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Imperishable Night : Stage 2 [Deaf To All But The Song]
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Previously, you were hired by Remilia Scarlet to find and save a group of people that disappeared. These people, led by the famed "Eastern Western Magician" Marisa Kirisame, were in search of the culprits behind the replacement of the moon. Now, you and your party managed to defeat the poor Wriggle Nightbug who thought she had finally found some easy prey only to get steamrolled by you. The night has settled entirely and the sun is no more. Through the darkness, you can make out the silhouettes of your party members and that of a petite frame laying limp on the ground. Insects crawl all around her, none of them dare touch her. The miniature barrier would prove harmful to approach to any who try as the insects, while weak would still try to bite and sting. Slowly though, the girl seemed to recover. In due time, she'll be back up and ready to do some plot exposition. All she needed was an hour (just enough time for star to show up). Then, she would surely be capable of leading you to where you're supposed to go. [Here's a quick reminder of the rules of this game. Please read them thoroughly and carefully as I despise repeating myself : 1) You all have 3 life orbs that do not replenish. These will allow you to come back to life when you die. These people you'll fight are strong and while wriggle wasn't that impressive, the rest will prove to slowly be more and more formidable. Death may very well knock on your door at any time. Thus the 3 life orbs. They will automatically resurrect you after one turn. They can't be used to heal minor wounds. Or large wounds. They only bring you back when you're incapacitated 2) Some people took ahold of a colored crystal. There were a total of four of them. These crystals can only be used once during the whole story arc and do not replenish either. These objects, when smashed on the ground will free the essence of one of the people you're looking for. It will allow them to temporarily manifest and unleash a devastating move. It will also grant you invulnerability for one turn. Use them wisely. And if the people who hold them don't want to share, that's your problem. 3) Once you're done writing your post, please add a small section at the end that is clearly tagged as - PLAYER ACTION - This makes things far easier to read and synthesize for the GM. You don't have to describe your whole action in the player action section. You can do that in your main post and describe it however you want. In the player action section, I only need a watered down easy to understand version of that same action. 4) The order of actions is as follows: I will only update when every player has written at least one action. Any post that has no action stated won't be accounted for. You're free to talk and communicate as much as you want. It's even advised to do so as team work has often been a far more viable strategy. Once I see that everyone has written something, the GM (me or star) will update the thread with the effects of your words and deeds. That is all for the rules. If they need to be updated I will do so in a quick post. ] Feel free to talk with the others as you wait for Wriggle to awaken.
*After the battle, Minerva would sheath her rapier and turn away from the rest of the party.* Why are we waiting around? It's a waste of time. We should just keep moving. * She would take off her mask and shake off various bug fluids and splinters that had managed to rest on it before putting it back on and turning back to face the group Anyone run away?
“Still present myself!” Mara would call out from a little ways away from Minerva as she would be fiddling with her equipment trying to recharge its strange energy after last encounter. “While I would agree to get quickly on the move otherwise we might lose tracks on our target...I guess we are just waiting on what ever this small thing is to awaken?” Mara would point at Wriggle confused still on what it is or if they should even be keeping it around them given it tries to kill them all.
The mercenary known as Red Mist didn’t usually take jobs from such... Highborn, let’s call them, folks, but it paid well and she IS concerned with missing people so she made an exception. After the fight Red Mist lights up a cigarette, cleaning off her long, red-striped gun as she adds “I say we kill it. No need to keep around a monster that could easily stab us in the back.”
Tea would appear once again, her Duel Disk™ still on deck as she tries and switches her whole deck up seeing as how little the last one did. "Hi guys, it's me. Tea." She looked over at everyone else, clearly looking the most normal considering she's wearing her school uniform. Her eyes met with Wriggle's figure, poking it with one of her cards before putting it back, shuffling her new deck. "I uh, did stuff. Like friendship stuff."
Kali breathes out a sigh before following along with the rest of the group, she may not agree with the decision, but she’s not gonna fight it now “Long as you’ve got that thing under control. Let’s go.”
After a while, the young girl finally wakes up. She's now laying on Nana's back, which she hadn't foreseen but at this point, who cares. She'd gotten eaten by birds and blown up all over... She was done for tonight. Maybe she'd find some easier pray tomorrow but for today, she'd just try to slip away as soon as she could. "Err... miss.... Can you put me down please?"
Oh look. Your pet's awake, Nana. *Minerva drummed her fingers on her rapier.* Don't try to escape again. It will go as well as it went last time. Except I won't be convinced to let you live this time
"I didn't try to escape, I tried to eat you all!! And I'm not her pet !!!!" The girl is starting to look angry again. You can feel the life beneath your feet getting agitated again. "Grrrr... This is the third time tonight that some stupid human passes through and thinks they can mock me... You humans are all the same!"

“Oh! Third time?” Kali wasn’t planning on noting their prisoners presence until they mentioned the other people. People who had apparently also thwarted them. “Pray tell who were these last people to pass today? We happen to be looking.”
“Maybe if you didn’t try the stunts you did we would not be acting in such a way. And for the record we didn’t even mock you well aside from Nana but besides the point you made the assumption!” Mara would squint at Wriggle perplex by it and it’s abilities to the world around it. “But perhaps we can start taking you more seriously why don’t you try explaining yourself? We arn’t familiar on who you are so maybe then we can take you seriously sound good?”
Calm down Wriggie. She pats Wriggles head gently. And I won't put you down. You're too cute to put down. We're looking for a witch. Have you seen one?
"Huh? I don't remember. One was dressed in red and I couldn't even touch her... The other one didn't even wait for me to talk or do anything, she just shot a big laser straight into my face !! Because of that, I couldn't exactly see who they were... But, why do you want to know? There's nothing but youkai over this way. Even if I can't eat them, another one will probably get them." She stops for a second. You can see on her face that the gears of her mind are turning wildly to come up with this deduction: "Unless of course they manage to reach the human village! The guard of that village is suuuuuuuuuuuuuper strong!!! And she's not scared of insects, so they maybe survived if they got there ! " She then turns to mara "as for me, I'm Wriggle Nightbug and I control all the insects of this forrest ! Well... the ones around here anyway. They're my friends! And we're hungry so we wanted to eat you ! I thought for sure you guys were weaklings." She then bites nana in the shoulder upon hearing her talk "I'm not your pet!!!!"
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Insects are not worth my time. It's not mocking you. It's making factual observations. If you are offended, that only proves to me that what I'm saying is true. Now then. I'm assuming by third time you are refering to the other two groups that passed by. We need information on them. Tell us.
So, which way is the human village Wriggie? She continues to hug and pet wriggle, pampering her.
Tea looks at her deck one last time before shuffling it, putting it back into her Duel Disk™ and looking back at her crew. And then back at Wriggle. "Wow, are taking prisoners always like this?" The fact that they were supposed to look for a witch completely slipped her mind considering she just popped in out of nowhere and joined the party. "Wait, we were supposed to be doing something? Oh, I thought we were on a field trip. Seriously. All of you aren't my classmates? I've never seen any of you before."
"Heheh. You'd be lost in this forest without me. I'll show you the way but only if you let me go after that! I promise I won't trick you. " She lifts her hand up, as though she were swearing an oath.

Kali just stares at Tea for a bit, taking a long smoke of her cigarette before breathing it out and saying “You just now noticed? We’re on an important mission here... *sigh* always stuck with amateurs.” Kali slowly shakes her head before turning to listen to Wriggle, that human village sounds like exactly the place to find their next clue, so it was worth a peek. “Let her go then. If they try anything funny I’ll shoot them down personally. Got just the thing for it...”
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“We could use such a guide it would be easier to track down and navigate this place. I say let her go as well but the moment she acts out of line we return her to deadly clutches of Nana over there, or worse.” She would give a cheeky smile at Wriggle but also had some small piece of faith that she will keep to her words. “I think with that all settled we can just carry on them. This break is overdue and we are no closer to finishing our goal if i’m gonna be quite honest.”
I go along with the group consesus. I don't trust her, but you can release her if you want. I won't stop you.
.......... Fine. But if you do something bad, I'mma blow you up again. She lets Wriggle go. I'll find someone else to take home. Someone more well behaved.
"Heh. See? I still come out on top ! Hahaha! Anyway, follow me!" As soon as she says this, a flock of fireflies gather around her. Attracted by the light, and probably by wriggle as well, many more gather around her, and the rest of the party. This sudden influx of light allows the party to navigate the forest with ease, almost as if it were day. Wriggle flies ahead of the team. She's about 2 meters above the ground and surrounded by insects that fly in curious patterns around her.
Nana follows closely behind the loli. Nice Kick by the way. You should name it!
"Ooooh! You have a good eye for these things! I named it the WRIGGLE KICK!!! HAYAAAAAH !!!" As she's talking, she begins flying high up before coming down in an amazing drop kick against a bunch of insects that had amassed and taken the form of a human figure. "Pretty cool, huh?"
*As she follows Wriggle, Minerva draws her Rapier. Dust from the forest floor flies up to the tip of her blade as she draws gravity to it. "She is still our enemy. I must anticipate a betrayal. When she does, I'll be in position to remove her without the other people getting involved."*
As the party(?) walks through the forest with Wriggle guiding them, they soon come across a food stand in a small clearing. A delicious smell permeates the area as the sound of sizzling food is heard from the stand. There's someone manning the stand, but you can't tell who it could be because of the covering around the stand.
"Hmm? What's this smell??" Wriggle flies at high speed into the clearing, towards the food stall, leaving behind her a small trail of fireflies who's light seems to have dimmed. In fact, it got a lot less bright without the little bug around.
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Tea puts her hand under her chin and begins to think as she follows the rest of the group, her head going into the clouds as she walks forwards with everyone else. "Hmmmm...something more important...than friendship...hmmmmmmm....." She doesn't see the cool kick that Wriggle does, and also forgets that Wriggle is supposed to be their enemy, so Tea just opts to shuffle her deck and summon another ladybug with a skull-marking to follow her around. "I am a duelist, even though I suck at it. So I'll probably be able to keep watch like everyone else is doing for some reason."
Nana walks up to the stand and pulls out some yen. I want five of whatever you're selling.

Kali keeps an eye on wriggle as she heads to the stand herself, patiently waiting in line behind Nanaka, though she glances back at Tea “You don’t look like a duelist to me. More like some kinda gambler.”
Nana walks up to the stand and encounters...a pink haired bird youkai. She doesn't see Wriggle anywhere. "Ah, okay, let's see here...five grilled lamprey will be 25.00 yen please." It starts getting much darker within the forest.
Amateurs. * Minerva shakes her head.* Did you all forget already? We're on a job. We don't have time for pleasantries. *She glances back at Tea and mumbles* It seems we've attracted another imbecile. Glorious.
She puts the money on the counter. Cool, Here ya go! Hehehe~ You're really cute~ Her gaze darkens and turns to Minerva. Shush. I'm hungry. She smiles at Mystia again. Ignore her, she's got an ego the size of my libido.
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“If you’re not a gambler then what’s with the cards?” Kali briefly looks at Tea’s deck, she didn’t play any of those games herself after all. Once Nanaka’s done her business Kali would take her turn talking to Mystia. “We’re lookin’ for a few humans who might’ve passed by today. On their way to a nearby village. Know anything?”
Nana simply scoots over for Kali to approach. She's not done flirting with the cute girl yet after all.
The girl puts some lamprey on the grill, seasoning it occasionally. A few minutes later, she hands them all to Nana. "Please enjoy." She mumbles something, but you can't make it out. The forest is nearly pitch black now. The Stand is the only clearly visible thing, thanks to a few lanterns hanging. "Oh, I might know something. Though, it must be quite hard to see now, huh? Why don't you buy some grilled lamprey, it's said to cure night blindness you know."
From the back of the line, Tea slips 25 yen onto the stand so that Mystia would try and notice it, looking over both Nana and Kali in order for her to get an order of food too. "I'm using my field trip money for this, please get me some. Please. I'm hungry, please." She then whispers back to Kali, her eyes darting around the place since it's clear the girl's still confused, but hopefully this conversation will help mitigate it a little. "Haven't you heard? It's a children's card game. I forgot the name of it, but I play it. A bunch of people cheat in it to win. My boyfriend's really good at it."

“Give us the info first. Then I’ll consider it.” Kali looks Mystia in the eyes, hand on her gun as she tries to intimidate the other girl with her hardened glare. She’d not pay attention to Tea for now, so as not to interrupt her little conversation.
Why do you guys gotta be so mean to everyone? Why can't we just make friends with them and ask nicely. I mean, I know they're about to gang up on us, but we could at least PRETEND not to notice. And maybe things will go our way? Nana puts her hands on her hips and points at the ever encroaching darkness as she noms one of the lampreys she bought.
The youkai seems to take pity on Tea and slips her a grilled lamprey. "Fine then, they went towards the Human Village just west of here. Now would you please support a poor food vendor?" She points to her left, showing which way is west...though it's incredibly hard to see anything in any direction ten feet in front of you.

“Good, I’ll take two.” Kali puts up the money, as agreed, before blowing another smoke into the woods and turning back to continue her talk with Tea “So you are a gambler then. In the Back Alleys back home people gambled with that kinda thing all the time for sport. Not that the bets meant much with us looking together anyways.” Kali actually grind a bit, waiting on her own lamprey so they can get moving on.
The girl grills up another two lamprey and puts them in front of Kali. "Please enjoy your meal."
Lured in by the smell of something cooking, a lone traveler found themselves at this roadside stand. They ran a hand through their silver hair and across their pointed ears. Their two tails swayed in time to their footsteps as they approached the stand. “Smells like fish. There still some available?”
"Of course. 500 yen per grilled lamprey."
Nana notices the newcomer and smiles at him. Hi~ I'm Nanaka. You're cute~
Who is this? * Minerva narrows her eyes at the newcomer. She glances over to Nanaka.* You already have a pet insect. Don't do this again.
Mara would just be waiting in the back for the others to finish up she didn’t feel to particularly starved and just wanted to get a move on so the first mention of leaving perked her. It wasn’t really her being impatient but more so a cause for some concern and she just wants to crusade some more! “Yeah food is nice and all but can we start heading out? One to many detours and we will be still no closer then before, just keep that in mind so we can hurry up.”

“Thanks.” Kali would mention to Mystia before starting to eat her lamprey while nodding to the others to turn west, where the human village was supposed to be located. Their first guide was gone but they hopefully weren’t lost yet. “Let’s just get on with this.” As she moves along, getting a little nostalgic now, she’d continue her conversation with Tea, now taking a more serious tone “Oh don’t worry, we still had murders. Not much in the way of robbery though. Odds are if you were out there you didn’t have anything to steal anyways.”
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She's not my pet! She refused and ran away. And I only wanted her as a pet cuz she was small and cute. Ms. Stall cutie here is more pretty. So I'm not gonna try to own her.
The cat-person looked away in a less-than-successful attempt to hide their blush. “That’s rather forward... I-I’ll take two lamprey, then.” After that quick change of subject, they took out their wallet and got out 1000 yen to hand to Mystia. Somehow, they didn’t find the yokai’s appearance odd at all, or the stand - aside from the lamprey menu of course.
She grills up two more lamprey and hands them over. "Please enjoy your food."
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(quick ooc post: to all the newcomers, you would find a small pouch with three small spheres and a note reading: these healing crystals will bring you back to life. You have three. make good use of them. refer to the rules for info. And trust me, this time you may start needing them, especially to those who participated in the previous battle and haven't had a chance to recover from their injuries. Also, since people who took essence bombs in the first thread aren't there anymore, your whole party just shares the four crystals, to make it easier. There's a yellow one, a pink one, a green one and a blue one. When using them specify the color. And remember: no refills.)
Nana took the blue one
“Thank you.” The cat-person took both, and started eating one. It was an odd flavor, but not a bad one, so they didn’t mind the odd choice of food too much. They put the other in their backpack for a later snack. “Where are you all going? I might tag along while I’m at it.”
We're looking for a witch. A cute bug girl tried to kill us, so we beat her up. So she was supposed to take us to the human village, but then she abandoned us. The cute bird girl said it's west of us though.
"I... see. We should come across it if we keep an eye out. I need somewhere to take a break, anyway." They licked their fingers to savor the last of the lamprey's taste. Not their favorite, but they made a mental note to come back sometime.
Anyhoo! Lets go. Nana takes Yuri's hand and begins walking westward, pulling him with her.
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"Thank you for the cash. Please enjoy the afterlife!" The girl grabs the cart and moves it to the side of the clearing before anyone can leave the clearing, taking to the air with her wings when she pulls it far enough. "Did you foolish humans really think I would let you go that easily!? I am Mystia Lorelei, a night sparrow youkai! Now, give into the darkness of my song!" Dozens of birds and winged insects suddenly rush out of the darkness as the girl, now identified as Mystia, starts singing. Everyone who had some lamprey starts to feel a little...funny. "Darkness, blindness, In this forest, Do you have a death wish? Give up and become my prey~!
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I feel sorry for the kid. *Minerva began following Nana and her captive, partily cause her mission was that direction and partily to make sure Nana didn't try to adopt Yuri to death. Or at least that was the plan. Having not eaten anything, she does not start feeling funny. She thrusts her blade at Mystia, sending a ball of fluxuating gravity at her* -Moves- Graviton: Flux (Heavy Psychic damage to one foe)
(edited by Minerva)
............ Those lyrics don't rhyme. And your syllables are off. And you really shouldn't attack your customers. It's bad for business. Why do all the cute girls attack me when I try to be friends with them? Now I gotta blow you up. Ignoring the feeling, as it seems to have no obvious effect right now, Nana points a finger at Mystia, firing a fireball at the girl as a warning shot. Upon contact with something, it would explode in a burst of flames. -Action- 1 Severe Explosive attack aimed at Mystia
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“Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.” Kali was of course expecting something like this, this her gun was already armed and ready, with a sleek red line glowing on its side indicating normal rounds. Though she’s started to notice something strange, since she only had a couple of bites it hopefully wouldn’t throw off her son as she shoots a burst of 4 billets at the Yokai “Time for some targeting practice.” —Action— Open fire 4x light gun damage at Mystia
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(current battle theme : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tDCgexIIJo )
"I knew that food vendor was shady and guess I'm still right on the money. Attacking consumers is also bad business so I may as well put you out of business right now!" Mara would pull her shield out and transform her staff into a small arm cannon for her she learned from last time to not charge right into a fight unlike last time but take a more long rage approach. --Action-- 4x Light Round of Explosive damage at Mystic
Mystia ducks into the darkness, avoiding the bullets and explosives, and grazing the fireball. you could see her for a second when the fireball was inches away from her. "It must be so hard to shoot someone when you're blind within the night. Now how about a taste of your own medicine! Vocal Sign 'Howl of the Horned Owl!'" Suddenly, owls swoop in to attack everyone while rings of bullets shoot out from what be Mystia's position in the darkness.
The bullets were easier to avoid than the less-predictable owls. Even a few warning shots couldn't keep all of them away. Yuri came away with some talon marks on their head and arms. They dropped to all fours to steady themselves when a wave of dizziness hit. "Hmph. This isn't going well. Oi, lemme shed some light!" Their two tails waved, sending two blue flames at the darkness. The flames weren't as hot as a normal fire, but glowed with pure spiritual energy. --Action-- Light Curse damage 2x, low chance of Fear. Also makes things brighter I suppose.
Birds. Ok. Nana waves a hand, and a gust of wind blows in the area, making flying difficult for the birds. -Action- Continuous gust of wind covering the battlefield, making moving through the air difficult.
Mara would jump ahead to activate her shield and cover the teams front from Mystic. "Suppress the owls out and I'll be your frontline same as always!" --Action-- Use Absorption Shield to nullify the as much of the ring of bullets out of existence as possible.
First bugs now birds. Why must everything in this place be aggrivating and fight when they're so out matched? *Minerva slashes above her multiple times before stabbing her sword into the ground. The gravity around the clearing suddenly drops, becoming heavier. This is a no fly zone now. -Moves- Field: Atlas' Weight (Effects of Gravity on everything in the area is increased, preventing flight and making most non-magical projectiles have a far shorter range due to being pushed to the ground by the heavier gravity)
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(new battle song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tgwqNQaYXY )

For Kali’s part, she brings out a simple sword, large and blocky like her gun, and slashed down each of the owls that head towards her, however if the gravity field doesn’t stop the bullets there’s little she could do about that. Kali lets out an annoyed click of her tongue “And how am I supposed to hit them like this? I’m not one of you monsters.” Kali would keep her eyes out for Mystia, trying to head towards the bird in case they try to land —Action— Defend. I guess.
Mystia and her birds crash into the ground thanks to Minerva and Nanaka. She growls at how her half of her main strategy is now no longer usable. "Fine then! Two can play at that game! That poison should be kicking in now anyway! Toxin Sign 'Poisonous Moth's Scales!'" Poisonous bullets fly out in various directions, generally aimed at the party. Mystia starts singing again, causing confusion should the party not try to tune her out. The poison from the food kicks in, as everyone who ate suddenly find themselves taking damage according to how much they ate. -GM ACTION- Poisonous magic bullets Confusion song Food Poisoning

"now the hunt is on, out of my way." Now that her prey's on the ground, Kali would take a deep breath and focus on covering the distance, she'd weave her way through the bullets, slashing down some of the ones that get closer. Though its not perfect, she's able to get away with little more than grazes, but even that she can feel the poison from that compounding with the little fish she ate. The song would be the easiest bit to deal with, by focusing her mind and body on getting through to the fight she greatly reduces the impact of any psychological effects, like this confusion, until she finally gets within slashing range, spinning around her target as she aims a red slash at Mystia's back. --Action-- Brutal slash heavy phys.
A songbird is it? How weak. I was in a band once upon a time, so I know that your tone deaf. * Minerva attempts to tune out the confusion song and due to not eating any of the food earlier, she is also immune to the food poisoning. Seeing the bullet coming for her, she snaps her fingers. The bulet would waver before being caught in an orbiting force, causing it and a number of pieces of wood in the clearing to begin spinning in a ring around her. ' If my field lets up, her birds can start attacking again. I need to leave my sword in the ground otherwise it'll collapse, but if I do that it cuts me off from more precise attacks. This sucks. I have to play defensive, at least for now.'* -Moves- Field: Toxic Orbit ( Creates a field that does physical contact damage and a chance to poison on contact.)
Yuri, having eaten a full lamprey, shuddered as the poison coursed through their body. With this and the confusing song, they decided that the best course of action would be to wait till they could focus enough to fight. Their form shifted into that of a two-tailed house cat and they dashed into the undergrowth. --Action-- Defend/hide, easy with a small cat
Bleeeahgu.... Nanaka is hit with the food poisoning and feels sick. Ugh... I'm leaving this to you guys till I throw all this up.. She ducks down and uses magic to move the earth under her, digging herself into the ground and covering herself back up with earth. In her little bunker cube underground, Nanaka begins throwing up and disposing of the vomit with magic. -Action- Foe Nanaka used Dig
Mystia, expecting to be attacked with projectiles, is surprised when one of the party members comes up and slashes at her. She takes the hit and moves away. "How about this?! Hawk Sign 'Ill-Starred Dive!'" The night blindness is kicked up a notch as Mystia starts singing louder, shooting rows of bullets at everyone, with a few going around randomly. Her song starts causing fear instead of confusion. -GM ACTION- Bullet rows fear song more food poisoning
Hmmph. * Minerva ignores the singing of Mystia. As she claims not feel fear, she doesn't seem to be afflicted by the fear spell. She watches the direction the new bullets come from and raises her arm. The orbit stops and rises out, forminf a square of shrapnel and bullets before being fired with great force where the bullets came from.* --Moves-- Graviton: Bullet Storm ( Deals X2-X7 Light physical damage and a chance to poison to everything around Mystia, ally or enemy due to the darkness making her to see enough to control her ammo to avoid allied targets.)
Underground, the music doesn't really reach Nana, so the little fear she feels is directed towards the fact that she's still throwing up. Turns until running out of air: 3 -Action- More puke.
The feline was still in hiding. However, they still attempted to help, even with the poison and fear kicking in. Two more flames flew upwards in an attempt to illuminate the area. --Action-- Let's shed some light, shall we? Light Curse 2x with Fear chance if it actually hits anything by accident.

"You're not getting away from me now." Once her target was in close, Kali was loathe to let it get away, following and keeping up with the grounded bird. As close as she is she isn't able to do a good job avoiding the bullets, blocking a few of them but, especially with MInerva's bullets she has no way to see coming, ultimately getting hit by the majority, which causes her to start slowing down. The song, as with before, was nothing new to her. She'd been facing bigger and more terrifying things all her life. It was easy to bring up the courage to keep fighting in spite of it. Rather than make another slash, Kali tries to grab one of Mystia's wings, keeping the bird close and hopefully bring Mystia around towards Kali's companions. --Action-- Grapple to prevent Mystia from moving.
"Oh wait, oh no. Did I space out again? Wait a minute, lemme just-" Tea, now realizing where she was, threw up on the ground due to some food poisoning. Though she was blinded by the dark, she drew 5 cards from her deck to make up her hand. Afterwards, hearing the song made her get into fear more, but not before she put two cards on the field face upwards. "Where am I again? Oh wait, I know. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" The cards faced up, revealing two goblins that had ran around in the dark, going in to strike at Mystia directly by thrusting their five-pronged plows into them. Now, she's running around in circles. Great. --Action-- Summon two things Throw up Get scared
Mystia, taking a risk since she hasn't been hit much, decides to jump into the storm of bullets, trying her best to dodge them, but mostly failing. Not being deterred, she sprints up to the sword, grabs it, and pulls it out of the ground with some help from her youkai strength and wings before getting grappled... "Ngh, get off me you stupid human! Night-Blindness 'Song of the Night Sparrow!'" Mystia pulls out her signature spell, cranking the night blindness to max power and sending out wave after wave of bullets. It's time to end the performance, and Kali and the goblins probably won't enjoy the fact that they're about to be attacked by a lot of the bullets. No song this time, as being grappled makes it hard to sing. -GM ACTION- Max blindness Lots of bullets No more food poisoning.
"Damn ya I can't just soak this all up. You are persistent i'll say that but time to stall you up I guess." --Action-- Mara would absorb as many stray bullets and goes for a bash to stun up mystic. This uses up her charged energy making her a sitting duck.
Twilight ran into the clearing, pulling leaves out of her hair, "Got caught in some vines! Sorry! Gosh it's so dark here... let's light it up" Twilight said Her persona appeared and her wings glowed, the light formed into a ball of light in front of Twilight and lit the area up --PLAYER ACTION-- Ball of light: lights the area up (minimising blindness and doing light magic damage to foes that touch the light)
............ Maybe I should wait till the fighting above stops... Hmmmm.... Using the vibrations as a method of tracking, Nana positions herself right under Mystia and begins charging a magic attack for next round. -Action- Charge SHOT!

"Looks like the show's about up for both of us eh?" Seeing as she's directly next to Mystia and grabbing her, Kali most certainly wouldn't be able to dodge the bullets... At like all, though she does have some shot protection, Kali probably wouldn't last much longer. Still, she musters her willpower to try to keep Mystia still one last round to let the others' shots hit. --Action-- Continue grapple (prevent dodging, probably go out next round.)
Some gall to show up late. There was one path. How did you get lost? Well at least your being useful on purpose for once. I can aim now, so I suppose I'll thank you for your contribution, Canary. * Minerva folds her arms as the remaining twigs and rocks rise up from the ground. With a crack of her neck, Minerva would send them flying towards Mystia.* Let's try this again shall we. --Moves-- Gravitron: Bullet Storm ( X2 to X7 Light physical damage to all foes. Now with added aiming.)
"It was that I got caught in some vines and when I got loose it was practically pitch black" Twilight said
Well, you're here now. I suppose thats all that really matters, Canary. Short version: We're fighting a songbird. She poisoned some fish. Some people ate it. Just make sure that orb of light stays up.
Tea got hit by some stray bullets, though at most they only grazed her. The goblins, however, weren't so lucky. Little did Mystia know, they did their job well enough before they died, their death only serving to heal Tea and bring her life points up back to full. "Ow, are you serious! I'm not like one of those types of people that instantly die to something I shouldn't." She seemed to be saying this to nothing in the darkness, at least until the room got lit up. She shook her head, shaking off fear a bit quicker than usual before drawing another card from her deck. "Woah, nice. Alright, I summon Cure Mermaid onto the field! And set one card face down..." A blonde mermaid with a pink fish tail appeared onto the field, as well as another card that was face down. The mermaid had sung a high note, blasting a jet of water Mystia's way as she was still being held bound by Kali. --Action-- Mermaid used Water Gun at Mystia.
"Please don't call me Canary, that's the name of my sister's cat" Twilight said
The poison was gone, and Yuri was back and ready to act. Their icy blue eyes caught the light, and coupled with cat vision, this was enough to get a general idea of where Mystia was. The feline weaved through the bullets since its small form was perfect for grazing as some would put it. Their body shifted and grew again, and a lion-sized housecat was leaping at Mystia once they were close enough. —Action— Big cat attack! Get ready for a heavy Phys strike.
(time for a new battle theme ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj9Y_D0lSzc) "Mystia !!! I'm coming to save you!" Having somewhat recovered from her previous bout, the little insect girl suddenly emerged from underneath the ground next to the bird brain. "I found this human while digging around! She's the one who was pestering me so let's eat her after this !" Wriggle shouts triumphantly as she dragged Nanaka out of the ground from the ankle. Thanks to the bugs, Wriggle knew exactly where nana was, and she managed to sneak up on her without too much trouble as she was pretty focused on her magic. Hopefully this would interrupt her. "Now for our counterattack! C'mon little guys, let's show'em our mettle ! This time there won't be any birds to prey on us: they're on our side! Illumination sign「Luciferin Combustion」!" A storm of fireflies suddenly assails everyone in the clearing. on their own these bugs can't do much, but with some youkai magic, they can become quite devastating. As soon as one lands on you, they spontaneously combust thus dealing some high fire damage with some really high chances of catching fire. Most of the fireflies tend to converge on Kali since she's the one holding Mystia. The earth meanwhile starts trembling. Something big is coming. "Mystia, when you can, break free and help me squish these pests!". [from here on out, please wait for both characters to do something. any actions posted between this post and Mystia's post will be ignored. this only applies to actions of course. Talking is still fine.]
Twilight growled, "You again? I am getting really tired of you, say... didn't Nana say something about..." she started She suddenly started laughing, "Dare I say, I can hardly wait! Hahahahahaha" Twilight's outburst would continue She was kind of creepy like this, but when she calmed she just lightly smiled, still giggling quietly, instead of an uncontrollable laugh, it was almost cute, if it weren't for what she was giggling about...
(edited by MaskedTwilight)
Mystia, who at this point was about to accept death, is pleasently surprised when Wriggle shows up to help her out of this jam. "Wriggle! Thanks for the save! Let's show these guys what happens when they mess with our team! Moth Sign 'Sphingid's Wingbeats'" Mystia comes back into the fray with renewed gusto, shooting out a regular pattern of bullets into the direction of the party, with support from her birds.
(edited by Mystia_Lorelei)
Evy appeared at the front of the group, blocking the attacks with her wings that suddenly turned blue, --PLAYER ACTION-- Diamond wing shield: wings turn to diamond and block all incoming attacks
The cat-beast hissed as the bullets hit their pelt. Kali was the main target of these youkai, and while she’d done some good damage, she was clearly not going to last much longer. Yuri ignored the smell of burning fur and leapt forward to rake their claws across Mystia’s face. If possible, they’d try to shove Kali out of the line of fire as well. —-Action— Heavy phys damage to Mystia, possible blind. Also very rough support for the local monster hunter.

"Ok you are now obliged to put down that Wriggle for being a backstabber. In the mean time excuse me while I recharge." Mara would roll back a ways away to the backline wanting to get away from the insanity of this fight going on and keep to her own plan. --Action-- Recharges equipment and forced to tank what ever damage comes her way.
Fireflies? But I thought- * Minerva looks at where her sword was in suprise only to find it missing. She looks at Mystia and the sword in her hand.* You... That was... She gave me that... return it. Return it. Return it NOW. * Minerva channels into her powers into her feet and goes completely on the offence, pushing off the ground and charging straight at Mystia in order to tear the bird girl apart.* --Moves-- Gravitron: Feral Charge (Heavy Physical damage to a single foe delivered at high speeds with high amounts of anger)

as before, being right next to Mystia would make it extremely difficult to dodge anything, so Kali has little choice but to let them go, backing away from the bugs to keep them distracted for as long as she can before going kaboom. Once the smoke clears Kali would be sprawled on her back, pistol in hand and looking to get one good shot in... "Think you're so clever, I'll show...." Before simply collapsing. --Action-- K.O. For now.
Yay! I have permission to explode things! Alright! Nana holds her charged fireball towards Mystia, blowing it up at point blank as well as simultaneously exploding the rune on Wriggles back, which would, as stated before, explode her from the inside out. -Action- Double, point blank, Severe explosions on both opponents.
(edited by Akamoto_Nanaka)
"Kali's healing stone should handle her injury soon enough, she will be alright" Twilight would say
Despite everything that's happening, Tea nonchalantly draws a card from her deck, looking at it with joy as everyone dies around her. The Cure Mermaid heals her a little before shooting yet another jet of water at the exploding fireflies before dying a horrible death. "Oh, no, my mermaid!" Of course, the fireflies had gotten to her too, but only a bit less than what was originally going to happen. After seeing Nanaka fire off the blasts, she decided to try and make some big boi plays with her deck, immediately summoning yet another monster onto the field. "Go, Skull-Mark Ladybug!" The ladybug immediately dashed where Nanaka was, trying to get itself caught in the explosions so it could die, and maybe cover Nanaka from some damage. After it's death, Tea would gain some of her life points once again. Though, she wasn't finished. "I activate my trap-card, Enchanted Javelin!" Afterwards, she summoned an Enchanted Javelin onto the field, the javelin stabbing itself into the ground right near Nanaka as the explosions came into affect, making the javelin light up green and then disappearing. This would make all the damage Tea might've recieved go away, as the javelin made her life points rack up. --Action-- 2 monsters died Tea gains life points
(edited by Gardener_Of_Tea)
Masked's guard protects a part of the team from the frontal assault of the birds and kamikaze fireflies. But only from whatever front they're standing on. Any other side is still open to attacks, including her back which of course the insects take great pleasure setting ablaze. I can only imagine how much damage fire does to those wings. In general though, the fireflies manage to land at least a few good hits in, up to 3 for the unlucky. keep in mind the severe chances of catching fire and thus taking damage until it is put out. But as Wriggle concentrates on making the fireflies go boom, she notices that multiple people are headed for an all out attack against her best friend. One of them was simple to predict as she'd already stated what she would do. Thus, Wriggle, ceased manipulating the insects, thus calming down the storm of fireflies. The earth too stopped trembling. Instead, putting to use her magnificent leg skills, Wriggle goes in for a mad dash towards Nana's attack, thus trying to take the full brunt of the fireball as Nana had been telegraphing that attack for a while now. In her dash's momentum she'd try to get as close as possible to Minerva or Yuri in hopes of interrupting and maybe hurting one of them with the explosion that would mere seconds later tear her apart. [Nanaka, Minerva and Yuri, please tell us after this post whether any of your attacks are successfully interrupted, if any of you take damage, and who still manages to hit mystia, also, tea can then determine how this affects her via the ladybug and the javelin] "Mystiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......" Her voice echoes through the night along with the sound of the explosion. The little bug girl is no more. At least... for tonight she isn't.
(edited by Wriggle_Nightbug)
Yuri would still land a decent scratch, although weaker than expected. The two explosions, combined with the earlier damage, were enough to send them flying and revert them back into their house cat fur. They hit a tree and fell down to the earth like a ragdoll. —Result— Only medium Phys damage in the end, also press F for cat. Revive the turn after this upcoming one.
*Minerva would take some damage from the explosion, but, with her anger and determination, she pushes through it, with only one target in mind.* --Moves-- Gravitron: Feral Charge (Heavy Physical damage to a single foe delivered at high speeds with high amounts of anger)
Wriggle would likely be able to block the fireball, but at the very least the resulting two explosions would at least effect Mystia. In fact, it might make it worse, as the equally exploding Wriggle is now closer to Mystia.
(edited by Akamoto_Nanaka)
Tea, like previously described, would take most of the damage, but end up healing it back. The ladybug would die, and then javelin would glow green and explode into a healing energy that only affects Tea. She takes this time to draw more cards, setting some cards face down and ending her turn. --Action-- Prep, prep, and more prep.
(edited by Gardener_Of_Tea)
Mystia takes the pain train to the face, losing her grip on the sword in the process. Before she can think about any other actions, she sees Wriggle get absolutely demolished. Mystia is stunned momentarily before an expression of rage fills her face. In that moment, the moonlight focuses onto her, powering her up as she takes to the air. "You...You...YOU BASTARDS!! Deadly Toxin 'Poisonous Moth's Dance in the Dark!'" She sends out ring after ring after ring of deadly, poisonous bullets.
I SWEAR! YOU PEOPLE! YOU ATTACK US AND THEN BLAME US WHEN WE DEFEND OURSELVES! YOU! ALL! ARE! BAKA! Nanaka tries as hard as she can to graze, but as it's point blank, she's not got much room and has to back off... She does take 4 bullets in her retreat, and begins charging a magic circle in both her hands. She somehow manages to get poisoned by all four bullets though, so she's not doing too well. -Action- Chaaaaargein mah layza
*Minerva picks her sword back up and frantically looks over it.* Unforgivable. This is unforgivable. You stole her sword from me. Unforgivable. Unforgiveable. *She glares at Mystia. Her eyes could almost be seen glowing in anger from behind her mask. She spins her sword around and begins sprinting at Mystia. A bullet striked her in the shoulder, slowing her down for a second before she picks up speed, ignoring the pain and the poison, and thrust her Rapier, aiming straight for one of her eyes. --Moves-- Feral Thrust (Severe Physical damage powered with horrible anger and aimed at one of Mystia's eyeballs)

"I swear this forest has a case of false accusation that its ridiculous!" Mara would charge her equipment up again and is ready to engage again with her arm cannon for this. --Action-- 1 Light Explosive round at Mystic Cast and holds down a dome barrier for Minerva while they go in for their attack

Having been down for a round, It'd only be a few moments for the crystal in Kali's bag to shatter, bringing her bac to consciousness, it takes her a few seconds to readjust herself, muttering something about "frickin' monsters" before she's back to the fight. "Don't worry bug, you're not the only one looking for revenge." now that they have some distance due to Mystia's flight, Kali is able to once again work her way back, weaving through the bullets with little more than a few grazes.. With the blindness off, she pulls out her signature pistol, a customized magnum denoted by its cutting red steel and the line of light on its sight. This time, the light glows a fearsome red, much like the rifle before it, which illuminates the area immediately around Kali. "Eat lead." before firing off a pair of shots aimed at Mystia's wings. --Action-- Red Mist (Magnum) 2 medium gun
Tea now seeing Mystia go into her little bullet frenzy, decides to sneak in one more move in hopes that this fight will be sped up so that she can be able to get somewhere else. "How long has this fight lasted? I lost count. Oh well." She draws a card from her deck once more, jumping up for joy before going to set it down on the field. Sure, both her and the set down card get hit by the bullets, but it doesn't matter to her. "I flip-summon Kisetai! I also reveal my face down cards!" The card set down on the field revealed a horrid snake-like fiend, all scales being replaced by flesh similar to an intestine. It opened it's one eye, flapped it's wings and went passed the bullets. It had died, but now it was just transparent, latching onto Mystia and coiling around her as it looked at Tea's allies. While it looked as if it was now helping Mystia's attack, it only served to make whatever attack Mystia makes heal Tea. Tea, herself, flipped over two other cards, revealing a man in priest garbs and an angel with a nurse cap. They opened their palms and blessed Tea with a light spell that healed her from the wounds that she had to suffer from Mystia's bullet shower, but since they were poisonous, Tea still couldn't cure that. --Action-- Monster died Tea healed more She's still poisoned
Mystia tanks all the attacks heading for her, her rage overriding her instincts for survival. When all is said and done, Mystia barely seems to be conscious before uttering a few words as a encore to the battle. "Night Sparrow 'Midnight Chorus Master.'" Her night blindness is back, supercharged by the moon. It's impossible to see five feet in front of you as she unleashes a storm of bullets that seemingly come out of nowhere.
Finally, the crystal that had fallen out of Yuri's backpack shattered, and the feline was on their feet once again. Just in time for this light show. "Oh fuck oh fuck-" Very confused, they did their good old evasive maneuvers again. Get to cover, and fast! --Action-- Nope the hell out of this spellcard's way.

"Tch, what a pain." unable to see, Kali has few options but to simply stumble backwards. She closes her eyes, unable to see the bullets anyways, and simply swings to strike down as many as she can. In spite of her best efforts and the spread, she still manages to get hit directly by at least three of them as she focuses herself. "Just about done yet, or do you need another lesson?" --Action-- Guard. We all know what this is.
*Minerva staggers backwards as she's caught in the bullet rain. She drops her sword, letting it impale itself into the ground, raises her hands up to her mask and pulls it off, gasping for air, and let's it clatter to the ground. Then, as her adreneline wears off, she lets out a loud screech. A large field of gravity would push out from her position, pushing everyone and everything backwards. Minerva would then fall to her knees. She would fumble blindly for the handle of her sword. Finding it, she would smile lightly.* I... protected you... Claud *Then, she falls unconscious.* --Moves-- Gravitron: Scream of Eden (Heavy Psychic damage to everyone in the battle. Users HP is reduced to 0)
(edited by Minerva)

"Gah not again not again! Get the Shields up!" Mara would activate her personal absorption shield in the nick of time and get her shield up to hold out again. --Action-- Absorption Shield to Nullify the barrage of bullets coming directly at herself only
"Oh wow, again? Who turned the lights off?" Tea finds herself blinded by the night once again, and she decides to draw out another card from her deck once again as she stares blindly in the dark. Despite the fact that she can't see, she sets one down on the field. Due to the Kiseitai that's still wrapped around Mystia, the bullets that come for her end up being mitigated halfway because of it's effect. --Action-- Gets damaged, and healed kind of.
Here we go! Nana unleashes the laser in the spot where Mystia was last in. Yes, a shot in the dark, but so long as she hasn't moved yet, the attack should connect. Upon letting it loose, Nana ducks and rolls back, she can't really predict the bullets, she she rolls at random hoping not to get hit anymore. Of course, this leaves Nana on her last legs, having withstood enough damage to make her stop moving. Not quite dead, but not able to dodge anymore. At least until Minerva's attack, which blacks Nana out. -Action- Severe Almighty Lazer, then fall unconscious.
With all that damage aimed at her, Mystia gets launched into her cart, knocked out and defeated. With her defeat, the night blindness wears off, and the party is free to head west, towards the human village...but will they get there without anybody attacking them? Find out on stage three!
"Is it over? Good. I thought we'd stay with bullet hell forever." The two-tailed house cat bitterly spoke as they stepped out of their hiding spot. They had a massive headache, but were otherwise rather unharmed since the revival, whatever that had been. "Everyone still alive? All limbs attached?"
Nanaka wakes up, as per spellcard battle rules. Owwwie my head! I'm weak to psychic! She stands up. Stupid Baka's... And begins walking towards the Human village
*One of the marbles shatters in her bag. Her grip tightens around her sword and once more, Minerva rises to her feet. She staggers slightly as she gets to her feet.* Where... am I? * She looks around at the destroyed arena and shudders.* That's right... The mission... *She wastes no time in sheathing her sword. She picks her mask from off the ground and places it in her hair, just off her face. She turns to the others, her face revealed, showing off her striking red eyess, and her voice unmuffled, but still as emotionless yet commanding as ever.* Leave the dead where they lie. We have a job to do. We leave for the human village. * With that and a glance at Mystia's body, she looks towards the path leading west.*
(edited by Minerva)
After all the commotion has finished, Tea breathes a sigh of relief. Who knew that being selfish lets you not have to lose a life immediately. Now that she wasn't blinded, she looks around, now noticing Mystia as she's defeated. "Wow, that was a fun duel. It was nice to see your friendship come into play, even if it only lasted for literally 2 minutes." Her message was positive, if not stupid. It seems as if the girl completely glosses over the fact at the multiple times that she had almost died if not for her cards saving her skin. Nevertheless, she advances forwards. "Come on gang. Let's go to the Human Village." She goes on ahead, not caring much about what had transpired as she was high off the deadly dose of friendship.

Mara would follow along slowly from behind as she recharges her equipment and stretches a bit from all the brusing she took. "If that fight scraped us real bad we are definitely in for something worst, like a Human Village? Yeah can't see how this is gonna go any way but worse. Try and not lure yourself into any more shady scenarios or at least tell me if you want to do something risky." She didn't expect her words to get any attention and just follows along with the rest for the crusade calls to move forth!
(And you said you would wait for everyone to make a move... far as I could tell you guys seemed to have forgotten me)
(You kinda vanished, plus sometimes the GM with a larger crowd has to have a cutoff point to move things along - especially since Timezone Hell is in effect. Usually, I give advance notice as a player for when I’ll be gone. This is a faster-moving rp, unlike most others at the top currently. Usually, with smaller groups it’s more lenient timeframes, but sometimes like here it’s a mad rush.)
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