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MorganaFan4Ever's palace
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We, the phantom thieves, are in the palace. MorganaFan4Ever's shadow form is the ceo of racism. Their palace is racism. We need to steal their treasure. The guards are taken out and I, Mona, do the stealth.
i rip off a shadow's face, and as he bleeds to death, i laugh
I, the Jaguar Warrior, am in the palace. KukuFan4Ever's shadow form is the CEO of wrestling. Their palace is wrestling. We need to suplex their nyadow. The evil cats are taken out and I, Jaguar Warrior, do the suplexing I bench press a shadow, and as he surrenders, I laugh.
i suplex jaguar warrior
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Nya ha ha! You think you can out wrestle me! Nyou fool! *I suplex Mona*
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Wait wtf Gets suplexed, now has a bump on head.
Axel would appear right next to the treasure, a smirk on his face as he walked out of a random dark portal. "My spotlight senses were tingling. Time for Axwl to steal the show...and the treasure." Axel would take the treasure before leaving through the portal from before.
"you misspelled your name" elm called out to axel before he disappeared through the portal, then proceeding to suplex him as well
While I can not confirm whether or not I am the CEO of racism, you should assume that I am just as powerful, and will strike you down as such. Also, absolutely no rping in my palace, if it does exist
I say “Lady Ann” 500 times to a shadow
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Nya ha ha! You think you can out wrestle me! Nyou fool! *I suplex Mona*Ah fuck, I cannot believe you’ve done this.
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