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change my friends heart
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please change my friend's heart har name is Adrianna johnson and shes so mean now and toxic and she really needs to change her keywords are senpai hangouts and corrupt
Hello there! Expert phantom thief Morgana on the case. I'm sure you'll be glad to know that we'll be able to grant your request, but in order to do so we need your mommy's credit card number, the 3 numbers on the back and the expiration date. don’t be scared its a part of the procedure.
in before Joker/Hifumi locks the thread. But their right. Everyone does it.
they wouldn't lock the thread, because i'm pretty sure this is RP, as it's tagged that way
I have a gun??????????
Sorry. Ryuji just said the eff word, so me and the thieves have to go kick his ass.
*sniff sniff* hmm yes i smell a stinky phantofm thfiod supporter i must administer slap
Sir Sugumu Kamoshida- wait wrong person(a)
Thread Creator

okay its *snip* and the three numbers are *snip* is that good Joker: even if it's fake, let's not toss out card numbers, Kay?
(edited by Joker)
Thread Creator

please dont tell anyone i did that though just change her heart hurry
I need the expiration date too, though. You know what? can you just take a picture
The key words do not fit our needed information, we’ll need the location to.

Hold up hold up hold up What, the fuck. Do you honestly think that this is a legit site of the Phantom Afficianado Website? And that was a JOKE too, you didn't need to do that. Seriously, to break it to ya, the Thieves aren't a thing anymore, this is a fan site. Get some guts and change her heart yourself through your interactions with her.
(edited by KZ04)
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