causing the air to grow with static. At the base of the path stands a wooden sign.* (WELCOME TO MOUNT BRAIN! FEEL FREE TO DISCUSS AND BECOME INTELLECTUALS TO PROVE OUR BOT OVERLORDS WRONG.) *Kalib stands contemplating the words.*
GYM: Double Dash
*A sign outside of GYM reads:* (HELLO! WELCOME TO GYM! TODAY IS A SPECIAL EVENT NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN THE NEXUS. SPARRING MATCHES WITH A PAIR AGAINST A PAIR. PLEASE COME IN AND JOIN!) *The door is unlocked as Kalib begins organizing his protein drinks in the fridge.*
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