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I scratch the back of my head. "Uh, yeah, is there any possible way I can trade in this body for a different one? I dug being younger and full of energy and all that at first but then I slowly realized how much of a disadvantage being so short is..." I laugh nervously. "So please tell me it's possible, I'll do anything for a different body."

So that Snake Eyes is like a living illusion? Ugh, the world's logic is such a pain in the ass. *I scratch the back on my head with my metal arm.*

"Sooooo..... Shes not real?" Im totally confused at this point, but it looks like shes not feeling too good. Not really much i can do here... But i have a bit of a theory. "So is the real Ayano, or whatever her name is, is she Mish? If we find her can we get out of...wherever this is?" Im not sure if what i just said is really dumb or really smart. But i wanna at least try to pull my weight and add something to the conversation. Hopefully this'll get people's attention.
Getting a new body? That sounds interesting, but would I even want to ask for one? Cait’s not the strongest Phansite character, but he’s still a demon and a cat. Those two things have got to be useful right? Like a... Chekov’s Gun? Is that how you say it? Er, whatever seems useless but gets relevant later. Like those 40 pieces of chalk I bought in DnD once... I hiss and shake my head. I really need to focus on reality now. “I don’t really get it, but that Ayano was just an illusion? A living one? All that’s important is finding the real one, right?”

[I... it's not that I wasn't expecting it since a few minutes ago, considering all the facts, but this was still somehow a punch to the gut. There's a real Ayano? What is that supposed to mean? Not only that, but Shadow Mishima and then Damon from long ago. Why is it that Mish of all people was the target for this kind of crap?] "I... is that Snake with the real Ayano?" [I keep my gaze on Ayano, and make the only question I can think of. If that Snake, of all things, has anything to do with this, then Byakuran won't be the last thing I kill today.]
Sippp, I watch in silence as I finish off my water, drinking the last drops before dropping the cup, having it form into a chair with 3 legs as I sit down on it. Using my leg to keep balance

Finally back to something more familiar ! The first thing I do is check for the small pouch hanging from my neck. Hopefully the crystal shards are in there again. "You guys are all saying it feels like a year, but to me it felt like it all happened so quickly... I know I have bad time perception, but everything was so hectic over there ! Was the first world like that too for you guys? And more importantly, is it safe to assume the next ones will be worse?" If so, don't count on me for the next one... This shit has taken a bit of a toll on me... I feel kinda sore, honestly. Both physically and mentally !
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Walton languidly stares at you. It is possible as long as you die again and again until your soul latches onto the next available body. If you are lucky that process could only take two years.
"Ayano" mentions. Things would have been better if it were a snake. Her body finally transforms into pure wind joining with the sky of the other world. Walton lets go of the door ending the connection.
(You have completed act two)
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...Well that means essentially confirms my suspicion. Somethings controlling the real Ayano, the one that has Mish in her, and the one that might be able to get us out of there. "We gotta keep moving. This is really to weird me out but we at least have something to look for now. The real Ayano probably had Mish inside her, and that means something is keeping us here. I dunno what though... But wherever we're going, i wanna go."
God fucking damnit. "Two years? Fucking hell, what am I gonna do, then? I need to be taller..." I bite my finger instinctually. Come on, think of some options... "I might wanna come to the next place, but only if I can get myself a better body than this one soon... Or if I can find a way to make it older."

Awww it looks like all your friends left you. Two years have passed since you last saw your allies and Mukuro. Two entire years of nothing from them and no indication of ever being able to leave this world Perhaps you enjoyed your extended stay in the debilitated manor. No Byakuran around meant that you easily had your run of the place once all the stragglers left. Maybe you even took the inititiave and chased the others away to have the place to yourself. Or maybe you instead befriended Yuni, Gamma, Bluebell, and anyone else you could find for some company. Possibly you grew bored of the manor and attempted to leave only to find a decimated world outside. A world charred by prolonged warfare. Well it didn't even matter anyway if you were willing to brave this new world, because pain prevented you from walking two feet out the door. If you chased everyone out then no one new came to the manor either. It was as if you were trapped in your own little world.
Was this bearable to you?
Did you suffer?
Are you now at the end of your rope or did you grow accustomed to this life?
Ayano grins at you. She stands on the other side of a door that has formed right in front of you. From where you stand you can see that her side has the looming skyscrapers of a large city. Cars honk from her side as people walk around gawking at a group of street performers nearby. However, no special attention is paid to her, your, or the door in between. Ayano reaches out her hands towards you. Or you left your friends. Well none of that matters now cuz I have come to save you out of the kindness of my heart. You are free to get on your knees and thank me now~ Ayano smirks expecting some gratitude for this. As long as you don't become too much then you can do whatever you want.
“So it’s something worse than that Outer Science reptile?” What’s holding Mish and our reason for being here... could those two be related? I’d never really considered why Phansite folks and only Phansite folks had been brought here. Maybe the link isn’t the Phansite, but rather Mish herself? It sounds less stupid than the Grim Reaper really liking Persona fansites. Yes, that’s the culprit. Reaper. I start laughing but quickly muffle myself with a paw. That was embarrassing. “Uh... I should probably come along on this next run. I think I’ll be fine. Can’t get worse from here, right? Right? ...Okay, nevermind. Hey Ted, I could probably help. I just need you to get a trenchcoat and get on my shoulders.” My eyes dart around the room to see if anyone found that stupid quip amusing, but there’s something off... “Okay, I thought he was sneaky, but he’s just not here. Where the heck is Gamma?”

I didn’t really care to interact with the others who had been in the manor. They’re not real anyways, and if I started talking to them I might forget that. Then I’d lose track of the only thing that mattered. In the end, it was ultimately getting home. I didn’t need to worry about the steps taken along the way. “Yet you got us trapped here.” “I’m still a man of my word.” Woman, now “You’re not helping.” I didn’t want to get close to anyone else, so such conversations with my other half had become commonplace. My phone died a long time ago which would leave X as my only companionship over these two years. If anyone still visited the manor they’d probably think I was crazy as I wander the halls aimlessly talking to myself. “Think I could do the time dimension thing yet?” you’ve been trying for a year and a half, and besides. There wouldn’t be anyone there either. “Yeah. But the monsters would be a change of pace. I mean I can’t really practice with you anyways.” no. To anyone else you’d look like a lunatic “I mean you’re not wrong, but at least we know we’re not crazy.” isn’t that what a crazy person would say? “No. We’re not doing that. I am NOT getting greenlit Gaslit Gaslit by my own split personality.” I’m every bit as much of a person as you are. You’ve been in charge the last two days, isn’t it about time I had a turn? “Yeah yeah, you’re right. Not like there’s any harm at this point.” in a blink I’ve leapt back to a few seconds ago, a little jolt to help us switch. “X” brushes some stray hairs out of their face with a sigh. It was only a few more minutes talking like this when something finally changed. I almost thought I finally got the time dimension thing to work, only to find out it’s Ayano. Still, Berger’s can’t be choosers. “Took you long enough.” the other days with a sigh. Though their tone was rough and unwelcoming, anything resembling a chance was still good in their eyes. So they swiftly accept Ayano’s hand to step through the door. “Lets get on with it then. Any chance is better than nothing.”
"We...left him for dead, didn't we? That...must be what happened. Damn, why did I let us go through with that stupid plan? Of course something like this was going to happen. These stupid flames I took couldn't even help me with that though could they?" This must be because I'm still too indecisive, too weak. Kaz was the only one who could really do anything, meanwhile, all I did was stand around pretending to be responsible. Of course we couldn't resolve anything without taking a big risk like that. I'd make for the room, the one where Tatsuya had trained. I had yet to actually really use it but I had something different in mind anyway. I wanted somewhere to be alone. Where nobody would be able to reach me until I came back. I didn't know how much time was left for me. The time I had before this thing festering inside of me decided I shouldn't have control anymore. I needed to figure my own abilities out or what little abilities I had.
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