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Favorite persona song
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What is your favorite persona song?

life will change & beneath the mask probably
Probably "Joy" from Persona 3; it makes me feel happy whenever I hear it. "Price" from Persona 5 is a bop, too
(edited by JunesBoy)
I like the theme for Sae's Palace. Idk it's a bop
idk probably Life will Change and Kaneshiro's palace theme, Price
Hmmmmm life will change, last suprise, rivers in the dessert, does groovy from p5 dancing star night count? and wake up get up get out there, i mean you've gotta admit they're all really cool and catchy
(edited by Akira_wildcard)
The one when they're at leblanc, its soothing
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I don't remember groovy that well but I agree with all of them, and yeah groovy counts
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