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1TB Micro SD Card
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https://www.tomsguide.com/us/sandisk-1-tb-microsd-card,news-30079.html Holy hell am I a boomer now or something? Technology is advancing way too fast for me and I'm not even an adult yet. 19 years ago when the PS2 was made, we had those little squares of memory cards that only had 4 whole MBs, now we have things about as thin as your fingernail and about as large as it too, holding a fucking TB. Slow down technology I don't have enough money to even catch up...

It's part of the developer nightmare concerning this. Technology advances so fast, the product they freshly release is already considered obsolete. Thus, to counter this, they do incremental updates, where the "Next big thing" is only marginally better than the last product, so they have room to release new tech while they research new advances ahead of time.
finally i will have enough space to watch coalgirls upscaled blu-rays on my tiny phone screen
$450? Damn I am gonna buy that thing ASAP.
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