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How much do we really know about Sword and Shield?
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Compare what we know about Sword and Shield right now to around this time when Sun and Moon was about to come out. It's a lot less. We know around a dozen new Pokemon, four new forms and like 6 characters. Most of the news has been on the "Pokemon but bigger" mechanic and how Meowth is suddenly Inugami and Pikachu is fat again and whatever, but that's... really it. Not saying that's a bad thing. Keeping a lot under wraps so people can react when they find it is nice, though it does slightly concerned about how there's suddenly no information to share when, for the last two gens, we got basically everything short of the plot shown before released. Also, most of the new things are Gen 1. Insert generic "omg gen 1 sux lolololol" comment here. Though in all seriousness, does Charizard really need a new form? You can tell who the Pokemon Companies favourite child is. " You can have 2 new megas, a new giant form that makes you look like Godzilla with fire wings and we'll ditch the other lame Gen 1 starters so you can be the star of the show in Smash 4". OK. Done
they cut my phavrite pokaymans reeeeeeeee
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"Naht mai loppppni i snugle wif her nyoooo" Like that, right? Honestly, that's something I could care less about. Never transferred from previous games. Though I'm sure some people like starting new games with their level 100 team from 10 years ago or whatever.
A bit insensitive with your phrasing there. Also, nice to see you are at least a little concerned about it as you could care less.
giant gardevoir hentai
No z moves or mega evolution :(
Gin, you forgot one very important piece of information we have on the game. ... It has at least one sword and one shield somewhere within it.
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