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Notable Events and Threads on the Phansite 2019
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Feel free to add onto this thread.
i feel a bit honoured that i was a major part of a few of these
I’ve got at least 2 more suggestions 1. Archer’s triumphant return (Elm is a better source than me there due to time constraints) 2. Nyarlathotep’s tragic death to typical California weather. Grimnir made a funeral forvthat Oh yeah, and Kazuya returned too with glory such as Hulk Hogan
(edited by Tot_Pop)
That tournament was very short-lived and barely anyone wanted to continue it. Ironically that's the same as every relationship i've "been in"
HAHAHA I EXIST (March 14th, 2019) I HAVE BEEN IMPACTING THIS SITE FOR MONTHS NOW AND NOBODY KNOWS ME!!! like I am unknown but known at the same time

The Masked Twilight saga
Another wiki, eh? Is it bad that I'm oddly stoked for it to be developed?
oh yeah tc since you're already here I wanted to get to know you better so send me a pm next chance you get
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