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Who is the best Persona protag and their main persona
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Mine personally is akira kurusu the persina 5 protagonist and his persona arsene they just have so much coolness and personality
Mine is Minato/Makoto from Persona 3
Mine is Minato/Makoto from Persona 3 I forgot to add Orpheus (Minato's/Makoto's persona) lol Also I would go more into details in why I like them, but I would end up rambling, the post would be too long, and I don't wanna spoil any thing XD
Akira is really cool and Im him best freind

Akita is your best friend? No. I’m getting Twilight and Archer flashbacks. Ah. No. Get it away! But in all seriousness, I do like Ren. He’s stylish af.
his name is AKira
Actually his canon name is Tatsuya Makoto
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