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Joker x Marie (PQ2) anyone?
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I know I'm supposed to be making designs (I have 2 from two separate users with good detail), but schedules have been full recently to think up on designs. Anyways, if any one of you have played Persona Q2, don't you love the little "pathos" that come up from time to time from Marie when going to the Velvet Room from time to time that specifically seem like they're meant for Joker? Then the scene afterward? For some reason it just makes me to want to ship the two. Wouldn't y'all agree?
once again I have been painfully reminded of marie's existence
At first I thought she was fine but then the more I played Persona 4 the more I hated her
I thought this was Joker x Splatoon Marie at first and I ship it more tbh I thought this and my brain instantly went NO!
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