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Children in the back yelling "McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!" Wyd?
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What would be your personal reaction? Personally if the driver wouldn't get us McDonald's I would wait until they stop for gas than lock them out, driving to McDonald's myself.
Go on a detour and say you're taking them to Wendy's only to end up in a Kidz Bop concert
Eat the child yes consume there soles
(edited by Futaba_45)

Turn them into chicken nuggets
Scream "McDonalds" even louder and then get some for everyone
Take them to burger king and get myself a crown
Go to McDonalds, but only to volunteer them to be Ronald McDonald for the day so they can see how clownish they're being.
I would take them to burger king.(malicious laugh)
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