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I'm kara, I'm 16, they/them. Haruki is my P5 OC, btw.

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What're your OCs? Put them here!
Oh actually? The code name and most of the design came from a generator, and I ran with the idea from there. Name: Haruki Kaneko Persona: Tapio (a tree deity) Code name: Lumberjack And wouldn't you know it... i actually drew a ton of talk sprites for him. Oops? https://i.imgur.com/1br23u8.png
What’s with people asking if people “still use this website”
I feel like it's pretty fair to ask if people use this site- it probably wasn't as popular as when it first started out. Plus, I'm pretty sure a lot of people who like persona don't even KNOW this site exists. My friend and I didn't until recently.

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