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happy spooktober!
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it's october, and you all know what that means... spooky stuff but i'm bad with horror so please do your best to describe your favourite horror movie in 10 words exactly thank you and spook responsibly
Local radio host accidently makes concept based zombie virus, oops.
Deadly geometry maze is deadly and makes people insane, Yikes!
Teen boy spills glass of water, throws town into mayhem
boy starts summoning food from hands, has a mental breakdown
Doll possessed kills people for 95.99 or less, wanna play?
Polish man creates a website, everything goes downhill from there. When do we get the phansite horror movie
better yet, we all get Cryb and watch horror movies together
or whatever rabbit turned into
Ohya Ichiko exists

Ma man I’m gonna be dressed as WALUIGI
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