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Guily Pleasure Games
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What games are your guilty pleasures? Like, games you know aren't that good but you still like to play anyway. For me, it's probably Dirge of Cerberus. For the many people who don't know what that is, it's a Final Fantasy 7 spin off staring Vincent Valentine and is a third person shooter. The gameplay isn't really up to much, but I really like it for some reason. Probably cause the villains are actually entertaining. Theirs names are always a colour with the same colour in another language. Rosso the Crimson. Nero the Sable. Azul the Cerulean. You get it, right? Rosso is a blood knight large ham who fights Cloud at one point in the game. Azul is a very large man who fights with a tank cannon and can turn into a Behemoth for some reason. Nero is a BDSM clothed man with wings that have guns on the end of them and can turn into a giant spider. The villains are great, stupid and underrated. I love 'em. Also, for those of you who've played World of Final Fantasy, this is the game where Shelke comes from. She's a main character voiced by Karren Strassmen who is a villain who becomes not a villain and is really good with tech. She also looks 10 but is actual around 24 due to human experimentation stopping her growth or something. Have to make the Loli legal somehow. Anyway, that's mine. Whelming game. Fun Villains. Alright story. What about yours? Any games you like for stupid reasons? I'm not gonna judge But Mona probably will so don't be afraid to share.
YiiK, the “postmodern” RPG. The gameplay is slow and tedious and the dialogue sounds like it was written by a stereotypical theatre student on LSD after watching a LiveLeak video. But, for some reason, I keep finding my way back to it. It’s almost like I want to see how much worse and pretentious it could get. I mean, the only legitimately good things about the game are the art style, which I do find a bit charming, and the music, which is a bop, I admit. Other than that, the voice acting is passable (I can not unhear Yuriofwind as the emo kid Rory), and the script is once again rather pretentious. In my opinion, this game is almost like a cautionary tale for how to build your world and its characters. Especially the main protagonist, Alex, which admittedly, as an alright idea for an arc, but was ultimately handled horribly. It’s honestly taught me a thing or two about what not to do in storytelling.
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