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someone who memes too much and is attatched to the internet. persona.

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P5R and NG+
thanks, at least we get something. itll be interesting to start from scratch
SMT be like
finally some good smt content
Huniepop 2 voices
ngl, i hated most of these voices. they all sound overly tropey lol but ig thats the comedy of the game
(Forum game) last post wins: the sequel
rip will it lock? nobody knows also GAMESTOP JUST AUTOTEXTED ME IM GONNA YELL
My discord
Gaben, there are people who are better off NOT huffing paint.
(Forum game) last post wins: the sequel
Maybe there will never 🅱️ a last post...
(Forum game) last post wins: the sequel
SHE'S BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD KITTY!!

Recent topics

Where in the game does No More What Ifs play?
For those of you who've played Royal already (I know there's some of you out there), I was wondering where the song plays in game. Thanks in advance.
P5R and NG+
Just wondering, prolly a dumb question, but has Atlus said anything bout being able to start a new game plus in Royal from your save in regular Persona 5? Since most of the info is in Japanese I was wondering if anyone knew/read that someplace
Hello, I was wondering how you made this forum. What did you use? I'm planning to make a mini forum for a school project but I'm having trouble starting. Thank you!
Where does the song Keeper Of Lust play in game?
I haven't played Persona 5 (though I've watched videos and read wikia articles) and I really like the song Keeper Of Lust and want to know its context. I thought it'd be Kamoshida's Palace theme or something relating to him, but I guess not.
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