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Let’s-a-go steal Bowser’s Heart
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As Ren Mama-mia, it is my duty to protect Princess Peach from Bowser. I plan to steal Bowser’s distorted desires to kidnap Princess Peach. His palace should be easy, he literally has a castle, so I’m guessing the nav should take castle. Who’s in?
I’m game
Wait, what would his treasure be?
Oof I think I missed something before I joined the websiteI thought we agreed on NOT bringing the Mario Site back
Yes, yes you did.
that was from way back in 2017 i think, before me
It's a me Mario_kun Let's a go steal the heart together
N word
Oh god oh fuck Mario site
Well don’t mind me I’m just going to sit in the “What the eff is going on” corner
But Bowser is a good dude. Like sure he kidnaps peach, but he is a single dad with 7-8 kids man
He has one biological son and the rest are adopted.
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