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GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
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The long standing, newly renovated building inexplicably lights up. The 'OPEN' sign glows brightly and flamboyantly, obvious to any who might pass by as the humble training hub comes to life once more. Eito cracks his knuckles as he walks around the GYM near aimlessly, simply taking in the atmosphere in perfect silence. Soon enough, however, the red-clothed young man finds himself seated behind the counter for the first time in quite a few months. "Alright, let's see if I've still got what it takes to keep this place running."
A woman wanders down the city's streets, absently staring up at this building's sign with a curious look on her face while walking forward. "Huh... This place seems weird, wonder why there's so many readings from it though?" Readings indeed, enough ambient magic in the air of that place to make her think it's a training ground for mages or the like. Maybe it is even, considering this place is some dimensional mosaic who knows. She walks into the building, wearing her hair in a ponytail on the left side while waving at the man behind the counter. "Hello there, what exactly is this building if you don't mind my asking? It's pretty clearly seen a lot of magic used over the years, but I'm not really noticing any reason why. At least on the surface." It's a strange place, to say the least, but something tells her finding out won't be too much of an issue. A friendly smile is offered to Eito while Nanoha awaits a reply.
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Eito tilts his head to the side, one eye lazily closed as he observes the woman who just entered. "Haven't been to this place before, huh?" At that, Eito leans forward, opening both eyes and raising a hand to point the pony-tailed woman's sight around the building. "This is the GYM. It's where all the merry psychopaths of our lovely world come to duke it out and train their abilities in a safe and supposedly non-lethal space. The amount of magic that people sling around here is absurd, to say the least. So that's probably the reason you can sense it."
A young girl appeared at the building, staring at the sign with a confused glance. She couldn’t really understand what it meant, but it feels vaguely familiar to her. Nevertheless, she floats inside, entering the establishment with an anxious outlook. “...” The girl was extremely nervous, so nervous she tugged on the hood of her purple cloak to make it cover her face even more. Though the girl herself looked to be nothing to write home about, she floated with an ominous and dark presence. “Hi...what is this...place?...” Her words floated in the air like wispy clouds, but her voice could be heard clearly. If quiet and staggered could count as being vividly clear to anyone’s ears at least. She held a book in her hand, and anxiously flipped through the pages to look over it’d contents as she waited for a reply.
the 2.5 meters tall figure slowly walks towards the now open GYM. It had been abandoned for so long that it now craved the sinful emotions humans generate when locked in struggle. With his head hung low, he simply followed his instinct in silence towards a place that would surely generate the essence that would briefly grant him lucidity once more. For Chaos, the man-made god of discord, it was a vital necessity. Despite his purpose and powers, he was, in truth, not one who liked to inflict pain. It was simply inevitable for him to do so. He enters the building without even a glance at the others and simply sits down on a chair he found. One pair of arms crossed, the other one resting on the chair's arms and supporting his head. The sharp teeth protruding from his mouth produce a menacing smile that reeks of challenge and danger, even if, this smile was ultimately unconscious.
*Aphrodi walks into the GYM, smiling.* Hey. The GYM is open. Nice. I wonder if there's anyone who knows how to play football. *Aphrodi dropped the football he held in his hands onto the ground, let it bounce twice before putting his foot down on it and looked at the others in the GYM.*
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Eito turns to look at the girl, wasting no time in answering her, giving another look to Nanoha, as if continuing his previous explanation. "So yes, welcome to the GYM. As I said, it's where people train, or where the weirdos sate their bloodlust. " Getting up from his seat, Eito walks around the building, showing off one side-room where a variety of exercise equipment is located. "That's where people actually work out, but it's almost never used, since there's no lack of super-powered folks around the Nexus." Moving away from that, Eito walks to the other side of the GYM and motions towards a number of pure white arenas, lit up by floodlights in the cornes of the room. "This is where all the action happens, quite literally. However many people that want to fight each other go in here. They get to set the rules of the fight, as long as it's nothing lethal." With that said, the young worker returns to the counter and sits back. "That's about all there is to see."
Being distraught at the recent events that transpired in Shinganshima, Levi felt even more tired than ever. Even so, he wanted to keep training so he approached the GYM, with the same, cold and bitter expression as always. Ack. I see this place is the same dirty mess as always. Today i'm here to train so even if it's bothering me i'll save cleaning for later. Any of you wants to be put to the test? He'd then look around to see if anyone would come forward.
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Nanoha nods at Eito's words, they make enough sense to her at least. She'd also take a moment to assess those here, though a lack of magic doesn't seem to indicate weakness her necessarily, it's something she can judge at least. Eito has some, as far as she can guess. But it feels... Weird. That purple haired girl though... "A training ground huh, I might be up for some practice. I'm a little curious how the mages around here do things actually. Name's Nanoha Takamachi. Yourself?" She fiddles about with the computer some, not too complex all told which is nice. Soon enough the woman's got it configured about as she wants. "If you wanna go up against another mage miss, then I'd wager I'm probably your best best here. And I'm pretty interested in seeing how you do!"
Are people training? Cause I'd be up for practising my shots. *Aphrodi smirks, folding his arms.* Course if anyone is else is training, it would be good to see what other people can do, so I don't mind being a spectator.
Chaos stands up. He could not contain himself. His feral instincts would take over if he did. He wished not for world's end. Not yet. His creators wouldn't want that. The large creature walks towards the center of the arena. He then stabs the glowing red blade that materializes in his hand right in front of him into the ground. "Ye who seeketh pleasure in battle, come and face me. It matters not who you are, how many you are, what you are. I will take on anyone capable of challenging me."
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Asana walks in, headphones covering her ears, she was humming along with whatever was playing, she sits at the bar, if anyone were to get close to her, they would hear that she had her music up really really loud, as standing next to her you could hear the lyrics pretty clearly, if you could actually catch what the singer's were saying, it seemed quite fast, she pulled the headphones off one ear, "I am gonna watch for now, hey... is there any popcorn? And would it be alright if I played you all a song? It would sound great during a fight"
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When approached, the girl at first would be a bit anxious, covering her face with her book as she floats backward in a zigzag manner. However, when she finally took in what the girl had said, she calmed down, floating back towards where she was. “Oh...um...my name is...Sophia...I’m not much...for fighting...but...” A blue light enveloped her before it shined bright, making her disappear for a quick second. She reappeared onto the arena with her hood down, revealing her purple eyes and nervous expression. Her long, purple hair reached the floor, and it flowed as her book started to turn it’s pages by itself. “I...want to...get better...” Noticing Chaos take his place in the arena, Sophia gasped, immediately getting scared again and warping to another arena. Though it seemed she was a bit scared of...everything, it seemed as if she was actually looking forward for a fight.
Asana leans against the bar, she looks at Eito, waiting for him to answer the questions, she seems to be somewhat anxious, cutely though,
*Aphrodi whistles as he looks up at Chaos.* That's... awesome. Is that a cosplay or are you a real demon? I think this would be what a video gme would call a raid boss, right? *He would look back at the others.* Is anyone going to take up his offer? I'll help if you want.
"I think I will sit it out for now, I just wanna watch and eat popcorn and play some music for now" Asana smiles lightly,

After waiting for a while he decides to check the storage room, after remembering something from his last visit. The 3D manouver gear was sitting there, all rusty and full of dust. Levi picked it up and quickly cleaned it, he would then put it on and approach Eito holding the blades backwards. Hey you, why was this equipment this messed up? I thought you'd try to practise atleast. Are you even able to use it still, or sre you going to be eaten by a titan? If not i'm taking this back.
Nanoha chuckles a bit at Sophia's reaction, she's met plenty of other young mages who sounded like this before. The girl is offered a kind smile, like a teacher trying to reassure her student. "You wanna get better huh? Don't worry about it Sophia, I'll be sure to try and offer some advice! What kind of magic do you specialize in?" She taps a few more keys on the computer, beckoning the girl towards her. If Sophia came over, she would notice their location quickly shifting. The GYM seemingly replaced with a lush forest. Thick trees and foliage having been digitally rendered by the VR set up of this computer. "Alright then, I'm gonna start off by taking it easy okay Sophia? Just stay calm for now and go ahead!" A fighting stance is quickly assumed, but her weapon and armor aren't even out yet. Nanoha is just gauging to start off.
An ominous cloud of fog recedes to reveal a man in a silk magenta shirt, in his hand is a single 9mm pistol. Around his neck hang two cameras, one being a traditional tourist camera, while the other was magenta and seemed to fit his motif. Instead of waiting patiently for the automatic door to open for him, he opted to unload a couple bullets into the glass. He steps through the frame, whistling quietly. "It's a little depressing that they had to go and remove my favorite past time... Honestly isn't this place the king of not having doors?" He drops a magazine from the gun, and loads a fresh one in, he chambers a new bullet. He then holsters his smaller gun, and adjusts the rifle on his back. "What's a guy gotta do to get some bread around here?"
"Hmm? Omg!" Asana seems nervous and jumps behind the bar, she peeks over the top, "C-C-Captain L-Levi! I don't know how I didn't notice y-you when I walked in! It's a p-pleasure to m-m-m-meet you!"
Chaos looks down upon the blond creature that would stand against him. "You have courage young one. Let this struggle bring us succor." Chaos draws his sword from the ground with his two right hands. He then sends it flying, tip of the blade first, towards his newfound opponent. The strength and speed of the sword are nigh impossible for a mere human to comprehend. Fortunately, this world was full of super human existences. Surely the one in front of him could at least survive the impact. Maybe even dodge it if they had skill. "I am Chaos, god of discord. Don't hold it against me if I become violent."
Huh? Woah! *Aphrodi would snap their fingers. Time would stop as the Captain of Zeus step back away from the sword. They would then run past Chaos and end up behind them. He would snap his fingers again.* Heaven's Time. *A gale of wind blows up under Chaos. Human sized things would be blown away, but Chaos would likely be able to withstand it.* Heh. I didn't know you were starting yet.
Asana's eyes were already big, but then her eyes became bigger, "I think I will stay here... unless I can play some music, then I will start that up and retreat to this spot..." Asana said
Sophia came over, and looked around her new surroundings in a daze, but it seemed that she liked the forest area. It was certainly better than having to fight in something like a desert, and even then, she’d probably like it. “I specialize in...dark magic...” She said quietly, her tome flipped pages until a magical circle formed under her, 3 blue orbs forming in mid air until it went into the tome. She closed the book she was carrying, extending her hand towards Nanoha as dark energy began seething through it. “I’ll do my best...” Suddenly, 6 spheres of dark magic formed around Nanoha, revolving around her figure before eventually darting towards her. Whether they hit her or not, it seemed that they wouldn’t disappear any time soon as they started to go towards her once again, but this time simply following her at a slow speed.
Nanoha holds up a red gem and grins at Sophia, the Device in her hands beginning to speak with a cheerful computerized voice. N: "Dark magic huh, like Hayate I guess? Wonder how it'll compare to hers though. Do your best Sophia!" R: "Hello there miss, is your device intelligent or simply a storage type? Either way, call me Raising Heart, and let's begin!" While the user seems to be encouraging her foe, Raising Heart sounds far more excited by the prospect of combat. Nanoha's first move is simple. R: "Round Shield active!" With the device's call out a glowing pink array of runes takes shape in the air. It isn't the toughest shield she a could make by any means, but it'd be enough to withstand semi significant force. Moreover, if the attacks slammed into it Sophia would find her own magic being assaulted by Nanoha's mana. Rushing into it and trying to destabilize the darkness with her own light.
"Ye think mere wind can harm me? Were my expectations set too high? Don't think manipulating time will do you any good for even time crumbles and fades in the face of utter chaos. You are not the first of your kind I have defeated, nor am I myself unfamiliar with the concept. However...." Chaos then turns to face his opponent while unleashing in the same movement a powerful, scorching shock-wave with his wings. The heat he radiated up-close was like magma. Using his momentum, Chaos extended his movement into a kick that would reach straight for the head and result in yet another scorching shock-wave, in addition to the actual hit. He then continues: "I prefer my opponents noticing what happens to them... I crave the pain and hatred... I seek their deaths and suffering... I... I......" His deep, raspy voice began as a roar, but ended as a whisper.
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Eito looks over towards Levi, craning his head to the side again, eyeing the maneuvre gear suspiciously. "That thing? Sorry, cap'n, haven't touched it since I threw it there to rust. Doesn't really fit my fighting style, it turns out." He shrugs, indifferent.
Kyah! *Aphrodi is knocked across the room. With a groan he gets up.* Heh. I have to be hardy to play Football. A lot of Dribbling Hissatou, Defensive Hissatou and even shots can hit you if you aren't careful and a lot of them hit hard. You want death and suffering? I've seen people like you. It won't work. *He smiles in Chaos' face. He kicks his football in the air.* Let's play ball. Kick Force 10! Hyakuretsu Shot! *Aphrodi would leap in the air and proceed to kick the ball with blinding speed. A hail of hard hitting balls would fire at Chaos.* OOC: The move for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bazTRiS-qj0
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"Except i'm not just gonna destroy the door, i'm gonna go higher. I'm pissing on the WALL!" A giant laser beam from space is fired into the middle of GYM's walls "How do you like that, Splat Tim? I pissed on the fucking wall you idiot! You have 24 hours before the piss droplets hit the arena. Now get out of my sight before I piss on you too."
Sophia’s orbs hit the shield, twice even, after they did once. While the shield was effective in draining the darkness out of it, it seemed as if Sophia herself didn’t really care that much. She tilted her head in a confused manner. “Oh...that’s nice...” She proceeded to set up another spell, this time a magic circle forming behind her, breaking to reveal a dark portal that acted a bit like a black hole. It started to act as a vacuum wave, trying to drag Nanoha into it. “Was there...another person?...Hi there...” At the same time it proceeded to let out rocks, similar to the size of asteroids, that went and made it’s way towards her while the portal behind Sophia was trying to drag Nanoha closer.
"I have faced assaults of holy and cursed magic... I have broken the greatest of swordsmen... Even the forces of nature incarnate could not best me... Yet you dare mock me with your ball game?" The balls, while faster than a human could ever shoot, were still crawling for Chaos. Like a mad demon, the accursed being began dancing around the projectiles. A foul dance in which the god twists his body and contorts his limbs. The movements are erratic and seem meaningless until you realize that through the flurry of balls, Chaos is getting closer. But when you realize this it's already too late. "Watch in awe as I crush your dreams, hopes and life !" The creature has left your field of vision and is now ready to pursue his twisted dance with a partner. You, to be exact. The Demon's dance consists of five steps, and you will be made to suffer every one of them, unless you somehow manage to dodge every single one of the incoming blows. letting even one hit you is paramount to forfeiting your body to this sick madness. First, the prelude. A move that resembles a swipe meant to mangle faces with his claws turns into a spinning motion to batter with his wings before ending in a powerful upward kick. Whether you were hit and sent flying or not, Chaos then teleports behind you nothing personel kid, that's just what the animation looks like and debuts with the first verse, a double roundhouse kick to tear torso from body followed in one fluid horizontal movement with powerful swipes of his four clawed arms. Then, as a bridge, Chaos appears underneath wherever you may be at this instant, even from bellow the ground if he needs to, and tears appart legs with a powerful upward movement of his horn, which also makes him rise above you before slamming you down with all his might. Then, the main dish, a hectic dance that spins all around the foe, cutting them appart with legs, wings and claws in a tornado-like movement that is bound to send you to the sky. There, Chaos would finally catch you for the encore, a series of bursts, truly explosions, of energy concentrated entirely on the victim in his grasp, which he holds firmly above his head. "Drown in your dreams of defeating me... For never will you see that day..." because it's one am for me and I need some sleep. I have a date tomorrow after all. Feel free to respond though, I'll see it tomorrow and I'll answer asap. Oh and here's what it's actually based on if you care. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKY9ABXRfC8&feature=youtu.be&t=188 the attack I just used can be seen at 3:08
*Aphrodi crashes to the ground. He tries to get up but stumbles back to one knee.* That... might have broken something. I guess this is why it's a bad idea to fight raid bosses alone. *Aphrodi coughs before groaning.* I yield.
"Find solace in the fact you survived. Your predecessors were not granted such a chance. If you wish to try again, you will probably be able to find me... at the edge of fantasy, where all perishes and only chaos subsists." Chaos then walks off into the distance. His regrettable penchant for human pain sated, he intends and hopes to be forgotten for a few more millennia.
As Nanoha begins being pulled towards the girl's spell, she'd chuckle and speak to her Device. N: "Set up now, limiter set, fifty percent power!" R: "Of course my master, standby ready!" Light flashes around the arena for a few moments, the mage vanishing and appearing with a large staff while having gone from normal casual clothes to wearing a white and blue outfit with a large red ribbon on the front. R: "Evasive action, Flier Fin!" As the staff lets out a shout Nanoha would begin moving with rather impressive speed, she isn't quite able to evade all of them though. One of the rocks would slam into her, despite that though she seems to be fine if winded. Her flight does keep her well away from the dark portal though, pushing against it with enough force and speed to resist the pull. N: "Not a bad opening move Sophia, but lemme show you mine!" R: "Flash Move!" As Raising Heart says that, the mage would begin rushing towards their foe with inhuman speed propelled by magic. It isn't teleporting, she can for a brief moment feel the pair moving, but it's far quicker than the human eye can watch. And as she appears in front of Sophia would simply be met by the staff slamming directly at her chest with a heavy thud. There's no magic involved beyond enhancing Nanoha's strength, just pure brute force in melee for now. "If I had to guess, you aren't too used to close range right? I'm also mostly a ranged attacker, but you've gotta learn how to adapt."
Although speed wasn’t Sophia’s forte, her eyes could at least barely keep up with Nanoha as she dashed around the room, feeling slightly bad when one of the rocks hit her. She gasped when Nanoha’s staff was being slammed into her. Not because she felt pain, but was merely surprised. Of course, she didn’t actually feel it. “...close...range?” Nanoha’s staff was intercepted by a barrier, one that was seemingly invisible to her eyes. Due to her impressive strength, there were sounds of breaking glass once her staff met with the barrier. Sophia, while she didn’t feel pain, did feel a bit more exhausted after it had occurred. “...adapt...” She extended her hand outwards to her opponent, once more seething with dark energy. In a matter of seconds, a ritual circle would appear beneath her, small purple orbs circling around her before trying to get to Nanoha. If they were to hit, then she’d end up feeling her energy draining away. “I see...what you mean...” Afterwards, she’d find a way to push Nanoha back, opting for a blast of energy. More dark power emanating from the girl, a blue orb that was colored like a night sky formed in her hand. Without thinking much of it, Sophia threw it at the girl, trying to find someway to not have to engage in more physical combat.
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Nanoha nods and grins a bit, not a half bad barrier at all. It was enough to block the melee strike, but as the woman just said... She isn't a melee expert either. "That's pretty good Sophia, keep it up and maybe I'll have to get a little more serious!" They're not even close to going full power right now, haven't used any cartridges, just got Raising Heart in Device mode... If the kid were aware just how hard these punches are being pulled, then she might not want to deal with this. The mage doesn't just get pushed back a bit, she takes the chance of Sophia trying to get away and rolls with it gleefully. A bombardment expert really has no reason to want close range combat all told. And the black orb would be able to hit, though not without getting blocked by another glowing pink set of runes. Though it's pretty clearly taking her some effort to keep making these barriers, and this one even wavers a bit. If Sophia had put much power into the attack, it might even shatter. Either way though, In addition to blocking it head on, Nanoha actually uses her foe's own attack to move back even faster. Being propelled across the forest and quickly flying up into the cover of tree tops as pink magic begins to gather up inside her Device. Not that her enemy can likely see that anymore, it's a soft small light for now and the other caster is floating high up in the treeline.
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In response to her opponent suddenly taking cover in the treetops, the girl gets a bit confused, it seems that she's a bit forgetful at times, as well as not too good at actual combat. Though her dark magic is uh, well and all, she herself isn't really one for tactics. "Hmmm?...oh...pretty trees..." Due to her not really thinking that the orb she sent out would be affecting much of anything, it's power wouldn't be breaking barriers, but due to it wavering, it'd leave a dent in it at best. Sophia herself still thinks that Nanoha is holding back, but doesn't want to make her give her all. So in turn, she just says- "Thank you..." In a quiet and wispy voice that she is always using to communicate to other people. Either way, she'd raise her hand upwards, holding her tome to her chest as she looks at the sky. More dark energy forms in her palm, now forming a black orb like the one from before, this time growing with power. Since the attack was clearly meant to be charged, Sophia right now is wide open for any strikes.
Pretty. Trees. Eyes just twitch a tiny bit as she hears the girl saying that. Alright then, this next move will shift around the woman's plans a bit, rather than keep gathering up magical energy she takes what's been gotten and a large empty bullet is ejected from Raising Heart. A slight click sounding out from the weapon as... The mage rushes around through the treeline, she can only move so quietly. But thankfully the place is programmed with some ambient sounds, those do a bit to mask her motion while trying to get around toward the girl's back before she suddenly casts Flash Move. Her Device's usual shout of it being only a whisper as magic carries the woman to Sophia's back in mere seconds. R: "Divine Smasher!" Both the charged magic, and the power slammed into Raising Heart from their cartridge use would all suddenly blast outwards. Covering the staff with a glowing pink construct of raw mana that's slammed forward right for the center of their foe's back with mystically generated inhuman strength and speed, raw power blasting out from the woman's Device and carrying it forward with yet more force and quickness. Regardless of the results, Nanoha smiles over at the other combatant and speaks in a calm friendly voice. N: "That one is kinda a new spell I've been working on, honestly. It's... Simple, but simple is all you need sometimes right?"
“Wha-“ Her purple eyes would be wide with shock as the strong magic strike that Nanoha delivered would be able to directly hit Sophia...’s barrier. As it always does with physical attacks. However, Nanoha would hear even more cracking sounds, and Sophia would suddenly be overflown with exhaustion. “I-uhm...sure...yes...” Despite the girl clearly being taken aback by her opponent’s strength, the girl would only be showing her panic inside. She wanted to get better after all. Nanoha however would only be met with an unreadable expression from Sophia, her head tilting a bit as she kept her arm forcing the dark orb extended to charge more. “Here I go...” She said quietly, the forest area the two were fighting suddenly being overcome by darkness as she decides to release the energy of the orb instead of letting it charge. Nothing could be seen clearly...at the moment. Knowing Nanoha, she probably has a way to see in pure darkness. At the same time, there seemed to be a rupture in the sky, dark clouds emitting dark energy as jolts of purple lightning could be a sign. Sophia had chosen to vanish into the opaque void that came from the explosion of the dark orb, setting more distance by simply warping away. After a few seconds, a sudden beam of darkness had been fired at Nanoha where she stood, an overflowing mass of purple energy jolting straight at the opponent being empowered by the bleak atmosphere Sophia had set up.
Nanoha grins wildly at the mass of magic, she's seen better but... N"That's pretty good. The darkness is a bit of an issue, but I do have something." R: "Wide Area Search!" She can't quite see in total darkness, but she's quite capable of tracking the other fighter's magical energy with a wide net of translucent magic that seeks her foe out. It's mere seconds before the attack, but that's enough to rush. N: "Full power, full throttle! Rapid loading!" R: "Starlight Breaker!" There's quite a bit of ambient magic in the air around them, and with a sudden shift to it's more powerful spear like Excelion form, Nanoha no longer holding back, plus the quick burning of 3 cartridges. It's entirely possible to slam out a massive amount of magical energy in a very short time, mere moments from striking her foe Sophia's beam would be engulfed with a tremendous beam from Nanoha's weapon. The entire thing could easily split a skyscraper in half, and far dwarfs all the other magic that's been used by Nanoha up to now. Unless the enemy's strike were far more powerful than it looked, or if Sophia had some way to further bolster it. Starlight Breaker might well slam straight through, even breaking past most magical barriers. Though oddly enough, not causing lethal damage even if it hit. Pain and heavy fatigue are likely however in that event.
The beam of darkness that was conjured beforehand had at least one little thing going for it before it dissipated immediately from Nanoha's tremendous magic power, taking in the darkness from the atmosphere to empower itself even further. In turn, this made the forest area come to light once again, with Nanoha having a clear line of sight of her opponent. Then again, she didn't really need it considering the beam that's about to engulf her right at this moment, as the dark beam could only hold back so much before it lost the clash. The only thing it could really do is split itself apart and try to attack Nanoha directly with a small but "powerful" volley of dark blasts as a last ditch effort. "the light..." Sophia extended her hand out, her barrier emitting a horribly weak dark energy that tries as it might to protect the girl. In the end however, she had to take the full impact of Nanoha's beam head on, falling to the ground lightly, ironically enough the most sound that she's made yet. Even in pain, the girl merely looked as if she were sleeping soundly.
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