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Sawatari Farm: Now Hiring
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Outside the ever expansive city lies a quiet rural community. Posted all over this community were ads for part time work on a farm. The address would lead to a complex of sheet-metal and concrete, beyond which large weeds grew taller than the average individual. Inside one of the buildings, a man was seemingly working on a tractor. His legs were poking out from beneath it. Closer inspection would allow passersby to listen to a radio broadcast about the weather, which would cut back to whatever regular music was playing. The man seemed to whistle along with it as he tinkered.
[Having been on his way out of the city and towards the outskirts of the city where he spends the majority of his time nowadays, Kazuya realizes he had been making his way to a random farm instead with the clear intention of joining it.] ...when did I decide that? [Whenever he thought about it, he felt a headache, so he decided to simply run with his sudden will, as he also thought that extra money should be okay. Besides, he had been taking a bit of a vacation from sword training anyways. Walking up to the pair of legs, he would speak.] Hello? Is this Sawatari Farm? I'm here for the part-time job, my name is Kazuya Yasuo.
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The man pushes himself from beneath the tractor, wiping his face with a towel to clear the grease. He'd toss the towel on a worktable and eye up the newcomer. "Part-time? Oh yeah, guess I did do that. Name's Kazumi Sawatari, feel free to call me Kazumi. I can't promise all that much in terms of pay right now, to be honest. Y'see I'm new here, and a farmer by trade. Took most of what I had on me to get this land, but it's fertile, that much I can tell you. I can start you at 2,000 yen an hour, at least until the first harvest comes in. Maybe you'll consider joining up full time if you like the work." He'd offer his hand in greeting, it had a few spots of grease still on it, but his grip was likely firm given his profession.
My schedule changes all the time but this is perfect as it stands right now. You could say I'm in my vacations so something like this is great. [Kazuya smiles at the man as he goes for his hand too with no hesitation. His grip tends to emulate the one of the person is he greeting. After this, he would take a moment to take a deep breath.] It's nice out here, away from the noise of the city. I'm from Tokyo, but I never got used to how lively it always was. Not to mention the air feels heavier this decade.
Hey! Wait for me!!! Kisaragi tries to run after a cab with all of her luggage in hand, but her natural bad luck strikes again. Leaving her with a face full of mud and an idol uniform that has seen better days. Looking around she soon spots a farm nearby. Oh you have got to be ... Kisaragi loudly sighs with a look of exasperation. She wanted to be in the next city over by tomorrow, but with her ride gone it seemed that a farm was her only option. Lifting her bags up with both arms Kisaragi proceeds to meander through the weeds until she reaches a building with a tractor. She peers past the doors and sees people inside. Hello~ Can anyone here possibly help me find a place to stay for the night?
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A teenage girl that was wearing a blue and purple flannel dress was making her way out of whatever town she came from and journeyed towards this farm. Because surely this’ll be a wondrous experience that’ll open eyes and make it so that she’ll know there’s more to life than her phone...probably. “Ah, uhm, hi there sirs. Is this Sawatari Farm?” Of course her eyes are met with two other men, one presumably having the same idea that she did. As well as the more competent legs considering he got there first. Oh well, surely the farm work can’t be too tough, right? She stuffed her phone in her pink jacket pocket and continued. “My name is Shihiro Tamashi. I was looking for a part time job. May I be of service, mister?” At the same time, she also duly noted the arrival of this new girl, who wants to find a place to stay for the night. Respectable. And also makes her feel a bit bad for her. Also makes her wonder just how many people this man expected to come to this specific farm.
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Kazumi would smile, looking about his shed. He'd nod in agreement, noticing more people approaching. He'd finish his conversation with Kazuya first. "Well I guess you can help clear out the weeds for now. Not much use if we can't use the fields, huh?" He'd turn his attention to the idol, showing the utmost ignorance. "Uh yeah sure, couple blocks down there's an inn, I think. Should be open." Back to business, he'd turn his attention to the latest arrival. "Yeah I'm always lookin' for some help here, but I can guess you won't want to work the fields. You good with machines? Lot less stressful, but takes a more delicate touch, y'know?"
Kisaragi quickly glances about, but can't seem to spot an inn. Could the shady looking man be lying to her? Possibly. Not wanting to be made a fool of she walks over to the man's tractor and cooly places one hand against it. Could you possibly take me to that inn using this thing? She tilts her head cutely for better effect. However, the heavy bags in her hands unbalance her and she accidentally bangs her head against the machine. OWWWWWWWWW! Stunned she falls to the dirt as one of her bags hits the ground and opens. Revealing tons of idol uniforms and tons of frightening monster plush toys.
Ooo, new machinery. Never got to try one of these out in the city...is a lawnmower similar to this? Oh well, whatever, it makes her job easier. “Oh...yeah I’m good with machines. The most experience I’ve had so far with machines is my trusty phone. But I’m assuming that a tractor must be way different, isn’t it?” Speaking of tractors, seeing the girl bang her head accidentally on it makes her a bit concerned, rushing towards the girl to make sure she’s alright. As well as try to make sure all that luggage she carried with her gets contained again. “Oh gosh! Miss? Are you alright? That sounded loud! Oh and also, the plushies are kind of cute, but- wait that’s not important! Is your head hurting?”
More hands to work the land is a good idea, isn't it? Good to meet you, Shihiro. My name is Kazuya Yasuo and I hope we can get along. [He would say to the new arrival, glad there were more people showing up to help. Now things should be easier in general. Before he can reply to his new boss, however, a very familiar voice would catch his interest. Turning around to face the origin of such voice, he would meet with the one person he already knew plenty of.] ...Momo. It's...been a while. [He didn't know what else to say at that moment. After everything that had happened, he felt a tad bit awkward around her. It wasn't her fault, but the memories it brought up for a moment were not pleasant. Shaking his head, he would finally talk to his boss.] Yeah, you got it. I'll do my best. You have anything I can use to weed the field around? That should make work easier. Then again, I'm not against using my hands or even a sword. [He tries to joke just so he can bring his mood back up. But then Kisaragi keeps stealing the attention; regardless, the memories are not stronger than him, so he works more to keep his usual attitude.] Kazumi, do you mind if I take her to the inn? We already know each other; she just hasn't noticed me yet.
I'm fineshhhhh. Kisaragi's speech slurs a bit at the end as some blood seeps down her right ear. But, overall she is still as physically fit as a cow or boar. She just needs a few minute of rest she tells herself as her head stays against the machine. A brilliant smile rests on her face to placate the concern of the teenage girl in front of her. Then she hears Kazuya, but her face scrunches up with clear confusion. Wow how do you know my name mister? Are you some super stalker or something jajaja! She tries to search her memories for some recollection, but can't seem to find them at the moment. I don't think I really know ya though.
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He waves his hand dismissively as he inspects the newly formed dent on his tractor. "Yeah that's fine, when you get back I have a scythe around here somewhere. Worst case I'll lend you my personal machete." If someone was throwing themselves against his property, it was likely best to eliminate that problem at its source. He'd try to distract himself from that conundrum by talking to the worker that wasn't immediately leaving. "Nothing like the tractor, that's a bit more complex. I mean just looking over some of the machines we have here. Checking for rust and making sure the parts are all there, leave the repairs to a professional after all. I've got the manuals for them when you're ready to start!"
You... don't remember? [Kazuya was genuinely surprised by the fact that she didn't remember. Could she be a different Kisaragi? Perhaps the snake had such control that nothing stayed inside her mind. At the very least, Ene's world was a strange one. With this in mind, he eases up slightly.] Alright then, this will be easy then. I'll be back in a few, boss. [Kazuya gets closer to Kisaragi and makes sure to grab the heavier few bags. Nodding to his co-worker as a sign of thanks for helping the idol girl out. After this, he would take a few steps towards the way out while facing her.] I'll take you to the inn but I need to come back here, let's hurry.
It seems like her new coworker and friend already knew who this girl is. Though she would worry a bit more, she'd flash a grin his way to let Kaz know he could handle her. After trying to get her luggage back in the bag, she bows to Kaz and steps aside. "She's all yours, Kazuya. Oh, and yeah, hope we'll get along too." Afterwards, Shihiro turns back to her boss and thinks a bit as she put her chin up to her head. Of course, if you want to do farm work, surely a girl like you likes the machinery more than the manual way. Speaking of manuals. "I'd love to get a manual for one of these machines. The sooner the better, right?"
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He'd open a drawer on his work table, piles of books lining the interior. He'd pull out a handful, and hand one to Shihiro. "This is for one of the tillers. It keeps squeaking and going off to the side." The tiller in question would be visibly rusty, as if it had gone for years without use. Odds are it probably had. "I'll be in here if you need anything. You take care out there, Kazuya."
Kisaragi shakily stands and walks a few paces out of the building before resting against the doors. A light sheen of sweat covers her forehead and the sun above easily irritates her eyes. Barely able to open her eyes she tries to look at Kazuya. Which instantly brings forth laughter from her. In her squinting attempts Kazuya looks like some dark, blobbly figure from one of those horror movies she likes. HAHAHAHA you look so cute without the fingers and feet man. Laughing uncontrollably she accidentally triggers her focusing eyes and an aura of attraction emanates from her. Kisaragi also slams the side of the building a few times with her open fist to regain some sense.
"Without the fingers and feet", what? [He keeps walking forward but suddenly finds it hard to look away. He immediately thinks about how it may be that Kisaragi just activated Focusing Eyes.] Why do you eye power girls are always like this? It's easy to see why you and Ene would be friends. Have you seen her lately, by the way? I haven't in a long time, no idea what she's been up to. [Kazuya figured that, as he walked forward and did his best to use his peripherical view to look at the road, it would be for the best to use anything he already knew about Momo and Ene to try and trigger any memory, or get her to trust him. Or at least, at the very least, that she deactivates her eye power.] Where are you going, anyways? I wasn't expecting you to be in a place like this.
"Ah thanks. I'll try and get to use it after I read the manual." Because in her mind she had totally forgotten about these things. This manual is going to be super helpful in getting this pay. There's no way that Shihiro thinks she'll be able to work this thing right out of the blue. "It shouldn't be too complicated...right?" After a quick read, as well as a skim for good luck and good measure, she tries out the tiller and goes to work, ultimately a bit nervous something might go wrong but overall just going with it.
I don't really know where Ene or the others are .... Kisaragi's voice trails off and she adamantly follows Kazuya for a bit in complete silence. It takes the passing of a cloud overhead to get her talking again. Though he voice remains subdued and she just shuffles behind. I was heading to the next town over for a pr thingy. Have to have my own pr stuff now since i'm alone in this place. Its been fun, but I miss some people. Kisaragi starts sniffling after the comment.
[He picks up on the sudden change in attitude from the girl, and takes note on how quick it changed. He pays no mind to it, however and focused on reassuring the girl.] I'm sure they are waiting for you, and that they miss you too. Focus on what you're doing now, and time will pass quickly. [It was good that there were no cars going through at the moment, and the ambience was instead filled with the sound of birds and wind.] So think of that, that each day that passes is one day closer to see them.
Kisaragi stops once again and asks in a tiny voice. Do you really believe that? Her voice then comes in louder. Did you also leave people behind too?
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