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Lnari Reviews: Joker (2019)
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So there was a time in my life when I was such a pretentious Batman-loving douche, that I was firmly convinced that there was no way to present the Joker on screen to a wide audience and stay true to his character. As far as I was concerned, if it was different from the comics (with the exception of Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger’s interpretations,) it wasn’t worth my time. Since then, I’ve grown the fuck up, and realized that anyone can interpret any character however they want to. I might not always like it, but that doesn’t make any interpretation of a character any less valid than any other. However, in my book, there are still certain characteristics that make for a good Joker, and Joaquin Phoenix nails every one of them right on the head, and then continues to blow my expectations away with his entirely unique mannerisms and delivery. If nothing else, Joaquin Phoenix alone is enough reason for me to watch this movie. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast can’t compare. Now, that’s not to say that certain characters like Penny Felk and Thomas Wayne don’t have their moments to shine, but this movie understands that at the end of the day, Joker is the star of the show, and should pretty much always remain the center of attention. Joker might not be the most original story with the most exciting characters, but it shines not as a groundbreaking tale, as much as a refined and unique take on a story that’s been told by Joker writers for decades, the story of a psychotic cult of personality who believes he’s a tragic hero. While the reader/viewer understands that Joker is a monstrous shell of a human being, they are also encouraged to question their own sense of ethics and morality. “Joker” knows what it seeks to accomplish, and does it almost effortlessly at times. There are so many parts of this movie that could have been completely tasteless/unnecessary if handled poorly, but Joaquin Phoenix brings the gentle care needed to elevate this film to the level its trying to reach. All of this accompanied by a fantastic score and soundtrack, eerily stunning visuals, and wonderful attention to detail a pretentious yet satisfying and at times even stunning entry to the character’s discography.
A surprisingly deep review tbh On the other hand I can’t deny the effectiveness of the mirror option, really made me question my life choices
A surprisingly deep review tbh On the other hand I can’t deny the effectiveness of the mirror option, really made me question my life choices Yeah I was shocked too...
This is running on empty Lnari's Movie R E V I E W
I just got out of the theater. I'd make my own review but instead i'll just contemplate Lnari's detailed writing with my own well-thought, brief comment: Holy shit.
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