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The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
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The news channel would come on. Whatever you were watching before an emergency broadcast from the local news would begin playing. Broadcaster: "A special report just came in. All residents are advised to avoid any areas within 20 miles of the Suraimu mines. Evacuation is being recommended but not yet enforced. Reports suggest that a series of dangerous chemicals was released into the mines by a unnamed power company. There are also several reports of a group of teenagers entering the mines beforehand. The fate of the teenagers is as of yet unknown but what looks to be a group of armored special forces has been sighted outside the mines, presumably to try and rescue the group. More on this later on channe-" The report would be cut off, returning to whatever was on TV before. Whatever may have brought you there, regardless of seeing the broadcast or not, a strange group would be outside the Suraimu Mines. It would be an odd mix of professional looking soldiers in dark armor with a mix of blades and guns that almost looked mystic in nature and what seemed to be office clerks wearing colorful armor with weapons that simply looked like toys. Among them was an older looking man wearing a monocle. He was also holding a watch and seemed to be waiting for something. OOC: This thread may involve characters dying if stupid decisions are made or if good decisions are made at the wrong time. Luckily, it's also non-canon to any other threads or anything so feel free to die to your heart's content.
A small, Middle School girl walks up to the crowd from the direction of the city. She walks with a bit of confidence, but someone who was good at reading body language would tell that she wasn't as cheerful as she seems to let off on a surface level. Regardless though, she certainly looks out of place around these soldiers. When she arrives she wakes a hand and greets everyone. Hello! I heard bad things were happening here, so I decided you might need some help. My name's Kohaku, and I'm-... Her attention would drift to the Spider, and she'd stare, wide eyes and mouth agape. .............
Brought here by the calls of the broadcast and potentials of mystical tea sources in just the word mine was more then enough to entice the most odd of beings. And to answer the call a particular Spell Punk has floated its way to the entrance of the mine most pleased and excited. “This is the place? Yes this is the place I can feel it in the hostile sense this must be the mines that the voices were chattering about. Imagine all the resources and luxury to find here! I must dig further” With little hesitation it zipped forward straight to the armed group and a peculiar suited figure.
A puppet kid dressed in a yellow shirt with black writing on it shows up in the vicinity of the mines. He accosts one of the soldiers and speaks to them with his grating and irritating voice "Hey, Mr. Cop, What are you doing outside of the mall?"
A tall girl with long, pink hair was killing time at one of her local cafes when she notices the sudden turn in the news. She pays for her drink and quickly heads out talking to herself Yeah he'd probably want to do something about it right? It'll be good to check out. So, after stopping by her place of residence the girl brings her trusty, single-shot rifle, and sharp dagger, both of which seem to have been custom-made, they head out for the mines. They'd arrive a little bit after Spidey, only catching the end of his intro as she emerges to address the monocle wearing man who seemed to be in charge Pardon me, I hope you'll accept my assistance too. I'm Toki, princess of the kingdom of Kamza. Just explain the situation and I think I can help.
The girl was writhing in a nightmare that she was having, though she sometimes paced from side to side, she was saying the name 'Leon' in a tense little pattern of quiet screams, once she was finally silent for a few seconds, she accidentally hit the ground as if it were an alarm clock. Her eyes shot wide open immediately, jumping up and shaking her hand about as she actually bruised it a bit. When she woke up, she hazily found herself in dazed, but after she rubbed her eyes, she could tell that she was trapped in a cave. "Excuse me? Wait...what?!" Apparently she found herself stranded again, though this time, she didn't see him around. Maybe he was sent to retrieve her, though it wasn't likely. Despite this, Ashley didn't think about the things deducting the fact that she was going to be saved so easily once again. "Oh god, oh no, please...not again! Please, please, please..." why wouldn't she be. It all seems like deja-vu, and she hated it. Her first notion would be to scream for him. But, not yet. Some others might hear her struggles.
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The white haired man would be the one to greet everyone. He'd close the pocket watch he was holding and begin addressing the group. His eyes were noticeably weird though, as if rather than seeing them as people he saw them as documents that he needed to sort. ???: "I see. So, it is time then? I am Hokma, the one overseeing this operation. That's fine as long as you realize the risks and of course don't interfere with any of my agents. Of course, I must ask? Are you mercenaries or just feeling a bit heroic? If you're mercenaries then I can provide compensation. If you see yourselves as vigilantes of some sorts, you should know our objective here isn't to rescue but simply to reclaim what we've lost here. That doesn't mean we'll interfere with you but you should be aware that time isn't on your side for their safety. Especially considering the nature of the 'chemical' spill." The man was almost disturbingly nonchalant about the whole situation. He wasn't exactly calm, it was more as if he saw no reason to react at all. The agent Jeffy approached would just stare down at them before taking out a stun baton and striking him. Agent #136: "Boss, I found an abnormality! Someone get a containment unit!" Hokma would turn away from the group and towards his agents. There was around 100 of them present but less than half of them even looked prepared. Hokma: "3...2...1...Alright, begin the operation." The agents would begin lining up, aside from the one beating Jeffy, and begin making their way into the caverns below. Deep within the caverns below, where Ashley found themselves, would be a large cave with 4 different paths in each direction. It was impossible to tell what each path led to. North, East, South, or West.
Spidey would glance around at the group who'd arrived in his wake... The girl with the weapons, alright fine Black Widow just has weapons and she holds her own so sure. But this middle schooler, is it really okay for her to be involved. Rich coming from him, but still. He'd wave at her as she stares. "Hey there, nice to meet you girl with pink hair. And also you uh, whoever you are. So, you look a little young and a little underequipped for this kinda thing? Unless you've got some mad powers or something I'm not... Sure that being here is a good idea. And why the stare? Is it my suit? I swear, I'm not just a weirdo okay, it has a practical reason." The young man speaks at a mile a mintue in a light cheery voice, despite that though there's an air about him of someone who's seen some real danger and come out through it... Upon hearing the man's speech, Peter would nod a bit, he knows the type, government big shot who thinks their job matters more than people, great. "I just try and do the right thing where I can, I'll be sure to stay outta your guys way of course. My goal is to save people anyways, they shouldn't conflict by my guess, right? And well, if I can help your guys out too then I'm gonna do it. And I'd guessed this spill wasn't one already, it never is what it seems here." He'd crack his knuckles for a moment as his suit's eyes light up, walking into the caves below before quickly placing himself upon the ceiling and setting his vision into infrared mode if the area grew dark.
"Then just let us go in first and we won't have to worry about it. I'd say we've got plenty of time." Toki would grin, as though making a joke no one else would understand before slinging her rifle off her shoulder to have it at the ready, she turns to her three companions "I'll go in as far as I can, and you guys make sure they get out safe alright? At the ready." Toki flashes them a peace sign before she notices Peter getting ahead of her, so she begins running into the mines after him
Ah.. No! Sorry! She waves her hands defensively as she looks away from the suited man. N-no.. you just reminded me of an old friend is all. ........ No... Not really a friend.. She looks disheartened before Homka speaks. Mercenary. As the soldiers begin entering, Kohaku reaches an arm out and without any theatrics, anything flashy except a simple flash of pink light, she'd transform. Anyway, don't worry about me. I've lived too long anyway. Let's go. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/480065856534216714/575136445161799680/GunnerYumi16.jpg
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Before advancing, Ashley paced around in circles, from one side to the next, as her guns and grenades rustled. She couldn't even imagine what was happening. Normally she'd curl up into a little ball and wait for someone to arrive...but she couldn't. Not this time around. She remembers her weapons. She needs to put them to use. She pulled out a knife, and looked at the reflection showing her eyes wet from crying. "I can do this...I know I can..." She put the knife to her chest and finally went forward to where the large cave was. 4 different paths, this seems tricky. "North, south, east, west...why does nature leave me to decide? Ugh, I hate it so much!" She pulled out a grenade with an intent to seal one of the paths, but decided against it since it would just be harder for everyone else. If there was anyone else...she sighed and put it back on her belt. She held the knife back and pulled out a handgun, putting on the best determined look that she could, and decided that she'd head west.
"Daddy help the police officer is raping me!" He shouts as he falls unconscious, being yeeten the fuck out of this rp
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The Spell Punk was rather to isolated in thought for any greetings eith the others it was much more concern with the words of this armed group and even then does not respond. It was clear that the young ball of magic was getting a feel for this place and a plan. Because it could sense something off about this area...but it was not sure what.
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For those who entered the cave, it would mostly be dark aside from the light of the many agents ahead. Peter would be able to see a fair distance ahead but for the most part the cavern would be too long to get a full picture of. Eventually, they'd reach a large cavern that seemed to almost be like a large room. All the agents also seemed to be gone at this point and there were three paths ahead aside from where they came from. In the middle of the cavern they might see a girl through the darkness with long pink hair. She would be humming as she went north. The other ways led to the east and west.
"I'll lead her out, you search for the others ok?" Toki nods to her three companions, before heading towards the other pink-haired girl, waving and shouting to them "Hey, its dangerous down here, you should get out, come on, follow me."
Peter stares down the crossroads, taking it in and tapping a few buttons on his suit. Soon enough, a few small drones rush out from the back of his armor and begin flying down the tunnels. Cameras showing a small live feed on his helmet's HUD as the young man nods to Toki, though for now he'd simply wait on the drones to gather more data before heading forward. "Sure, just gimme a second to try and see what's up here. Rushing ahead without any intel isn't a great thing to do really... Besides, I wanna see if there's anything else in here before heading on. What good is having all this fancy gear if I never use it, right?" He'd just pause in the center of the area and look around, infrared vision allowing him to get a decent range despite the darkness... And he keeps an eye on Toki and the girl too, webs ready if anything moves towards them.
The problem with magic is that it glows. It gives off light, and when in motion, leaves a trail. Which isn't good when you're trying to be stealthy. Luckily for Kohaku though, she was sneaking in near pitch black before she even got magic, so her eyes quickly adjust to the dark as she enters. To anyone not paying particular attention to her, Kohaku would vanish the moment the dark took them. Though people like Spidey could probably sense her presence. Like this, Kohaku keeps herself hidden. Keeping behind the Spider and out of sight. Pink hair... Happy.. humming.. reminds me of sis...
The Spell Punk who had been quietly floating along with the others finally voiced a few agreeing words with the situation at hand. “Information is a valuable trinket and crucial in navigating the clouded passage of this right place...though I can’t help but sense and anticipate in suspense...that no matter the path their will be a debt to pay for a rare price. Very intriguing.” To anyone the Spell Punks words seem like a garbled mess out of nowhere.
An enchantingly beautiful girl that would remind you of the color white would be standing in the group. She didn't say anything as everyone spoke to each other, simply listening with a gleam of interest in her eyes. Once everyone began to move into the cave she would simply follow, seemingly blending in for as long as everyone was distracted by the situation. Thanks to said girls master her power was in a very limited state but regardless she saw this as something to help curb her boredom. She took light steps into the cave and once met with the choice of the different paths she would simply hang back, waiting for the others to make a choice and follow behind them once they do. The smallest group would most likely be the most interesting after all. Her crimson red eyes and white skin almost seemed to faintly glow in the darkness of the cave, not because of any kind of power or mysticism but simply because of the large contrast between her white appearance and the dark curtains of the cave. This was shaping up to be an entertaining evening.
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The pink haired girl would continue down the north tunnel. Somehow, despite Toki running at her she seemed to somehow remain ahead of them. Her humming could be heard echoing down the northern tunnel without any sign of stopping. Even if the girl seems to be out of sight the humming could be heard clearly. Toki might start to feel a slight stir within, it wasn't so powerful as to force their will but there would be a slight inclination to follower the girl deeper into the tunnel. Two of Peter's drones would lose signal before finding anything on the west and north path. As for the East path, the drone would actually make it to the end to find some of the less experienced agents investigating something large and bright in the center of a small cave.
Peter mutters a curse under his breath, those drones getting smashed before he can get a signal is... Worrying at best. It tells him there's something down those paths, either a hazard in the environment that's rough on tech, or more likely hostile beings. "Alright so, two of them just got smashed so that's not reassuring to me at all, I'm kinda worried about it but nothing to do except go on. North and west are the ones I lost. East, looks like some guys investigating a big bright thing, can't make out much detail though... Think I'll head east. Kinda hoping the rank and file are more helpful than their boss." He'd begin walking down that pathway, having settled back onto the floor and moving cautiously. If anything tried to attack him, he'd hopefully receive a warning from his Spider-Sense... Hopefully. Either way, he's ready and willing to move fast as he walks towards the object and agents.
Silently, Kohaku follows Spidey down the East path, keeping behind him at a decent distance. Strength in numbers... Though, she can't shake off the feeling of death creeping up behind her... It sends chills down her spine, and she accidentally let's out a small, audible giggle before stifling herself.
"Hey wait up, are you listening to me? I said its dangerous." Toki would continue attempting to catch up to the other pink-haired girl, though she feels a strange sense of dread she would press onward, of her own volition of course. After all, she came here to help out. So she couldn't very well leave the first person she meets
Alice would look around, noticing everyone sticking together which may not be the best of ideas as far as the room to properly defend yourself and friendly fire but there's nothing to do about it now as she follows the spider themed cosplayer down the eastern path alone. She smiled as she followed after the strange boy. The smallest group tends to be the most entertaining. With those thoughts in her head she walked forward, her ethereal appearance seeming almost like a phantom in the shadows of the cave and yet surprisingly enough she still had not drawn any attention to herself despite that. Either everyone here was too distracted by the situation to really notice their surroundings or perhaps they simply chose to ignore her. Either way would be fine and if asked she'll simply claim to be a mercenary. A giggle was elicited from her fulls lips as memories of a time such a charade was a reality. She reminisced for only a few moments before bringing her attention back to the depths of the unknown that lay before her and her would be cavern companion.
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Upon hearing the mention of something shiny the Spell Punk perked up and pursued the other two easy in silent eager perhaps this is the great treasure to seek out. And besides a few extra personnel make the trip all the more comfortable for a champ like him. It almost takes him back in time to older memories. “Shiny object...perhaps a material perfect for the next brewery this I must see...”
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Down the northern path the walls would seem be covered by a odd deep pink goop though it might be hard to tell through the darkness. Among the goop was the melted fragments of the drone Peter sent in. Deeper and deeper down the tunnel finally an oddly comforting room would appear. The walls were no longer rock but seemed to be a dark colored wood. The floor seemed to be carpeted and well cleaned. The sound of a fireplace could be heard. What Toki found was the pink haired girl sitting in the middle of the room. Her eyes...they were completely pink like the color of her hair. She seemed to be smiling as she whispered towards Toki in a hushed tone. Mysterious Girl: "Come. It's ok..." The feeling would hit them all at once. It would be a tremendous bending of their will that made them want to approach them. They would feel as though there was a child in front of them that needed their attention, that needed their love. Meanwhile the rest of the group wouldn't have too much trouble reaching the end of the cave but one thing to note was that the air seemed to have a light blue glow to it and was much thicker than before. At the end of the cave they'd see it. A bunch of low-level agents...talking to a giant blue glowing mushroom. The air seemed to grow even thicker near it with spores becoming completely visible around where the agents were standing. Some of the agents began to regard the new arrivals. Agent #538: "Have you come to speak to the prince? They've been waiting for you're arrival." Agent #278: "yes, the prince is very knowledgeable and kind. Come closer so they may grant you the true sight!"
"The hell? A mushroom? Spores? Prince?.. These guys are nuts..." No point hanging around here. They're obviously gone in the head... Let's not go close to the dangerous, mind altering spores yes? I'm sure the other directions are much safer. Without realizing it, Kohaku's self preservation instincts kick in and she backs away from the area, being careful not to breathe the spores
Spidey's "eyes" narrow as he stares at the spores, assuming they actually needed to be breathed in then his suit would be more than capable of defending by filtering the things out of his air supply. Of course, that's a big thing to assume here. Either way, his hands move in a blinding blur as the boy aims to try and web the employes to the walls while harming them as little as possible. "I haven't come to talk to a mushroom no, and you all should snap out of it. I have no idea what that thing is, but it can't possibly be good if it's having this effect. Come on people, I'm not " He'd glance towards the large blue mushroom with a wary look on his face, a wide stance taken as the hero ponders exactly how to go about fighting... A mushroom, there's something he never expected to end up fighting. Maybe the waldos could do something? For now, he tries to figure out an angle and snap the workers out from this state.
"I see" she said with understanding as she watched the scene play out before her. She wouldn't say anything further, not seeming to want to ruin the surprise as she simply watched in intrigue and waited for the others reaction. The spores in the air may not be the real threat after all and either way they wouldn't effect someone with her constitution anyways. She simply remained silent and observed the mushroom, the agents, the part of the cave she now found herself in.
"Oh, you live down here? Sorry if I seemed rude." Toki walks into the carpetted room, they must have spent some time getting it into the mines, and after all the trouble she's caused it'd be rude not to accept their hospitality "You really should have told me... Oh, but..." Toki would stop about halfway in, holding her hand to her chest as she apologizes "If you're fine there are other people around here who could really use my help. Maybe I should go..."
The Spell Punk watchs And is amazed by the mushroom though he is not a fool and can sense such danger in the spore. Such a shame he can’t observe it himself but he gets the dreadful feeling this is not a meddling matter. “Despite how enriching this spore looks the guards give a delusional vibe I recommend backing off momentarily and assessing better. It seems they have payed a great cost with what ever this spore is...for it gives a pretender unlike any other.” The Spell punk floats back but eyes the spore even harder now under alert perhaps from the atmosphere getting to him.
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The girl would seem sad that Toki was thinking of leaving. There was a hurt look in her glassy pink eyes as she tried to speak, only for it to come out as a whisper. Mysterious Girl: "...Don't go...I don't...want to be...alone..." She seemed to reach her arm out towards Toki, trying to invite her to grab it. Mysterious Girl: "...I...need...love..." The agents, now pinned to the wall would go silent. Suddenly, a couple of them would burst into tears now being out of range of the spores. One would even start laughing at the groups suggestion of them having altered mental states. Agent #CannonFodder: "Hahahaha! You misunderstand! We chose to stick by the prince of our own will! One breath is enough to see the prince for yourself but breath in more and you can feel what they feel! It's complete and udder understanding and understanding brings bliss! Do you see the others crying? It's because they can no longer see the prince clearly!" Kohaku would find themselves back in the main cave from before but...something was different. A sweet but metallic scent was filling the air and they could see clouds of pollen floating around in large yellow masses. A little further towards the west path and they'd even hear a light buzz in the air.
Spidey sighs, seems as if the filtering system on his suit is keeping this crap out at least... Insofar as he can tell. The woman in white is a bit odd, but she hasn't done anything hostile and at the moment he needs to focus. "Yeah no, I don't buy that at all. I know for a fact even some normal fungi can mess with mental states, and that thing doesn't look normal by any means to me!" He'd shout out as a web grenade rushes from his wrists, flying into the crowd and quickly exploding in a burst of webs that would tie down and knock back his foes. With that, his follow up would be zip forward towards the mushrooms on a web as several metal waldos rush from his back, sharp ends of the devices rushing through the fungus in a cutting flurry in an effort to damage it as quickly as possible. "Leaving sounds smart and all, but I'm pretty sure these people aren't completely gone yet! I mean, the ones I moved broke free or something so there's gotta be hope! I'm taking this thing down, with or without help!"
"Unfortunately" Alice spoke as she dusted off her dress and, if the tunnel was deeper, would continue on "Just because thee understands doesn't mean thy shall be happy. Understanding can breed just as much contempt, though" she would stop for a few seconds "To you who hath abandoned thine thoughts and chosen to become dolls then such words are lost on thee." she said before walking once more in boredom. "I hath advise you slay them. They shalt not return to sanity and shall only hinder thine movements in the future" she said as she left the group in search of something else. "Death wouldst be a mercy to them compared to what comes after" If the cave didn't go further then she would be making her way back through the prior path towards the entrance.
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"Great. More trouble.. Might as well see..." Kohaku avoids the pollen and follows the sound of the buzzing. Keeping quiet, low to the ground, and to the shadows, though the whole cave was shadows. "Wait.. buzzing.. I'm looking for chemicals..." Remembering her mission, she turns away from the buzzing and heads North
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"I...." Toki looks back behind her, looking at the darkness of the caves that no doubt a number of people remained trapped in. They were going to need her help if it was anything near as bad as the small army outside had suggested. On the other hand, this kid needed her too, and besides, if they can't leave this place then maybe Toki can keep them safe anyways "Alright, I'll stay for a while. So don't frown ok?" Toki would grab hold of the child's hand and enter the room proper, hugging the child to share some of her warmth "I'm here for you."
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The impact from being cut would actually cause the mushroom to produce an even larger cloud of spores. The cloud would be enough to even allow a few to pass through his suit, of course the effects of this were hard to determine as of yet if any. Some of the spores would float over to the laughing employee from before who was tied up. He'd laugh more and more maniacally as his face filled with absolute bliss. Agent #AboutToDie: "Finally! Finally! I'm about to join you Prince! I shall become as high of a being as yo- @$#@$#@$#@$#@$#@$#!" The webbing would break as the agents skin began bloating and expanding in different spots. The seems to crawl on the ground as their legs were the first to grow massive in size, next was their arms, then the rest of their body completely shifted over. What was standing before the group was a large creature made of fungus With large arms that dragged across the floor and were heavily bloated on the ends to form makeshift bludgeons. The creature's heights reached the same height as the mushroom but its body was twice as wide. It charged Peter, trying to crush him with it's now massive hands. Alice would find herself back at the main cave from before. She would notice what Kohaku had before, a slight buzz that was growing louder and clouds of pollen filling the air. Toki feel that the girl felt cold, as if she hadn't been hugged by someone else in a long time. There was an instant bond between the two as they would feel like they needed each other for something. ... A wet dripping heart floated above Toki's head. ... As Kohaku entered the north chamber she would only see slime coating the walls. She would see no warm room or fire but only the slime growing thicker. She might've noticed the drone from before that had been melted down to almost nothing in the slime. When she reached the end of the cavern... Where Toki was... She would see her embracing a girl that seemed to be made completely out of a pink ooze... ...And she would see... A slimy pink heart dripping above her head.
Alice would look back towards the path she had just left, her keen ears barely picking up on the changes in the room she had just vacated. She sighed and shook her head as she thought to herself that the spider themed cosplayer should have disposed of those men when she told him too. At least that way they could have still died as humans. Regardless, you reap what you sew and he'll now have to take care of that problem himself. This time she decides to follow the sound of the buzzing into the west passage way, assuming that the girl who left before had also wandered this way upon hearing the buzzing. If not then at least this might be able to curb some of her boredom, though thinking on that line a part of her thought it might be best to return to the eastern cavern to at least watch the fight. Nevertheless, the embarrassment of making such a speech and returning would be a little much and so she continues to move through the western cave.
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"Slime... That's that girl... ......." Kohaku considers for a moment leaving her behind, but it occurs to her that this 'slime' may perhaps be the chemical that man was talking about. .... I'll think about containing it later... For now... Kohaku's hand glows bright pink, and an orb of pink magic forms in her hands. She takes aim before forming some extra energy into two Arrowhead shapes, with the more concentrated orbs in the center. Once formed, she leaps back, firing the two arrowheads at the pink heart. Should the arrowheads Pierce the slime, they'd stick into the heart and burst in an explosion of energy. If they were unable to pierce, one would explode on impact, hopefully allowing the second to pass through to the heart.
The boy glares at Alice at this point, not that he can take long to look away from the fight. "I am not gonna just kill them, not while they still seem to be able to shake it off anyways. Now if it gets much worse I might... Might have no choice." As the spores begin getting through his suit, Spidey's face would grow a bit worried, but he's still fine for now. Upon seeing the agent mutate so horribly, his eyes go wide, that is not meant to happen. Judging by the looks of it he... Has to admit that recovery seems well, impossible. "God I hate this, but instant kill mode on..." His suit's eyes go gleaming red as he stares down the rushing beast before him, best to think of it as a beast because this is... Not a thing he wants to do. Its fists rushing towards him pushes the boy out of his thoughts and into a mad dodge, rushing downwards and sliding across the ground on a web pull. The attack would grab onto one of his metal limbs though, forcing the boy to disconnect it rather than be held in place. Assuming he got behind the thing, his remaining 3 limbs would aim to jut through its brain quickly with a small entry wound, hoping to avoid spreading more spores.
"Aw, you poor thing. I'll keep you safe, in fact would you like to go home with me?" Toki releases the hug, though she still keeps a hold of the other girl's hand, looking them calmly and affectionately in the eyes. She wouldn't notice the heart left above her head, or the attack coming from behind, at least not until after it impacted.
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Up ahead Alice would be able to see what looked to be 3 humanoid figures within a cloud of pollen but there forms almost seemed warped slightly. The buzzing seemed to grow louder as she got closer as well. The arrow would stick inside the heart but rather than the explosion destroying it, it seemed to absorb the impact. The heart would expand in size and become deformed before... ...it would explode into a torrent of pink ooze that would fly in every direction. As the ooze landed the heart would once more come out unscathed. The goop would just miss Kohaku by a little, nearly hitting them directly. The slime girl seemed to just look at Toki but in their head they could hear the whispers of the young girl. Melting Love: "...Yes..." The mushroom beast would go down with that blow. It didn't seem to intent on getting back up either as it seemed that it didn't mutate far enough to survive without it's head. Suddenly, a voice would begin speaking directly into Peter's head. ???: "To rob a life that had been freshly reborn. I will not judge you but I wonder why you were so quick to judge what is different as a monster. He became like that with bliss flooding his mind." If he turned back to the mushroom he'd now see something entirely different. A boy with blue skin wearing a rather royal robe made out of fungi. He'd be sitting where the mushroom has been planted before, in fact his feet seemed to be planted in the ground as well.
Damn damn damn, that's all he can think as this "boy" appears before him. This thing has gotta be what's taken over these people... So there's only one thing to do. "Karen, mind blocking that thing out as best you can? Gimme a beat here." Music begins pumping through the boy's suit as he narrows his eyes and does his level best to ignore the sounds in his head. Soon enough his webs would shift once again as he aims the shooter towards the "child", the lines rush out at a rapid pace and if all goes well make contact with their fungal target. Soon enough, their function would become clear as the webbing begins blazing at a high temperature in an effort to burn out the plantlife. "Come on incendiary webbing pull through for me... Yeesh, this place is making me use way more of the lethal stuff than I ever wanted to." OOC: I'm really not sure this song should exist, but meh. It is now my personal fight music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ySsibgoigE
Alice would continue to walk forward, a very thin yet slightly concentrated corrosive field covering her as she strolls upon seeing the three figures. A brow raises in curiosity as her crimson colored eyes tried to make out the creatures before her. All things considered, they were probably the source of the buzzing which meant they were probably insectoids of some kind. She would move closer to them, careful not to fall as she tread over the uneven ground. She still wasn't used to walking everywhere but now that she thought about it there wasn't any real reason to continue walking now that she wasn't in public. Thinking this far she began to lightly float off of the ground and float towards the three figures.
"Just hold it right there ok? I can handle this." the sound of the explosion would draw Toki's attention, causing her to put herself between the slime girl and the outer edge of the cage as she draws her rifle into firing position over her shoulder, firing off a single warning shot both to illuminate the cave and show she's serious "What do you think you're doing? We're supposed to be protecting people." in a flash Toki would flip up a bullet, moving her rifle to catch it in the air before positioning back and sliding the bolt, reloading it in roughly half a second "This is your chance to pull out of here."
"Ok. Weak point is no-go. The heart can't be hurt.. So I'll go the second option." The warning shot would fly past Kohaku's head, showing the girl from earlier Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Kohaku forms and throws an orb, but this one would snap open, connecting to her wrist and forming into a pink energy rope which would latch around Toki, whom she would attempt to pull back. A move rather reminiscent of a certain spider. Should she manage to pull Toki out of the way, she'd form two more of the explosive orbs, this time throwing them at the slime girl herself. This thing must be what he told us to look for. Is slime a chemical?
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First line: Toki initially moves to dodge, but soon remembers the child just behind her, if Toki were to move out of the way, that means they'd get his, so instead Toki brings out her dagger to slash inneffectually against the magic rope, which succeeds in binding her and dragging her far enough away for Kohaku to get a good angle from which to shoot "What do you... Yeah, you're right, Leap." and in that moment, Toki moves back, not through space but through time, back to the moment she fires her warning shot. Second Line: Time slots 2/3 immediately after firing a warning shot at Kohaku, instead of taking the time to reload her gun, Toki runs after Kohaku, slinging the gun back across her back before leaping towards the other girl with a round kick aimed at their head.
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The incendiaries seemed to work for a bit but soon the sparks just caused the boy's skin to puff up before another torrent of spores spread through the air. As the spores passed over peter he'd begin to hear the boy's voice grow even louder. Little Prince: "Such violence and yet you act as if I'm the monster. What if I were to tell you that those before willingly accepted me? I was their only true friend, the only one to accept them. What about you? Do you not seek to be accepted as well?" As Alice approached the creatures their suspicious would be confirmed...mostly. They were odd looking bees that stood upright. They didn't have any visible usable wings and their heads seemed to posses nothing but gaping mouths that only had an upper jaw with no lower jaw at all. Finally, instead of stingers they had odd looking trails of organs hanging from their backs. They wouldn't seem to waste anytime as soon as they knew Alice was there. They'd try to jump at her, trying to ram their teeth towards her head. The heart above Toki began to expand again...
"Ok. Weak point is no-go. The heart can't be hurt.. So I'll go the second option." Kohaku would see the kick coming after the shot and waits for her to approach. Once she's close enough, Kohaku spins herself to avoid the leaping kick and stand between Toki and the Abnormality. Oh cool. I was gonna bring you to me, but this is even better. She stands calmly and looks at the monster and the slime on the ground. No hostility whatsoever towards Toki or the slime girl You think this thing is what they're looking for? Is slime a chemical? Do you know how to contain it?
Peter curses loudly as the AI in his suit rattles off data that while accurate, can't be of much use given their limited knowledge about these things. Clearly direct violence isn't going to work against this thing, so what else can do... First off, getting away seems like a possibly good bet, moving the others out of range seemed to limit it's impact on them so he'd quickly begin rushing through the air. Peter: "Alright so, it looked like this has a max range it can effect stuff from right? Or I really hope that's what the daze those guys got tossed into meant..." Karen: "Probable by my calculations, but we cannot confirm without further data. Shall I attempt to purge the spores somehow?" He'd quietly nod while also firing more webs towards the effect group of workers, aiming to get them further away as well now that he's hopefully gotten some distance from the damn thing.
Mana flowed in her body, reinforcing it and strengthening it beyond mortal limits. As power quickly flowed in her body, the corrosive field that covered her body to protect her against weak attacks redirected to her hands as she placed strength into her waist and legs. She didn't dodge them, instead she took a single step forward while jabbing her hand into the mouth of the closest one to the far left. Any resistance that she could have been met with piercing it's skull would be for naught as the corrosive field around her hand weakened the inside of it's mouth to which her hand quickly stabbed into. Before it's body could fall limb or fully react she immediately threw it's body to the other two who attacked her head, knocking them back. She then stared down upon them with amusement as a small smile formed on her lips. "Tis proper form to introduce thine self before attempting to steal a young girls lips. Now then, shall we try this again." she curtsies to the three with a slightly lowered head "Mine name is Alice. Tis a pleasure to meet thine acquaintance. I hope thee wouldst entertainment mine self for a while longer" she said, an innocent smile on her face
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"Why were things so different this time?" Toki wondered, but it didn't really matter that much. With that said Toki would remain on her guard, keeping her eyes on Kohaku "I don't know what you're talking about, I was just going to get this nice girl somewhere safe. She's been living here for a while but considering the circumstances we thought it'd be best to move."
Huh? What girl? The slime monster? Kohaku points to the slime girl and the floating heart above it. Did the kid you were chasing turn into that thing? Or do you just like hugging strange monsters? "There was those shrooms that were mind controlling those dudes... Maybe this thing is mind controlling her? Hey is that thing mind controlling you?
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Toki would continue seeing Kohaku pointing to an ordinary defenseless girl and calling it a slime. When that strange question came out of the other girl's mouth it was pretty much confirmed "You're crazy aren't you?" That might explain why things went so differently after the first leap, they're simply that spontaneous. She'd have to ask about it when she got home, for now it looked like things were going to get ugly... Again. While Kohaku's focus was on the slime Toki's hair would change color in only a moment, turning from its usual pink to a dirty blonde as the girl slips her dagger out of its case, landing in her hand with an audible click, they'd begin to step around Kohaku both to give them the opportunity to leave, and the blonde girl the ability to try intercepting an attack "Get out of here before you get hurt. I'm not asking."
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Peter would succeed in getting the workers out of further harms way but the Prince's voice would only seem to grow louder in his hand by the moment. It's words didn't even seem to make sense anymore, being a combination of gibberish and something else. There would be an almost maddening sensation in the back of his head, tempting him to get closer in order to hear the Prince more clearly. The bee like creature's didn't seem to understand what Alic was saying. They almost seemed more like mindless zombies than simple insects. They were locked onto one objective and that was to try and crack her skull open with their teeth. The one she had struck before seemed to easily fall to the ground but the other two simply charged at her again. A cloud of pollen was quickly spreading from behind them as well. If nothing was done the pollen might pass over her. The pink heart seemed to finally reach it's limit of expansion. A wave of pink slime would spread outward from it. Some of it sprayed towards Kohaku and might hit her if she didn't move.
Crap crap crap, there's gotta be something right... Peter: "Karen, w-we can do something about this crap right? I mean, I'm not sure how much of it is already in my system..." Karen:"... insufficient data to determine chances of removal at this time. Will make an attempt." The boy forces himself to keep moving, at this point he's begun trying to get the hell away from that thing as best he can. Meanwhile, his suit would begin doing its best to remove and destroy any spores that might remain on the boy's skin but not have entirely sunk in yet. Nanites flowing around him and attempting to tear the damn things off with tiny metal limbs formed under the armor. He can't be sure if it'll help though, and for that matter he's only partly sure of going back to the split where the mines forked given how hard it is to focus...
MOVE! Kohaku leaps forward towards the wave and past Toki, forming another orb in her hand that she holds out in front of her, forming a shield of magic that covers both her and the other girl. There's no girl! These creatures warp peoples minds and controls them. Spider is down in the east tunnel handling a mind controlling mushroom. If you're worried about me attacking it, Don't worry, It's already proven that I can't hurt it. I'm just trying to save YOU from IT. Her voice turns sarcastic. But I mean, if you WANT to be eaten by a floating heart slime monster because you didn't stop to consider why there's a little girl wandering around a cave with a chemical spill that for some reason doesn't want to leave despite the fact that I'm pretty sure there are giant, enormous bees in the western cave. Go ahead. I don't need to risk my life on mind slaves.
After she introduced herself she would look back up to the two remaining insects as she took notice of the pollen behind them. The corrosive field that covered her hands once again formed around her body to protect her. She had deemed it unnecessary to concentrate it in her hands considering the ease at which her empowered body had already reached through the skull of the first ones. With this the thin layer of corrosion around her body should kill any of the pollen that comes into contact with her. Well, this would protect her from it but it wouldn't exactly stop the pollen from getting past her and affecting anyone else. In the end other people were not her concern. It wasn't as if anyone had formally even requested her help. Instead she would take her focus off the pollen and turn it back to her assailants as she thought about how she could prolong and enjoy this fight. As their simple uncoordinated movements did nothing more than cause them to fall over each other as she weaved between their attacks with the grace and agility of professional dancer. She intently watched them to see if they had even a modicum of intelligence of maybe even an instinct she could take advantage of. If their appearance was anything to go off of then they would most likely have something of a hive or maybe even a queen. Would it be possible to exploit an instinct within them to lead me to them? Or is the pollen here similar to the spores in that they change you on a biological level and thus they need no hive. But even then the pollen has to be coming from somewhere. She would continue to dance around the two as she looked around the area for any signs of something that could answer her questions.
“What’re you...” The blonde girl stops herself, there’s obviously no point in arguing this. Kohaku seems to be done being hostile for now, and since having to protect a child as well as herself would put her at a disadvantage, avoiding a conflict would be for the better. The girl lets out an audible sigh before giving a curt response “Nevermind, you think I’m crazy, I think you’re crazy. How about we head outside, all three of us, and let the specialists decide who’s right? You can make sure it doesn’t eat me, or whatever, and I’ll make sure you don’t kill the kid. Everyone wins.” If Kohaku agrees the blonde girl would grab the child’s arm once again to lead them out towards the exit
Oh no, I don't think, I know you're crazy. And sure, but if it doesn't move, you're not staying. You stay with me. After all, If I'm not around, I can't hurt it right? And if you're with me, you can make sure I don't hurt it. AND! If that's not enough, you can stay at the crossroads in the cave to make sure nobody goes down that path. Just avoid the pollen, ok? Kohaku would follow Toki, keeping an eye on the slime girl and the heart.
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Hokma would be somewhere above the mines looking at his clock. Not a sound could be hear as the wind would be still. The only sound was the ticking of the clock as Hokma smiled. Hokma: "Time's almost up...Will they be consumed by fear or will they face the future?" Peter would find himself at the crossroad near the entrance to the east cavern he had been in before. The Prince's voice was beginning to fade into a whisper. There'd still be a vague feeling left over that that mushroom might've been his friend but it'd pass with time. The air seemed to be filled with a yellow pollen that nearly reached towards the eastern cavern's entrance. There'd be buzzing in the air and what seemed to be the shadow of a man on the ground further into the crossroad cave. Alice might notice that there seemed to be blood on the ground near where she was fighting the bee-like creatures. It seemed to be blood from dragging something rather than a fight and whatever had been dragged seemed to have been brought deeper into the cave. Suddenly, the bee-like creature's seemed to stop moving for a moment. They'd step past Alice and continue heading down the cave as if they had simply decided she wasn't worth it any longer. The girl seemed to move fairly easily as Toki grabbed their hand. It almost seemed as though she didn't care where she was as long as she was with Toki. Toki would see a smiling girl following her but Kohaku would see the slime girl simply dragging along the floor at Toki's pull. The heart also seemed to remain above Toki's head, following her. It had already begun to expand again.
.... Looks like it's charging to explode again. We should hurry. Kohaku prepares an orb in her hand, charging it up with Energy as she grabs Toki's unoccupied hand with hers and quickens her pace to the exit of the cave, avoiding the pollen when they arrive at the Crossroads if it's still there. She watches the heart as they walk, prepared for the heart to explode in a wave again, and when it does, she'll unleash the charged energy into a shield between Toki (and obviously herself) and the heart.
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"Alright alright we're coming. No need to be so pushy." The blonde-haired girl would feel kinda awkward with each of her hands occupied, one leading the child and the other following Kohaku, but she decides not to mention it, though she'd react to any sudden movements Kohaku made, as long as they prove non-harmful she wouldn't outright attack as they approach the cave's entrance. Toki looks back to the child beside her "It won't be long now alright?"
Alice would look upon the insects as they ignored her and continued on with their business with apparent disappointment but she wouldn't pursue them any longer. Instead, she would look at the trail of blood curiously before deciding to see where it would lead her. Expecting to find either a hive or some more wondrous creatures to stave off her boredom she continued forward int the deeper parts of the cave.
Peter sighs in relief as his AI chimes in for a moment. Karen: "Seems as though there really is a limit to it, the signals that thing was causing in your brain function are fading Peter." Spidey: "Right, yeah it does seem to be getting weaker... So where to next on this fun life endangering trip then." He'd glance around the crossroads, the pathway to the Little Prince marked off as "explored" on his digital display. Leaving the other paths to go down. He sighs a bit and decides to head further in, carefully walking down the middle path as the nanites of his suit carefully dissemble non-essential components and take spare bits to reform as another fourth metal limb, which pointedly remains out alongside the other three as he advances.
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As Toki, Kohaku, and the girl walked towards the exit, they'd be stopped by a wall of pink slime blocking the way out. The heart would...stop expanding and seem to return to normal for the moment, as if it had canceled whatever it was about to do. The slime girl just seemed to look curiously at the wall, as if she wasn't even aware she made it. Alice would find that the trail would eventually lead to another opening. There'd be what seemed to be a large amount of the agents from before stuck to the wall by a reddish honey substance. Their eyes would all be full of the same pollen in the air and they'd all look to be in a great amount of pain. In the center of the cave was a large creature, at least the height of 3 humans. It seemed to be a large honeycomb with a head. The combs contained more of the red honey-like substance. The head at the top was hardly what one would call normal. It possessed 3 mouths that almost looked put together in a chaotic manner. There were wings on its back that were too small to lift it off the ground and only seemed to wave about from time to time frantically. Finally, there'd be a beady red eye in-between all of its mouths. The eye would look downwards towards Alice, not necessarily in a hostile manner but more as if it was expecting something. Peter would make there way towards the middle path, however, on their way they might notice Toki and Kohaku walking towards the exit with...what vaguely looked like a girl behind them?
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Alice would look at the agents all pinned to the wall, a giggle escaping her lips as she observed their state and wondered to herself if she should help them or leave them. Well, the thought was only momentary before her attention was brought to the large creature that sat in the middle of this part of the cave system. She looked on curiously and upon noticing it's eye gazing upon her she gave it a sweet smile. "Mine name is Alice" she said as she curtsied to the creature "Wouldst thee perhaps be the ruler of the children I met earlier" she asked without a hint of malice or fear, as if this creature was an everyday triviality she simply smiled and awaited it's answer.
"Well that's strange" The blonde girl keeps a careful eye on Kohaku as she approaches the slime wall, dagger held out and at the ready. She puts the tip of her dagger into the slime, seeing its hardness and corrosiveness as she drives the weapon through the wall
Peter sighs upon spotting the pair walking towards the exit, seems as if he picked an awful time to show up huh. "Okay so, that looks kinda bad huh. Moments like these make me think I need to get some freaking repulsors on this suit. Instead, let's go ahead and try the old standby." Assuming the wall is as I think between him and the girls, Peter would launch a pair of his webs at it and dig his Waldoes into the ground, the metal limbs tearing down before pulling back hard as he strains to try and bring down the wall with inhuman strength.
And since I realize I'm an idiot now, here's a post that makes sense. Peter glances towards the girls and the wall, staring at it curiously under his mask as the device's sensors begin attempting to analyze it's chemical structure. "Sup you two, so that is... A thing huh, gonna have my AI take a quick peak at it. See if we can't figure out a better way to break this crap down than just um, stabbing it? Are you doing that Toki?" He laughs a bit after seeing that, it is to be sure a method of testing but he'll take actual scanners and a proper analysis tool any day. Of course, he can't be sure if the quick scan will turn up anything useful.
Oh. Hey Spidey. She's gone nuts and thinks this slime thing is a real kid. I think it's the chemical thingy that the dude is looking for, so we're bringing it to him. Don't attack the floating heart. It doesn't work. Kohaku continues charging the orb in her hand, strengthening the magic in it as she speaks. She doesn't attack the wall, instead waiting for Peter's analysis. She DOES, however keep an eye on the heart.
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At first, the large entities eye seemed to lose track of Alice as if looking to see if anyone else was around to speak. Soon, its eye would fixate back on them though. A voice could be heard echoing around the room from the entity. ???: "I am...the Queen...my children. They went to....bring back food...I'm starving. Would you...feed me?" The dagger that was plunged into the slime would instantly begin to corrode and melt away. Whatever it made of, it was highly corrosive in nature. Peter's scans would conclude the same but there seemed to be another undiscovered component to the slime...There seemed to be a pathogen within as well but it'd be unlike anything seen in normal medical science. The heart would begin expanding once more. Suddenly, buzzing could be heard nearby as a pair of angry looking bee-like creatures would run towards the group, a cloud of pollen following them. They'd aim for Kohaku and Toki, trying to aim their sharp teeth at their heads while charging forward.
Kohaku would charge another orb in her main hand, aiming it at the bees and throwing it. While in mid air it would burst and split, sending hundreds of shrapnel-like beams of magic at them. Still keeping her off hand orb charging, preparing to shield the three in case the heart decides to explode again, she then follows up her attack with a beam of magic, sweeping it horizontally across the giant insects. Great. As if the slime girl wasn't enough to deal with.
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"Starvation" she pondered on the word "Tis truly a horrible way to perish." she continued as she walked over to one of the walls and looked over the agent. "Art I to assume thine palate consists of humanity?" she asked before turning her curious gaze back towards the creature.
Peter just sighs upon seeing the Pathogen, whatever this is neither he nor Karen can make heads or tails of it. This is clearly something not quite natural, and that's beyond their scope of knowledge. "Okay so, a terrible idea I've got here what if, I toss the bees into the heart? I mean... Seems to me like it could work, so hey what the heck right?" He'd lash out towards the beings with a pair of webs, rushing at the hopefully stunned bees and if connecting then he'd quickly aim to toss them towards the other abnormality with inhuman strength and speed. Naturally, he has no idea what that will do, but he's hoping to stop something by doing this, maybe.
"Tsk. Its better than doing nothing." The girl replies harshly, glaring at her second unwanted companion, again letting out an annoyed sigh as she stashes the remains her dagger away "Just know I'm keeping an eye on you. Don't need any more crazy talk." since the other two were already focused on the bees, Toki would simply dodge to the side, making sure the child with her was still safe and behind her. Since she apparently can't trust any of these people not to do something rash
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The eye of the Queen Bee would continue to fixate on Alice, still expecting something from her. It would reply in a desperate tone. Queen Bee: "Meat...any meat will do. I must feed...before I perish." Its wings seemed to helplessly flutter but to no real avail as they were far too small to lift her massive form. However, another reaction was starting to occur within the odd bloody combs on the Queen Bee's body. A yellowish powder was starting to swell from within her body. One of the bees would be torn to pieces by Kohaku's magic. It's body would fall to the ground as almost human-like blood began to pour out of it. The other however would somehow dodge the lasers as it flew towards Peter...who'd quickly be webed before being thrown at the heart. Upon making impact with the heart above Toki's head the heart would once again explode into a mass amount of pink slime that flew across the area, threatening to hit both Peter and Kohoku if they didn't do something about it. The bee of course would be covered in the slime before landing behind Toki and the child. Oddly enough, the slime covering the bee would be gone as it landed and got back up. The one difference that could be determined with it was the slime seemed to be dripping from its maw and it no longer seemed hostile as it just began staring at the slime girl. The heart above Toki would return to normal.
"Finally" Kohaku thought as she sees the heart prepare to burst, and she holds up the energy she's been charging this whole time, forming a shield to cover both her and Toki, and if physically possible, Peter. She'd then begin charging a second orb, backing away from the wall as she fires it at the slime, hoping it's the same consistency that the "room" Toki was in. The orb would simply burst on impact with the wall as usual. Hey crazy. Maybe you should consider your own sanity first before deeming everyone around you nuts. Hey Spider? How'd things go with the shrooms?
Peter: "Woah crud, Karen uh we do have defensive options right!?" Karen: "Affirmative, setting to web shield mode." As the suit quickly changed it's shooter function, Peter would begin spraying wildly in front of himself. Soon enough, a wall of webbing stands between him and the slime. He'd also dodge backwards a bit to gain distance in case it ate through his webs. And turn to Kohaku before making a so so motion with his hand. "Uh... It went? I think that by forcing people away from contact you can break whatever it uses to control them. But one guy... He got taken over completely, mutated too. I... He's not with us. And I couldn't figure out how to contain it either. But I think I accomplished saving some people!"
"Hoh~. I may be inclined to assist thee though I'm curious. Wouldst something occur upon thine time of ending?" she asked, a tilt of her head and the same innocent smile.
“There you two go again.” Toki wouldn’t notice the slime, thus leaving her to think Yumina and the clearly unstable person dressed early for Halloween were just doing something odd. Not that she’d mind. Instead she’d grab the slime girl’s hand once more and start walking towards the exit “The sooner we can get out of here the better.”
its not past it’s expiration
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