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Arsene ????a????y ????oi
arsene? more like arse n
Arsene? More like Arnestly Scrims, I question your intelligence. You do nothing but post complete trash tier posts, not even worthy of being called shitposts, just for the attention. You are either the co-worker that gets picked up with a red stapler, or you are that child that was abused so badly that you have to come onto an anonymous forum, and do everything you can for attention. You try to pull our attention becuase it’s the only thing you manage to do successfully in life, as you seem to not be capable of much else, and considering the fact you have two accounts to post with, tells me that you have such a high level of ADHD, you probably forget you are taking a piss midway through. Your low quality posting also tells me that your intellectual though process is so goddamn low, that you unironically think that my “non-existent” testicles actually sprout from above my heel, ignoring the fact that the bone in my ankle is not actually for reproductive means. The only joy you probably have in your life right now is some people acknowledging your trash tier posting, and your false ego gets inflated every tie a poster ignorantly claims that you are a god tier shitposter, without actually knowing what god tier shit posting was. Come back to me later when both of your testicles drop, you have a few more years on you, and you experience the world outside of the basement you dwell in. Soon you will learn that mother’s hotpocks (assuming you even know what the love of a mother even is) is not sufficient to survive on, and for the love of god, it’s not called a fedora.
I don't understand
lol Ren!!!!!1111!!! this is a super KEK god-tier shitpost!!!!!!!!1111111111@!!!!!!!!!!1!!!
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