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switch lite
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Now I can play Switch games on the go wait jokes aside the lower price is nice and Pokemon is compatible apparently so yeah
Pokemon is for babies lmao Wait

Me and my friend have decided if we can evolve our meeting of talking and playing Mario Kart 7 to talking and Playing Mario Kart 8 it may be worth it
A cashgrab that costs a hundred dollars less?
Personally I don't have a use for it since I prefer playing my games on my tv, but it would be cool if I had another Switch that my brother wouldn't steal all the time
A cashgrab that costs a hundred dollars less? that's called marketing.
A cashgrab that costs a hundred dollars less? that's called marketing. As it turns out, it's easier to market things people want
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As Scarlet said it’s really only worth it for people who don’t want to pay for a full Switch. It’s not really a huge cashgrab since there’s pretty much no reason for a Switch-owner to buy it unless they want a Switch to themselves (if the main one is shared w/ family, etc)
can't wait for the switch hevy to come out in 6 months time
I'm waiting for nintendo to release the switch medium
The switch lite Is basically for people who wanted the switch, but was out of their budget and didn't know if they would use it. Even though it's an upgraded Wii u controller, its useful to a specific demographic.
Nintendo made people excited for cardboard. To be honest, a smaller switch makes more sense.
There is, in fact, a market for such a console. Quite big since what Lite takes away isn't much, since if you just care for the games and the gimmick isn't what you care for, then it's a perfect buy because it has the same specs and better battery life. I would get it only because I don't really care for any multiplayer game and don't feel compelled enough to get a regular Switch, since all I really care about are the single players games, only outlier being Smash. Also don't care for TVs normally. Let us not ignore this thing is a PS Vita but better, the Wii U was wack All in all, I shall wait before anything, more versions of the Switch are bound to come out regardless.
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