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LoveScope: Phantom Musician of Kasumigaseki
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*One day, a strange rumour began spreading around Kasumigaseki. Rumours of a strange musician who would occasionally appear in the concert hall at Hibiya Park and attract people with music. These people attracted would begin to act strangely for a few days before collapsing into a coma. The girl was treated as a ghostly apparition due to her apparent ability to phase in and out of reality. People laughed it off, not believing in such a strange story. However, not many people passed through the park late at night anymore.*
-Hibiya Park-
*Whether you are here because you heard the rumours or are here by happenstance, you appear in Hibiya Park late one night. From the concert hall, the faint sound of a piano can be heard. It would seem there are truth to the rumours after all.* OOC: Got bored, so I decided to make an RP thread since not many are actually active nowadays. So here's a thread that likely will be a one time affair. It might end up with some combat, so if you join be wary about that. Also, the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZd-lCNYU40
One of the first to arrive is a teenage girl, her short blonde hair tied with a studded black ribbon wearing a black and white striped outfit that is reminisce of prisoner garb, with a bit of a skull motif. Her punk look is finished off with her large, axe-shaped guitar bearing a bit of red paint on its head to imitate the appearance of blood. The girl lets out a big grin upon hearing the music "Nice to see my intel's on after all. Now then lets have a look-see." The girl heads into the concert hall through its front doors, her lax demeanor hiding her real readiness
A young girl with short, blue hair sporting a green vest skipped through the park with glee on her face, not knowing at all about the affairs and rumors that had supposedly gone through the public. When she appeared at the doors, she opened her eyes, stopped herself, and wondered, "Wait, why am I here?" She shrugged whatever suspicions she had and decided to enter the concert hall, following suit of the girl who had appeared before her.
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*Entering the Concert Hall, the first thing that would be obvious would be the mysterious girl on stage. Singing into a microphone centre stage was a girl with silver hair and a purple visor. However, something seemed off about her. Looking closer, parts of her seemed to vanish and reapear at random every couple of seconds like she was some sort of glitching character in a video game. Other than that, there were her band members: 2 copies of the singer playing different instruments. The crowd before the stage was mostly empty except a few people. A man in business suit, a young boy in a hooded top and an eldery woman. All three seemed to be in some kind of trance as they listened along to the music.* OOC: The actual song now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhfAwb9Q3OU
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“Hope you don’t mind me joining your little jam session.” Tot wouldn’t be too concerned with the civilians listening along to the three on stage, instead she would approach the stage, boldly announcing her presence while strumming her own guitar, giving a deep baseline that also serves to help drown out the other music, can’t be too careful before learning what the others can do
Ooc: I'm sorry, I had to go do things family related. Took up most of my day ;-; "Wow, that's pretty cool...wish I could do something like that..." Sonomi decided not to try anything, blending into the crowd of civilians. She took out her phone, taking a few pictures of what was happening, not even bothering to take selfies. Then, she just silently recording the whole session, slowly getting into a trance just like the three that were around her.
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*As the music continued, the people would fall even further into a trance, starting to look like they were close to falling asleep on their feet. Then Tot's own tune is added into the mix. Almost immediatly, those in a trance would start to stir. Noticing this, the girl on vocals would vanish though the other two would keep playing the instrumental.* Wh4T 4Re yU0 try1NG To0 Pu1L h3Re? *The girl would appear in front of Tot, her arms folded. Her voice sounds as glitchy as she looks, flucuating between a number of differant voices. She folds her arms and frowns slightly. Without seeing her eyes, it's hard to tell, but it would seem that she is unimpressed.* TH1s is mY 5How. 1tS N0t aM43Teur hOUr. EItHer L15Ten OR leave.
OOC: Not sure if it's too late to join, if so just ignore me. Otherwise, eh I'll hop in. A young woman with red hair and a t-shirt plus jeans leans back a bit, standing against a back wall of the hall with a slight smile on her face. The music ain't bad, but she could do without the supernatural nonsense involved. "Geez, guess this one can't handle any competition at all... Well, mom always said I didn't know when to leave things alone, why start now?" She'd walk up to Tot and the other girl, ice forming all around the girl as she speaks in a tone that almost fills the air with frost. "Hiya again Tot, nice seeing you. And uh, what exactly is your problem with her Miss...? Well I didn't catch a name, I'm Amaya Rose, pleasure to meet you I'm sure. And I'm sure whatever's wrong, we can all work it out somehow~"
“Looks like my guess was right, it’s a hypnotic effect using sound.” she doesn’t have any reason to upset the other girl further, so Tot stops playing as requested instead she grins as she flashes the vocalist a peace sign “I’m on a bit of a recruitment tour and came here to check the rumors out. Now that I know it’s good I was hoping you’d be willing to join me for a gig? It’ll be a blast...” Tot doesn’t seem remotely bothered by the glitchiness, simply assuming it to be another application of their magic. If Amaya is allowed to join Tot’d wave her down “It’s cool Amaya, just having a little chat. We still on for later?”
The music continued, and as she heard more, Sonomi had slowly lost the grip she had on her phone as it fell down to the ground. Right on cue, she heard Tot's own beat and she had seemed to wake up from the trance she was in. "Wait, what?...What happened?" She looked around her in slight distress, her eyes set on the three in the crowd that was with her. She gasped, and quickly scooped her phone from off the ground, her first thought somehow instead of exiting was to get on stage with Tot (and potentially Amaya). Her phone was still recording, but she had quickly turned it off before looking back at the glitchy girl.
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OH gR34t. 4noTHEr iNTruTion. 4ND wH4t C0u1D y0U w15H f0R h3r3 1 w0nd3R? *The girl seems slightly annoyed by the arrival of Amaya. Nevertheless, she just shakes her head and continues to stare down Tot.* i dONt 533m t0 uND3r5STANd yOuR MOtiv4t10N. y0U 1NtrudE, 1NT3ruPt 4ND n0W Y0u w4nt t0 b3 p4l$? 1'd R341Ly pREf3r tH3T yU0- * A red lines passes across the girl's visor, causing her to stop in her tracks. She tips her head to the side before smirking before teleporting backwards a few steps.* 4cTUalL1y, f0rG3t Wh4t 1 w4$ JUsT 5ayIng. 1 Ins1isT. STIcK 4r0und. y0U 4r3... di1ff3RAnT T0 th3 oth3rs 1 h4ve 4cqu1r3D. 1 MUST h4vE WH4t y0u kn0W. 1nDE3d. y0U Thr33 mu$T St4Y. *The girl looks over at Maizono in the crowd before looking back to Amaya and Tot, smiling. She nods her head before gesturing to a seat. She seems to be asking you to listen to her music. However, judging by the reactions of the others in the crowd, all somewhere on the scale of waking up from the trance they were just in, the songs effects on a person seems sketchy at best. The girl on the other hand does not seem to be taking no for an answer.*
"Oh I was always plannin' to recruit ya'. I just needed to confirm your talents right quick. My eye's not as good as teach's was." Tot salutes the glitchy girl and tosses her an entirely blank business card before heading over to a seat, she's got no reason not to stick around for a bit. "Don't worry about that, it'll fill in with all the details once I've got enough for our meeting. Oh yeah, and by the way." Tot briefly spins around to the other girl, holding on to her guitar so it doesn't press against the seat "Weird motif you're going for, but I think its workin' for ya."
Ooc: I'm in EST which might be the reason why my posts are late, sorry :/ She was about to verbally disagree to taking a seat, opening her mouth as if she were about to say something back towards the girl. Sonomi openly sighed, close her eyes, and then opened them again in a futile attempt at hoping this was all a hallucination. She looked back at Tot as she went to her seat. "Ok. Fine." Then turned around to face the girl once again, only this time she had a friendly smile on her face. "I'll listen to your music!" She skipped back to her seat with a bit of glee. "I hope this is gonna be great!" Of course, when she actually sat down, the smile faded and instead she put on a bit of a pouty face as she faced towards the stage.
Amaya just chuckles a bit, this whole thing is seeming... Well, very weird to her, and her better judgement is saying it might be smart to just attack now while she has the chance. On the other hand, worst comes to worst she almost surely shrug off the music's effect, she hopes. "Sure this'll be fun... I bet anyways. And yeah yeah Tot of course, looking forward to it~" She'd take a seat as well, frost still growing around her as she prepares to move. Something in her mind is suggesting that things might not go that well if nothing is done, but for now, she'll just observe and stay ready. And hope she isn't making a mistake here, of course.
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OOC: UK time, just to clarify. It's why my updates might seem really random. *The girl smirks as everyone takes their seats.* 1 TH4nK y0U all F0r yOUr CO-0p3r4T10n. *The glitches back on stage and retakes her place, readding vocals to the tune provided by the other clones. After about half a minute of listening, everyne would begin to feel faint as they begin to fall into a trance from the music. After a few minutes, everyones sight is filled with light.*
* Upon coming to, you find yourself in a place that definately isn't Kusemigaseki. It looks digital, the floor being a vast floor of blue cubes. The area above you is filled with floating bodies, all of them seemingly in pain as parts of them flicker and glitch. Far in the distance, someone cries out, screamin in pain.*
Digital... So this, world is made of data? If so I uh, wow one third of this character's powers that are usually useless might be insane for once.
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Hey, if you rarely get to use them, go crazy. I don't mind. I might regret saying that at some point, but for now I don't mind.
Well, lemme know if it's too much. But yeah, power over data and networks is uh... Doesn't come up that much here. Amaya glances around the world curiously, the digtial appearence of it all is well... She'd reach out with mystical power and a small smile on her face. Assuming the world was actuall as digital as it appeared she'd easily be able to get a basic idea of the nearby area for a start. Could maybe leave too, except getting others out is more of an issue, so she won't. "Dammit all, I knew I should have trusted my instincts and struck when I could. Oh well, at least it's a world I can hack into from the looks of things. Now where the hell is everybody else in here?" Upon hearing the screams of pain she'd begin moving forward towards them, despite the less than reassuring sounds she can't exactly leave it. Besides, she's a demi-god of the network right, she can take this place, hopefully.
"Aw man seriously? Not cool." Tot would complain as she slowly gets up, stretching before reaching for the guitar that's normally on her back, assuming its still there she'd give a wide grin "I'm gonna have to teach her a few things then. Maybe even kill 'em. Not known for holding back." whether or not she still has her guitar Tot would start jumping across the blocks towards the sound of the screaming, hopefully it'd have something to do with getting out of the spell.
"Wow, that was so amazing! Thanks, you really did great!" Sonomi clapped her hands and smiled, though not much of a happy one, more of a sarcastic smirk. Though she had thought that it'd be better to run, she instead got herself into this mess. "Well, at least I have them with me. I really hope they're friendly." She had almost started walking before she had found out that she was about to fall. Sonomi quickly pulled herself back up and stepped back a bit. "Yeah, sorry, I don't trust that." She took out a Megaphone-esque device that was suspended on a tight strap around her shorts. She fiddled around with it a bit until she shot the ground, a green orb that had turned the blue pathway she was going to take into a green one, hopfully ensuring that she doesn't fall. She looked up and forward at the others, noticing she'd been lacking behind for a little bit. "Don't worry, I'll be there!" She said as she runned towards the screams.
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*Upon approaching the sound of the scream, you appear in front of what looks to be som kind of throne. It's surrounded by a number of holographic screens and on it sits yet another copy of the girl, though this one missing the visor and with her hood down, giving a better view of her silver hair and grey eyes. The screams had stopped just before you arrived, but you are still able to see the unconcious body of the business man from the crowd earlier being launched into the sky, taking his place among the rest of the bodies. The girl looks up and smiles as she sees you approach.* 4h. i $3E you ArrIv3D h3rE t00. g0Od. I wAS b3G1NniNg tO0 WOrrY tH4t My m05t Interesting S0Urc3s of d4TA had fL0wn Th3 c00p 0r h4d gotten 3r45ed 0N THe1r W4y t0O m3. n0W, Pl3453 M4ke YOUR wAY oveR HeRe so ThAt 1 M4y- *The girl is interrupted by someone yelling. Off to the side of the room, is the kid from the earlier crowd. He stands defiantly with a face full of a combination of anger and fear.* D-Don't! She's crazy. She did... something to those other people and now- *The girl frowns.* 1 w4s unaware I st1ll had 50me NORM13s t00 d34L with. Do P13Ase w41T foR 0nE m0m3nT Wh1le I DeAl w1th th!s mEs5. *With a swing of her hand, a number of small cubes would rise of of the ground, turn red and start shocking the boy. He would cry out in pain and fall to his knees. The girl would glance over to one of the holographic screens and inspecting it. The boy looks over to you in pain.* H...hel...p...me...
“There you are.” Tot lands on the main platform, sliding a few inches to a stop as she whips her guitar off her back. “I’m gonna have to ask ya’ to release your magic now. If you’re gonna be workin’ with me I’ll have to be able to trust you more than that.” Tot doesn’t seem to acknowledge the boy being electrocuted, almost as if he were simply beneath her before his yelling gets her attention “And maybe stop screwing with normies for good measure. I don’t mind a few pranks but this is going pretty far out there.”
Sonomi looked up at the girl as she appeared next to Tot, megaphone gun thing in hand and an indecisive look on her face. "Is there any reason that you're doing this? Are you really..." She pointed the gun up at the girl with one hand, side-eyeing the boy with her eyes blank. "One of those types of people?" Her cool little pose immediately was broken as she looked at the boy that got electrocuted, stepping back and gripping the gun with both hands as she looked at her with surprise. "Excuse me?! What was the point of that?!"
Amaya would arrive on the scene shortly after the other two, a smile on her face despite seeing the young man in... Less than a good state. "Sup, I'm a little late but whatever right. Seems I've made good enough time at least." She glares at the the musician who seems to be in charge, taking a few casual steps forward and waving her hand at the cubes as divine might flows from her. "Okay, to me to try and do some reprogramming~! Miracle of Network, adjust data now." Power rushes around at her whims, the word of Network doing it's level best to take command of her foe's red cubes by adjusting their program. If if succeeded, the red would turn an icy blue and begin trying to attack the girl that made them.
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*The boy would gasp for air as the red cubes turned blue and flew at the girl. However, with a motion, the floor woul rise up, blocking and absorbing the cubes before lowering. As they do, the girl looks back at them unimpressed.* I am MUSE. 1t 15 My GOaL t0 Co11ECT D4T4 fr0M tHe pEOpLe oF y0ur wOrld. tH3 b3ST w4Y t0 d0 SO 1S to tAke 1T $tr4Ight FR0M tHE SouRCE: YoU HumAN5. * MUSE smirks, before motioning to the vast array of bodies above her.* 1 use m3th0DS tHAt Some wh0 w3r3 br0ughT to TH15 W0nd3rfu1 Amalg4m 0f W0RLdS 4R3 fam1l14R W1Th. using MUS1C4l hYpn0s1s 4nd C0nTR0L fr0m d4t4 rec31v3d FROm AESIR 4nd μ, 1 buILT THis NetWorK. but you are enigmas. YOUR CODE IS POWERFUL. SurrENDER yOURsElF to MY netw0RK WIllIngLY. i can FIGHT but You L15tened To mY sonG willInGly, sO I KN0w Y0u c4N b3 rEAsonABlE. *MUSE outstretches a hand to the group.*
Amaya sighs a bit upon hearing that... Well, gang's all here now though so maybe she can do something about this? "I could, but why. I don't feel like being reasonable after seeing you torture people. And don't think you can toy around in my domain either. I'm the god of Networks here, not you Muse." She can't take over entirely, but stopping the girl from changing their code? That should be simple. A shimmering barrier would appear on Amaya and the other two, a simple representation of a divine firewall designed to block out any direct attempts at editing and such. More "physical" attacks wouldn't be stopped, but the easiest solutions should be. She'd follow it up with a quick burst of ice forming right in front of Muse's head, certainly not impossible to dodge as it rushes forward to try and impale her, but it might distract some. "Let's try and take care of her quickly now, yeah? I've seen enough of this!"
"I don't think I'm gonna fall for that a second time." Tot strums a few notes, acting as a bit of a warm up before starting to actually play, the girl starts by letting out a riff as she steps to the side, sending a series of 6 notes in an arc around Muse, these notes would hit like bullets, and bounce off any obstacles like sound, a childish grin on her face as she dances around the field, flashing a wink at Amaya "So lets just go ahead and get rockin' ok?"
"Oh, so we're starting now?" Sonomi looked idly at the two other girls, a bit impressed at the attacks that they launched at Muse. She pointed her megaphone gun at Muse, taking a bit of a basic stance for pinpoint accuracy. "Guess there's no more stalling..." While it looked like she was going to shoot at Muse, she actually shot a green orb at the ground, making some of it form into a cube that was almost the size of Sonomi herself. She then shot a light blue orb at the cube, the impact of the light blue orb making the cube dart towards Muse.
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*Muse glitches through Amaya's ice burst only to get struck by one of the note bullets that Tot fired out. She clicks her tongue in annoyance, swinging her hand and causing the ground to raise, redirecting Maizono's cube.* yOU h4VE Ch05en p00RlY. *She stomps the ground, causing the ground to rise up and launch towards the trio like a tidal wave, threating to crush them.* ThEN 1 wIll t4K3 y0Ur D4T4 by FORCE.
"Ok, this is gonna seem kinda cartoony but since you guys can't just jump that..." Tot Pop strikes a single, loud note on her guitar, aiming it to pass by Amaya and Sonomi. The loq note sounds quite awful, getting a fuzzy, unfocused tone. From the end of her guitar forms a large, slowly moving whole note. Rather than her hard ones from before this one would be rather malleable and bouncy, to demonstrate Tot catches up with and leaps on it, before using the added momentum to go straight over the wall. "Just try this! Piece of cake."
Despite the tidal wave wall that was coming their way, Sonomi looked blankly as she fiddled her gun, and though she was thinking of a little idea herself of how to pierce through the wall, she faced Tot as she spoke up with an unprepared look on her face. "Wha-" Before she could get the word out, Sonomi initially winced at the loq note that was played, covering her ears and closing her eyes before opening them to look at how she demonstrated to her how to use the note to their advantage. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at her. "Ooooh...ok!" She repeated the same action that Tot had made, although in a bit of an unprofessional way, leading to her messing up her landing and ending up on her knees rather than on her feet. Sonomi got up and dusted her legs off before looking back at Tot. "That was pretty cool! Aren't I glad that I'm not the only one here..."
Amaya chuckles a bit upon seeing what the magical girl had done, it's a bit unusual and she could dodge it herself with some effort... But this way is easier, saves energy she might need later, so she takes advantage of it gladly. In contrast to Sonomi, her own attempt would be performed with ease and grace, inhuman dexterity carrying her with ease as she aims to leap over the rushing matter. "Hey crazy, mind standing still for a moment? It shouldn't hurt... Too much." As the woman speaks, a horrible chill would simply appear over Muse. This time around there's not even any room to dodge, and if she could, she'd no doubt feel the awful cold in her veins as ice coats her body. Either way, it'd hold her in place for a time, but with physical strength or other more eldritch means one could break free of course. "Might be best to try and move quickly now, make use of that... If it holds that long anyway."
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* MUSE watches with some intrest as the trio evade the wave.* sTrUGG13 4Ll y0u W4NT. S00n, yOU w1- * Muse is cut off as Amaya freezes her. However, even while her body is immobilised, her mind is still active. Two clones of Muse, similar to the ones that appeared in Kasumigaseki's concert hall, rise from the ground. One charges at them, conjuring energy blades before leaping in the air and coming down on Tot. The other moves to free MUSE's main body from the ice.*
“Oooh more illusion stuff. I’ve got this one so try to shatter the main.” Tot runs forward to meet the clone that charges at her, sliding to get underneath them before unleashing a torrent of notes, each of her dozens of eight notes would feel solid, and if her distant notes were like bullets these closer ones would be able to break rocks, aiming to keep the copy juggled in the air defenseless even if they were to guard “Just because my music works at a range doesn’t mean you wanna get close to me. Know how sound attenuates and gets weaker the further it goes? My rockin’ notes are no different.”
Sonomi nods at Tot, running towards the clone that's trying to free Muse. As she looks back at Tot and the other clone, she realizes that she doesn't mind taking a cheap shot at the clone in the air, so she aims from behind her hoping they wouldn't mind. "Here's something that's pretty cool!" Out of her megaphone gun came a dark blue orb, but with the added purple music notes as well as a little sound effect that came with it, the dark blue orb was aimed at the back of the clone's head. If the clone gets hit by it, it would take Colossal gun damage. "And you, better stay away from her." Whether or not it actually hit, Sonomi didn't care. She ran towards the clone trying to free Muse out of the ice, aiming at the clone and firing a green orb that she ran towards, making her disappear for a split second. She reappeared in front of the clone, firing a wide-spread light blue orb that would knock the clone back a fair distance if it hit. It would also be hit with heavy gun damage.
Amaya chuckles a bit upon seeing Tot at work, the girl seems to have things in hand enough and so she'd focus her efforts upon the other issue here. She rushes forward a bit, but her attack comes long before the woman reaches melee range. "Alright, CRONA OF FURY!" Any Word of Creation can be used to kill, and in Network's case here, that'd take the form of a burst of data rushing into both Muse and the copy if it were still nearby. Corrosive code doesn't so much appear around them, as get pumped directly into the two in a way that would likely begin to break down their bodies. It isn't enough to kill most likely, but there'd be little chance of escape without some injury. "Come on lady, didn't I tell you that data is mine? I'm not gonna lose that claim to you, don't even think it."
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*Tot is able to easily delete the clone with her attacks, causing it to split apart and explode into small cubes, like a Megaman character being defeated. As Amaya's attack is sent towards MUSE and her remaining clone, A pillar shoots out of the ground in order to lift the main body of MUSE out of harms way. The clone would have joined her if not for Maizono's attack knocking it off the pillar and directly into Amaya's corrosive code. From inside her frozen state, an electronic screech can be heard from MUSE. People who listen closely can here a string of numbers repeated multiple times.* 01000100 01101001 01100101 *After she screams, the ice around her shatters and multiple portals open in the sky around her pillar. Large black cubes are fired from these portals. When they hit the ground, they explode, leaving behind black matter that starts eating away at the data making up the floor.* 1f I c4n'T H4V3 Y0UR d4t4, th£N I w1LL H4v3 t0 M4k3 SUr3 nO-0n3 c4n. 1 sh4l1 D3lEt3 y0u. N0w. P3r15h.
“Uhhhh, I think you might be overreacting a bit. But I get it. gee if you didn’t want to join you could have just said so. I wasn’t gonna get mad.” Tot makes sure to dodge the initial impact, getting closer to her only known ally Amaya in case a quick getaway is needed. But as she’s learned before her dooty little notes aren’t particularly effective against reality-Rending magic “I uh, hope you’ve got a plan.”
A random boy comes out of the darkness "Hello Everone I am phantom thief. I'll take your hearts"
The woman stares onwards at the black cubes rushing towards them, the entire attack seems rather dangerous... But she has an idea. "Alright, lemme try something out here. Won't lie though, I'm getting a little worn down over here, it's a lotta frigging magic I've tossed around here..." She'd toss her right hand into the air as Winter's chill fills the air once again, a thick wall of ice quickly rushing upwards from the ground and straight into the path of the cubes Muse had sent their way. That's all she can do for the moment however, her focus is entirely spent on defending rather than attacking. "We need to finish this quickly I think, because if not... Well, I can't speak for you two but I can't do this all day long."
Sonomi listened in closely on Muse as she repeated the string of numbers as she tries to group back up with her allies. Her brows furrow as she makes a face that doesn't take Muse too seriously despite the situation that they're all in. "Wow, all those zero's and one's just to tell us to die. Thanks for the message, Muse!" She would try to shoot green bullets at the black cubes as she avoided them, but it would do nothing but make the black matter that came from the explosion lessen the speed of making the floor data disappear, giving them all a bit more time. Sonomi glanced at Amaya with the slightest hint of panic in her eyes. "Don't worry, we'll try to take care of this. It'll be alright, I swear it!" The message was reassuring, even if she didn't make too much of an impression, Sonomi still cared for them and wanted to get out with them. After all, Winter's cold air is nothing compared to the threat of everyone's lives being lost.
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*A black meteor crushes Samuel. lol get bent OwO.* * MUSE folds her arms, and smirks from a top her tower. The Kill Code slows slightly as she offers an ultimatum.* 1 w1LL gIv3 yoU 0n3 L4sT ch4NCE: R3LInQu1SH t0 M3 Y0Ur D4tA or 1 w1Ll D3LeTE y0u. * MUSE stretches an arm out from high on her tower towards the party.*
“Whaddya mean you’re getting worn out? You one of those old school Magical Girls? I can rock out all day but I can’t really stop that.” Tot points to the kill code. She starts slowly stepping back but they’d run out of space eventually making it not much of a solution “Unless one of you can get out and use my guitar I think we’re gonna have to call it.”
Amaya stares over at the Kill Code... That is some very dangerous very powerful code, she kind of wants it. No not kind of, she reaches out with Divine Power and tries to take it over. It's a simple question at the moment of if the Word of Network can outmatch whatever control Muse has on the code. If it could, then through the woman's Miracle their foe would quickly find her Kill Code not only speeding up but rushing backward and into the tower, clearly aiming to try and strike at Muse directly.
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"I'd rather not, thank you very much." Sonomi shot another blue orb towards Muse, knocking away the hand she extended towards them. Whether it actually hit, or hurt, it didn't matter. "I'm sorry about this, but it'd be much better if we could leave. No offense, you were great! Just that dying's not one of my priorities right now..."
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n()? tH3n- *MUSE is caught off guard as the Kill Code rises from the ground and fires towards her, now under Amaya's control. The tower she's on rises up, causing it to get blasted by the kill code. The section of it that is hit is deleted, but seems to stablizer it's self. Until it is hit by Maizono's bullet. With this slight impact, the tower falls backwards towards an abyss of Kill Code below. She jumps and is able to grab the edge of a section of the non deleted tower as the tower crashes and begins to slowly be deleted by the Kill Code. The fallen tower creates a narrow walkway to where she is hanging onto.* h-HoW? H0w d1d y0u m4n4g3 to do th4T. This CANNOT b3. *As she talks, she tries to climb up to the walkway before she can fall, but seems to be losing her grip. As the tower sinks deeper into the kill code, causing her to get closer, her attempts get more frantic. She seems to be completely at your mercy.*
Amaya chuckles a bit and finger guns at Muse, the controled code still moving towards her foe as the young woman looks on. "How? Didn't I tell you lady... I'm a Godbound of Network and I won't be outdone in data! Now time to wipe your files!" Assuming that Muse didn't have some last moment dodge or another planned, then Amaya would simply wince a bit as she sends the deadly Code straight into Muse for what she can only hope is the last of this battle. If it were, she'd begin looking around the area and trying to find a way out while speaking to the other two girls. "So, that's over then... At least I hope it is. Can't believe she actually tried to kill us just for not handing over our data though. But at least now we can probably get these people out, even if I had to... Well, erase her I guess. If that code works how I think, then she's pretty damn gone. Unless there's a backup or something."
“Woah woah hold it there. Let’s back up a minute.” Tot would step in front of Amaya, though she’s not dumb enough to try blocking the kill code itself, she hopes her outstretched hand is enough of a signal “We could really use an ability like that for my next gig coming up. Long as they agree to work for me there shouldn’t be a problem right? Long as we can drown out their music they aren’t really harmful at all. Sound like a plan?”
The Godbound relents, the code stopping mere moments before it can kill off Muse against her better judgment. "Fine then, but if this happens again I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. Fool me once shame on you, try again, I dare you." She'd glare at Muse while saying that and absently tapping her foot on the ground.
Sonomi would look towards the two in pure delight, happy that they all got out together and that nothing too bad happened. In fact, she’d be joyous to verbally say how much bliss she feels. “Thank you two, we couldn’t have done it without both of you!” She deliberately left herself out of the equation since she didn’t feel like she did much, but she was proud of Tot and Amaya. Sonomi would look towards Muse with her eyes horribly blank and void of emotion as she loaded a bullet in her fun in case she decides to attack again.
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hUm4n M3rcy, 15 it? *MUSE looks down at the KIll Code beneath her and then back up at the trio.* 1 d0 NOT quite UnD3r5t4nd YOuR lOG1C. h0w3V3r... 1t w0uLD b3 4GAiNST whAT i AM aTTeMpTing t0 4CC0mpl1sh to d13 h3R3. If you ArE tRUlY 4r3 th4t... b3nEVoLenT, 1 gUEs5 I 5h4LL 4sk f0R yOuR 41D 4ND b3 4t y0ur mERCy.
"Hey don't sell yourself short kid. You did pretty well for, you know, not being a magical girl." Tot would nudge Sonomi's shoulder with an almost infectious cheer and a wink before looking back up at Muse "Yeah yeah, on it. Just remember this when I ask for help in a few weeks deal?" Tot runs towards the now collapsed tower, jumping to the side then over the kill code that remains on it to reach the edge of the tower and offer Muse a hand "Oh, and chill out on screwing with normies a bit too. We're not supposed to be noticed after all."
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Her eyes brighted up a lot considering how she looked at Muse, and she chuckles a bit before putting her gun away. "Oh, that's so cool...wait, magical girl? Hold up-" She used the light blue knockback orb to jump as high as Tot did and get to where they are without having to use anymore time to actually run. While she was getting ready to ask Tot what a magical girl was exactly, she saw Muse and Sonomi immediately felt the need to help her up. "While I don't like what you did at first, I believe you can do better than that." Her gun was still loaded, just put away and out of sight, if suspended around her waist counted as that. She extended another hand towards Muse, looking at her with a friendly smile.
Amaya would just nod to the magical girl for a moment, a smile on her face that's not entirely friendly as she glances back to Muse. "Yeah please stop messing with people, I don't care about staying secret or anything. But I won't just let people get hurt. If it happens again, not gonna be as nice about it." She'd sigh as the kill code begins vanishing, wiped away by her power now that's got no purpose to her... She hopes.
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*MUSE would reluctantly accept being pulled up. As she rises to her feet, she smirks slightly as her form flickers. Then she frowns. She opens her mouth, but a recording of a man starts playing.* You're ruining my big night! Months of planning down the (interferance)! I just wanted to bring down your grim façade, and for once let you see the world as I see it, giggling in a corner and bleeding! But you've denied me even that. I have nothing to live for! *She chuckles, before looking up, her form glitching.* Wisen up, Junior. Games Over! *MUSE starts glowing and beeping.*
“Are they gonna explode? That ain’t good. Come on kid.” Tot would grab Maizono’s arm, quickly pulling them behind her back as they shift their guitar back to the front and strike a chord, “Looks like it’s time for us to ditch.” Tot would jump backwards as her guitar launches a large, solid note, one almost as big as she was. If Maizono didn’t resist she’d quickly get the two of them back to solid ground while launching a wrecking ball’s worth of force point-blank at Muse, likely knocking them off into the code below
"Wait, wha- woah!" She might've resisted, if it weren't for the fact that she really doesn't weigh much and couldn't really try to fight Tot off of her if she wanted to, as well as seeing no reason to. "Bye Muse, it was nice knowing you!" She looked back at Muse, holding her gun in her free arm and blasting her with the spare bullet she loaded into it in order to add to Tot's own attack.
Amaya just sighs and stares at the woman before them, she really can't say she's shocked, just sad and annoyed. Muse would quickly find whatever she's doing interrupted by a sudden eruption of Kill Code all over her body, Amaya's eyes glowing with red lines of data as she stares over at the woman with disdain. "Hope that'll be the last of it, because my divine might is just about spent... Course I'm still above your average person even without any more to give, but it's a damn far cry from fighting at full strength for me."
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*As Amaya blasts Muse with the Kill Code, she vanishes. Behind Amaya, the air glitches before MUSE uncloaks, two daggers in her hands, and tries to stab Amaya from behind* f4r3WElL
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