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It was another ordinary day in <insert city name here>, once more, or perhaps for once, there was absolutely nothing unusual going on. Nope, nothing at all. We'll start off our story by looking into our protagonists (whose participation has already been noted) Madoka and Shinji for these two, it was a school day, which meant more work unfortunately, they were both in high school so its fairly likely they'd met before. It was approaching the end of school, so many of the other, generic students were waiting in anticipation. However, it was worth noting that today was special. For today, shortly before the bell rings, their teacher would remind the class Teacher: "remember class, there's a science demonstration going on at the Middle School today. Anyone who helps out is supposed to receive extra credit so if you're nto too busy its worth a look." which is met with a variety of either irritated sighs or whispering among the other students. Not that any of them matter, not even the one with purple hair. Homura and Capri. For Homura, it was much the same, she ran a mall cafe in the cafe that was fairly quiet, focusing much of her time on it while her friend Madoka's away for school. Business was a little slow at the moment, due to all of the people still at work or school, though she did occasionally get a customer or two on their way to finish an errand or delivery. For Capri, it was a nice quiet place to relax for a bit away from the city. Though most people were busy the outside was still rather noisy, which makes places like these a great way to take a break, maybe get a load off your shoulders before continuing to explore. Sonomi For Sonomi, it was another day at her job. She'd been there for a while now, and thus doubtless knew many of the people she worked with. What had also become a bit of a habit was the small, white, catlike creature who nestles itself near her. Though none of the other employees seemed to notice, Kyubey had been able to talk to her for a while now Kyubey: "Don't worry, ordinary people can't see or hear me. I'll be your private companion for a bit, if nothing else." Damon Our final traveler is a young man named Damon, a bit of a thrill seeker, Damon liked to hang around large crowded areas, concerts, other such events. It just so happened that a traveling magician was visiting town, with her show starting within the hour. They were cheerful and fairly popular, however if one looked into the places where this famous "Lucky Streak" had been they'd notice a stream of misfortune seemed to follow them.
Homura: The girl glances around her busniess, she's got a couple workers of course. Ever since hiring that Gad fellow, she's had enough success to actually get some. Madoka should be getting out of school soon... Might just head out early, they've got practice to do unless anything comes up. But for now, she's focused on doing her job even if others can. She'd absently greet Capri with a smile and wave. "Hello there, what can I get you today? Unless you're just here to avoid the heat, can't blame ya if so." Madoka: Frankly she wonders why she comes here half the time, Homura made it work without going to school after all. But no, spending all this time in here is clearly needed despite how boring it is. The young woman would glance around at everyone present, she could try and hang out with someone after, however... "We'll be done soon enough, then..." TIme to get back to work, D'Arc is getting stronger. Or maybe it's her getting stronger? She internally giggles a bit, it's both of course. Today her plan after school is fairly simple, go meet Homura, try and work on her magic. Unless of course, anything were to happen that's odd.
Damon didn't know much about this "Lucky Streak", but supposedly they were excellent at their given craft so it was good enough for him. Waiting among the crowd for her performance he couldn't help the excitement bubbling in his stomach. The crowd was terribly infectious and his own propensity for fun was kicking in. Almost savoring the emotions around he was starting to lose focus and sway on his feet. Until he nearly stumbled into someone within his daze. Oh! I am so sorry. Laughing off the awkwardness he quickly smacked his cheeks to wake up.
"Finally over... I wonder if I should go to that demonstration...." Looking at his phone, Shinji checks his scheduling app. .... "I can fit it in as homework on the way home... I wonder if anyone else is going..." He puts his phone in his skirt pocket and grabs his school bag. Looking around the room once, he'd catch Madoka's eye, who's also glancing around the room, and wave at her upon noticing. Whether or not Madoka recognizes the ring on the other "girls" finger is up to her.
Another day at her job, and Sonomi still felt bad. So many wanted to be idols, just like her and her friends back when they were a rookie group. She could tell that they all had talent, yet some get cut only for the rest to work harder, as if they had actually done something wrong. As right now was time for her break, she went to a room that only employees could go through, locking the door and replying to Kyubey as she took sometime to get a blueberry muffin. “It’s nice to know that I get to see you here Kyubey. I have a horrible feeling in my stomach, but stuff like this usually happens at work. I should be used to this, but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.” Sonomi said with a sigh as she took a small bite out of her muffin. Even eating this in front of anyone would make her feel bad since it usually had more calories than the trainees could get. If this were any other company, eating this would almost be considered a sin and a reason to get fired. Looking back at Kyubey, she offers a small piece to him, taking it from the side she didn’t eat from. “You want some, Kyubey? I baked them myself at home.”
(Hey, can I join? I will only play Devon (unless playing as his dragon partner is okay, but otherwise just Devon))
*Taking a deep breath, Pri would quietly enter Homura's cafe, keeping her hood above her horns. As she does, she would jump slightly as Homura adresses her before laughing lightly.* O-Oh. W-Water would be fine. T-Thanks. It's just a bit... l-loud outside, so I'm just going to sit in here for a bit. Please, don't mind me. "She would sit down in the first open corner she could find and, like many other times she would take breaks from her walks, sketch a few markings on her shield and reach into the blue face of the flat disk, taking out a book on the constellations before flicking through it's pages. " This world is just far too large. And yet, I'm always drawn to a place ever larger. Why is that I wonder?."*
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Madoka and Shinji aside from a few of their classmates seeming more listless than usual, and Sayaka's absence that had been going on for the last week or so, there wouldn't be anything particularly interesting going on during school. Soon enough the bell for the end of class would ring, students would stand, bow, and gather their things before heading their own ways, some, including the one with short purple hair, would head towards the demonstration while most of the others head home. Homura and Capri Another girl walks in shortly after Capri, this one has long, brown hair tied up in a ponytail and wears a simple light purple jacket with blue jeans, in spite of it getting rather heated outside. They're sucking on a lolipop as they come in, both hands in their jacket pockets as they seem to scope the place out. They tap their foot impatiently, before getting seated by one of the other workers while Homura's busy. Her voice is loud and aggressive, like she doesn't really care who hears her. brown-hair: "I'll take a triple mocha frappuccino, and make it snappy please, ain't got all day." though she maintains an almost irritatingly casual demeanor, if one looks closely they might notice that she semed to be investigating her server, looking for something in or on them. Sonomi Kyubey would curl up near her in the break room, he closes his eyes as though planning to sleep, but of couse even without moving his mouth Sonomi can hear his voice clearly Kyubey: "A lot of these girls would probably kill for a chance to get their wish granted. Its unfortunate the world doesn't really work out that way." Kyubey opens his eyes a bit and begins eating the muffin, it almost seems to simply disappear into his mouth without chewing or anything required. Kyubey:"Thank you, I don't normally get to eat human food with how busy I've been. Are you sure its alright though?" Damon It wouldn't be long before the crowd was able to pack it into the park where she was putting on her performance. There weren't any seats, making it first come first serve. Fortunately Damon would be able to find a spot near the front of the crowd, with a good view of the actual performance. Soon the performance would start with Lucky Streak appearing in a cloud of smoke The magician in question is a young woman, looks to be almost twenty, she's dressed in a somewhat revealing black and white outfit with a card motif, complete with diamond-shaped makeup over her right eye and a red ribbon tying the outfit up. Lucky Streak: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I hope you're all ready for the time of your lives! This little showing is complimentary, so don't be afraid of missing out!" The woman starts with a deck of cards in her hand, expertly flipping and shuffling them, between her hands, over her arms, more a cheap card trick than actual magic for now. Lucky Streak: "For our first bit, can I get a volunteer?" OOC Sorry Devon, as mentioned in the first post everyone's set up, which is why they also have their own little things ready for them as opposed to all being written in one scenario. I went over it on the Phansite discord where most of us hang out.
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Madoka: The girl waves back at Shinji cheerfully, she would look a bit stunned though for a moment. Taking note of the cursed ring upon their finger and wincing. Upon class getting out, she would walk up to Shinji and greet them with a friendly casual air. "Hi there, that's um... A very pretty ring you have there, are you planning on doing anything after school? I realize that I don't generally talk to a lot of people around here, but I thought I'd go ahead and try to change that! I'm Madoka Kaname! And lemme send a message real quick." She'd type out a simple text to Homura, informing the other girl of her change in plans. Mostly to find out more about this magical girl she's been lucky enough to stumble upon, if it's good or bad luck, remains to be seen. Homura: Takes a quick look at her phone and sighs ever so slightly, she does understand why. And would say as much in her reply, but it's still a bit annoying for that to come up like this. Her employee quickly rushes off to the kitchen, handing the requested drink to the girl. The owner herself would raise an eyebrow as she returns with Capri's water, smiling at the blonde with a nod before she walks off. Looking to get some idea of who exactly that brunette might be. "Ah, hello there... Were you trying to find someone maybe? Or something perhaps? I can't help but noticing such intent staring at my workers, so if there's anything I can do to help let me know please." Her voice is cheery and polite, calm as well. It's the typical customer service voice, bar how she says thing anyways. That bit speaks of someone who knows far more than she appears to, which might be true, or not. But she wants to make this person think it is regardless, basic fishing really.
*Pri would nod with a smile as Homura gives her water to her. As the new, loud customer began talking, Pri would look over the edge of her book. " I have a bad feeling about this." Pri thought nervously. Carefully, she kept watching.*
(Might I suggest music themes as the story goes along?)
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OOC: sure, I don’t usually do music so I don’t care if you go along
Sonomi gasps, covering her hand with her mouth. The question almost seemed to have put her in a bit of a shock. But as it turns out, the girl just bows her head apologetically as if she herself did something wrong. “Oh no, did I undercook the dough? I’m so sorry if I did, there’s more back at my place if you want to try them out though.” She sighs, sitting in a chair with her head leaning down. Her company lets her work as the “exemplar” girl, showing the rookies how it’s done by performing the song and dance they were assigned the right way, every step at a time before their instructors teach them how to be just like her. It’s quite nice, but a bit exhausting, and it also makes her feel sad about whenever they seem to mess up on an unimportant detail, but it’s just how it goes. “You know, my sister was an idol. I never met her, but I saw her on TV. She was the best, really. Every time she performed, I couldn’t help but smile. It’s probably what she would’ve wanted, so I’m glad that I get to try my hardest and pass on her dream.” She glances towards Kyubey, yawning out loud, stretching in her chair before continuing on with her Drabble. “These girls all have talent. It’s like you said. They might kill for their wish to come true...”
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(I could only get themes decided for Damon and Lucky Streak https://youtu.be/uXlVoR8ON4M And Capricorn and Homura https://youtu.be/BjpS1vYOm6o chosen because of the one who talks loud)
Shinji gets up after class ends, and is about to leave before Madoka approaches him. Ah.. Shinji, Akamoto. Nice to meet you. ... And, before you ask, yes.. I know.. it's a boy's name.. When the ring is brought up, Shinji brings her hand up to show it. Thanks, I'm still getting used to it though. And yeah, I was planning on heading to the demonstration. Free extra credit for just a little bit of time seems like a pretty good deal to me. Are you planning on going too? She begins walking towards the door as they talk
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Damon's hand immediately shoots up and he practically should like a kid. Ohhh! Me! Me! Pick me! I'll be the best assistant! The excitement of the crowd around him only makes him worse and he knows it. Though he doesn't mind since it helps him comfortably participate. His backpack quivers as the ball of yarn within actively draws from the energy of the crowd.
Madoka: The girl places a hand on her chin, that name is... But boys can't make a contract can they? Unless of course... Whatever the case is, it doesn't stop her from chatting with natural ease in her usual friendly manner. "Hehe, I wasn't gonna bug you about it Shinji-chan, don't worry~ Um, lemme know if you prefer another name though!" Upon hearing the other girl is still getting used to it, she winces a bit. How to make it clear without being too weird... "Getting used to that huh, I might be able to help there if you want. Long story, but I know some stuff. As for going, I did have plans today but eh, they're just with my... Roommate so I'll see her later anyway. I'll go with you if that's okay!" Following along with Shinji isn't quite what she planned to do setting out today. But even so, the girl seems nice enough and if she's a newbie might need some help too. So following is exactly what happens with a grin on Madoka's face.
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Madoka and Shinji The two girl decide to go to the science demonstration, they pass by quite a few others in the hall as they head towards their destination at the middle school section. They come to the science demo to find it about to start. Most of it is fairly innocuous stuff, little presentations on baking soda volcanoes, a buoyancy experiment involving raisins in a carbonated drink, one involving heating or cooling balloons, all already prepared with little posters or activities to go with them for the children. A few other highschool age kids are there helping to hand out the activities or explain the posters for the younger crowd. Madoka would recognize a young, blonde girl, Risako, hanging near the edges of the group Homura and Capri The brunette accepts her drink with a quick thanks. Once she brings her hands out of her pockets Homura might notice a lack of rings, if that's what she was looking for. She eyes Homura suspiciously, as someone who's been through similar questioning a few times before. Homura might notice the girl's eyes darting down to Homura's hands herself, as if trying to check for the same thing, she ends up simply grinning brown-hair: "Its nothin' big. I'm somethin' of a health inspector, lookin' for rats is all." The girl gets back to drinking her frappucino, not seeming to mind it mixing with her sucker, or maybe she was just after the sugar anyways, seems hyper enough for it. brown-hair: "Looks like your guys are clean though. Makes things easier." Sonomi Kyubey almost seems to chuckle to himself at Sonomi's reaction, though he's trying to keep it private Kyubey: "I'd gladly try some more later. As long as you need me." Kyubey glances out towards the door himself, raising one ear as if trying to listen closely to something, only to slump back down. Kyubey: "Its just a figure of speech. It doesn't really matter how much they want it, you're the one who gets the wish. Have you thought about it much?" Damon Lucky Streak looks out on the crowd for a few moments before pointing out at Damon and waving for them to come up Lucky Streak: "Looks like we have our winner, the purple-haired kid up front, come on down!'" The crowd practically pushes Damon onstage as they wait for the act to begin. To help occupy them, the girl continues shuffling the deck, letting it burst into the air before catching each card before it eads the ground, once she's got this much done, she'd proceed to show the deck to Damon, card faces towards him as she says Lucky Streak: "Lets start with a classic, pick a card, any card. As we can all see, he's the one who can see them, I'm as good as blind." To further prove her point Lucky Streak closes her eyes, a confident grin spreading across her face
Hey I'm not a kid! I happen to be a very youthful looking adult thank you very much. Damon mumbles as he flows with the crowd until he make it to the stage. Once there he approach Lucky Strike with a cutesy skip walk before quickly waving to the crowd. Oooh classic tricks are so cool. He states before gently reaching for the deck and pulling out a king of hearts. He holds the card close to his chest since he has no desire to abet cheating.
For a quick moment, Sonomi's lively eyes become dull as she glanced towards him, as if they were a sign of disappointment before she closed her eyes shut and sighed. Then, she patted Kyubey on the head as she gave the same gentle smile she gave everyone. "I've thought about it long and hard. Trust me. You'll get to hear it soon enough." At this point, she was just delaying the inevitable, and Kyubey would most likely see that, but she didn't care much more as she pet him a bit more to comfort herself. After a few seconds, she stopped and looked out the door. "As for the other girls, I knew that it was a figure of speech, but I do...hope they get to achieve their dreams. Without sacrifice." That pause of hers was a sign, one where she almost slipped her words up. One where she almost had assumed she nearly made a little wish on the spot. Sonomi looked at her phone and sighed. "I wonder why they haven't called me back yet..."
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*Pri would keep watch over the "Health Inspector" nervously. Something about her put Pri on edge. Then again, she thought, a lot of things put her on edge. Maybe she was just imagining things. She hoped so, but nevertheless kept peering over the edge of her book.*
Madoka: The girl looks around absently, there isn't all that much going on to say the least but oh well. If nothing else, she did find someone. Her hand grabs hold of Shinji's so they don't get lost while walking towards Risako. "Hi there! It's nice seeing you again Risako-chan. What brings you out here today? I just kinda had nothing else important to do, honestly." While Madoka chats, she'd allow Shinji to introduce herself or not as seen fit. Isn't really her job to take care of that after all. She also eyes the crowd curiously, almost wondering if one of those might show up. Homura: Staring down the so-called health inspector, she briefly considers being a bit blunter, But nah. Instead simply... "I see, yes we take a great of care with such things. May I see your paperwork miss? Surely you wouldn't come without proper ID." Question the girl, try and figure out more. But don't turn this into something about the damned supernatural unless her... New friend does.
Eh!? Shinji blushes a little at having his hand grabbed, but follows anyway. When Madoka talks to Risako, Shinji opts to remain silent. Firstly because he doesn't want to interrupt her talking to her friend, and secondly because he hates his name. It's a dead giveaway... So Shinji just stays quiet, secretly enjoying the feeling of a girls hand in his own.
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Madoka and Shinji The pair approach Risako, who immediately starts stammering as the few other middle schoolers she had been moving along with kept going without her, not seeming to notice the pair Risako: O.. Oh, you're helping out here? Its.. Mandatory for us middle schoolers, so I'm just... A.. Anyways, your friend.. I mean.. Who is he?" Risako blinks for a moment, looking in Shinji's direction. Since they were in different parts of the school its likely they'd never met after all. Homura and Capri brunnette: "Oh please, I don't need that crap to look at something little like this." It was never a very good lie to begin with, and the girl's snap-back reaction doesn't make it any more convincing. She noticably edges her way towards the door as she responds with casual glee, her hands once more finding their way into her pocket as she sets down the drink bruette: "Really you ought to be thanking e for going to so much trouble. But whatever, near as I can tell you're clean. Nothin' to worry about." Sonomi Kyubey: "You don't have to walk on eggshells like that, granting your wish is actually a bit of a complicated process, it won't happen by accident." Kyubey'd easily notice her brief slip up of words, thus attempting to reassure Sonomi of their choice for now. His ear would perk up interestedly, before Kyubey himself stretches out, no longer trying to sleep, or at least pretending as such Kyubey: "I take it you're waiting for someone then? I hope you don't mind if I tagged along." Damon Once Damon's picked his card Lucky Streak would draw the rest of the deck away, winking to him before getting back to shuffling the deck. Lucky Streak: "Now then, just to check, we were using a standard deck of cards and you picked the one, and only one card, isn't that right my strapping young assistant?" Lucky Streak announces it to the crowd before awaiting a suitable answer from Damon, continuing his part in the show. He might notice the crowd seems to be getting a little more restless, though Lucky Streak doesn't seem to have caught onto it yet.
Her face flushed with a bit of red as she looked away from Kyubey, only muttering a simple "right" before shaking her head. She goes up to Kyubey and pets him to comfort herself more as she speaks. "I am, and no, I don't mind. Though if I know one thing, it's that most of the trainees are busy just trying to learn. And that means-" Suddenly, her phone had rung in her pocket, playing the voice of a girl that repeats her name with enthusiasm, or more specifically, "Lucky Chloe da yo!" in a thick Japanese accent. When she went to check it, it was the number of the person she was in a relationship with. "He goes ahead and calls me. I'll uh, get to it." Immediately picking it up so that Kyubey won't have to suffer the sound of the ringtone any longer, she goes and speaks with the boy casually. Kyubey could faintly hear his name being said, and Sonomi looks back at Kyubey. "I told you about him. He wants to hear you, because he doesn't believe me right now."
Eh!? Upon being referred to as a "he" Shinji immediately goes red and backs up, raising looking at himself in a panic. Though keeping his voice to a whisper. I-i-is it that obvious!? H-how'd you tell!? P-pleasedon'ttellanyoneimsorry! He tries to run, but either because Madoka was still holding his hand, or from natural clumbsieness, Shinji trips onto his face.
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Yepsu only one card picked out~ Damon smiles at Lucky Streak and the audience before presenting the normal back of a single playing card. He can feel the crowd work its way up to restless from where he stands and it starts to make him almost impatient. Soon he just wants Lucky Streak to hurry up and finish the trick so that he can stop picking up on feelings from the crowd.
Madoka: Nods a bit to Risako, it's something like that at any rate. "Helping out, sorta kinda. Partly decided to try and hang out with someone too... For, more than one reason if I'm honest. Mostly though, I just like meeting new people!" She chirps cheerfully for a moment, only to notice Shinji now trying to run away. Her hand had absently been in his. And the girl would quickly lean down, offering to help him up while she winces heavily. "Hey, calm down alright. I don't think it's an issue at all, and uh if you wanna talk to someone about stuff sometime I... Am always willing, let's say that." Truth be told, Shinji's reasons for dressing like that aren't known to her. But she doesn't care, if someone's more comfortable like that then she really isn't going to judge. Simple as that, so he's offered a smile and helped to his feet if wanted. "Are you hurt though, I can help there if so for sure. Also uh, sorry about all the racket Risako. How's it been going though?" Homura: Laughs, laughing is about all that can be mustered while this girl tries to flee at the first minor bit of questions. "But inspector-san, I haven't even heard your name yet. Please, no need to rush off so quickly. I'm fairly sure I know exactly what you're looking for, perhaps you'd care to explain to me the reasons why?" She pauses for a second, smirking just slightly and winking while flipping her ponytail a little bit. "Unless, my hands are simply so interesting because you think I'm cute or something? If it's that and not a special reason, I regret to inform you I am quite taken so that'll be a no go." Homura knows that's not the reason, this girl knows that isn't the reason too. But if her 'new friend' willingly says the truth behind it is all on her in the end. For her part, the black haired girl simply wants a few answers.
*Pri fingers the edge of her shield for a moment but relents. "Miss Homura seems to have this covered." While she does keep listening in case something bad happened, Pri would go back to reading her book.*
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Madoka and Shinji Risako starts blushing, glancing nervously from side to side as she holds her hands close to her chest, which makes her own silver ring more prominent Risako: “I... I’m so sorry... I didn’t know that was supposed to be a secret. I just... Can’t help noticing things... is all.” the girl mutters something unintelligible as her breathing starts to pick up, but she’d soon be able to take a few moments to calm herself Risako: “A.. Nyways I’m fine.. Suzuki’s a great teacher, so I really think I’ve been learning...” as the group talks they’d notice most of the other kids moving towards the school gym, likely where the main demonstration was going to take place, though Risako herself seems too distracted with her hair to notice. Homura and Capri The brunette lets out a puff of air that comes out as a bit of a snort before shaking her head with a grin Brunette: “Maybe in your dreams. I don’t swing that way sweetie.” The Girl finally takes out her lollipop, which by now has been reduced to little more than a tiny red dot before casually tossing it into the trash can Brunette: “And this is the kinda welcome I get for showin’ a little concern? Dunno if you can tell but the whole block reeks of magic residue. You following or am I a crazy person now?” As the girl still doesn’t really know what to expect from Homura, she’d start by glancing back at the door, keeping a casual demeanor while ready to book it at any time. Sonomi Kyubey looks back up at Sonomi, before he simply starts pacing around the room, talking half to her and half to himself Kyubey: “Most likely he won’t be able to see or hear me. Most people don’t possess a strong enough connection with the supernatural, which we usually use to avoid any inconvenience. After all, if everyone knew about a group of wish-granting animals, I can’t see anything good coming of it. So I guess here’s the deal.” Kyubey stops pacing in order to sit down and look straight at Sonomi, front half raised Kyubey: “I’ll look at him first, if I determine his connection or interest is high enough, only then will I come out. Alright?” Damon Lucky Streak: “Oh really? Well that’s rather odd.” The stage magician rapidly flips through the deck, checking it before she announces with a grin. Lucky Streak: “I do believe I found your card right here.... And here.” She strata flicking through the cards, throwing the first one at Damon before starting to toss the rest into the crowd. Sure enough it was a King of Hearts, as were the other 50 remaining cards in what used to be a full deck. The trick doesn’t do much to stay the crowd’s fever, however it does help provide a bit of distraction for Lucky Streak to get closer to Damon and ask Lucky Streak: “How good are you at keeping secrets?”
She listens to what Kyubey says, nodding while she still holds her phone near her face and looking at him with an indistinct stare. She was about to agree to what he had said, at least until another voice took over the line. ???: "Oh god, why does that sound familiar. Whatever, I'll call you when you get back from work, okay? Love you." She said boyfriend, but the voice from the other line came from a young girl. They hung up immediately after that. She was flustered at first, but then she instantly got worried. It was only then that she had looked at the door, which now had somebody from the other side knocking. When she opened it, a middle-aged man appeared, most likely an employee. They spoke a bit, and then Sonomi gave a bow before he left. Sonomi: "Alright, Kyubey. I'm going to go and uhm, look around. Mind joining me?" She crouched down to where he was, extending a hand to pat his head before staying there and looking at him, probably letting him jump on her shoulder again so that he wouldn't have to walk around.
T-thanks... He takes the hand and stands up. Most people who find out just assume I'm a pervert... ...... A-anyway, we should go, it seems to be starting. He does step a bit away from the two, but not so much to be rude..
Madoka: The girl laughs and shrugs at Shinji, that sounds like a very mean thing to assume about someone. She can relate all told though, so it's pretty easy to understand. There's a good deal of rumors floating around about her even if one pays attention to such things. "Hehe, I like to think the best of people unless they give me a reason not to! You seem alright to me, so don't worry about it okay?" With that, she shoots him a bright smile for a moment before nodding and starting to move on. Replying to Risako as well while walking along. Absently looking around the area as well, curious if anyone else might stand out. Or if she might spot anything truly strange. "I'm glad to hear that too, she seems nice enough. A bit too shy though I'd say, though that's just a guess from our brief interaction earlier so it could be all wrong." Homura: There's a snort and derisive stare for a moment, her voice drawling out in response to the other's words. "In my dreams? But I barely know you, and your looks aren't good enough to cameo off those alone. Nah, ya aren't gonna replace the current girl of my dreams." As the brunette gets to the damn point though, Homura's mocking would fade and her face turns serious. "I was wondering if you'd come out and say it, yeah yeah I can guess why that is. It isn't crazy to me, much to my chagrin all things considered." It'd be nice if this girl merely sounded like a lunatic, if writing it off and going back to quiet work was a valid option. But she can't do that. Her hands go into her pockets as the black-haired girl speaks in a lower more deadpan tone. One speaking of a good deal of experience "What's your name then? And your deal, I can say a bit about it but I wanna know who I'm giving info out to, and why I'm doing so. Consider it a trade if you want, or just basic caution, whichever you prefer."
Damon confusedly frowns. Hey doesn't that ruin the point of the - He quiets once Lucky Streak approaches him and listens to what she has to say. Smiling afterwards he whispers back. I am pretty good at keeping secrets unless it involves dogs or arson. As long as your secret has neither than consider these lips sealed.
*Pri turns the page of her book, stil listening out. She nervously peers at the two over the edge of her book every couple of seconds, gulping as she feels the tension in the room. Usually, she would consider leaving but she didn't feel like moving was a smart thing to do in this situation.*
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Madoka and Shinji Risako slowly nods, before realizing she was starting to get left behind again, so she'd proceed to the gym with the others. Nothing seemed out of place on the way there, the purple-haired student form earlier was a fair bit ahead of them in the crowd, but nothing else seems to stand out. Once they get there, the students can see a bit of a platform raised in the middle of the gym with a few displays on it and a curtain separating front stage from back. Some of the high school teachers are standing near the platform, waiting to confirm whatever students are coming to help out as the middle schoolers, Risako included, file into the bleachers. Homura and Capri. The brunette eyes Homura sideways, but since they weren't kicking her out like most people did and were at least going along with her explanation she figured basic info like that was safe enough to share. Ruriko: "Name's Ruriko Imamura. Just another one of those crazies who work here." Ruriko brings her right hand out of her pocket to reveal a small, egg-shaped gem that fits easily into her palm. The gem is mostly a light purple, with a golden casing around it. Ruriko: "I didn't come here to ask questions. Now if you're done bothering me I've got a rat to catch." Sonomi Kyubey paces for a bit as Sonomi talks on the phone, only to freeze completely when the other man comes in, acting like a stuffed animal that had simply been left out for as long as he's there. Once the coast is clear, Kyubey would gladly accept Sonomi's invitation, wrapping himself over his shoulder and replying Kyubey: "But of course, I'l always be here for you if you need me. You're special after all." Damon Lucky Streak: "Well... I guess you could probably catch me for arson, just watch and wait..." Lucky Streak glances around the crowd, though not directly at them, rather she seems to be scanning the area around her rapidly dissenting guests for something. Once they start throwing things, she says with a grin. Lucky Streak: "There we are, just hold on tight for a bit for the real show to begin." Lucky Streak waves her left hand over the crowd, revealing a strange, warped space a short distance above the crowd. Its a vaguely circular area emblazoned with a pair of doves near the center.
Sonomi breathes a sigh of relief, thinking that Kyubey would actually get a bit more interested than he really should have when their voice came on. Though something in her ought to ask, it's a bad idea to spill the beans then and there. Instead, she smiles at him as she always does with everyone else. "Aww, thanks! I don't think I'm that special, really." After she let Kyubey on her shoulder, she walked around, peaking into different rooms, waving at the doorways whenever some fans saw her, even going in and encouraging them so that they'll work harder, like her boss had said. Usually, once in a while, she went ahead and looked outside the window to look at the sky, as if something was out there. "I was a bit curious back there." She glanced back at him as she looked out the window, casting a bit of a worried look in her eyes as she gave out a slight chuckle. While it was short-lived, there was a hint of callousness to it. But her friendly smile stayed, like it always did. "This might be a stupid question, but, you said normal people can't see you. How come you froze up when he came in?"
Homura: Didn't come to ask questions? What a strange thing, considering how curious the girl was about magical types being about, but that's fine. "I see... Very well then Imamura-san, I'm Homura Akemi. I'm curious what brings you after this 'rat'. But somehow I doubt you want to say all that much. If not, guess leaving it alone is fine. Just keep it clear of me, and I won't get involved. Otherwise, well, let's not worry about it." She can't say that she entirely buys that. But being involved in some dumb magical girl dispute isn't her head of a good time either. For the moment she'll simply take care to recall what she's learned about this girl, little though it is. And walk back over to Capri for a moment. "Sorry about all that. Thanks for stopping by though, or rather thanks for your help the other day. At the library... It would have been annoying sorting through so many books without anyone else. I think I'm about to head out for the day, however, so unless you're bored enough to come along for no reason this is goodbye." The young woman looks back down at her phone, walking out the front door with a wave to her staff and eyes trained on the streets. It'd take a little bit, but with things mostly calm her goal's simply become meeting up with Madoka. Magic rushes through her body as a burst of wind pushes the girl up, leaping across rooftops with practiced ease and cutting over much of the city while grinning. Madoka: The girl walks forward, not pulling Shinji along anymore but still clearly making sure he's around. She isn't even aware of what exactly they'll be doing really, but it can't be too hard right? Her eyes dart down first though, reading a simple message informing her Homura's trip there has begun. "Heh, I didn't expect her to come out here... Not sure why though, it's just like Homura to do that when I tell her this kinda stuff." The phone is quickly put away, attention now focused on the... Boy? Girl? She's not sure which to call them really. "Oh yeah, we should hang out more sometime. I guess I can introduce you to my girlfriend too since she's apparently showing up today. I should try and focus for now though, huh?" Madoka giggles for a moment at that, despite her chatting though attention is indeed being paid to both what's going on. And moreover, to the area around them for signs of anything strange.
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H-Huh? *Pri would look up at Homura, closing her book as she does.* Library? O-Oh. It was... it was nothing. D-Don't worry about it. *"Sorting books?" Pri thought. "Is that what she calls fighting that monster? Or was that... in my head?" Pri looks down nervously before looking back up as Homura leaves.* O-Oh right. G-good... bye... *Pri would sigh deeply. Not feeling comfortable in a shop without anyone else present, she would put her book back in the hammerspace in her shield and leave herself. Looking around, she would sigh.* Now what do I do..?
Damon gazes at Lucky Strike with confusion. Not quite understanding what she is waiting for. As the restlessness of the crowd makes him even more antsy to know things or at least do something. He is about to pull out his ball of thread when the space appears above the crowd. Mystified he turns to Lucky Strike and has to ask. What is that portal thing that you made?
Shinji also follows the crowd, sticking close to Madoka. Still a little red. ...... Are you sure? I mean... if you don't mind hanging out with someone like me... and.. I guess I should apologize to your girlfriend.... He as well begins paying attention to the demonstration.
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Madoka and Shinji While Risako goes to sit in with the rest of the crowd of bored Middle Schoolers, Madoka and Shinji head backstage where they find a variety of equipment accompanied by some students they might recognize being from the chemistry, robotics, and physics clubs. While the club members were mandated to be here and do most of the presenting, Madoka, Shinji, and a few other students are expected to help bring their materials from backstage and keep the presentations going smoothly. The first one, from the robotics club, goes pretty smoothly, they demonstrate how they built a small machine that can move around, like an RC car, as well as lift and stack cans. Its overall a neat little presentation if you're into that sort of thing. Once the presentation is over, Madoka, Shinji, and the rest of the backstage crew are asked to help set up the tables and chemicals to be used for the Chemistry club while the robotics team is moved off to the side to answer questions. Its during the setup that Shinji might notice the gem on their ring letting off a soft glow, as it often did when it detects magic around. Homura and Capri Ruriko: "Chasing these things is my job, there's nothin' more to it. Could've been worse Akemi-san." Ruriko grins before heading out the door herself, both hands in her pockets the creature she was hunting obviously didn't have an adverse impact in there, so there's nothing to watch out for. Though she finds it odd for the place's owner to be leaving too, she doesn't have any reason to bother them, instead just casually waving until they go out of sight. Once there, Ruriko would duck into a nearby side street, simply to be in a less public area for now.. It would take Homura a little while to actually reach the school, so I'll simply mention whenever you make it. Sonomi Kyubey pauses for a bit, as if he's not entirely sure himself, or rather isn't sure what story he's supposed to make up. It was a bit silly in hindsight, and one can't just look silly. Kyubey: "Ummm... Its nothing too serious. Its more like practice for if someone does come in. As I'm sure you're well aware there are many people with a supernatural influence who aren't Magical Girls, like your friend Homura." Kyubey remains perfectly still the entire time, save for an occasional waving of his ears due to their movement before adding Kyubey: "Though I suppose as a former magical girl she's not the best example." Damon Lucky Streak simply grabs hold of Damon by the waist with her right arm, so as not to drop him before answering with a cheerful grin and practiced nonchalance Lucky Streak: "Lets just say I didn't make it, simply revealed it. Now hold on tight, the real show's about to begin. Don't wanna stay here long enough for the riot." Before she takes a running start, and simply taking one, majestic leap, over the crowd and into the portal. Of course, if Damon were to hold on as requested she'd take him into it with her, otherwise he'd have to deal with the crowd.
Sonomi nods in response to Kyubey's little explanation, letting out an innocent giggle as she looked out the window with a bored gaze. She almost felt sleepy, yawning as she looked back at him. "That's fair enough. I guess me being "special" just lets me see you then?" All of a sudden, she got a call once again. Swerving her way into an undistinct room, she picked it up and answered it with a calm voice. The way the voice on the other line spoke would indicate that it's one of the higher-ups, specifically for her considering both her age and her position doesn't really mean that she's someone with much power in her workplace. "Ah, ok. So you want it to be soon? That's understandabale. No, thank you, sir! Have a nice day!" Were some tadbits that Kyubey got to hear from Sonomi herself, hanging up and turning around. She got out of the room, with some passerbys giving her worried glances, but overall not really caring too much. "Turns out that some of the more experienced rookies are going to be debuting in their own concert. My boss wants me to buy a ticket and watch as a spectator. It's not today though. But uh, tomorrow. Is there anything I should be worried about tomorrow, Kyubey?"
Madoka:Before the pair enters, her head is tilted curiously at Shinji's words. Sorry... For what though? "I don't mind hanging out with you, no. But um, what do you mean apologize to Homura? I wasn't aware you had done anything which would warrant that. Don't worry about it too much, alright?" With that said and things underway, Madoka doesn't really have much trouble helping out, it's fairly simple work all things considered. While not too invested in it, the job gets done right. Though not by any means in an exceptional way. However, as they begin setting up she'd absently catch sight of the ring and sigh a little bit. Speaking to her new associate in a low quiet voice, more of a whisper than anything. "Oh... I wonder if that might be one of them. Let's try and get done here before worrying with that though, okay? And uh, you can count on me. Homura too, actually when she gets here..."
can I join? Pls
Simply put, no. Long story short this little deal was planned out on Discord, the PCs were set from the start.
*Pri sighs, kicking a rock, her eyes looking down at the ground. She hummed lightly. Looking up, she notices Ruriko slipping away.* Isn't that... the health inspector? * Pri fights between her timid nature and curiosity. Deciding she still hates crowds, she decides to follow Ruriko into the side street, telling herself she wasn't being nosy, she was just trying to find an less crowded path to get around.*
Wait wh- Damon quickly holds onto Lucky Star for dear life once she takes off. Thus accompanying her into the portal instead of falling into the general crowd.
Shinji's face turns a little red at Madoka's question. D-don't worry about it. Thank you. The two split to work on different things, but once the current work is finished, Shinji returns to Madoka. ... One of.. W-wait.. Her voice lowers. You.. know what this is? Are you also...? He checks for a ring on Madoka's finger. But upon not seeing one.. You shouldn't get involved.. it's dangerous for normal people... Thank you for offering...
The girl chuckles, eyes dancing with what looks like lightning for a moment while she crosses her arms. Face dead serious as her tone becomes not cherry for the first time Shinji has likely heard. "Wow, you really must be new to this stuff after all. I can explain more later, but for now just trust me when I say I've got my methods." That's one way to put it anyways, she'll try to explain later of course but for the moment keeping it vague and brief seems like the best bet. Her voice is back to usual soon enough though, light and happy with a smile. "This has been kinda cool though at least, don't you think? I'm glad I decided to come at any rate."
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Madoka and Shinji Shinji's glow doesn't intensify for a while, perhaps somewhat of a relief, as they get ready for the next step. While helping set up the chemistry group Madoka and Shinji would likely notice that several of the chemicals they're working with have a warning label saying they're flammable, again nothing too strange. The demonstration begins as normal, with the chemistry students, led by the girl with purple hair, talking about how they were going to mix stuff together to make a chemical that gives off a nice green glow, with the standard warnings about being careful as chemicals can be dangerous. Towards the end of the demonstration, the robotics kids start talking among themselves as their robot starts to spark. They start blaming each other for messing around with it. More noticeably, the teachers seem to be having a harder time controlling the crowd of middle schoolers, a few of them try to go up on stage, leading to them getting scolded by the demonstrators. purple-hair: "Hey, don't you guys have any self-control? We were just talking about how dangerous it is." Near the back of the crowd, Risako gets up, glancing around nervously as she tries to use the distraction caused by the other kids to get out of sight for a bit, as she'd rather not transform in public. Capri Capri follows Ruriko to the back alley, where she sees the girl, assuming she's out of the public eye, take hold of a small, egg-shaped gem that glows a light purple. A similarly colored light snakes out of the stone like a ribbon, wrapping down her arm and around her body until she's fully covered, at which point it bursts out to reveal a long, tight-fitting suit, mostly purple with white stripes down the side. If not interrupted, the girl would make a single jump to get on the rooftop of the nearest building, before heading back towards the cafe. Capri would notice a fire escape on one of the nearby buildings, ladder down, to enable following if she chose to keep hidden. Sonomi After waiting for Sonomi's conversation to end, Kyubey would pause and think for a minute, before answering. Like usual, his voice betrays no emotion, and his response is curt and honest. Kyubey: As you aren't a magical girl, I have nothing to ask of you. However, there was someone who wanted to meet with you and may have other plans. But that can wait until work is over at the very least. Damon Damon and Lucky Streak enter the portal, causing the park from earlier to fade away as a new world forms into view. This world almost seems painted on, like the figures of the king or queen in a deck of cards, with long archways leading up onto a stage. Once they're here, Lucky would drop Damon, letting him stand on his own two feet as she brushes aside her hair Lucky Streak: "Sorry about using you as bait. This here is what's called a labyrinth. Its a home to monsters that like to cause a little chaos. A crowd like that is great for bringing one out."
Oh. I shouldn't be doing this... * Despite her resrvations, Pri decides to follow Ruriko secretly, climbing the ladder to do so. "I haven't done gymnastics in a while. I hope I don't need to do too much here."*
Sonomi simply nods her head, flashing a smile Kyubey's way. It seemed as if she was used to Kyubey being like this, but at the same time, liking him for it was probably a mistake she didn't see. Her own response was said as casually as ever, though her little questioning session probably ended up leading nowhere. "That's fine enough. I can thank you for being honest at least." She looked out the window, now realizing that a girl that seemed to be the same age as her was going to walk right into her workplace. She wore a checkerboard jacket around her waist, had on a newsboy cap, and slung a camera around her neck. Sonomi's face flushed a light shade of red when she knew who it was. "What was that about someone wanting to meet me?" Kyubey most likely didn't know who it was, but by the excited reaction the trainees gave to the girl whenever she passed by the door being of shock it'd probably tell of an assumption that the girl was probably someone important to her, as well as a bit popular in the scene of the idol business.
Seeing the signs, Shinji quickly excuses himself to the toilet. The moment he finds himself alone however, he pulls off the ring and uses it to transform. Once transformed, She makes her way back to the auditorium. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/480065856534216714/597486175418056705/illust_72786861_20190614_181648.png?width=372&height=585
Madoka: She stares blankly as Shinji comes back into the room, they stand out... A great deal after all. For the moment, Madoka simply waves to them and searches for her own chance to vanish. In the end she doesn't care too much if people know a bit about what she can do. But showing off more than needed is simply poor taste in her mind. The girl would also take a few moments to send Homura another message, informing her partner in crime that there may well be a Witch about nearby and to make sure she's ready.
Wait you used me as bait? Weird Damon barely noticed and if he did he didn't think he would care much. Looking around he finds himself appreciating the design of the place, but feels a bit uncomfortable with the loss of crowd energy. As he checks to see if his bag is still with him the conversation continues. So the monster is one of those witch things, right? A frightening little girl monster doing monstrous things.
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Madoka and Shinji It wouldn't be long until the thing they were waiting for happened, the kids would surge forward, seemingly out of things, while the robot from earlier sparks. The crowd starts to get on stage, only to find themselves held back by brilliantly glowing silver chains. Out in the back near the door, trying to stay hidden, Risako can be seen, her uniform changed into a frilly, silver dress and holding a long staff adorned with a heart shaped holder for a brilliant silver gem. Of course, as these things unfold the crowd aren't really idiots, what people don't seem to be under control are hurrying for the exits, teachers leading them out as if it were simply a fire drill. For better or for worse they seem prepared at least. While Risako keeps the other middle schoolers from doing anything dumb, the robot on stage would transform, it rolls up on stage and grows, its one arm that was used to grab things now sparks with a current running through it, it blocks the way for the demonstrators, now stuck between this monster and a zombified crowd. Capri Once she climbs up to the roof, Capri would find Ruriko of course, now standing at the entrance of a large, circular portal. It somewhat resembles the ones she saw at the library, but seems to have some sort of spooky motif, its primary color changed to a dark purple with a crescent moon in the center of the circle surrounded by bats. Ruriko strides towards it confidently, taking her time on the approach before jumping in at full force. Sonomi Kyubey knew pretty much every girl in the city, so he wouldn't be surprised by the appearance of one of Sonomi's role models, considering what day it was. Rather than ruin her day, he'd simply nod to Sonomi for now. Kyubey: "They're a friend of mine, but like I said it can wait for now. It looks like you might have company." Damon Damon finds his bag still properly in place, not lost during the ride as the area shifts around them, soon it would become clear that they're in a sort of open courtyard, still in the style of cards, from the pillars, to the balconies, even the kind of plants one wouldnormally find in a garden. Lucky Streak takes a few steps forward, looking back at him with a grin. Lucky Streak: "I said 'using' not 'used'. Nice to see you know a bit about witches already. I'll just skip to the important parts then, in general, Witches are drawn to areas with many potential victims, like my show, and hate invaders. Luckily" As the courtyard starts to rumble, Lucky Streak takes off her small, red ribbon worn around her neck. She whips it out, and the ribbon begins to expand and stretch, attaching to two opposing pillars between her and Damon, first at around knee level, then they would wrap around the pillars and go up again, repeating several times to form a better shield. Lucky Streak: "As a Magical Girl its my job to handle these things. So just sit tight for a bit and it'll all be over."
Huh? *Pri curiously looks at the portal. "It's magical. That's for sure. Should I..." Pri steps towards the portal before stopping, shaking her head.* N-No. I should... Should I call Aunt Gemini? Oh... *Pri bites her lip, hesistaating on what to do. "The Health Inspector seemed to know about the type of stuff that happened in the Library. Could this be something like that? In that case, people might be in danger." Pri stood there, staring at the portal nervously. She would glance at the sky.* I dunno... What should I do, everyone?
Madoka stares at the robot as it transforms, she isn't exactly a lover of violence. But if that thing is gonna try to hurt people then... "Come out D'Arc, show our strength!" Blue flames burn around the girl and a card shatters in her hand, the sound of cracking glass ringing out throughout air as a tall armored woman with shoulder length brown hair appears, burns and ash coating her plate mail. There's also a gleaming steel sword in her right hand, the left holding a silver shield with a cross on it. Madoka's efforts are spent upon forming a glowing bow made out of solid light in her hands. The Persona, however, is quick to strike, lashing out with a fast bolt of mid-level lightning that flies through the air straight towards their foe while she advances. Naturally, the user is hoping that a machine will be harmed more than usual by a sudden influx of electricity into its body. "Come on, let's take care of this thing quickly if we can. I don't want anyone to get hurt... Rather, I won't let anyone get hurt!"
Damon feels a twinge of dislike toward Lucky Streak. Well for some sort of hero person you are a real jerk. Using people like that and whatnot. He declares with utter certainty. He then walks to the nearest pillar and stories it. Letting Lucky strike do all the work.
S: "Asena, I thought you were going to meet me when my work was over!" Sonomi said to her surprise when the girl approached her, at least after simply waving in the doorways of fans that knew who she was. To Kyubey, it was clear that the girl was named Asena, who was on the phone with Sonomi earlier. A: "Well, uh, I wanted to visit. Is it that so hard to ask? Well, I also wanted pictures for my...aesthetic blog." She took the camera from around her neck and snapped a photo of Sonomi standing by the window facing Asena. Turns out the girl is actually pretty photogenic, despite not being prepared for the shot at all. When she looked at the photo, and then at the little pet that's accompanying Sonomi, she raises an eyebrow. A: "Wow, what's the cute thing sitting next to you?" Sonomi in turn, would walk up to Asena, whispering something in her ear before they both nodded. Afterwards, she would go into the room that Sonomi used to get her call in. Sonomi herself would glance backwards at Kyubey with a worried expression, but her attention was mostly on the room that her friend had entered.
Upon entering the room and seeing the chained up people, She's surprised to notice Risako, she wasn't expecting another magical girl to be here, so Shinji is relieved. What surprises her more though, is Madoka, seeing the girl who looks like she wouldn't hurt a fly summon some kinda spirit and fire lightning at the robot makes Shinji freeze for a second before she gets her bearings back. R-right! Seeing how the situation has already escalated, Shinji foregoes her usual catchphrase and jumps against the back wall, landing on it and kicking off, sending herself flying at the robot as a sword forms in her hand, intending to thrust it into the robot. Whether it dodges or not, Shinji would land between it and the demonstrators, snapping her fingers as ice magic converges onto the robot, trying to freeze it solid. She then decides this is a good time to spout her "battlecry" with a cocky smile. Evil BEWARE! Magical Shino has arrived on the scene!
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Madoka and Shinji Madoka's lightning strikes the robot's arm, an audible pop can be heard as its inner circuitry is totally fried. However, now taken over it doesn't really need its wiring, and as such it is merely stunned for a moment. This moment gives Shinji the chance to strike the machine directly. The blow leaes a fair dent in its body, which wasn't really built to withstand impacts, having been intended for a harmless demonstration. As such, once Shinji freezes it, the device simply stands there, seemingly unable to move. The demonstrators simply stand there, shocked for a bit, before the purple-haired girl leading the demonstration manages to speak purple-hair: "T.. I don't... Lets just... Is it good to go?" they all seem pretty out of their element, but with an escape route now open are more than glad to try leaving the gym themselves. With the situation mostly under control here, Shinji would likely be able to work on detecting the actual witch itself, rather than simply dealing with the aftereffects. Its around this time that Homura makes it to the school. She's been there a few times before, and since gyms tend to be located in easy-to-find locations it likely wouldn't take her much longer to join the group proper. Capri once the other girl has entered the portal, Capri would notice it warping a bit, much in the same way water ripples when a stone is thrown into it. She gets a glimpse of the world inside, which resembles an old-fashioned dark manor, but for now nothing seems to have come of it. Sonomi Since Asena could obviously see him, Kyubey didn't really see much of a reason to keep his presence a secret. He would perk up his long, fluffy tail and waits for Sonomi to be done talking before he mentions to her Kyubey: "If you want to talk about me that's fine. I know I can trust your decisions." Once again the creature would simply walk up next to Sonomi, like a cat looking for attention, simply leaving the choice to them. Damon Lucky Streak either doesn't notice, or doesn't mind Damon's apparent disagreement, instead she simply shuffles a deck of cards between her hands and speaks with well-rehearsed bravado Lucky Streak: "Just sit back and enjoy the show." The pillars ahead in the courtyard fold away as the Witch itself comes into being. It takes the form of a giant playing card, and seems to simply drift into existence. Its back is about what you'd normally expect, but the creature swiftly turns around to reveal its face side, that of a Joker wielding a wicked sickle. It lets out a laugh that echoes throughout the area, before making a wide slash with its scythe. The slash sends out a wave of wind, which is deflty jumped over by Lucky Streak and dashes harmlessly against the ribbon separating Damon from the fight.
*Pri paces a little, struggling with her nervousness.* Oh. This is a bad idea... *Pri closes her eyes and swallow hard before follows the "health inspector" into the portal.*
Yes, please make an orderly and calm retreat outside, stay together, those of yourselves who can steel yourselves, please work together to make sure everyone is accounted for. I'm going to go find the source of the problem! Somebody please make sure the civilians get out safely! Shino, now in full serious mode, begins searching for the witch.
Madoka: As their target freezes solid, Madoka's attack would half for a moment. Staring at the enemy with a shrug as she begins to follow after Shinj- Shino rather. The name change is something to wonder about, but oh well. "Right, I'll come too. No telling what this one does Shino, you never can with a Witch until you've already fought her. Oh and uh, more help should be here so-" Homura: She's come here now and then, mostly just to pick up Madoka and go but it seemed prudent to learn a bit about the area. Right as Madoka's sentence ends, she'd burst through into the gym and casually conjure up Homulilly, the magical girl outfitted Persona with a clock in her chest and shadows for a body rushes forward, gemstones where eyes should be gleaming as the guillotine blade of her black metal rod aims to split the robot down its center with a heavy overhead slash. H: "Sorry I'm late, had a strange meeting earlier today. So what's the situation so far?" The black haired girl walks forward, Madoka smiling at her and waving a bit. M: "it's a Witch, and that's about all we know for sure. Maybe some kinda tech theme since it took over that robot? And I'm glad you're here! One of us should probably focus on getting people out though, do you mind?" H: "Yeah alright, but you better not rush into a barrier without me. Just gimme a shout once you two find the entry." Homura's head shakes a bit as she begins turning to move with the crowd. A black rifle in hand. Madoka would as promised, try to stay with Shino.
Gonna have to do something real impressive to entertain me meanie. Damon shouts to Lucky Streak. As the wave of wind hits the ribbons he makes sure to put his arms in front of his face for good measure. Once the wind subsides he would then take the time to dig into his bag and pull out his ball of thread. The threads almost seem to glow from all the emotion they collected previously, but Damon simply wraps a few coils around his index and forefinger. He then continues to wait behind the ribbon barrier to see what Lucky Streak is capable of.
Sonomi gives a little schoolgirl giggle to Kyubey when he reassures her, turning around to crouch down and pet him. As always, she gave her smile which should be enough of a sign that she trusts Kyubey too, even though she's used it so much it should be trademarked. S: "Thanks for that. But that's not what I'm worried about at the moment." After the sound of knocking came from the room Asena entered, out came a boy that whistled an annoyingly perfect tune. While the boy was clearly a different gender, he looked eerily similar to the girl that had first entered, with the same camera still being slung around his neck as well as the same pair of glasses on his face. However, he kept up a dull expression. A: "Any reason why that's here?" S: "Any reason why you left me for 3 days?" A: "One that's probably better than what you were going to use." They stood and stared at each other silently before they both let out a laugh, bright smiles on their faces. The two gave each other a hug before facing each other again, muttering a "love you" to each other. Afterwards, Asena went to a vending machine nearby to try and buy a quick snack. Sonomi faced Kyubey and asked him a question in a secretive tone of voice. S: "So, what do you think of him?"
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H, M, + S Soon enough Shino would locate the general area of the barrier, its in a slightly warped space backstage where the robotics kids were preparing their demonstration. Further using her magic would allow her to rip open an entrance. Madoka's guess would be proved correct as its portal is adorned with a stamp-like marking, written in the strange runic script most witches use, and surrounded by a series of cogs which twist and turn around the portal to give it a feeling of constant motion. Risako would remain in the back, holding onto the ones affected by the Witch's kiss with her magic chains and just sort of stammering Risako: "A... Alright, I'll just.. Hold down the fort here... Good luck." Homura is a responsible adult who leads the demonstrators out to the rest of the teachers. They stare at the new person for a bit, but don't really want to argue with the person holding a gun, instead they simply whisper among themselves. purple hair: "I don't think she goes to this school" male demonstrator: "kind of cute though" female demonstrator: "you think toting a gun around is cute?" and similar nonsense as they're brought outside of the gym, nothing seems to happen as Homura can see the rest of the students lining up outside, with the few teachers there making a headcount. Capri After waiting a moment to steady her nerves, Capri heads into the barrier itself. Once inside, the monochrome area looks to be even more abandoned than before. Capri would find herself in a living room, with a few tattered couches covered in cobwebs. Capri would also notice splinters of wood that seem to have been painted on, though what shape they once took would be difficult to determine. There's only one place left to go, a massive, spiraling staircase that doesn't seem to have an end. Yet it can't really be that long, for the "health inspector" is nowhere to be seen. Sonomi Kyubey simply watches the pair, he never quire understood the interactions of humans, but then again he didn't need to. Kyubey makes a few quick turns, pacing as an indication of him waiting, before they're finally finished. Sonomi might notice a hint of disdain in Kyubey's reply, one that only she can hear. Kyubey: "They're an anomaly. Though that term has started to lose meaning recently. isn't it rather rude for them to talk about me as if I'm not here?" Kyubey flicks his tail in annoyance, but of course he's not actually going to do anything. Damon Lucky Streak flashes Damon a smile as she leaps up to the side of one of the pillars Lucky Streak: "Is that a challenge? As a show woman I never disappoint." The Witch recovers from its first failed attempt, this time it stretches its arm forward, hooking its scythe around the pillar Lucky Streak is standing on, and pulling to shatter it. Naturally, Lucky Streak simply leaps up and over, scattering a collection of her own cards down as she passes over the Witch. Lucky Streak: "How about we play a bit of a game?" The confused witch rapidly slashes at the cards, which causes them to split with each cut. The split cards would soon start to fill the air around it, simply floating there as if awaiting a signal. Lucky Streak: "Is there a problem? Just pick a card." None of this would actually reach Damon of course, at this point it seems Lucky Streak is simply trying to show off rather than do her actual job.
*A small frown would form on Pri's face. Like in the Library, her shield would grow in size slightly and remove itself from Pri's arm, floating next to it instead.* T-t-this place is even creepier than the other one... But this is no t-time to be scared. *Gathering her nerves, Pri decides to leave the room and see what she can find.*
In response to Kyubey's immediate distaste towards her significant other, Sonomi tries to reassure him that they're alright. Her tone of voice tries to be a bit more gentle, but at the same time it turns into being casually dismissive. S: "Aww, don't worry Kyubey. Asena's usually like this." Right after she said that, the boy had came back, an unwrapped candy bar in hand as well as a soda. He looked as Sonomi and let a smirk creep onto his face, but when his eyes meet Kyubey's any sign of happy emotion just disappears into thin air. Due to this, Sonomi snatches the candy bar and bites it. A: "Hey, I was going to get you one! You could've asked you know." S: "...well, can you? Pretty please? You don't even like fruits in your candy!" With a sigh, he made his way back to the vending machine. Sonomi took a piece from the side of the bar she didn't bite, offering it to Kyubey mostly as a half-hearted apology.
........................ Shino hesitates at the entrance of the barrier, looking at it like... well.. a normal person would look at something like that. It's obvious she's never seen one before. S-so.. this is a witches dungeon? She turns her head to Madoka, worry in her expression both for the girl and for herself. .. A-are you sure you wanna go? It could be really dangerous....
What is Damon to do, but to let the magician carry out her work. So he thinks. Though he does not have complete faith in her skill and allows the coils tied around his fingers to siphon off some of her excitement. He doesn't do it too greedily so she doesn't notice but he doesn't care much for it affecting her skill. He hums as he sits and continues to watch.
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Madoka: The first thing she does upon them finding the entry point, is pull out her phone and quickly send some directions to Homura in the form of a text. The next thing she'd do would be putting a hand on Shino's shoulder and smiling at the other girl. "Hey, calm down alright? This is far from my first time dealing with a Witch's Barrier alright. I'm not gonna lie to you, it'll be dangerous, and sometimes people die in these things..." She pauses, taking a deep breath and stepping forward toward the entry. "I don't think that's going to happen, be careful. Work together, and we can make it through this. Anyway, hold up, I wanna wait on Homura to get here before we go in." Homura: There's a blank stare on the girl's face as she looks at the scene unfolding before her. Upon noticing that everyone is seemingly safe for now, she just speaks up in a bored calm voice. "I don't attend here, no. And goodbye, I have work to do in there. If you want my advice, don't question this madness too much." Her phone blares for a moment and the black-haired girl goes running, darting through the hallways and assuming Shino agreed to wait. Finding the pair standing outside this barrier, speaking up in a calm but clearly concerned voice. H: "Madoka, you know the score on these things. And so do I... Just like we've practiced, right? And uh..." M: "Shino, that'd be the name you're wanting." H: "Right, Shino. You even been in one of these things before? If not, all I can say is that we're about to walk into a surrealist landscape and fight an acid trip. Such is a magical girl's lot in life, and even if we've quit I can't ignore someone who needs help. So, shall we go?" She offers the new girl a grin while walking forward, though before that she'd pull out a glowing bottle and toss it to Madoka. A steel metal bow suddenly appearing, followed by a spear, the spear strapped onto the pink-haired girl's back, bow held in her hands. Both exchange a nod before walking to whatever lies beyond, weapons aimed and ready.
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Shino and co. Those who enter the barrier would hear a pssssh sound before their vision is clouded by a burst of steam. Once the steam clears, they are greeted to a clockwork factory. The area is filled with turning gears of various sizes, some as small as one's hand, others the size of a house. Some are left connected to the ground, while others foat in the air with no apparent purpose. None of the gears are interconnected, instead they are spaced just far enough apart to make it somewhat difficult to maneuver between them. The area is littered with all sorts of strange-looking devices, some of which resemble toys, but their parts are all out of whack. For example, a metallic teddy bear with a massive head, or a three-story house that's missing its second floor, the third simply floats a few inches. The group would also notice a few that look like simplistic robots, much like the one brought to their science fair, they're small and roll around on wheels, with various parts attached like an arm, a hammer, one appears to have flowers welded on it while another carries a blow torch. All of these appear to be in a state of major disrepair, missing wheels, part of the arm, and in one case the outer chassis. For the time none of them are moving. Off towards the front, hidden away by one of the larger gears, another loud psssh sound is heard followed by the sound of welding metal. Soon enough, another robot, this one fully functional, could be seen wheeling over the large gear, only to fall off and break itself again. As the welding sound continues Capri The staircase seems to twist more and more sharply as she goes up, until it gets to the point where she's practically turning around every other step. Capri would find wooden shards scattered across the old staircase, but with little sign of who actually caused it. Without warning, Capri would find herself at an open doorway, which leads into another room, similar to the place she first entered. This one is a smaller room that connects into two others, one ot the left and one to the right. There are a few old portraits that are too webbed over to see who it was supposed to be of. There're also signs of a fight, with a few holes in the wall that simply lead into empty space, as well as a series of four blades spread across the floor, sticking in with their hilts pointed towards the room at the right. These swords are long, thin blades that resemble a katana, were it not for its atypical yellow handguard. Capri would be able to hear some crashing and thumping sounds coming from the room to her left, though the "health inspector" is still nowhere to be seen. Kyubey having eaten some of the muffin earlier, Kyubey wouldn't really feel any need to eat, so instead he simply slowly shakes his head, letting his ears flop to the side while asking a simple question Kyubey: "Around when are you available anyways? I can always come back later if this is a bad time."
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Damon Soon enough the Witch tries a different approach, instead of simply swinging its scythe around, it angrily points a finger at Lucky Streak. In response to its little command, a dozen of the plants rise up a bit before shooting themselves towards her like spears, all of which are blocked or dodged with ease. Soon enough she'd stand back on the ground and starts grandstanding again Lucky Streak: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment you've all been waiting for, now watch as I make the terrible monster, disappear!" The cards she left floating around the witch would begin multiplying of their own accord before finally making a sphere around the creature. With a snap of her fingers, the sphere would collapse around the Witch, leaving a single deck of cards. Lucky Streak: "But where did it go you might ask? Why it was here the entire time." Lucky Streak pulls a single, normal sized playing card out ofher sleeve, a joker this time, which seems to struggle initially, only for Lucky Streak to tear the card up and be done with it before bowing. Lucky Streak: "and there you have it folks." Soon enough, the barrier would waver and disappear before depositing them back outside in the park. The stage has been destroyed while they were gone, but none of the crowd seem to be hurt, mostly either confused or unconscious.
I've... never been in one of these places.. no... Shino stares at the landscaping, something completely out of her dreams. I w-wouldn't be a hero though, if I didn't face the threat... So.. Let's find it.. I'll.. uhh.. follow you.. since you know what you're doing.
Homura laughs at their new friend's words, oh god. Know what they're doing, that's funny. H: "I... I'm not so sure we know what we're doing really. These places are like acid trips, and they all have different rules. So just stay on guard and think fast I guess." Madoka nods to her girlfriend's words, that's about all you can say on Witches really. She looks forward to where the robot is falling off, wondering which way to go. M: "Yeah that's about it... Maybe we should try and find the source of the robots though, that seems like it might work out?" The black haired girl shrugs a bit and starts moving forward, aiming to get a closer look at the area the wielding sound comes from while her persona's card takes shape, ready to be called out.
*" Did Miss Health Inspector do this?" Pri would think, looking at the damaged room. She would jump slightly when she hears the commotion one room over. With a motion of her hand, her shield would position it's self in front of her. Pri would close her eyes.* I'm here to help. I'm here to h-help. I-I'm here... Oh dear... *Shaking slightly, she would slowly try to open the door leading to the left room, leaving it to her shield to block any attacks that may come her way by doing so.*
Damon slow claps after Lucky Star's performance and looks around once they make it back. He was expecting some real cool magic stuff like sawing someone in half, but eh a fight could count. Lucky Star being a magical girl made the performance even worse since he knew the skill wasn't exactly earned. Wow can't believe the witch went down that easy. Last time it took like a whole bunch of people.
Sonomi takes back the piece she offered and eat it, looking back at Asena who had just arrived yet again with another candy bar. She responded to Kyubey's question with the most sincerity that she could bring herself to. S: "...possibly. It's been a bit of a slow day for me today, since I don't actually have to do all that much now that I've finished most of it. But uh, Asena's here. Maybe I can see you again some other time?" A: "Wait, what do I have to do with it? I just wanted to visit." They started again with idle conversation, not even caring about the food they brought at this point. Most of the time, their responses would easily be telegraphed once you hear them together for a little bit. S: "I don't think Kyubey was really expecting anyone else." A: "Uh, same goes for me. I'm getting a bit nervous knowing that that thing is staring over us while we talk right now."
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Shino and co. As the group slowly edges their way around one of the gears, they’d soon see sparks flying as something with needle-like tips works on welding a piece of another robot. From the light provided by sparks the group can make out a large, spider-like creature. It’s body is large and divided into three blocky segments, with the middle section being smaller than the other two. It’s eight legs are shaped like nails, mostly straight and unbendable, rapidly narrowing out into the fine tip currently being used on the robots. It’s eight eyes glow like old lightbulbs that no one’s bothered to replace, and almost seems like it could pop at any moment. Soon enough, the creature would finish working on its project, and hastily skitter to another machine nearby, having not yet noticed its intruders. The robot it finished has the same wheeled chassis as the others, but is unique in that it’s equipped with what seems to be a telescope that was bent halfway up. The machine does a few quick donuts on the factory floor before heading in a direction parallel to the gear the group is currently peaking around, its telescope swiveling wildly around it’s top Capri As Capri begins to open the door, she’d first notice a crashing sound followed by a somewhat familiar voice “Health Inspector”: “Missed me again. Maybe you should come a little closer.” Opening it further, she’d find the next area to be a wide dining room, with a massive table easily a hundred feet long, now shattered into dozens of pieces, two chandeliers hanging near the ends of the room, and a great number of swords scattered about, all of which resemble the blades from the previous room. The “health inspector”, in addition to her simple full-body suit from earlier would also be wearing sleek, silver gauntlets, each adorned with a circular amethyst gem. She stands in a clear space where the table once was, and almost seems to be having fun. Unlike her opponent, a girl around Capri’s age with short, blue hair adorned by a golden hairline shaped like a fortissimo symbol, and wearing a long white cape who, initially stands atop the chandelier closest to her vantage point Blue-hair: stop running and maybe I will. With that, the girl pulls out two more weapons, identical to all the ones Capri’d seen before, from beneath her cape and leaps straight towards the brown-haired “inspector” down a diagonal. The “inspector” stands her ground, and as soon as the blue-haired girl gets close enough to swing, takes a large step in and says “Inspector”: Left yourself open. Before punching the other girl straight in the chest. There’s an audible crack as the blue-haired girl loses her grip on her weapons, leaving them to fall to the ground by the inspector as she’s blown across the room and into the wall near Capri.
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Sonomi Kyubey would flick his tail impatiently for a bit, but decided better than to make an issue of the situation, instead he simply turns around and gives a quick and cheerful Kyubey: “Its no problem at all, you two have fun.” Before seeking to simply disappear down the building’s hallways. It could wait for a bit after all. Damon Lucky Streak would let out a bit of self-satisfied laughter when Damon mentions a big group. At the very least she seems to think she knows something Lucky Streak: “You mean those rejects who enjoy all the pickings around here? I’d be surprised if any in Suzuki’s little group could....” ???: “Please go on.” Lucky Streak pauses as another girl makes their way out of the dazed crowd. They wear comfortable looking jeans and a sweatshirt, as well as short-cut white hair, so as to keep it out of the way. Upon seeing them Lucky Streak’s eyes narrow and she does little to hide a hint of disdain in her voice. In contrast, Suzuki seems careless, perhaps even bored Lucky Streak: “So what brings you to my little show miss Suzuki? I notice you’re without your posse.” Suzuki: “I actually had a request. If you don’t mind. There’s been a string of disappearances lately.” Lucky Streak: “So call the police, or look into it yourself if you’re so worried.” Suzuki:”That’s the problem. The police aren’t likely to find anything because the victims are all Magical Girls.” There’s a bit of a pause before Lucky Streak breaks the silence with a yawn Lucky Streak: “Sounds like all the more reason for me to skip town.”
W-What? *"Two of them? One is Miss Health Inspector but why is she fighting some other kid?" Pri whines lightly. " What should I do? This place is dangerous, isn't it? Is the Miss blue hair a bad guy then? But then... I dunno. What would mother do?" Pri looks nervousl between them. She grabs her shield tight. " Then I'll do that."* H-Hey! Please stop f-f-fighting! *Pri would yell. She would throw her shield into the room. It would stop between the two before glowing and producing seven hexagonal barriers, creating a wall between the Health Inspector and the Blue Haired Girl. She would bite her lower lip.* I d-don't know why your fighting, but... you just s-shouldn't be. Talk or s-something. 'ts...tter...you... *Her voice trailed off. Pri glanced down and pulled her hood below her eyes. Her mother was way better at stopping people from fighting, but Pri was not her mother. Her nerves were getting the better of her again. She just hoped it was enough to defuse the situation. And if it wasn't, her shield would hopefully keep them seperated.*
Some spider-like thing isn't quite expected by Homura, the thing doesn't seem to have noticed they're here for now. But it might be best to decide a course of action, she stops moving and halts while whispering to Madoka and Shino. H: "Do we want to try and fight this thing? Could be a problem if we leave it alone, but I don't know that we strictly need to take this one out either." The pink haired girl just shrugs for now, pausing and waiting a bit while she prepares to make her next move. Whatever that is. M: "I'm fine with either way, it might be a waste of our energy. But we might be stabbed in the back if its left." H: "I'll go ahead and say take it out, and possibly that other one too. But eh, I'm curious for your thoughts too Shino." She glances out towards the newer telescope holding robot, grenade launcher taking shape in her hands while awaiting their new ally's reply.
Damon looks to Lucky Streak with a smirk. Why would you skip town when you are clearly stronger than the rejects? Unless ... He gasps in an over the tops manner worthy of some bad internet award. You lied to me Lucky Star-sama. How could you? I thought you treated all your fans with respect~ with that said Damon walks over to the new girl and bows to her. Hullo the name is Damon and helping out random people is quickly becoming my game. Is there anything a lad like me can do?
As the pair watches Kyubey leave, they both take a bite out of their snack with one feeling extremely different from the other. As evident by Asena smiling and humming with Sonomi simply sighing out. Which in turn makes Asena sigh out. A: "Oh my god, don't tell me. You seriously feel bad for it?" S: "...maybe? What if it was something important?" A: "Pfft, like hell it was."
Well.. normally I'd really rather not fight something if I don't have to.. But.. it's part of the problem right? So we probably should. She draws her sword, as if to accentuate her point. I'll leave the decision to you.. But it looks like it's helping build stuff and doing upkeep.. So not destroying it might end up a problem if it fixes some of the stuff we break.
Up to them huh... A witch's minions generally fade away with her demise. However, not all familars can be safely left alone if one wants to win against their master. Homura's gun rises up, aimed towards the witch's creation as a black card takes shape in the air between them. H: "Right, it could become a source of issues by my guess. So let's go ahead and do this then. Behold the self shrouded in darkness, Homulilly." M: "Seems like a sound bet to me, let's help too D'Arc!" Madoka would nod, her friend's grenade tearing through the air rapidly and shatter that card. Once again the Persona takes shape, waiting only for the moment it takes her master's weapon to explode upon their target before rushing forward and wildly swinging her weapon, a rapid series of quick cuts. Cuts that would glow and shimmer, D'Arc having taken shape as the sound of glass cracking rings out from Madoka's hand and blue flames burst around her. The second Persona's efforts aren't direct, but rather focused upon adding greater power to Homulilly's attack. Holy light shimmering upon the large black metal rod and lashing out in small blasts as strikes fly directly the target of this strange eight-eyed being.
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Shino and co. Once Homura decides to step out and shoot, the telescope-wielding robot would rapidly point towards them, though it has no method to make sound, the spider-like creature reacts instantly, as no real warning was necessary. It swivels around, wanting to look at them with its own eyes. These strange, two-legged beings that entered its home. They were new They were cool. It stares expectantly at the grenade.... Only for it to blow up in the creature's face. A few of the fragments strike the creature's eyes, blowing out two of the bulbs before they are covered in a pair of metallic sheets that come out of the eyeholes like sheets. The creature lets out a shriek. They hurt. They must be broken. But I can fix them. Once Homulilly approaches, the creature scuttles to the side with a speed not possible for a creature of its size, before reaching out and extending two of its nail like appendages. Though doing this causes it to receive several of the persona's blows, its armor would get little more than scratches as a massive pulse of electricity goes between its legs. This same attack sends a weaker pulse in the form of six sparks. The sparks spread out, with two of them going in the direction of Madoka and Homura, as Shino had yet to step out of hiding. However, these sparks wouldn't seem to cause any pain, rather anything hit would freeze up, paralyzed for the moment. Capri As Pri throws her shield, she'd notice the blue-haired girl near her simply standing up, in spite of the sound of the impact and sizable dent in the wall, it was almost like she hadn't been touched. The girl simply brings out another sword from beneath her flowing cape, and points the blade directly at Capri blue-hair: "Drop the shield, you'll let her get away." And sure enough the health inspector was already turning to make her way to the back of the room, go any direction long enough and they're bound to find an exit, or at least that's the idea. However, she'd soon trip as the swords blue-hair dropped earlier uncoil, revealing several ropes inside that allows the metal to bend and wrap around her legs "inspector": "Just give up already, annoying creep. " The brown-haired girl strikes at the swords entangling her with her gauntlets, soon breaking them and allowing her freedom of movement again. Damon Suzuki looks over to Damon, glancing at his features as if trying to find something within them as she speaks up Suzuki: "I'm not sure if... Wait, you were at the library yes? Might have seen my apprentice, a young girl with long blonde hair, silver dress?" while Suzuki questions Damon, Streak takes a deep breath, her eye is noticably twitching a bit LS: "Its lucky streak, like a winning streak. I didn't think I'd have to explain this to anyone, but since you seem a little slow..." The girl produces a small, black gem from within her sleeve, it has what appears to be ametallic cage around it that twists into a spire topped by a spade. LS: "You don't do this job for 20 years by working for charity." Suzuki: "If you're seriously worried about payment..." Suzuki was never really a fan of Lucky Streak anyways, so she wasn't too surprised when the older woman interrupts her by snapping her fingers LS: "Not interested. I'd much rather be on my way than take part in one of your goose chases. Now then, I have some cleanup to do." It seems she's done pretending to be polite at this pint, instead walking off towards the stage and leaving Damon and Suzuki behind. Suzuki doesn't seem surprised, more resigned as if she'd expected this reaction. The girl would brush aside some stray hairs before letting out a sigh and turning back to Damon Suzuki: "Sorry you ended up seeing that.... If you'r'e serious about helping I guess I can at least tell you what's going on back at my place."
Ah! *Pri gasps, steping back, scared of being threatened. She would go for her shield but stop. 'No. If I do that, they'll keep fighting.' Pri grits her teeth and digs her nails into her hands, tensing up. The shield and the wall it's creating stays where it is between the two.* I... I'm sorry but I can't do that. I-If I do that then you'll keep fighting. I... I can't let that happen. * Pri visibly shakes, scared of the situation she has somehow found herself in. Looking down, her eyes are hidden from the girl by her hood but she has them closed tight. Her voice shakes, but still she tries her best to stand firm. She swallows hard.* P-Please. Y-Y-You have t-to calm d-down, miss.
The magic slams into Homura, that's not much of an issue though thanks to the fact Madoka was if only barely able to evade it. D'Arc raising her blade up into the air as glowing light rushes out from her. Not only one, but the whole group is affected in case Shino'd somehow been hit. M: "Come on, fix that please!" Homura would quickly begin moving again, Homulilly's rod spinning about wildly as green glowing light engulfs the entire party, they'd all note themselves moving and reacting far more quickly than usual. H: "Geez, what an annoying creature. Mind staying still for a moment so that this ends quickly." She rushes forward, a blur of motion with her gun replaced by a black katana in mere moments. Shadows bursting out of the weapon while runes inscribed into its blade light up with a dark glow, her whole body slamming behind the attack that aims to stab into this thing's eyes before letting loose a spike of shadows deep inside the machine from her sword's tip.
Damon meets Suzuki's gaze with a blank look. Pensively furrowing his brow for a minutes before relaxing again with a shrug. I don't really remember seeing a girl like that. Then again my memory is pretty shit so my word isn't that certain either. After hearing what Lucky whatever has to say he simply sticks his tongue out at her as she leaves. He didn't really like show offs anyway and this new Suzuki girl seemed like someone with more substance. Maybe he could get some fun from this. No worries, I'm used to dealing with divas. Now could you point me in some direction or another since my interest in helping is as genuine as it gets.
............ Seeing the fight from her hiding space, Shino tries to circle around to the machines backside, looking for any off switch or, barring that, a spot where one metal sheet ends and another metal sheet begins. Naturally if there's a switch, she'll rush from behind and flip it. If not, then upon reaching the back, she'll rush in, shoving her blade between the two metal sheets and then shoving fire magic down it and into the machine, hoping to overheat it or melt its circuitry,
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Shino and co. Shino would sneak around the side of the massive gear she was hiding behind, with the spider-like already occupied with its two new playthings, it wouldn't notice her sneaking around behind it, however.... It was curious, opening its eyes once more to look at its two visitors. It scuttled towards them, happy to see the strange, black-haired one was willing to meet it, but it also recognized the black tendrils. As before, the metal sheets that made up its eyelids shut themselves, leaving it to initially scratch harmlessly on its chassis. That is, before the shadow bursts into a set of spikes, forcing them past its initial exterior and into the things eyes. At which point it lets out a bellow that seems to shake the entire labyrinth it hurts broken things hurt. Do they not want to be fixed? Now completely blind, it resorts to simply slashing and flailing with each of its eight limbs, with her close proximity Homura would doubtlessly be struck into the side of the larger spinning gear that the group had approached from. The creature's flailing would make Shino's approach dangerous, to say the least, as the spider strikes its limbs against the floor the air around them begins to shake, and some of the previously airborne gears begin to fall. The gears of various sizes would fall all throughout the area. Some were about the size of a baseball, while one that crashes near the creature is the size of a house. One falling directly towards Madoka was almost her size, while the rest would do little more than make movement difficult while the creature rages. Capri The blue-haired girl takes a deep breath, though she seems to be gritting her teeth a bit she at least calms own enough to speak slowly and clearly Blue-hair: "This is none of your business, its a fight between Magical Girls, not you. If you let her go, dozens of people will get hurt." The girl glares at Capri, she hasn't made any real movements, but its clear her patience was starting to come to an end. As for the "health inspector", now that she's freed herself, she starts running for the opposite end of the room, briefly turning and waving both as a friendly gesture to Capri and a taunt for the blue-haired girl. It wouldn't be long before she was gone. Damon Suzuki nods to Damon before gesturing for him to follow. Suzuki: "Admittedly I'm somewhat short-handed, I'll explain things at my place. Risako should be there soon enough. Then I can introduce you" Assuming Damon follows her, Suzuki and he would have a pretty eventless walk through the city. She doesn't talk much, giving short answers to any questions Damon may have along the way until they end up in her apartment complex. Its a pretty nice building, all things considered, and Suzuki's neighbors seem to be satisfied to keep to themselves. Finally they'd come to her room on the second floor, room 212. The room is rather large and a pure white, with no visible ceiling. Its decorated with only the barest of furniture, a few small couches and a similarly small table laid off to one side. On the table is a tea tray with an already steaming kettle and three small cups to go with it. On one end of the room is a small art studio, a canvas and stand with several colors of paint nearby. There are a few paintings leaned against the wall, but they've all been covered in a white cloth. Suzuki would sit on the couch, waiting for Damon to join her once more before asking Suzuki: "Would you like some tea? Risako should be here soon and I'd rather have to explain things only once."
* The Health Inspector gone, Pri breathes. Her shield returns to her side and the barrier faded.* P-People shouldn't fight. T-Thats all there is t-to it. I m-may not understand the situation, and I'm s-sorry if I sound naive. I j-just don't like people fighting when I c-can stop it. Unless there is absolutely n-no other option. T-two people can talk there d-differences out. * Pri sighed, not looking the blue haired girl in the eye. She tugged on the end of her sleeve and started grinding her show into the floor. Her shield floated in front of her, ready to defend her from any attacks the girl might throw at her now her prey had escaped.* I k-know you're going t-to keep going, and I can't s-stop that. I'm also n-not gonna try to pretend I k-know what's going on here. I've m-met magical girls b-before before so I k-kinda get the gist of what you d-do, but I don't k-know what this s-situation is. But p-please... just try talking it out? It works... sometimes.
Uhh... Shino decides against attacking it, focusing on avoiding the gears and, if need be, rushing to Madoka to pull her out of harms way. ...... I'm starting to think it's kinda cute... do we have to destroy it? ......... It might even be nice....

Damon feels a little awkward being in some strangers apartment and there is nothing for him to looks at to ignore the feeling. So he joins Suzuki on a couch and tugs at a strand of his hair. Do you have chamomile perhaps or earl gray? I like most calming teas.
Homura is sent flying backward, groaning as pain courses through her body. Reaching the gear doesn't happen though, instead her blade is slamming deep into the ground with some impressive strength allowing the girl to avoid hitting the gear by a few inches. It still did some damage though, and she's not moving for now. Homulilly however presses the attack with renewed vigor. Shadowy tendrils bursting out of her left hand and quickly blasting forward with impossible speed. Not only that, but D'Arc would join in by stabbing her sword into the tendrils. Rather than stopping the shadows though, they instead turn a glowing grey color that would melt through targets with ease. Before exploding in a show of magical power upon reaching the center of their foe. Homura stagers back to a fighting stance with a gun in her hands, this time a large anti-tank rifle that she's forced to hold steady with both hands and barely able to handle even then. From Madoka, a few glowing white arrows rush outwards and explode in tiny bursts of magic upon striking. H: "It's a threat, and we've already started this fight. Not finishing now would mean letting it do whatever it likes, so yes we have to end this beast." M: "As blunt as she is... Homura's right too, we can't allow a witch's minion to simply go free after engaging with it!"
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Shino and Co. the spider-like creature would swipe through a few of the tendrils in its rampant flailing, but without its sight it can't hope get all of them. As such they still burst near the foe's smaller center part, making a hole in its mechanical body. Madoka's arrows are able to take advantage of this hole, sending a burst of magic into its insides. Seriously injured, the creature staggers around a bit as gears continue to fall. it hurts. Why are they hurting me? Am I the one broken? Until a particularly massive gear, one much larger than a house, falls and crushes it with a loud crash. It crumples up like paper, with nothing inside of it to provide stability. A faint tink tink can be heard as the creature's only content, a small, black gem encased in a wire shell rolls on the ground between Homura and Shino With the Witch defeated, the group would have a few seconds to collect their bearings before the barrier fades away, returning them to the gym floor a little bit away from the stage. The kids who were previously affected would be unconscious for now, with Risako near the back breathing a sigh of relief. She'd wave at the group from the back of the gym, hoping to get their attention Capri Sure enough, it wouldn't be long until the "Health Inspector" was gone, much to the blue-haired girl's chagrin. The girl hits a nearby wall, causing the immediate area to shake as she calms herself a little blue-hair: "They're not human anymore. Talking won't change anything." The girl would try to push past Capri, headed through the door to the opposite room. Today did't quite work out, but there was still one thing she needed to do at least. Damon Suzuki: "You're in luck, i just happens that Risako has a bad case of nerves so I went ahead and prepared some. Is Peppermint alright?" Suzuki asks politely before pouring a cup for herself. If Damon agreed to it she'd also go ahead and pour him a cup while they wait. Suzuki: "It seems they're running a bit late, probably nothing too troublesome."
*Pri steps aside. She would look down and grit her teeth. She would slowly touch one of her horns through her hood. Her shield would clip itself back onto her arm* J-Just because someone isn't h-human, doesn't mean t-they aren't a person. *She would mumble mostly to herself. She would look around and swallow. She would look up at the blue haired girl.* U-Um. Excuse me. S-Sorry for being a bother again but...um... H-h-how do I get out of here?
......... What was that thing? Shino picks up the Grief Seed. ... So.. these monsters are where these things come from? She looks on at the robot as it does. ..... It seemed so... sad.. and confused...
Madoka and Homura sigh in unison, both voices ringing through the air as the smaller pink-haired one rushes over to her girlfriend with a worried look. M: "Hey, are you alright? That hit was pretty direct, and you aren't as tough after..." The other's hand is raised, waving a bit carelessly for a moment before she shrugs. H: "I'm hurt a bit, yeah. Nothing you can't fix though." Homulilly's gone, vanished in moments. But D'Arc is still there, glowing blue light rushing out as the armored woman points up for a second, it would wash over Homura and leave the rather obvious bruises that were on her a bit ago as mere slight patches. As for Shino's question, that gets a wince out of her classmate and a grumble from the black-haired one. M: "Um... It's a little bit, how do I say this." H: "That as it turns out, was a Witch. I thought it a mere minion, but nope. They're, made of grief and despair and curses. It's kind of a long story, but just keep in mind that whatever happens. They're a horrible danger to people, no matter how pitiful those things seem, they need to die." The fact that Shino also direly needs Grief Seeds goes unsaid, mostly because Homura's not really sure if it should be said right now. This one is clearly new to the who Magical Girl thing, and as weapons vanish from both girls hands a hand is placed on the chin of the one speaking. H: "Anyway, I guess we did better than expected. That Witch seemed a bit weak to me, or perhaps we're simply working well together Madoka?" M: "Maybe a bit of both? I did expect more than just that all things considered, but we also do pretty well when we're with each other! And I'm glad we had a chance to help you out too, Shino!"
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Shino and co. As Shino, Madoka, and Homura talk Risako kinda... Shifts about nervously, not sure what to do, before simply going aroud the mostly unconscious crowd to meet the group at the stage. Risako: "H.. Um... I'm glad you're all safe. Its just... I mean.... You're new at this, right?" Risako would look in Shino's direction, trying to focus on the other Magical Girl for now, though she of course recognizes Madoka and Homura, she seems to be trying to get something out for now. Capri The blue-haired girl doesn't look back, though she is at least polite enough to answer the question, she's on a short enough fuse as it is blue-hair: "You need to stay away from these places to begin with. You could get seriously hurt." The blue-haired girl continues walking, passing by her old swords littered upon the ground. blue-hair: "Just wait there a second and I'll bring the barrier down. However..." She crosses the room, heading to the door on the opposite side and opening it. Before heading in, The girl would look back at Pri, deathly serious with her eyes narrowed once more[/i] blue-hair: "Get in my way again and you will get hurt." With that said, she'd enter into the other room, leaving the door cracked behind her.
* Pri flinches at the girl's threat, her shield coming to life once more and moving to guard her.* R-Right. I get it. S-s-sorry. * She looks up and watches as the blue haired girl leaves. She puts her hands together and closes her eyes in a praying motion* B-But I'm afraid I can't promise anything. Y-You seem to w-want to do good too, s-so I think you'll understand. *She would open her eyes, lowering her hands and smiling slightly. 'Cause that's what she would do.' Nevertheless, she would do what the blue haired girl would ask of her and wait. She'd gotten in the way enough for one day.*

Damon savors the peppermint tea and studies the room from where he is sitting. So who else are you expecting?
Madoka chuckles a bit, shooting a beaming smile towards Risako. Her partner simply shrugs absently. M: "Haha, you can calm down Risako-chan~ Whatever you're gonna say, don't worry about it too much!" Homura would speak up a bit at this point, stretching herself out some while yawning a bit and just slightly smiling at both Risako and Shino. H: "Yeah, yeah. She's pretty new at this by my guess too. But you're no old hand yourself, yeah Risako? If ya want, we'd be happy to explain some stuff." The pink-haired one nods at that, winking slightly while taking Homura's hand and starting to walk out. The other girl seems happy to simply walk away at her companion's pace, plenty slow to be followed easily if either of the others chooses. M: "Yeah! And trust me, we know a lot more about magical girls and witches than you might expect!"
I've been a magical girl for a few months now.. but I never knew that monsters like these things existed.. let alone fought one... She holds the grief seed up and looks at it while following Homura and Madoka, motioning for Risako to follow. So that's how she gets them.....
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Shino and co. Risako follows after Shino, the group starting to get away from the school before questions were asked. Risako: “L... I mean, it’s fine. Suzuki’s already helping me... It’s just... That...” After a few more seconds of muttering to herself, Risako would tug on Shino’s sleeve Risako: “I was going to head over to Suzuki-sensei’s place after school and she asked me to bring any other Magical Girls I found with me... Apparently there Haven’t been as many of us around....” Risako trails off again, not really sure of where the others were going Capri Pri waits politely like she was asked, and hear’s a little motion from the room the blue-haired girl entered before the haunted house around her starts to fade away, the world swirls and distorts before changing back to a mostly empty rooftop. Pri would find the blue-haired girl standing several feet away, holding a small black gem with a wire cage around it. The girl looks at the gem for a moment, before running off herself, with nothing more to say to Pri. Damon Suzuki takes a sip of her tea, following Damon’s gaze to the set of five covered paintings near the back of the room Suzuki: “we should be expecting three, maybe four. My student Risako, our little friend who made us this way Kyubey, as well as a new prospect and perhaps one of Risako’s friends. Though I doubt you know any of them.” Suzuki’s voice is even and carefree as she lists off everyone she can think of. The girl lets out a shirt sigh
*Pri would watch as the place would collapse and fade away. She would see the blue haired girl start to leave.* O-Oh. T-Thanks. Good... bye... Oh... *Pri sighs. She looks across the empty rooftop before deciding to leave herself. " What do I do now? Hmm... I guess I should tell Aunt Gemini about this. She's more knowledgeable at this magic thing than me." Pri would step back out into the streets and start the long walk home.*

You are right little lady! I know none of them! Damon states this was exuberance and finishes off his tea. He may know the little friend mentioned, but it doesn't really bother him. He barely knows any of these people anyway and messes they get into will be entertaining enough to watch.
Aren't as many of us around? Are magical girls really that common? I've never seen another like me before.. you're the first actually.... Shino untransforms as they walk. Back to his normal self, he puts the ring back on his finger and pockets the seed.
The first, Madoka's head tilts very curiously while staring at Shino. Homura speaks up in a confused tone. H: "Where exactly have you been getting Grief Seeds, if not from another magical girl? And how did you not know they come from Witches for that matter. Moving on though, I guess we can meet with your friend Risako." The pink haired would smile, pausing alongside her friend to allow Risako to take the lead. M: "I'm also a bit curious about what Homura was saying. But anyway yes, if she really wants to talk with magical girls. Then we're close enough!" The black-haired girl scowls a bit, close enough huh? She can't beg to differ, but it's annoying anyways. The only reply her partner offers is a casual shrug and wink.
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Shino and co. Risako stands there for a few seconds, remaining behind Homura and co as she replies Risako: "W.. Well, I've only met four others.. But according to Suzuki-sensei we've had up to a dozen working in the city at once..." It takes her a bit to realize that they've stopped, at which point she speeds up a bit to take the lead, transforming back to her normal school uniform as well. Risako: "S... Sorry. Um... I've been there a few times so just..." Risako goes off muttering to herself a bit more. Nothing unusual happens along the way, though they'd likely notice a few emergency workers headed towards the school as they went away. Everything should be fine now, but its about time for the authorities to clean up the aftermath. After a relatively short walk the group would come to a nice apartment complex, though its location in the middle of the city means there's not much of a view. It seems rather empty as Risako leads the group up the stairs to the second floor, stopping shortly in front of apartment number 212. Risako: "H.. Here we are." Damon Suzuki narrows her eyes a bit before simply shaking her head with a huff. Suzuki: "I have a name you know. Suzuki Kuroi. I'd appreciate you using it." Suzuki takes a slow drink of her tea, before going ahead and pouring herself a secon dcup. She doesn't seem bothered by the wait, instead just giving a knowing smile.

Sorry forgot your name as soon as you said it the first time. Damon chuckles as he says this since it is sadly true. Being bad with names and very forgetful sometimes was a combination made in hell. He awkwardly runs his head afterwards to dispel tension. So what is the things you need to discuss anyway?
A dozen working in the city at once? That number adds up to Homura considering how big Tokyo, with such a huge population there's a greater food supply for Familiars. Not to mention more Witches from that other source. A significant look is exchanged between the pair as they moe on with hands held tightly. H: "A dozen is about what I would have expected from a place like this, the number dropped recently?" M: "Well, at least there are people like us too Risako-chan! Homura and I aren't the only ones besides magical girls that can deal with Witches, though finding them on our own is a pain sometimes..." Both would go quiet as they start to reach the building, following Risako up without a second thought. As the blonde stops in front of this door, Madoka would simply drag her partner along and knock on it. Not that Homura seems bothered. H: "Heh, what a strange gathering for us to be going to. Almost makes me think of..." Homura's head shakes, Madoka frowns in reply before clapping her hands and smiling. M: "Heh, come on. I'm sure this'll be fun, or at least informative!"
Well.. I've been getting them from my friend. She sells them to me.. I never asked where they came from or how she gets them... I just know I need them before my gem turns black or I'll explode. So I've been paying her whenever I run out. Shinji follows the three, slightly behind them as they enter the building and to the room. ....... Though.. if there's so many, why haven't I heard or seen any of them? Do they all hide or something?
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Damon Suzuki breathes out a long sigh, slowly shaking her head Suzuki: this is going to be a long day. As I said, I’ll explain everything onc... Its then that her and Damon hear a loud knock at the door, Suzuki would set her tea down quickly enough for it to splash around in her cup before heading to the door. Suzuki: “there they are now.” Shino and co. Risako slowly nods her head Risako: “S... Something like that... I haven’t seen Kaiba in a week.” The girl gets quieter when she mentions this Kaiba, lost in her own thoughts until Madoka knocks on the door. As such she doesn’t note Shino’s answer Risako: “O.. Right...” All remaining The door is opened by a fairly tall girl in jeans and a comfortable-looking sweatshirt. She wears her white hair short so as to stay out of her way. Though Shino can feel something... Off about her, Risako doesn’t seem to think anything’s odd as the white-haired girl opens the door with a smile. Suzuki: “There you are Risako, I trust you didn’t have...” Her smile drops a bit when she realizes who’s with her student. But nonetheless she maintains a relaxed tone Suzuki: “And I take it you’re her friends?” Risako: “Um.. T.. They helped me out earlier, so I thought...” Suzuki: “Its fine, we could use more hands anyways. Come on in.” Suzuki steps out of the way to allow the group in. The room is, as described in Damon’s part of post 99, mostly white save for a few small couches arranged around a coffee table with a still warm teapot arranged with a view of a bit of a painting studio with four pieces against the wall covered by a white cloth. There’s already a boy that Madoka and Homura might recognize sitting on one of said couches

Finally things happen~ Damon shouts not bothering to get up from the seat. He peers over his shoulder toward the door and recognizes Homura from before. He gives an innocent smile as he waves at her and Madoka. Yo if it isn't leader-chan and sleeping beauty from last time. How have things been after that weird library deal we did. Is sleeping beauty suffering anything strange after my procedure?
Upon noting Damon, Homura would raise an eyebrow in reply to him. Madoka simply blushes and shakes her head. H: "She hasn't had any side effects to my knowledge. And what's with that nickname anyway? I wouldn't call myself a leader really, just someone who happens to know more than most." M: "W-we've been fine, and thank you for helping me before." They'd walk in and take a seat, Homura absently leaning against Madoka's shoulder while stretching herself out some, face portraying a look that's half between smiling and trying to seem deteached. The other girl just fiddles with her hair a bit and smiles slightly at the group. H: "More hands though, huh? I guess that's something we might be able to help with, despite my reservations about such things. Only a might though, I won't make promis-" M: "Oh come on Homura, we'll help. At least if it's what I think, I don't wanna fight other magical girls or anything, but as long as it's witches then we'd like to give you a hand!"
Shinji enters and bows politely, sitting with the others despite the feeling of being out of place due to being the only one who doesn't know someone else. Hands... for what exactly? He looks around nervously... The strange, unrecongnized thus unnerving feeling from the girl and those covered canvas's add to his unease.. Don't paintings and the such exist to be seen by visitors? Why are they covered then? The room feels almost sterile, with all the white and such little.. substance.. It all gives him the creeps and makes him uncomfortable. But.. maybe that's just how magical girls are supposed to be? Is that lady a magical girl? He checks her for a ring.
Suzuki visibly shudders, taking a deep breath so as to keep herself calm once Damon starts shouting. It didn't take long for her to regret inviting him. As for Shinji, looking at Suzuki's left hand middle finger he finds a fine silver ring, much as he was expecting, adorned with an opal gem that seems to shine with all the colors of the rainbow. With everyone else already seated, Risako would en up sitting between Damon and Shinji, remaining silent for her teacher to speak. And speak she does. Suzuki heads to the front of the room, near the wall with the paintings, and clears her throat to get everyone's attention Suzuki: "I'm glad you all could make it, my name is Suzuki Kuroi. I specialize in helping Magical Girls reach their potential, but that's not why most of you are here today. Rather, there are two primary issues to discuss. First..." Suzuki points to the wall behind her, which seems to stir to life. The previously blank expanse changes to show the images of twelve girls in various fantasy-themed outfits that could easily be mistaken for cosplayers. These girls include Risako who sits next to them, a girl with blue-hair that could be recognize as Sayaka, and a brown-haired girl Homura might recognize from earlier today. Risako focuses her eyes on another girl with short hair dressed in a long, green cloak. Notably, Suzuki herself would be absent from the picture. Suzuki: "I've been keeping an eye on all the Magical Girls working in the city. Magical Girls act as heroes, fighting a... Well I won't quite say secret but they're more discreet than most." Suzuki narrows her eyes in the direction of the two persona users present for only an instant before closing them once more. Suzuki: "Unfortunately, we've started disappearing. Now its not entirely uncommon for some sort of accident to befall one of us." As she speaks the pictures of the girls begin fading, slowly at first, then much more quickly until the wall is white once more. Suzuki: "But five in the past month is far too high. So I was hoping to receive assistance regarding these disappearances."
So there are people out there who hunt down magical girls? ... He slouches and slips his hands into his pockets as he sits, and once his left hand is in, he slips his ring off and into the pocket. Seeing as she said she keeps an eye on all the magical girls, and his own picture wasn't on the wall, it's possible she either doesn't know yet or doesn't consider him important or good enough.. And for some reason, he fells like he wants to keep it that way as long as possible.

Damon claps once Suzuki is finished speaking. He does it in admiration of the moving pictures and cause he just felt like it. He then rests his head on his hands looking up at Suzuki from his awkward position. Hmm so why should we help you people? I'm not much of a magical girl myself and a magical girl was pretty rude to me earlier. Ah she even made me want to stick me tongue out at her. He rolls his eyes up after exclaiming this to everyone.
The girls stare into each other's eyes for a few moments, it's obvious that a conversation is going on despite their mouths not moving. Eventually Homura clears her throat and goes on. H: "I suppose that I'm willing to give a hand. Even though we aren't magical girls ourselves." M: "You could say we're invested in keeping Witches from hurting people." Madoka finishes out their words with a smile on her face, before turning to Damon with a shrug. M: "I won't try and obligate you, that'd be completely unfair. But if you're willing I think you could be a good help,." H: "What she said. And it's your choice Damon, but we'd be appreciative of your assistance."
Suzuki solemnly shakes her head before glancing back at Shinji Suzuki: "I'd rather that not be the case, but its certainly a possibility miss Shinji. As such its imperative you not go out to work alone. Both of you." She turns her eyes to Risako, who seems to shrink against the couch as she slowly nods her head. With Risako's confirmation, Suzuki grins before continuing Suzuki: "I'm glad you asked. Why this is an issue is the next item on the agenda. You see. a Magical Girls job is to defeat monsters known as Witches" Once again a series of images display along the back wall as Suzuki speaks. These images are more simplistic, not putting any detail into the work as it instead depicts shadowy monsters standing behind scenes of tragedy. Risako closes her eyes at this point, though the images aren't particularly graphic Suzuki: "Creatures who spread curses among humanity in order to feed upon their despair. Things like suicides, murders with no motive, tend to be the result of a Witch's curse. Most Witches aren't too strong, which is why they remain hidden in their barriers. However...." Suzuki closes her eyes again as the image shifts to a more specific one, this time its a large, humanoid shadow towering over a the city. Though the place seems to be completely undamaged, there's a feeling of emptiness as all the lights are out and left in a cold silence. Suzuki: "Approximately one month from now a Witch of unprecedented strength is going to appear. At that time a barrier will be unnecessary, for fighting it would be the same as trying to stop a natural disaster." Now that she's finished with her next segment, the wall behind her fades away once more, leaving Suzuki to look back at the group Suzuki: "Naturally, I don't plan to leave it be. As such, its important we find the cause of these disappearances so our forces aren't diminished further."

Damon yawns as the same stuff he has seen or heard of before is once again explained. Snapping back to attention only when Suzuki is done speaking. So do you gals have anything so far? Any clues leading to the big bad culprit of witness accounts? He stifles another yawn before continuing. Some guesses would be pretty useful too.
Both girls nod to Damon, there really isn't much a pair of amateur at best investigators can do without something to work from. A fact both are acutely aware of. H: "What Damon said, and about this powerful Witch..." Madoka would speak up at that point, arms crossed under her chest while staring at Suzuki. M: "What about the locals around here, so to speak? There are a lot of powerful people who aren't magical girls. Have you considered trying to get other help?" H: "My thoughts exactly, magical girls vanishing is still something to look into. But they're not the only help we might want by any means."
........ Shinji sits and thinks to himself, listening to the others speaking and asking questions as he takes this all in. He does smile lightly to himself when called "miss" Shinji however. Then frowns as something occurs to him. He'll pursue that later though. I usually only hunt down petty criminals. I've never run against something so.. powerful, and I'm not much of an investigator. Heck, I've only ever seen a "witch" just today... But I'll do what I can. You said five disappeared.. how many are left then?
With the presentation over, Risako opens her eyes, again, looking around at the others silently. Once Damon asks his question, Suzuki chuckles lightly before giving her answer Suzuki: "I must say you're quite skilled at giving me a transition, but for now I'll answer the others' concerns. Though I ought to add its rather unlikely for there to be witnesses. Otherwise they'd be considered murdered rather than missing." Suzuki looks back over to Madoka and Homura, her sharp eyes look into the pair for a second, before she simply shakes her head Suzuki: "And why would I announce it to the world this early? Some of them wouldn't believe me, and those who do would likely have nothing but to wait. A Magical Girl is supposed to bring hope, not despair." Risako nods excitedly at that last bit, but doesn't seem inclined to add anything, rather she almost seems to just be agreeing with her teacher. With that Suzuki would move on. Suzuki: "Currently there are four, well five, Magical Girls in the city. Risako, myself, Imamura Ruriko, Miki Sayaka, and well, the new one we see before us. For now, I'm afraid there's little we can do but work together with them and see if we can find the culprit."
After giving the others a moment to comment, Suzuki continues, this time heading to the covered portraits. Suzuki: “Since I’ve made it my job to keep an eye on everyone in the city, naturally I’ve developed a system to keep an eye on their conditions. It’s how I know they’re gone.” Suzuki goes over to the four canvases one by one and removes their sheets, revealing portraits of: the young, blonde-haired Risako sitting in the same room as the others. He’d portrait is cheery and almost seems to be waving. Another, angrier looking brown-haired girl Homura might recognize from the cafe earlier. Their arms are crossed as they give the watchers a disapproving glare. A third girl with short-cut, teal hair that could be recognized as Sonomi. Her eyes are closed as if her portrait is sleeping. Finally, another girl with short blue hair wearing a long white cape. Unlike the others, Sayaka’s image is turned away from the viewer, leaving them unable to see her face. Once the images are all revealed Suzuki looks back at the group Suzuki:”These paintings change to reflect the condition of its subjects. For example, the girl whose eyes are closed has yet to come into her own. With that in mind I think the best course of action is to try to tail these individuals and see if other clues come up. That is, except for you.” Suzuki’s eyes focus on Shinji. Though she’s beginning to smile there’s something unsettling about her eyes Suzuki: “Never even seen a Witch before today, clearly you have a lot of catching up to do. You’ll be staying behind a bit for practice.”
That unsettling feeling just keeps getting worse and worse, he's not sure how to react, but staying here isn't how he intends to spend his time. ..... I think I'll learn better on the field. Akemi-san and Kaname-san seem to know plenty, it would be a huge save of time if they taught me as I go.
They'd look onwards at the paintings, not reacting too much... Until spotting Sayaka which causes both girls to wince. That girl vanishing on them is immensely worrying, but there's little they can do unless she wants to be found. They'd quickly speak up again upon seeing the look in Suzuki's eyes, smiling kindly at Shinji. H: "If you'd rather work with us that's fine, our power isn't exactly the same but it's close enough that we can teach you. And we're already practicing on our own, adding you to that would be no trouble Shino." M: "Hehe, what Homura's actually saying is she wants to help you out~ Besides, it'll be fun too. We'd love to have you along, though you really will need some practice!" For whatever reason, it's obvious to Madoka that they'd rather not stay here. And regardless of what they're calling themselves, she likes them well enough to lend a hand. Homura for her part, does indeed want to help as well, but also wants a better gauge of the kinda person Shino is. H: "Anyways, we can try and tail people. Though that's a bit outside my area." M: "Mmm, might be better off trying to get along with them! I've never been one for spying!"

So are we free to choose who we tail or do you have people in mind? Damon studies each portrait mentally keeping a detail in mind to remember them. He then yawns and finally stands up clearly prepared for some action.
Suzuki shakes her head, before coolly focusing on Shinji again Suzuki: “While I’m sure miss Akemi and miss Kaname are capable in their own way, they’re no experts when it comes to analyzing and bringing out one’s full potential. Teaching is practically my job so I’d feel much better working with you personally.” While Suzuki continues attempting to convince Shinji, Risako peeks up her head once more, nodding along to Damon before asking herself. Risako: “A.. And what about me, what am I to...?” Suzuki: “we’re a little shorthanded so you’ll have to go with one of the others. It’s either that or waiting here with me.” Suzuki thinks for a moment before looking back at Damon with a sigh Suzuki: “I’m afraid I don’t really know where Sayaka or miss Ruriko are, so for now it’s probably best to keep an eye out and simply follow whoever you find.” After giving out her instructions, Suzuki tugs on her sweatshirt a bit, visibly gulping before she adds Suzuki: “If you do end up talking to them it’s probably best you avoid mentioning me. I’m... Not the most popular person.”
........... Shinji thinks to himself for a bit, but ends up conceding. I'm not much of a learner, and I really don't intend to fight witches as a main time job.. I'm just a small City hero. So my full potential would probably just be a waste of your time.. But if you insist I guess I can handle some teaching... Just as long as I'm allowed to back out if I feel like it's too much for me.

Would be helpful to know where to possibly start. I'm kind of new to this city and everything seems too expensive. Damon sighs and motions for the door. Knowing my luck i'll probably find something anyway so i'm heading out. Bye-be people. He leave fully expecting for things to just happen since that is what normally occurs.
Madoka and Homura both sigh, not the most popular huh. Slightly worrying, and the black-haired one almost wants to dig more into Suzuki's history after hearing that. But both end up nodding to her soon enough. H: "Yeah sure, we'll keep quiet. And Shino, I wouldn't exactly call this a small city. Damn place is full of magic and monsters if you look, so it might be less of a waste than you'd think." M: "Yeah, this city is... Weird, to put it mildly. Anyways, if you wanna learn from Suzuki-chan too that's good. We aren't magical girls after all, so I guess there is only so much Homura and I can do to teach you... And I guess we'll be going now, maybe we can figure out where Sayaka is." The pair would depart soon after Damon, glancing at other curiously as they walk out from the apartment. Homura speaks up in a slightly annoyed tone while absently holding her glowing glass bottle. H: "Maybe we can find Sayaka? Pff, how. We've already looked everywhere we know of, what's left?" The other girl shrugs and holds her hands up in the air. M: "Not sure yet, but we've gotta find something. Maybe it'll be her, maybe not. But like she said, just keep our eyes open yeah?" Homura would grumble a bit, but nod with a sigh as they simply wander down the streets for now.
Suzuki: “Good luck, I’ll call you if I find anything!” Suzuki waves to the three as they leave. Risako peeks over the couch to watch them leave, until Suzuki clears her throat to get Risako’s attention Suzuki: “Risako, your escorts are leaving.” Risako: “O.. Um.. Right.” Risako doesn’t move for a few seconds, until Suzuki reminds her Suzuki:”You might want to catch up with them.” Risako: “Of Course... Of course. I... Sorry.” Risako stutters as she runs for the door after Damon and the others, leaving Suzuki and Shinji alone Shinji With the others gone, Suzuki let’s out a bit of a sigh as they look back at Shinji with a smile that almost seems forced Suzuki:”Don’t sell yourself short now. I’ve met many girls in my time so I’m quite adept at seeing potential. Now for our first assignment.” Suzuki slowly walks towards one of the walls. Once she reaches it she would draw a square on the wall near the Risako painting. with her finger, before removing the panel to reveal a cubbyhole. She reached inside it, and pulls out a small book. Suzuki: “Its a little late for a full training session, but I would like you to read this. Consider it homework.” Suzuki walks back over to hand Shinji the book. It’s a colorful manga in excellent shape titled “Magical Daisy”. Suzuki looks away for a bit to hide the excitement in her eyes Damon and Madoka As the three head back for the elevator and their way home, they hear a somewhat familiar voice from behind them Risako: “U.. Um. Wait up! I’m.. Not supposed to go places alone right now.” When Risako catches up to the first person she’d pause to take a bit of a breather.
Ah.. Daisy-chan. He flips through it, making sure it's the same one he knows. It sucks how abruptly they ended the serialization isn't it? I always wondered if Daisy-chan was real.. y'know? But... I guess magical girls are pretty different than in the Manga huh?
“Oh, you’re a fan of her works too?” Suzuki’s voice raises a bit as she gets more exciting, briefly running her fingers through her hair “I like to think she just went back home to the Kingdom of Flowers.” Suzuki goes silent for a few moments, continuing to play with her hair as she thinks.
Both girls giggle a bit at Risako, not meant to go places alone? What's the deal with that? Madoka won't ask though, doesn't seem very polite... H: "How come? You don't seem that helpless to me or anything, so what's the deal then?" Madoka nudges her friend with an elbow, smiling slightly at Risako as Homura shrugs and rubs the back of her head. M: "Don't feel obligated to answer or anything, right Homura~?" H: "Yeah, yeah that's right. Anyway, if we don't find anything worthwhile soon enough then Madoka and I might head home. No sense in exhausting ourselves to death by spending all day looking without clues." The pink-haired girl nods to that while moving forward, stretching out a bit with a yawn before leaning her head on Homura. Her partner simply chuckles and ruffles the other girl's hair a bit. H: "Hah, tired already?" M: "Mmm, I'm not as used to throwing my weight around as you yet." H: "Right, I forget about that detail sometimes. You're coming a long way, but endurance is an issue..."

It's better off if you stay with those two then. Damon says while tipping his head toward homura and madoka. I'm not much better off but hey at least I'm not a target. Now if you want to get some snacks first and then hunt some stuff you can join. I have enough money for ... He rummages through his pocket and takes out a poor amount of bills. With a sheepish smile he continues. Just two people really. Hey if we believe we can make it work~
Kingdom of Flowers? Heck is that? Some kinda Magical Girl Heaven? He hands the manga back, seeing as how he's already read it.
Homura and Damon Risako looks off to the side for a bit, holding onto the hem of her skirt until there's a pause. She'd wait a few more seconds before shaking her head Risako: "Um.. That's not... I just needed someone to walk me home. Is all.... And with what happened to some of the others...." Risako falls silent again, looking down towards her feet as she takes another deep breath to steady herself Risako: "A... Anyways. It's... Fine. I can go.." Shinji Suzuki takes back the book, carefully looking through it. She almost seems to be lost in her own world as she replies Suzuki: "Well I guess Daisy's kind of like an angel. Its all in her origin story. She's a princess from the Kingdom of Flowers sent on an investigation. I've always loved that kind of story." Suzuki closes the manga again with a sigh Suzuki: "Anyways, didn't you still have homework to do?"

No wait I can go with you. Noticing how nervous Risako is he feels a little bad at their treatment of her request. Despite his better knowledge he wouldn't mind giving her some company is it makes her safe. At least he can share some of his calm with her even if he won't be much protection. Just point where and I'll join.
Oh. Right, sorry. It's been a while since I read it. He scratches the back of his head, bowing apologetically. I mean.. I could do my homework... But weren't you gonna train me?
The laughs a bit, the black-haired one looking towards Damon with a gleaming smile. H: "Geez, no need to worry about money. If we want, I can just make some dinner at my place honestly. It's still early enough that we're open." M: "Pff, are you seriously gonna go back to work just to cook for us Homura? I mean, I won't complain about it. Just... Geez, how do you keep this up?" All Madoka gets in reply is a wink and a shrug. Homura walking off for her intended destination regardless of if the other two take her up on that offer. Her friend simply sighs and follows along with her hand in hand, head shaking fondly with a smile. H: "At any rate, we're headed over there either way honestly. But feel free to come along if you want." M: "Mmm, she actually is a good cook! At least I think so."
Shinji Suzuki grins and walks back over to the spot on the wall she drew a panel from earlier, her voice perks up a bit as she replies Suzuki: "I'm glad you're so eager to begin, very well then, for our first lesson..." Once the tome is stored safely within her secret vault, Suzuki spins around and brings up her left hand, displaying her silver ring with pride Suzuki: "Show me what you can do then. No need to hold back. I need an idea of where we're starting from in order to determine our next lessons." A simple, old-fashioned paintbrush emerges from Suzuki's soul gem. The girl holds it calmly, the brush coming out just past the tip of her finger as she waits for Shino to make the first move Damon, Homura, and Madoka Risako lets out a relieved sigh, she seems less shaky as she nods to Damon Risako: "T.. Thanks. I can lead the way. I just.. Needed someone with me is all." The girl looks back to Homura and Madoka. While she did need to be getting home, it'd be rude to refuse a nice offer like that so the girl simply nods Risako: "I.. Suppose I could. I'd just need to call home to let them know where I'll be. It.. Should be fine." Once everything is set, the group would be ready to leave, whether they go together or apart, it seemed their journeys had begun.
So.. we're fighting? Shinji transforms and holds her blade out. Ok... She dashes towards Suzuki, in a full frontal attack with her blade.
"I believe the normal term would be sparring? Fighting just sounds crude." Suzuki lets out a sigh, brandishing her paintbrush with a flourish as the furniture that previously took up much of the room fades away. As Shinji approaches, Suzuki first flicks her brush through the air, leaving a trail of rainbow-colored light where it passes. Suzuki passes her brush through the air in front of her in a diagonal, letting the light intercept Shinji's blade. Though the barrier seems thin Shinji would find it to be nearly unbreakable, blocking the first strike with ease "Simple, but not ineffective. Its impossible to tell what a Witch will do so being able to put them on the defensive is important." Once Shinji's attack is deflected, Suzuki makes a few more strokes in the air, connecting them to form the outline of a long rod with a pointed tip. The outline seems to fill itself in, bringing a simple, silver spear into being
Being deflected, Shino rushes up close again, swinging at the other girl three times. Once downwards, once upwards, and once from right to left.
Suzuki grabs her newly formed spear with her left, using it to turn aside Shino's first blow, before similarly parrying the second with her brush. As the girl fights, there's a hint of confusion in the veteran's voice/ "I told you not to hold back didn't I? I need to see your magic to know where to begin." Finally, the older girl jumps over Shino's third, horizontal strike, thrusting her spear to strike just beside Shino, maybe lightly scratching her student, but with no chance of a serious injury
Shinji is cut slightly, and swings for the spot her teacher will probably land. Then however, she stops and looks confused at her teacher. Magic? I just got the cool sword and power to do anime stunts though?
Suzuki uses the lance she thruster earlier to stick into the ground and use as a springboard to jump over Shino. The older girl lands gracefully, and takes a deep breath before turning around. “Your magic, everyone has a magic based on the wish they made to form a contract.” Suzuki blinks a few times as realization hits her “You don’t know what Witches are... Have you made a contract with Kyubey? Are you even a real Magical Girl? Though it May have been forgotten, The unsettling feeling from their first meeting seems to come back
I... I did.. I think... I mean, I got the powers right? but... .................... I.. uhh... might have been... kinda... ...... intoxicated... when I made it... So when I woke up the next morning... I didn't really remember anything.. Everything else I figured out on my own later, or my friend taught me.
“You were in... You’re like 16! And you were out drinking?” Much as Shino can identify Suzuki, so too does Suzuki identify the person in front of her. But working conditions like THESE. THESE are a shock. Suzuki takes another deep breath before saying “That’s fine, that’s fine. You don’t need to remember he contract to use it’s associated magic. It should come naturally.”
So.,.. I just have to use it? Like... I'm peeing or something? Shino closes her eyes, with her arms crossed. Making a HMMMMMMM!ing sound before the swords blade sparks a bit with fire.
"Ugh, how vulgar. Don't make comparisons like that." Suzuki lets out a sigh, shaking her head for a moment. Soon she'd notice a bit of flame coming out. Not exactly what she was hoping for "enhancement type magic. Rudimentary, everyone can do it. But its not hopeless, even if its your only focus."
Oh. So I can do magic. Cool! She starts waving the flaming sword around at random, smiling and making "whooshing" sounds.
"Hey, be careful in here." Suzuki flicks her paintbrush in the air again, this time letting the rainbow colored magic fly like a rope at Shinji's sword to bring it down "I'd rather you didn't break the place."
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