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The Papilon's Deathly Wings
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*On sunny weekends, a large public gardens in Shibuya gets a lot of foot traffic, both by families wanting to take their kids out somewhere and by foreigners on holiday sightseeing. It's a place of beauty. Not many expect anything to happen. However, this day was different. In the large glass building in the centre of the gardens, housing many exotic plants, people begin running away, screaming as strange pollen causes their skin to burn and collapse, struggling to breath.* The darkest valley. The highest mountain. We walk in the name of our brave. *Ambulances are called and the place is evacuated. However, sighting of a girl in black, a yellow flower in her hair and wearing headphones, walking for the building.* The rushing river. The blooming flower. Descended from heaven we embrace. *People try to stop her, but can't seem to get her attention. Eventually, they all just leave her to her fate. She would stop in front of the glass building, looking up while blocking the sun from her eyes* The steps we take and the pain from journey Could never ever bring us down *With a smirk, she would lower her headphones to cover her neck and continue inside.* The keys discovered. The new worlds opened. Let's run and catch the dawn
*A few hours later, you arrive. Whether or not you've been hired to investigate, heard about the strange goings on and got curious or were just passing by and decided to check out the situation, you all end up outside the gardens. A nervous man in a sharp suit stands outside, nervously biting his sleeve. Off to the side, a possibly familiar looking blond man with a cane, metallic hand and a lab coat. A few police officers bar the way. The ambulances are just about to take away some of the more seriously injured. How you proceed is up to you.*
A man would approach with long brown hair and a sword strapped to his back. In his eyes there was a certain focus that never seemed to quite fade. He'd approach the situation as a whole and seem to simply ignore any of the officers or ambulances. It would be clear to any who saw him that he was a man on a quest. He'd head directly for the two men standing outside the greenhouse.
Isla looked around the place and saw the ambluances taking away the people who almost looked like beef jerky. This is going to be an easy one to write... looks like no one is here to write though! First come first serve!! Isla ran thowards the nervous man. Hello! My name is Isla Woods, a journalist for the Daily Rain Magazine. Do you have information about what happened here? You don't have to state your name but it could help...
Oliver looked around at the mess around him. He sighed, knowing that this wasn't going to be an easy one. He looked over at the two people already there. A journalist and a man with a sword. Looks like I got my work cut out for me. Oliver walked over to the blond man with the cane. Before Oliver or the man could say something Oliver reached into his jacket and pulled out a special agent badge. "No need to lie and say this was chemical warfare, I'm here under the terms of this attack being of... odd circumstances. Would you mind telling me everything you know before I start investigating the scene?" Oliver said keeping his hands in his pockets.
The teenage girl appeared on the scene, looking extremely confused. With not many moments to spare, her eyes caught the nearest individual, that of the man with the sword. A friendly introduction is in order, even if that means blowing cover. "Hi! Would you like to be my friend?"
The man would look back at the odd girl, for a moment he seemed to be strained as his mind began to race. (Ok, Eleven...now's the time...You can do it. Just say no...) "YES!" He'd give a defeated sigh as his tragedy was revealed. Due to past trauma he was only capable of saying yes in response to other's inquiries.
The girl's eyes basically glowed, so much so that if the Hero were making eye contact he'd almost feel as if he were looking directly at the sun. So in other words, this girl was now extremely elated. "WOW! I've never seen anybody accept so quickly! I think I'll like you, new friend!" She took out a pack of cards, only needing one draw to find the specific card that she needed. The one that "Symbol of Friendship". She showed it to the Hero. "Would you like to know more about friendship? I'd be happy to talk to you about it, friend!"
[Kazuo would watch the people arriving, the police and even the strange man from afar. He was positive he had not seen any of them at any point, even if some of them were strangely familiar to him. Whatever was the case, he would wait a bit longer, see their moves.] This is the best course of action for now, we don't even know exactly what happened. [He would simply lower his hat, mumbling further to no one in particular.]
The man would look a bit terrified as he looked back at the girl. Should he run away? No, it was against his nature to simply run from something like this. All he had to do was say n- "YES!"
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*The nervous man would jump as Isla speaks to him.* AH! *He looks down at Isla and tries and mostly fails to calm himself.* I-It's Kasuka. Kasuka Shinemon. Ah. No. B-But please. N-No press. I've already answered so many questions from the police and from that odd blond detective. I-I told them already. I don't know. S-S-So please. Stop asking so many questions. *Meanwhile, Sam would look over at Oliver and raise an eyebrow.* Riiiight. Well, mister special investigator, fraid there's nothing to tell. Just a foreign butterfly that secretes some irritant spores that can really do damage if inhaled. Must've gotten mixed up in one of the new arrivals. I sent someone in before though that was a while ago. I wonder... Hmm... *Sam hums in thought. Being nearby, Kazuo and, assuming he wasn't too busy agreeing with Tea, the Hero would hear what both parties said should they want to join one of the conversations.*
The girl was overjoyed as she heard the forbidden word come out once more. There was a gasp that came out of her mouth before she looked back at the Hero. "Wow, really! Aw, thanks, I'd love to share my knowledge with you, friend! Ok...now what should I start with..." The pause of her thoughts illusioned an easy way out of the conversation, but it didn't really take much before he was pulled back. She looked into the Hero's eyes as a smile formed on her face. "Friendship for most people is a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect, and trust! ... True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interests in a crisis! Friendship goes beyond just sharing time together, and it is long lasting!" "Sometimes it comes up in pieces of literature! "A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." or, "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harms." and also, "Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." Things like those, you know? But I just feel like that's a bit much. Friendship is self-explanatory! You can figure it out yourself!" She looked back at the man with a cane, doing a high-school girl giggle like she ought to before waving at him. Afterwards, she shook the Hero's hand delightedly. "Thanks for listening! You can go ahead and do whatever it is that you were going to do. Is it alright if I follow you, friend?"
Isla didn't say anything back, but stared at the man. She didn't blink, smile, or even breathed. The only thing that had life on her was her eyes, and they were looking directly at the man. Like a cat stalking its prey, Isla's pupils almost looked like they grew twice the size. Is that really all you know?
The hero was astonished that so much could be said about friendship. He desperately wished there had been a skip button or something but no such luck as the girl nearly talked his ear off. He felt his life force begin to drain away before the girl asked another grating question. The hero tried with all his might...He began to struggle to get the words out. "N-n-n-YES!"
It's pretty obvious who we have to talk to here. This doesn't seem to be just anything anymore. [Well, it's clear at least that the guy with the crane knew a bit more than he let on. And that other guy seemed to be...personally involved. Whatever the case, there is no need to join just yet, especially since it could actually JUST be a weird insect with strange qualities and nothing of too much note like something actually new. Even then, the group of people was the more interesting one.]
Despite the one word being the same in every possible manner, the girl was nonetheless, filled with joy. One could say overjoyed, as she laughed wholeheartedly in hopes to find the objective, and maybe new friends. But her laughter was stopped and now she looked around once more, not being able to find anything. "Well, friend, I have no idea what to do. I almost thought we were all at a field trip, again!" She let go of the Hero's arm, instead losing herself in thought once more before going up to Hero. Her happy eyes and curious nature lead her to believe asking the Hero yet another question would be able to guide her towards the right direction. "So, friend, would you mind finding where we need to go? I'm lost, and I haven't even took 5 steps yet!"
Right, of course this isn't going be easy. Alright, let's go the hard route. A foreign butterfly mixed in with spores able to cause this catastrophe and he wants me to believe it was just a mistake? Looks like I won't be getting anywhere here. "Alright, thanks for the heads up. I'll go inside and investigate now." Oliver said before stopping a few steps away from the greenhouse. "Also... just another heads up, whatever I find in there is going to the agency. So no matter what you might see, think of it as you being stressed out from work." Oliver then walked over to the greenhouse.
"Yes!" The hero was intent on doing that anyway before the gril appeared so this time it was almost a genuine answer. It seemed there was no point in standing around and talking any longer. He was already getting tired of all these cut scenes. He'd attempt to enter the green house as well. Whatever was inside simply had to be taught a lesson and luckily he had the perfect tool for teaching lessons strapped to his back.
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*The man would become more terrified of Isla, shaking. He steps back in fright.* I-I... well... hmm? *The owner would turn to see Oliver and the Hero heading to enter the main area of the gardens, towards the cause of the issue. The police would block their entry and the owner would run over to them. He would look very distressed, outstretching his arms and blocking the group from trying to bypass the police barricade.* Ack! N-No-one is allowed back there! It's dangerous. T-T-The spores... That monster... N-No. No-one is allowed. *Sam would shake his head as he followed everyone.* Oh brother...
Late to the party, a young girl, looking to be around 10 years old walks towards the commotion, her cute little mouse doll held tightly in her hands. "Oh, look, look, something exciting is happening!" The lost child looks around at all the police, amazed to see so many cool-looking people in one place
[Are they stupid, did they really think they could just get inside like it was nothing!? Kazuo did not really get them, no, not at all. However, this only meant that they are easy to trick into things, not that it would do much for him, but for anyone else? That just meant trouble, especially considering what a colorful group of people usually means for this world.] Alright then, what to do... [Kazuo would look around for any police officer that seemed a bit dumb or secluded, perhaps even distracted. Furthermore, he looked around the area to see if there was any place that seemed particularly dark or secluded. He had a plan to get inside. At the very least, it had to be a cop with hair similar to his own. If this didn't work, he would simply wait to see what the group would do.]
"Tsk. Let me through, I was sent to investigate, we're wasting time here" Oliver complained to the guards showing his badge.
Oh wow that's a lot of distracted guards hmm... ok, I guess I can get inside another way. Isla ran away to the side of the building to where no one else was around. If she found the place she would bite the tips of her fingers. Once her blood became solid into claws she would stab the walls and start to climb the side of the building up to where there was a window. Spider Isla, Spider Isla, Does whatever a Isla can~
The man was on a quest, he wouldn't allow anyone to stand in his way. He hated the idea of having to use magic on some random...guards? Regardless, it seemed he had no choice. "YES! Kasnooze!" In his hand, an odd calm aura would appear that seemed to exude the very essence of sleep. He'd wave his hand over the police and let the aura spread over them.
Takuto drives up to the scene in a taxi car, bringing with him a large black case in the passenger's seat and wearing a bullet-proof vest underneath his usual attire. Parking as close to the entrance as he can, the therapist rushes out towards the blockade as soon as Hero casts his magic, carrying the case in his right hand "Awfully early to be playing your cards, don't you think? But, that's besides the point. I came here to help, so it's best if we work together." Takuto extends his right hand to Hero, pulling out an apple juice and taking a sip of it with his left. As he smiled, the light of the sun reflected off his glasses and made them appear as opaque white lenses.
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*The manager watches in horror as the Hero knocks out the guards with magic, allowing the group to advance into the gardens. As Sam passes him, he puts a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. As the group pass the now asleep police guards and enter the gardens proper, the manager falls to his knees.* Manager: They're... all monsters too... *As the group enter the gardens (and Isla reaches the top of the garden wall and looks out over the area), a few things just look wrong. For one, the main glass house in the centre is mostly broken and destroys as a large tree seems to have grown inside it. Large roots break through the concrete floor. The other plants around also seem to have been twisted out of shape. Some are stretched and bent. Others seem to have been rotten away, eaten by the spores. Said spores still float around. If they are inhaled, they may casue a minor coughing fit, but their exposure to the air for so long seems to have almost nullified the irritant effect of them. Sam steps in front of the group.* OK. So. Warning time. If you lot keep going, I cannot confirm nor deny that their is a possibility that you may be seriously injured and-slash-or killed by a giant, angry butterfly. Thanks to Mr Yes Man over there, you can leave at your leasure if you feel threatened by the...uh... *Sam looks over his shoulder. A new tree route pierces the glass dome as he does.* That... mess. Seriously, she doesn't do neat and tidy does she. Boy oh boy. Anyway, if you want to come, helps welcome.
"Wow, this place is beautiful! I'm glad we came!" Luna doesn't seem to be paying attention to the others as she walks past the unconscious guards, apparently conversing with herself. At least until the weird blonde man steps in front of her. The child seems to be getting excited, raising her hand before she asks "ooh, this butterfly, can I kill it? I've always wanted to see one."
The hero wasn't sure who the man was but he at least seemed more sane then the girl from before. He'd return the man's gesture with a handshake seeing no reason not to. "Yes..." Curse his own muteness... If only his adoptive parents had taught him more than how to say yes. Regardless, it seemed as if there was some kind of butterfly shaped monster causing this. Despite the odd nature of the trees here there was nothing to indicate that they were from Yggdrasil so communicating with them would be unlikely. The hero would nod to Sam before stepping forward, it seemed as though he wasn't going to stop just because of a little danger.
Walking in with Hero, Takuto waits for Sam to finish his speech before kneeling down and opening up his case. "Thanks for the heads up. Just so you know, this is my first time going on one of these missions. So that's pretty exciting, right, guys? ... But, seeing as I have no prior combat experience, I think i'll just support you guys from the backlines for now." Were one to look in his case, they would find a sniper rifle laying next to a naginata. He takes the rifle out, which would allow one to see the medical kit beneath it, and loads it with special ammo.
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[Kazuo would simply blink in disbelief that the entire police force fell to the ground with one move, which seemed to...make them fall asleep? Well, whatever. He would make his way forward at last and look around the asleep group. Being cops, it was fairly easy to simply move in and take their guns. As such, he would take two different handguns and then enough ammo to reload twice. Keeping the ammo in the ample pockets of his jacket, and the spare handgun inside his left pocket, he would check the one on his hand before following the rest of the group.] I hardly like using these, but considering there may be things flying around, Imaginary 3.0 won't be very useful. Not even 1.0. Then again... I haven't used 5.0 yet. [That said, he would finally join the group, and just in time to listen to Sam's words. There was something strangely...alien to overgrown vegetation. Like any other person, he liked the color green, forests and nature thriving, and even then, at this moment, this very same lifeform seemed like it could eat the entire group whole at any time. Yes, something about a massive tree sparked something within Kazuo, a feeling of unknown dread.] Geez... You don't really see this kind of thing often... I know trees can reach over 100 meters, but this just feels...off.
The girl was a bit too quiet as the events flew by her, but as soon as Sam warns them about this upcoming mission, the girl gets a bit excited. She pops up from behind the Hero for no reason other than them two being friends in order to introduce herself to everyone. "Hi, Tea here! I would leave, but this unfriendly situation seems fatal. Plus, I'd love to make friends with you all!" After she finally tells her own name to everyone, she goes off and looks over towards Kazuo, not really caring about the risks even though she is just a school girl. "Hi, what's your name? No wait let me guess, hmmmm, does your name start with a T like mine?"
No, it doesn't start with a T. [Kazuo would cross his arms, wondering what this woman's deal was.] Who are you exactly? I don't mean your name.
"Me? Hmmm, well I'm a high school student. I also like dancing sometimes...and I'm a duelist! I like participating in a children's card game. Speaking of, I should really try to figure out which deck I'll be using today." Tea looked at her wrist as if there was a watch on it, and something really was on there alright. A Duel Disk™ in face, and she shuffled through some cards she had inside of a deck before putting it inside the duel disk. Afterwards, the girl looked back at Kazuo with excitement. "Anyway, that's enough about me, I'd like to get to know you better, sir!"
Isla looked at the garden from afar and gasp in excitement. Oh my god, this looks perfect! Isla took out her camera and started zooming in at the tree roots and spores. Woah... I've never been to this park, can trees really grow that big? Hmmm, I might need more than claws for this, buuuuuut... Isla looked down and saw the rest of the group was inside. Oh wow I guess the guards just let them through. Should I sneak in or go on my own hmmm Isla tilted her head side to side thinking. In the end, she decided to stay there and see what happens before making a move.
Don't call me sir, I'm barely even a high school senior. [Kazuo had figured there was nothing of note regarding this person, despite their...interesting quirks. There is no point yet in saying anything of note. Holding his hat and with eyes closed, Kazuo would reply.] I have a father, a mother, siblings and a few friends.
Huh, looks like the Hero is also a Major. He's not a hostile so I'll avoid the paperwork and just say I didn't see anything. I have too much work to hand over to HQ as it is. Oliver walked inside and looked at the branches and spores. He coughed slightly and fanned around his nose. Large branches, spores and whatnot. Yep, looks like I've got a Blue Haze in front of me. It'll probably turn Yellow if it's actually butterflies. The most annoying to deal with.
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To answer you all: You can try, Thanks, Good luck with that and A very unfriendly situation. *Sam would point, moving his finger between Luna, The Hero, Takuto and finally Tea. He'd nod as he watched everyone start to venture inside the gardens.* I'll move on ahead. That glass house, or what used to be a glass house at any rate, is the target location where my friend and the giant butterfly are. Whenever you want, come over. Or don't. I can't really control you. *Sam starts walking towards the glass ruin in the centre of the gardens. If you want to go with him, there's time to talk. Otherwise, you could check out the strange goings on in the garden centre. The strange rotting roots breaking out from under the stone paths. The weakened spores floating around mostly harmlessly. If you want to investigate closer, nows the time to do so.* *Meanwhile, Isla would notice the group start moving below her. She could either hope that she, like any good cat, lands on her feet or she could follow the wall and see where it took her. The choice was hers.*
If you insist. [Kazuo would disregard Tea for the time being as he calmly heads over to where Sam is going. Not wanting to call too much attention to himself, he keeps both hands within his pockets and keeps looking onwards. His guns are ready, and so are his Imaginary Numbers.] So, we take down this insect and save your friend, is that it?
“YAAAAY, Mother, Father, we’re going on a...” Luna accidentally breathes in one of the smaller spores, causing the young girl to take a coughing break before she shakes her head and finishes her sentence “Adventuure!” A strange presence almost seems to be nodding as Luna hugs her doll close to her chest before running ahead towards what used to be a glass dome until a tree broke through it.
Right, might as well take a sample. Oliver reached into his pocket and produced a black thin box roughly half a foot long and an inch thick. He opened the box and placed one of the spores inside of it. He then grabbed a branch and seemed to impossibly pushed it inside his box. "Alright, I'm going forward then." Oliver told himself. Oliver then put back his box in his jacket and started walking further into the greenhouse.
As a very good cat I'm going to follow the wall and see where it takes me. I can't have everyone be where I'm going, I need the exclusive! Isla followed the wall, camera in hand.
Takuto closes the case and slings it around his back, carrying it by a strap around his chest. He holds the rifle between his left arm and follows nervously behind Sam.
"Saving a friend, huh? Well, count me in!" The Duel Disk™ attached to her arm lit up as it seemed to detach itself and expanded, revealing itself to look like an arm blade. Even though it was harmless on it's own. Nevertheless, Tea was set on following with the group.
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Aaaaaaaah. Well... *Sam tips his head from side to side, looking puzzled. He'd then look back to the group following him.* It depends on your definition of "Save". Cause save as in "assist" and save as in "rescue the princess" are too very different things and only one of those is half right. Which one of those is half right, we'll see soon enough. *Running on ahead, Luna approaches the tree that had once been a glass dome first. The closer to the tree she got, the higher concentration and effectiveness of the spores got stronger. If her resistance to deadly chemicals or natural poisons was high, she'd likely feel no worse than at the enterance. If not, she'd start to feel a slight burning feeling on her bare skin. As she approaches the entrance, the sound of fighting can be hard from beneath the branches of the large tree. Inside, the air is clouded by a thick fog of spores. Suddenly, a number of purple needles shoot out from the fog in Luna's general direction, likely from some kind of misfired attack.* *Isla would continue across the wall. As she went, she'd notice that the tree on;t seemed to breach one half of the glass dome. Though behind the remainder of the dome had some of the same signs as the front, roots piercing the ground and spores around, it wouldn't be as damaged. Isla would also feel no adverse effects from the spores. It seems the spores can't reach high into the air, like they had some kind of weight to it that kept them closer to the ground. Either way, as you get closer to the dome, you'd notice several tree roots piercing the wall. If you drop down here and follow them, you can make it to some of the middle branches of the large tree*
As I cat, I will never be able to resist doing just that. Isla dropped down the branches, all while taking pictures of the things around her. So does that mean if there was people in the green house this high they wouldn't be effected? Or have the spores rained from the sky? Reporter Isla on the case...
Everything seems normal. I doubt it can go to Grey Haze. Oliver watched Lana walk to the tree, to which he also began to hear the sound of clashing. What the... Oliver then flinched, seeing the stray attack shoot out of the tree. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a pitch black gun-shaped weapon, which had a blue nozzle. He pointed it towards where the attack came out. After a few seconds he ran towards the area where the attack happened then pressed his back to the wall. Alright this just became a possible Yellow or Gray Haze.
You are making zero sense, just so you know. Whatever is the case, I'll let you go check on your own for now. Besides that... [Kazuo would look around and realize that the spores may be a big issue later on, if they aren't one already. As such, he started to make up a plan to deal with it. For one, he can't exactly risk inhaling it, and he has nothing that will make it easier to take like a gas mask. As such, there is only one thing to do.] This will take a bit, so give me a moment to set this up. [First, he needed to set up the right positions.] Imaginary 3.0 - Lawful Blades. [A single "sword" would fall from above and behind Kazuo. It was too big, too thick too heavy and too rough. It was more like a huge hunk of iron.] I call this one Kusanagi, but I can't do much with it...for now. [Kazuo would cross his arms and rest his back against the massive blade with a casual smile.]
"eh?" Luna flinches for a moment, closing her eyes and stepping back as the thorns approach her. As the cloud of thorns approach her, they are struck to the ground in an instant. It was only a fraction of a second, but anyone focused on Luna might notice a spectral arm appearing to defend the child. Once the danger is passed, Luna opens her eyes again "Thanks hehe.. It tingles a bit, but I'm ok. Of course I can do this!" Luna says to no one in particular, the girl seems to have made up her mind at least and heads into the thicker fog.
As she went along, the girl seemed mostly unaware of the poisonous air of spores. The most she did was scratch the back of her head before she thought to respond to the misfire that comes from the tree. "Oh, right. I always forget things attack us here." The girl drew a card from the deck placed inside of her duel disk, setting onto one of the squares of the duel disk afterward. Then, two goblins digitalized their way into reality, only to take every part of the hit that were about to hit Tea.
Searching for a viable vantage point, Takuto frowns when he notices the obscuring fog. He quickly puts away his rifle and switches to his melee weapon, staying away from the direction in which the attack came from but following behind the group nonetheless. "Maybe if we had some bombs, we could just blow up these spores." Looking around the area, he shouts to anyone behind him or the group as a whole. "Hey, guys, let's try and stick together! It'll be dangerous to get lost in atmosphere."
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Looks like it's time to-hmm? *Sam looks over to a nearby fountain, somehow left undestroyed by the plants. The spores seem to float around it, avoiding the flowing water current.* Water? Hmm. If anyone is feeling like the spores are too much, try retreating to the fountain. New guy. If you're thinking of setting something up, that's probably the safest place to do so. *Sam directs the latter part at Takuto before he follows the others into the spore fog.* *The fog is quick to grow thick, making it hard to see around you and impossible to see further up. Due to the high concentration of spores, your skin immediately starts burning and breathing it in causes major discomfort for those who don't have any sort of protection, either breathing appratus or a resistance to natural poisons. The tree's trunk is close by and is holding strong. However, branches and leaves seem to keep falling from above, rotting away from the spores, along with sharp purple needles that cause poisoning if they hit you, and creating a constant hazard of getting hit on the head from falling debris. The sound of fighting echoes from above. Thick roots seems to create a sort of pathway up. However, the situation is entirely unknown to you. Sam himself starts quickly moving up, holding his metal hand over his mouth.* *Isla enters the area above the vast sea of spore fog but can feel some adverse effects from spores falling from above, though nowhere near as bad as those below. She can catch glimpses of a black haired girl holding an oak staff leaping around the upper branches, fighting a something you can't quite make out with large butterfly wings that naturally secrete the dangerous spores. Any pathway up is hard to see from here, but you might be able to make one by destroying the branches above you.*
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[Kazuo would note Sam's words and would stand behind the gigantic sword he had summoned just moments prior. Knowing that things could become trick at any moment, he decides to slowly walk backwards before drawing a "3" in the air, but not before leaving his gun inside his pocket.] Lawful Blades! [From the sky, two more blades fall from the sky and thrust themselves into the ground. These are not as thick or heavy, but way longer. Even still, it doesn't seem to be something a normal human could ever move. He was glad he could at least summon in exponential capacity. Given he doesn't normally fight, it was a miracle he wasn't getting tired.] There still much more to come besides that, but... Not fighting as much as I could keeps biting me in the ass, I would say. If I did, I would be done already.
Isla smacked the side of her head, sharpening her claws. Ha! Thinking for just a moment there was a tree you couldn't climb. I haven't fallen that low! Isla slashed the branch above her and started her way up. Isla stopped though and pulled out her camrea. She zoomed in at the people she saw fighting. Hehe a close up look...
“Hmm? Is it up th..” Luna starts to cough again after breathing in a few more spores. The child takes to covering her mouth with her little mouse doll, providing some slight protection as she heads up the path. Like the thorns before any debris would be knocked aside without Luna seeming to do anything. “This place stinks. Where’s the monster at.”
I'd have to climb this tree. Judging from the fighting this is a Grey Haze. Olvier held his hand over his mouth as he began to climb up the tree as well.
Takuto nods to Sam, looking over towards the fountain as well as gazing at the spores nervously. He begins to fill the effects of the spores burning up as he runs to the fountain area, pulling out a grappling hook and surveying the level above himself for any viable vantage points to grab onto.
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*The team climbing the tree through the fog would feel the adverse effects of the Spores. The higher they go however, the lighter the fog would become. However, if you breathed in enough spores, it would start to become harder and harder to breath as you go up. Even though the fog is getting lighter, it isn't enough to see how much farther is to go. Suddenly, the tree root moves, threatening to shake you off back into the thick fog below. Ahead, Sam stabs his Cane into the tree and falls to one knee to maintain his balance.* Sam: Shit. What is she doing now? Brace yourselves. We're going for a ride. *Isla begins climbing the tree trunk, cutting through branches as she goes. As she climbs, she can start hearing voices from the fighters.* ???: You're starting to look haggered out there. What's the matter? Spores reaching that frail heart of yours. ???: Haggered? Who talks like that any *cough* more? I still have enough energy to take you down. *Suddenly, the tree begins shaking. From below the fog, one of the larger roots begins shooting out towards the Butterfly. If Isla isn't careful, the shaking may dislodge her claws and send her plummeting into the fog below.* *Takuto can see numerous branches of the tree that can be used as a grapple point.Some are thiner than others and some are rotting away, but there is a large group of thick branches that can be suitable. As he looks, the tree shakes slightly causing a number of the weaker and rotting branches to fall, leaving even less branches that could break for Takuto to grapple onto.*
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Lawful Blades! [Normally, four blades would fall from the sky, but Kazuo allows only one to fall from above. This is what is known as "Shift", which allows the user to, as long as the ability has a "Stock" that has not been materialized, to quickly shift into another "Number". This way, 1.0 has only revealed one blade, while keeping three in stock that can be released at any time. And considering what is currently going on...!] Imaginary 4.0 - Do Re Might! [Any type of vibration around the area concentrates around Kazuo, turning the invisible force into a visible state of being, like a translucent aura colored red, making Kazuo extremely resistant to any kind of damage that would come to him from the outside. His steps would become heavier, and as such, he would become slower as he keeps going back until he reaches the fountain.] I barely know what is going on, but I'll get rid of these spores soon enough. [Kazuo would cough a couple of times, thanking he had chosen to maintain some distance.]
"Goblin's secret remedy!" Practically mimicking the way Kazuo has been calling out all of his moves, she does so herself as she places a card onto her duel disk. A bit soon afterwards, Kazuo would feel a few drops of rejuvanating water drip onto him, healing what little damage and spore infections he might've taken. "I didn't really know what to do, so I just did what I felt was helpful for my friend! That being said, anyone can say the word and I'll heal them. Cool? Cool." Then, she went back where the tree was in order to climb again, caring little what is happening around her as always.
Uwu looks like an old man fighting a young blood. I guess that can make the news. Headlines are going to be hard thou- Woah woah woah! Isla grabbed on the branches tigther as the branches shook. Oh wow, I didn't know a tree like this could move it's branches! That itself could be a headline! Unless someone shook it... wait how hard would you have to shake a tree like this for the branches to move? Oh boy, I'm getting promoted...! Isla kept climbing towards the voice.
"eh?" Luna wasn't expecting the sudden shaking, which causes the girl to trip and fall forward. Fortunately the child herself lands on the root. However, the same could not be said of her precious doll. As Luna falls, she lets go of her doll, which bounces against the root and towards the ground below "Mufkin no!" As the doll falls, the full form of what had been protecting Luna lunges out to catch it. Forming around Luna is a single, skeletal figure who catches the doll in its boney hand, before simply floating itself back to return their child's toy. Luna lets out a sigh of relief and begins hugging her doll again "Thanks father. Lets get going!" as before, the skeletal figure would vanish so long as its unneeded, leaving Luna to continue the adventure up the tree as best she can.
Takuto looks between Kazuo and Tea, climbing up any steps the fountain might have and shouting to them "Everyone, i'm going in hot! If you can distract the enemy for long enough, I may be able to get a few clean shots." He then jumps into the air and does a flip before shooting the grappling hook onto one of the branches, pulling himself onto it. Discretely, he would slowly move along the branch towards any point of cover or open path and survey the area around him once again.
Tsk, this ain't a roller coaster. Oliver gripped the roots, almost hard enough to make them snap. All that climbing mountains with my hands training actually came in handy. Oliver continued to climb the tree, a bit slower due to him now having to grip tighter.
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*While riding the root, you hurtle forwards and upwards, leaving the poisonous spore cloud beneath you. The root speeds up as it reaches it's target and penetrates a glass wall, sending glass shards everywhere. You now stand between two figures. One a young womanwith long dark hair, wearing a dress weaved with small vines and flowers and holding a large wooden staff. The other is another woman with large butterfly wings also wielding a staff, this one made of strange metal, a shield orbiting her and wearing a mask. From the girls face and the Butterfly woman's posture, it's clear your presence suprised them both. Sam stands up. He waves at the young woman* Sam: Well. That's one way to climb a tree. Hey Rose. Rose: Huh? What? ???: The scientist. *The young woman, Rose, growls.* Rose: What are you doing, idiot? Sam: You were taking to long. Rose: And those guys? *Sam looks back at the group.* Sam: Came along for the ride. *Rose sighs. The Butterfly woman simply laughs.* ???: This is humourous. You humans still find ways to amuse me. Ah ha ha ha. Humans. For amusing me, allow me to give you a proposition. Sam: Oh boy... Shinami: My name is Shinami Gracidea and I give you one chance of leniency. Aid me in the destruction of these two fools and I shall allow you to keep your lives. Sam: Or, and just a thought here, don't do that. Rose: I second the idiots idea Sam: IQ. Impossible. Rose: Not now! She'll kill you anyway once this is over. Shinami: I am a person of my word. These fools are responsible for this places destruction. I only arrived after the fact. Sam: That's a lie. Shinami: And who has done the most damage to this place? Me? Or that nature wielding child on the other side. Sam: That- Rose: Don't. Even. *A new path has been opened for you. Do you chose to side with Sam, the man who brought you into this dangerous situation, and his nature commanding friend? Or do you trust the odd Butterfly woman and turn your blade against them? Or can you find another way out of this situation? The choice is yours.*
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*As Isla climbs her way up the tree, she would easily make it to a floor... erm... a few larges braches underneath where Rose and Shinami were fighting. Close enough to here their argument and Shinami's offer.* *Takuto would be able to get a good ways up the tree just by using his grappling hook and enter the former glass building a ways above the spores. With the mess of roots and vines being moved around during combat, he would find plenty of cover and a path upwards thanks to the recent movement. From where he is, he could probably hear the echoes of the conversation from above but would not be able to see the people talking.* *Tea would be able to get on the root just before it starts moving. It puts her above the spore clouds and Takuto's current locations but it's still a walk away from reuniting with the rest of her friends. As she walks, assuming she isn't so little caring that she isn't listening, she would be able to hear the conversation from above.* *Kazuo would reach the fountain without incident, unaware of what's going on inside. The narrator isn't sure what the sword summoner is doing, but Kazuo has his attention.*
Thanks Tea. [Kazuo would smirk as he is healed from the short lived effects of the spores leave him behind. Of course, he knew just approaching directly by himself was stupid, but he would need to thank both Sayaka and Alto eventually for what they allowed him to do. Then again, he hadn't seen any of them in a long time.] Enough fooling around, I need to get to the top and figure out what it is that is going on. [Kazuo's body is covered in red markings, some similar to what feathers would look like. These marks quickly leave his body and surround him.] Do Re Might Release! [Besides the markings leaving, he would unleash the vibrations absorbed by his body directly towards the blades he had been thrusting into the ground with "1.0". These would fly up in the air as they themselves absorb the very same vibrations. As soon as this happens, the young man would clap his hands together as the red marks make their way to where the "materials" were.] Imaginary 2.0 - Deep Transmigration! [The red marks would shoot out of the ground like tendrils and surround the vibrating blades, which begin to change form, like being molded. The long blades would become irregular wings, as the massive blade would become thinner and would extend further. Finally, the last blade would turn into a form similar to a beak without openings. Soon enough, the blades would begin to take the form of a massive bird with no eyes.] I call upon your name, Bearer of the Mark! Manifestation of anger, rise to the skies above! Imaginary 2.41 - Deep Doremi Hawk!! [The creature would fall to the ground as soon as it comes to life. Kazuo quickly jumps on its back and, as it lets out an extremely loud lion-like roaring shriek that may shake the earth, it takes up to the skies with a massive force; the flap of its wings being strong enough that they should blow the spores away completely, leave a crack on the ground and may even cut down branches, or leave deep cut marks on the tree.] Now, let's find out what this is all about. [The idea is indeed to go high and close enough to know exactly what it is that is going on at the top. Kazuo however, has no intention on being subtle about it, at least regarding his massive and metallic bird of prey.]
Luna laughs as the root drags her and the others forward, holding tightly onto the tree as the child is launched upwards. The girl giggles upon reaching the top, demanding "Again, I wanna do that again, hehee." She doesn't seem to be paying much attention to their conversation, simply staring at the pretty butterfly lady. Luna scratches her head for a moment, having seemingly forgotten what their purpose was "Ummm... I dunno what you're talking about but I'm bored. Who wants to play adventurer with me?"
"Well, if you're willing to talk..." Takuto rushes up to the landscape above, putting away all his gear and assessing the area. Just by looking at their positions, he was able to make out each speaker. He approached Shinami nonchalantly, loosening up and speaking in a friendly tone. "...Why don't you tell me how you're feeling right now?"
Hmm... well I guess I won't really choose sides. That's not my job. "Hey, I was sent here to dissect the situation happening here. Now you're telling me to pick a side? Buzz off, as far as I'm concerned you're both threats to humanity." Oliver said reaching into his jacket and pulling out two objects. The objects were pit black knuckles with blue paint on the tips. "I'm on humanity's side. Whichever one of you are also on that side I'll join."
Tea, though met with a decision in which the correct option should be extremely obvious,thinks to herself as she puts her hand under her chin to start pondering. "This is a tough choice. I really want to make friends with everyone here. Why can't we all just get along?" The girl gets confused, looking at the other two, and then at herself. And then at her cards. Then at the others that are actually seeming to know how to choose.
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*Kazuo's sword bird (?) would shoot straight up, reaching the level of everyone else quickly. The wind would scatter the spores centred around the tree around the entire ground level of the graden centre, though thinning it out so it's effects are far weaker. The bird also breaks a large amount of branches and leaves a large gash in the base of the tree.* *Sam looks over to Luna.* Sam: Sorry kid. The adults are talking. I'm sure someone will play with you later. *He then looks over to Oliver.* Sam: Well, she's the one calling everyone "human" so, educated guess, she's not one. Rose: If their your help, tell them what she is. Sam: Yeah. Alright. She's an alien who doesn't like people and her race doesn't like ours. She also poisoned all those people in those ambulances earlier, so y'know. *Shinami looks to Takuto.* ShinamI: What? Um... I'm fine, I guess... maybe a little... Wait! What am I doing?! Rose: What are you trying- Sam: Wait. Let's see where he's going with this. Rose: Are you... serious? *Sam simply smiles to his friend, causing her to groan in annoyance.*
[Kazuo would watch the group slowly but surely get involved in the situation, in which Sam, Rose and the Butterfly chick were in. He had to wonder, was that woman a demon? Perhaps, it could be the case. In such context, he would have to get involved. And even if she was just a freak and not a demon, but something in between, like a demonoid, it made no difference to him. Besides, even an alien is a living being.] So... I'm guessing from their reaction to each other, that they are not exactly friends and... [He hits his own head with his hand, realizing he is being stupid.] What am I saying, blonde guy over there said it already. [Doremi Hawk would fly closer, way closer to the area while Kazuo remains on his feet and with both hand inside his pockets. The Hawk would not stop flying however, and instead, it would circle the group slowly while the young man looks straight at them.] You don't like humans, and it seems to be only natural. Why is that? Do you think they all must be purged? [He would say first to Shinami.] And you two, do you hate her or her race? Perhaps you consider them all dangerous and must be purged? [He would ask Rose and Sam. After this, he would smile at them.] I am Kazuo by the way, Kazuo Takahara.
“But you proomised.” The child whines, holding her mouse doll tightly to her chest “You said there was something I could play with if I came along. Waiting is...” Easily distracted, Luna’s attention is caught by the massive metal hawk, rather than being intimidated the girl would try to chase after the thing, reaching towards the creature while fruitlessly following it around along the branches “Wow it’s so cool! I want one, can I have it?”
Of course, little girl. Just get down and go home. I'll make sure you get it soon enough. [He would smile widely at the girl with both eyes closed. He wasn't sure if the little girl could tell, but any other...rational...adult, could tell he was actually mocking her, even the smile wasn't anything close to trying to make it real.] I promise~
“Yaaay, did you hear that?” Luna joyfully tosses her little doll in the air before catching it again. The girl starts down the tree before she pauses, realizing something “Where is home anyways? This place doesn’t look familiar.” The child stares off into space again, seemingly talking with herself before she mentions “Father doesn’t know where it is either.”
Takuto calmly stood still, shooting a reassuring half-smile at Shinami and nodding his head while maintaining eye contact. "I understand you said that these people were responsible for the destruction of this place," He briefly glances over to Sam and Rose. "Is this place important to you?"
Tea walks away a bit of a distance from the conversation, looking downwards at all the spores spreading around on ground level. "Wow, that's pretty cool. I don't feel like going down there though. Wish I did."
"All I needed to hear." Oliver gripped his metallic knuckles ans smiled. This is the only part of my job I like. "Anyone here but Rose ok if I take a blood sample of her's? I kinda need it for the Factory" Oliver asked everyone else putting his guard up.
Isla blinked twice before snapping out of it. Oh wow I really don't remember where I was. Boss told me about this... uh where was I? Oh yeah! The whole talking and stuff. It looks like people are getting really mad over there. Isla smiled and cut above the back of her waist and on top of her head. A few seconds later a tail and ears formed out of the blood that came out. Isla wiggled her body and jumped towards the voices. YOU'RE GOING TO BE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF RAIN MAGAZINE
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*Sam looks at Oliver* Sam: Can't allow that. Have enough problems with mad scientists with strange named devices that create stuff. *Shinami simply laughs at Takuto's question.* Shinami: Important? Please. I've never been here before in my life. I was called here. That's the simplicity of this. That goes for you too. *She points her staff at Kazuo* Shinami: I hold no anemosity against your people. It's a simple matter of erasing any spark of resistance. If you would simply let us, we would elevate your planet to greater heights and leave you all alive. Sam: Cause kidnappings and human experimentation is so much better than rolling over. Shinami: An example was to be made to show how little chance you had. The strongest rule the weak. That is the rule of life. Rose: Destroying some of our major cities and killing thousands of innocents is no example. Shinami: We did tell them to evacuate Sam: This was before we had that translator technology of yours. No-one knew what that stream of static and screeches were. Shinami: That isn't our problem if you foolish monkeys were so technologically inept. *Rose growls.* Rose: It's not that these people are dangerous. It's more that they're too damn stubborn to be reasoned with. If all they care about is strength, then that's all we can show them. *As the group continue arguing, Isla leaps out of hiding. The three go quiet and just look at her blankly for a few seconds.* All: What?
[Something clicked within Kazuo, like a deep sense of hatred and a need for revenge at the mere mention of innocents dying. He knew quite well what he needed to do at that very moment, as the this "demon", or "alien" was a simple enemy. He, however, would not show a hint of his emotions.] Not only do you look down on humans, you justify your atrocities with whatever you have at hand. I understand our moral values in general will never align, but even then, you seem awfully aware that everything could have been avoided, as you imply previous knowledge on our capacity and technological limitations. Even so, you went on ahead. [Kazuo would keep both hands inside his pockets, maintaining his facade. He would mutter the words "Imaginary 1.0 - High-Speed Alloy" softly enough for it to be impossible to hear. A small vortex would appear under the bird and at an angle that people already standing shouldn't be able to see. Said vortex shoots out a myriad of gear and mechanicals parts towards the depths below, all of it falling quite unglamorously.] But I don't care, what is your ultimate goal here, with all of us? Perhaps with humans? [Kazuo would await for Shinami's answer with his absolute attention.]
Takuto would look between everyone and interject to Shinami at the next opportunity. "Now, now, simply letting this involve into a violent conflict may be the worst course any of us can take. As far as I can tell, we're all on equal ground. And, compared to this tactic, one would have a better chance at getting us not to rebel by simply telling us to not rebel."
Isla pulled out her camera and pointed it to all of them while waving her tail Say cheeeeeese. One... two... Click! There we go! You look really cute with those wings by the way. So, I'm a little late so if anyone wanna fill me in, that would great too! Isla looked at everyone.
Damn it, guess I have to get a sample in secret then. Oliver looked at Isla who just popped in and took a picture. "I wouldn't post that if I'm in that picture. It would be taken down in an hour. But if you want the scoop of what's going on, that thing named Shinami is trying to conquer the world and is generally being a third-rate villain for the betterment of mankind. Me and the two other people are trying to stop it with what seems like literally everyone else. You know to defend humanity..." Oliver said before looking at Isla's tail and ears. "Well, you're not exactly human either, but I hope you'll fight with us."
W-wha! I may not look hooman but I am! Just some... experiments, but I'm still hooman to the core! What's wrong with that huh?! Isla sniffed the air around Oliver. Y-yeah well you don't exactly smell hooman so ha! Wait why doesn't he smell hooman?
"Hooman...?" Oliver said with a chuckle. "Yeah, I may not smell like it or whatever, but I'm proud to say I'm just a guy at my core." Experiments eh? I guess that's something we have in common. I just hope she wasn't an idiot and volunteered for it. Oliver shifted his jacket, feeling the scars on his back. Like another idiot. "Anyway, since you're so proud of what humanity you have, I'm sure you'll fight for it too. Let me put in simple terms; beat that thing and you'll be true to what you are." Oliver said clutching his metal knuckles tighter.
Ok! Thank you for putting it in simple terms. Isla crouched low ready to attack the second anything moves. I know I'm faster than her at least...
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Sam: Sorry to interrupt but no press. *Sam raises his metal arm and lowers one of his fingers, firing a steel bolt through the lense of Isla's camera, breaking it. Meanwhile Shinami looks at Takuto.* Shinami: Fine. Don't rebel. There I did it. Anyone here going to actually comply. Rose: I'm not. Sam: Ditto. Shinami: Well, I tried. *Shinami spread her wings, flicking spores off it and sending them down below.* Shinami: Is anyone going to comply? If so, I would ask for your aid Sam: Hey. Do something stupid if ya wanna. I relish the challenge. Rose: Please don't encourage them to side with the genocidal space butterfly. *Sam or Shinami? Or perhaps turn and fight both sides? Is one truly good? Are the other truly evil? The outcome of this battle hinges on a single choice. Make it.*
"Wait, we were fighting for something?" The girl said, dusting her skirt off as she looked at everyone else with a confused expression. "Aw, I thought we were about to talk things out! Oh well." She draws five cards from her deck nonchalantly, not at all seeming to care what would happen next.
NO PRESS?! BUT THAT'S LIKE THE WHOLE REASON I'M HERE! You're going to be put on the front cover as the whole's biggest meanie!! But first... I am a human, and nothing but a human. I have had people who died to me, and the emotions I felt because of that prove who I am. I'm not going to betray that in some hope to become something bigger. Isla looked at Shinami You're going down! As soon as I reach you!
[Kazuo would sneer at the pair's words.] I swear, all this talk about "humanity". It's all so misguided. [He wouldn't even look in their direction. Instead, he would keep his eyes on Shinami.] Shinami, right? I do like your offer but see, you, as an outside of this world, have no right to make any call in regards of anything. In fact, you don't even have the capacity to be heard. Had you appeared peacefully and not taken out innocents, then I would have been on your side. [With one strong flap of its wings, Doremi Hawk takes up higher than it already was. The tree is damaged once again and the others may feel the blast of force that had been released. Not an attack of course, but a testament to the capacity of destruction of the "Familiar".] In short, you are an invader, a guest. You, who tries to force their will above us all can only be thrown out. Don't take it personal, because like I said, under other circumstances...I would join you. Imaginary 3.0 - Lawful Blades. [Kazuo would release three massive blades no one could possibly ever lift, 5 of them to be exact. However, they would not fall on the tree, but to the depths below. At the same time, Doremi Hawk would roar in the general direction of Shinami and would unleash a concentrated wave of vibrations strong enough to bend steel. Anyone that got too close to Shinami would also be hit by it. If this attack hits, it would be enough to make the target dizzy for a quick moment and even force it, or them, out of the "platform".]
I've already made my choice. "Alright Rose, so what's the game plan?" Oliver said pulling out his gun and pointing it at Shinami.
"Ugh FINALLY." The small child complains, looking between Sam, Rose, Shinami, and Oliver with an irritated gaze "You're all so stuffy and boring and I came ALL the way up here." The air around Luna begins to be covered in a thick miasma as two ghastly forms take shape. Though they're vaguely humanoid, they possess no discernible human features, rather they seem to be a thinly-veiled collection of ghastly roses. "Now we're going to have some fun. Anyone wanna die first?" Luna lets out a childish giggle, glancing over Kazuo, Oliver and the others as mere playthings. Meanwhile anything that might have died from the poison cloud below would find their bodies crawling or flying to join the child up top.
Seeing as how Luna's seemingly sudden betrayal might shake everyone else up, the girl got starry-eyed once more. She waved her cards around as she tried to gesture at the little girl. "Oooooo, pick me! Pick me! I wanna play, and I hope we'll be great friends afterwards!" Tea said, before slamming one of her cards onto her own duel disk, a mermaid seemingly digitalizing itself onto the platform. It shot out a blast of water at the ground near Luna, trying to blow away the veil of the miasma with it's impact. "Uhhhh, Kazuo was it? I wasn't really paying attention. Can I go on a playdate with whoever this child may be? I've been told I was both a good babysitter and a good duelist!"
"Well, I guess we never really had a chance at a peaceful solution to begin with. Still, this talk has provided us with a great opportunity." Takuto steps back, turn around and analyzes any space to retreat that would also provide a clear outlook of the battlefield from a distance. Quickly moving to such position, he would pull out his sniper rifle again and lock it's sights on Shinami's chest, firing a powerful round which would seem to split the air itself when viewed in slow motion.
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Sam: Welp. I guess the time for talks is over. Rose: Finally. *Shinami wraps her wings around her, deflecting the attacks sent her way. She then spins into the air and unwraps herself, sending a wave of spores outwards. Her glare falls on everyone.* Shinami: What is it with you people and trying to talk your way out of destruction? It just proves you lack the spine to fight me. Now, I, Shinami, Neice of and General under Lord Makistara Arcadia wil- *Shinami's speech is interrupted by a large Crack echoing from below.* Shinami: Trying to catch me unawares again, Wielder of Nature? Rose: Hey. That wasn't me. *The cracking grows louder. Then the tree begins tilting. Down below, the gash Kazuo created when flying up to meet the rest of the group has let Shinami's spores in, quickly rotting away the foundations. The sudden movements of dead animals running up the tree to meet Luna's call was the final straw. The tree begins falling.* Sam: Crap. Not agaim. Everyone hold on! *The tree halls, shaking everyone (Other than Kazuo and Shinami who are currently airborn) out. The tree lands smashes through part of the outer wall and sends everyone to the ground. Thinking quickly, a number of vines shoot out of the ground, breaking everyones fall and stopping it from hurting too much. Slowly, Sam and Rose rise to their feet.* Sam: Ah. That hurt. I thought your stupid tree was able to hold it off. Rose: It should have been. It must have gotten damaged somehow. Damn it... Is everyone alright? *Meanwhile, Shinami would watch this unfold from above and sigh, raising a hand to her silver mask and shaking her head.* Shinami: Imbeciles...
“Oh wow you have pet monsters? That’s SO COOL!!” Thinking the blast was going for their master, one of the spirits lurches forward to intercept the shot while the other seems to turn itself into a mass of dark energy before launching itself at the mermaid, seemingly wanting to take the monster out with it. Of course, their little playdate would be interrupted by the crashing of the tree. The girl would seem to vanish for a bit as she falls, swallowed up by the leaves, but she would soon emerge from a nearby branch with a few squirrels with ghostly white eyes by her side “Hehehe, that was AWESOME. Let’s go again. Let’s go again.”
ooowwww Isla flipped into her feet and looked up at thier enemy now high in the sky. HEY YOU! It's going to be like, really hard to fight you when you're all the way up there! Can you... come down here so we can have a pleasent interview? With my claws? I mean cause.
"I wouldn't call them that, but they most certainly can be!" The dark energy would strike itself true, hitting the mermaid with quite the bit of excessive force. After it is hit, the mermaid would start to digitalize itself out of existence. "This is perfect!" But not before Tea would put another card onto her duel disk as she pleases, still falling and almost hitting the branches. The mermaid had disappeared, and afterwards, a pair of dark angel wings materialize behind Tea, letting her fly toward the ground safely. Behind Tea as she smiled at everyone would be a baleful aura. The owner of the wings belonged to a girl with short. blonde hair and pink garbs, though her skin the color of coal. "Sure! What do you want to do next?" Tea said to the little girl, drawing a card from her deck casually as she giggled to herself.
Oops... [Kazuo knew that it was Doremi Hawk's wing flaps that had created such issue for the rest. He would take off his hat and put it over his face, only to laugh at what just happened. It's not that he was worried for whatever had happened to them, but it was comedic. After this, he would put his hat on again.] Where was I? [Kazuo would clap his hands together as red marking cover his whole body; these were awfully similar to scales and long fangs. These would shoot out his body and go towards the floor at great speeds.] I call upon your name, Bearer of the Mark! Manifestation of fear, let your heroic will be your guide! Imaginary 2.31 - Deep Alloy Serpent! [The red marks would grab on to the 5 swords below and the gear pieces like tendrils. They would break the materials apart and give them a new form, that of a massive snake, at least 25 feet long, and 10 feet wide. Its body was separated in different sections so it can move, reminiscent to a train, all connected by a black sludge. Each metal part would be randomly spiked and with rough edges. Finally, the head was massive, with two empty black holes for eyes with a few cracks around it; a beak-like upper jaw with something akin to a horn on top, and a heavy, spiked lower jaw with a myriad of fangs on each side, sharp enough to shred anything to pieces.] That was what I was forgetting. [Letting out a distorted roar, Serpent jumps at Shinami at great speeds, opening its jaws enough to swallow a truck whole. This, however, is a distraction. Hawk would charge at the enemy with the full intention of piercing right though her with its beak. If Serpents manages to hit, Hawk evades. If Serpent is to fail, Hawk goes through.]

“Next?” Luna’s voice comes with a bit of a whine as the girl complains “I’m not done playing adventure. I’m the adventurer who goes around killing monsters.” As the girl continues complaining her two primary spirits reform around her, taking shape within the deathly aura given off by the child “You promised you’d play with me!” Without word or motion from its master one of the spirits rushes at Tea, it’s form bursting into pure dark energy as it goes the other one aims itself at Kazuo’s serpent, though it likely wouldn’t serve as much more than a nuisance for a creature that size, leaving only the zombie animals to protect Luna.
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Rose: This child could be a problem Sam: Hold up a moment. I'm gonna try something. * Sam taps Luna on the head lightly with his cane.* Sam: Hey kid. Me and the others were about to start a game if you wanna join us. First person to take out the giant alien butterfly lady wins. But you aren't allowed to attack the others. Just the butterfly. I'll reward you with sweets if you win. You in? * He points his cane at Tea.* You too, card girl. No fighting the others. Just the butterfly.
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“Oh, really? I love sweets!” The two ghosts cancel their attack, returning to floating defensively in the air around Luna. The child holds her doll tightly as she asks “Ummm.. But mother said I’m not supposed to accept candy from strangers... Promise you won’t tell her?”
Tea simply looks straight at the cane being pointed at her instead of the person, tapping it a bit before answering back. “Aw, I wasn’t fighting. That’s not friendly. I was playing with her. That being said, why can’t we be friends with...what was it again?...uhm...” She starts pondering to herself, hand under her chin as she looks at the sky, the thing that Sam is talking about clearly being in her line of sight. The girl does not get the memo though.
In a last ditch effort as he falls, Takuto points his grappling hook to the nearest wall and fires towards any loose edge he can.
Looks like everyone is doing their own thing. Might as well at least try. Oliver pointed his gun at the butterfly and let loose a full clip directly at her. Anti-magic rounds, he hoped they at least made a dent.
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Sam: My lips are sealed, kid. Don't worry about it. *Sam smiles at Luna. Behind him, Rose shakes her head, chuckling slightly.* Rose: Ha. You really get along with kids, huh? Sam: There easy to get. Now then... *Sam and Rose look in the sky at Shinami. Meanwhile, in the sky, Shinami notices the snake and proceeds to flip in midair, placing a hand on the snakes mouth to balance herself. As Kazuo's hawk charges at her, it collides with Shinami's shield that is orbitting her. Shinami pushes herself of the snake and glares at the sword mage.* Shinami: Don't waste my time. You speak of what is right and what should be done as if you know the weight placed on us as rulers. You are nothing but a wandering soul. What right do you have to question matters you hold no sway in? Foolish child. *With that, she wraps herself in her wings and shoots forwards towards the ground team, the metalic outer shell deflecting Oliver's bullets.* *Meanwhile, Takuto is able to grapple onto one of the steel beams of the ruins of what used to be the central greenhouse of the garden centre..*
--Battle Begin, Enemy Phase--
*Shinami uncloaks and hovers above the main party. She folds her arms and observes the group.* Shinami: I've talked for too long. Time to finish what was interrupted. Rose: Agreed. *Shinami flaps her wings. A wave of purple spores fires at the group. If in connects, a burning feeling hits the area it struck.* Shinami: Spore Wave (Medium Wind damage to all foes+ medium chance to poison. Kazuo and Takuto are not targeted) OOC: Time for actual combat. For my convenience, please add an action with move name, element of the move (Fire, Physical, Almighty, etc) and the severity of the move (Light, Medium, Heavy, etc) Also add number of times hit and any added effect the move may have. It helps me keep track of how the fights going. I think I can trust you guys to keep track of your own HP values this time right? K. Thanks. Bye.
Damn, she must really be strong to not even mention my bullets. HQ is going to have field day knowing there a magical being who didn't even feel my bullets. Time to start aiming for real. Small blades shot out of Oliver's handle and pierced his skin. Oliver flinched before giving out a smirk. He then fired. Physical-Medium x4
[Hawk would keep forcing itself against the shield while Kazuo grabs on for dear life, even if seemed that it was impossible for him to fall off unless he wanted to.] I do my own thing, my way. If you are a ruler, then I'll just take your place and be done with it. I don't care if you or anyone else thinks it's right or not. [Snake would be unfazed by the wind or poison effect. As such, it keeps looking up straight at Shinami. Deep Alloy Snake's eyes are able to cause an immense, instantaneous feeling of dread and fear so primal; it would be as if those watching directly into his eyes were about to die a painful death. That said, it would allow itself to hit the ground and shake its head, only to jump up again for a Shredder Bite (Severe Physical to one target) at Shinami, hoping to rip her entire body apart or at least some of it.] Besides, how strong can you really be when your only thing is spores? [Kazuo would snap his fingers and Deep Doremi Hawk flaps its wings with great force at Shinami's attack. It won't do anything regarding the damage it may cause, but it can lower the chance of poison greatly by getting rid of most of the spores and redirecting them elsewhere. At the same time, a black vortex would appear behind Kazuo. He would then launch a punch at the air, directed at the one enemy possible, and from the vortex all types of gears and mechanisms would be shoot out at great speed (Light Physical 1-4 times). It should be fast enough to get to Shinami before Snake.] Imaginary 1.0 - High-Speed Alloy!! C'mon little bug chick, I’ll show you a good time. [He would taunt her while clapping his hands as to catch her attention.]
Ok... ok, I have a plan! I just gotta get up there. I think I saw two people with that power... let's try it. Isla grabbed Luna's shoulders and looked her in the eye. Luna, listen to me, this could be the moment where you get featured in the front page cover and I give you my next week's paycheck... Isla leaned in closer and took a deep breath. I need you to throw me to that butterfly thing in the air.

"Yaaay! LEts go! Mother, Father! Come onnn." The two spirits beside Luna swirl about, eager for their next prey. Until the child is interrupted by another person grabbing her. Luna looks at Isla, confused "Ummm. Kitty lady. You're a bit bigger than me. I'm not sure..." As Shinami's wave of spores would approach as Luna and Isla talk. While the child is distracted, one of the spirits draws the zombie squirrels from the area together, waving them through the air to form a sort of... Shield. Of zombie squirrels. Though many squirrels may lose their lives.. Again. As undead the spirit and zombies would be unaffected by the poison, leaving Luna to continue her conversation clueless. The other spirit draws near Luna, letting out some kind of groan. Whatever it was seems to give Luna an idea. "Ok father, I believe you. Teach kitty-lady to fly teehee!" without any more warning the spirit would grab onto Isla's arm, leaving an almost deathly chill where it touched as the spirit races to collide with Shinami itself ++action++ Manifest Malice - medium curse also throwing Isla, whatever that's worth.
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As the girl looks up at the sky, she finally notices the wave of spores starting to cloud around the whole general area. Though this doesn’t really stop Tea from thinking to fight, rather to avoid this situation first. “Oh, isn’t this what we saw last time? Alrighty then, I got just the thing.” She places a card on her duel disk, and then an identical mermaid that was on the platform earlier digitalized itself into existence once more, this time shooting a stronger blast of water up into the air. Afterwards, the dark angel gets behind Tea and carries it into the watery blast, coating the pair with a curative liquid in order to hopefully not get affected by the spores. Same can’t be said for the mermaid though as it gets left behind, disappearing in a fit of bursting pixels once the spores hit. “Rule is the same as always. If you want a heal, just say the word!” —Action— Mermaid used Water Gun Tea and Darklord Marie flew into water and up in the sky Mermaid got game ended
Woah is that your- Isla flipped in the air, heading straight towards the butterfly girl. LET'S SEE WHAT'S FOR! Isla pulled her arm back and swung it at the woman's wings, aiming to scratch them so she can't fly anymore. Physcial- Heavy x2
Takuto squats down on the steel beam and prepares his gun by pressing up, firing four rounds aat Shinami for medium-heavy gun damage. He then walks closer to Shinami, gauging their next action closely.
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--Player Phase--
*The two who dragged everyone into this mess hide as roots spring out of the ground to block the attack. The roots are almost immediatyl rotted away by the poisonous spores. Sam's arm sparks. An Emerald shield flashes around him for a second. Soon, the air is filled with an electrical energy that resonates well with everyone, filling them with strength.* Sam: Keraunos System Activate. Field Sam: Keraunos System: Field (All allies attack+ Evasion up, All enemies attack+ Evasion down and all attacks pierce enemy resistances) Rose: Take this! *Three flowers grow out of Rose's right arm. With a motion, they start spinning fast and fly at Shinami* *Rose: Razor Flower (Medium Gun to one target X3. Target: Shinami) *Shinami moves to close her wings but is stopped by Isla clawing the soft inner part of her wings. However, doing so causes spores to fall on Isla, making her hand and lower arm suddenly feel like it's burning. Shinami winces in pain behind her mask and motions her arm. The shield is able to repel a number of projectiles coming her way but some hit true. Then, Kazuo's snake rushes her from behind. Luckily for Shinami, her metalic outer wings soften the blow. But not enough to send her to the ground.* Sam's Personal Skill: Barrier Change (Changes Resistances when activated.) Rose's Personal Skill: Blessing of Libra (Lightly heals self every turn)
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--Enemy Phase--
*Shinami growls as she gets up. She wraps her self in her wings and shoots into the air.* Shinami: Stupid... Worthless... Stubborn... Annoying... Useless... Humans! *As she opens her wings, spores fire across the garden centre, filling the air with the deadly spores.*
Field Change-Spore Field Wind Attack Damage Up Fire Attack Damage Up Unless Immune to Poison, all combatants take damage each turn Wind Attack Damage may poison Fire and Wind Attacks nullify the poison damage for 1 turn
Shinami: Scatter Spores (Changes the Field into a Spore Field. Triggers Personal Skill) Shinami's Personal Skill: Toxic Heal (Heals instead of taking damage when poisoned)
[Noticing the spores were being kept away by the wind produces by Doremi Hawk, he would try to stay away from the effects of the poison. He didn't need to deal with something like that, and thankfully Alloy Snake would never find any of this an issue, given its completely metallic body. As such, Doremi Hawk would keep flapping its wings with force, not enough to damage anything, but to keep the poison away.] What's up, can't leave your cocoon yet? You keep saying words, but you don't say anything! You put so much faith on your own strength, and yet you can't even touch me. But it's fine, I'm sure you are cute enough among those weirdos you call "brethren", I'll let you touch all you want~! [Kazuo would have a fake smile all over his face and would keep clapping at the enemy just to maintain the attention to himself. He was trying to provoke her. As he does this, Alloy Serpent would inhinge its jaw as it looks up. From the inside, a thunder-like roar would come out, echoing everywhere.] I mean it, but I'll make you beg for it first!!! [Alloy Serpent would create a ball of electricity within its mouth before shooting it Shinami, a moved known as "Thundering Roar" (Medium Electric 1 to 2 times + 45% to Shock). Its distorted roar as loud as thunder would be the signal for the ball to be shot, and as it moves towards the enemy, it makes strange hissing noises. At the same time, Kazuo punches the air, launching gear pieces at great speeds once again, which are more numerous this time around (Light Physical 1 - 5).] High-Speed Alloy!! Prove you even have the right to use your authority.
It's going to take a long time if her wings are that resistant. Gotta bring out the big boys. Oliver took off his jacket, revealing numerous weapons and armor. He reached for a slim box on his back. He grabbed it and pressed his finger into it. In a few seconds the box unfolded into pieces of an Anti-tank Rifle. Oliver crouched down and began to cough slightly. The nanobots won't be able to make an antibiotic until about two turns. I'm sure I can tank it for that long. I just need one turn to set this up and blast that insect out of the sky. I hope they can cover me.
What! She didn't go down?! I have to do that again?!! Isla rolled once she touched the ground and grabbed her arm. owowowow! IT JUST HURTS MORE BECAUSE SHE PUTS SPORES EVERYWHERE WHAT A (removed due to phansite guidelines.) Isla looked around and sighed, getting behind some cover. My blood at least lets me not die from it. It just hurts. I should wait out this and see if anyone else can bring her down.
Since Tea has nothing to nullify the attack coming for her, her wings close so that only Tea takes the blunt of the attack, flying a bit more away in hopes that she just won’t be targeted. Afterwards, Tea places a card on her duel disk, a hearty looking priest with green hair appearing behind her. “Dian Keto, the cure master!” Rather than attack, once again, the priest only serves to heal Tea, then disappearing out of existence once the deed is done. Not a full heal, but serviceable to stay alive. Then she flies around the field, finding out where Isla is. Rather than go to the ground, she proactively calls out her hiding spot. “Hey, I see you there!” She places yet another card on her duel disk, now letting a few curative water drops go on Isla in order to heal her from the spores. Likewise the priest, it wouldn’t actually heal her by full, but it would at least cure the girl of any side effects that may inflict her. —Action— Tea heals herself (medium) Tea heals Isla (medium) 5 cards are now in the graveyard.
By going through the process of deductive reasoning, Takuto realizes that the spores would not be able to survive if a large fire were to absorb the oxygen. Therefore, using the items found in his first aid kit and the power of [S C I E N C E], Takuto starts a moderate fire on top of the steel beam and takes a step back from it, observing how the spores react when they get near.

“Yaaay, Kitty go flying!” Luna is having a great time watchi g the fight unfold, seemingly distant from any idea of consequence. After having launched Isla “Father” returns to protect Luna... But nothing came. Leaving the child to cough before shaking her head “The air feels weird again. Stop doing that!” Now irritated, “Father” rushes Shinami, turning into a rush of dark energy aimed at the butterfly. As for Luna, the girl looks around her companions with a giggle as she holds tightly to her doll and asking “Anyone wanna die for me? It’ll be a lot easier.” As the child speaks she spins around once again, this time releasing a field of black butterflies that would hover around her allies ++action+* Undying Resentment - heavy curse to Shinami Black Butterfly - deals severe curse to all enemies after an ally falls unconscious.
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-Player Phase-
Sam: Not bad, kids. But don't think we're gonna just sit back and watch. *Sam's arm sparks with electricity. With a wave of his hand, Sam fires a beam of lightning forwards. Behind him, Rose places a hand on the fallen tree. The bark cracks open, firing a surge of vines from out of it's corpse.* Sam: Keraunos System: Beam (Heavy Electric damage to one foe. Pierces resistances Target: Shinami) Rose: Vine Snare (Chance to immobilize all foes) *Takuto is able to set up a small fire. As he hypothesised, the spores that floated near the fire burst into flames and were quickly reduced to ashes. However, the fire was too small to do this outside a small area directly around the flame.* *Noticing him attacking, Shinami is able to dodge the second bolt from Kazuo's Alloy Serpant, though would get singed lightly by the first and the distraction allows Sam to catch her wing with Beam. She spins her staff, defelecting Kazuo's gears. As she does so, she looks over her shoulder at Luna's "Father" charging her." Shinami: What is- * This catches her off guard long enough to ruin her concentration. One of Kazuo's gears catches her into the shoulder. Ths causes her to flinch, allowing Luna's parent to strike her head on and send her spiralling out of the sky and into the grasp of Rose's Vine Snare*
-Enemy Phase-
Shinami: Cheap, Wielder of Nature. Very Cheap. Rose: Like you can talk with all your toxic spore nonsense ShinamI: Hmmph. It's called strategy Rose: Then I suppose you have no issues with what I'm doing then *Shinami growls. The vines start rotting away slowly from the spores in her wings, but the process is slowed due to the wing beat of Kazuo's Doremi Hawk. As she struggles, spores surround her. They slowly elongate into needles and fire out at everyone randomly, hoping to distract them long enough to get free.* Shinami: Needle Storm (Medium Gun damage+ Medium chance to poison to all allies. Low Accuracy due to Vine Snare)
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Hey lady, I'll do you one better! Doremi Hawk! [The gigantic bird would flap its wings with a powerful force, strong enough to generate vibrations all over the arena that could be felt by anyone standing anywhere. This is "Storm Caller" (Heavy Wind to all.), and if anyone got close enough to Shinami, then they would be receiving cuts all over. This move does not target, it attacks anyone and anything in the way.] Now to- [Kazuo was about to shoot out gears once again, but decided this was a stupid decision as he realizes he was about to get attacked. As such, he covers his face and his body is also covered by translucent red aura, vibration surrounding his body.] Imaginary 4.0 - Do R- [He doesn't finish his casting before getting hit, much to his bad luck. At the very least, his body is free of toxins. Do Re Might finishes loading by absorbing the surrounding area's vibrations.] ... Do Re Might. Talk about bad luck.... but it's okay, it's almost finished. You've only gotten me once! [Alloy Serpent being in the ground would be hit by more of the spores, but cannot be poisoned, and its metal was barely scratched. It's in this situation, however, that it finds an opening. Unhinging its jaw, opening wide enough to swallow a truck, Alloy Serpent rushes towards Shinami with the full intention of crushing and shredding her body entirely, instantly. Shredder Bite (Severe Physical to 1) would be the way to go, and if it doesn't kill, it should be enough to ruin at least one limb completely.]
Oh geez good thing I'm already behind this cover. Isla looked at Tea coming towards her. Hi there! I'm more of a coffee gal myself but if you want to do a team att- Isla watched the priest heal her, making the burning go away. Aw... that feels nice... Don't purr Isla, hold it in you're survived for SO LONG. O-ok! Thank you so much! I'll put in a good word about you in Rain Magazine! Isla then dashed at the woman who was struck down, running to her on all fours before leaping at her with her claws pointed forward. Physcial-Medium

"Hey, you can't join in. If you win then who'll get the candy?" Luna asks Sam, seemingly unaware of the thorns that pass harmlessly by the child. While Luna's standing there whining, the second spirit moves on, simply phasing through any of the thorns as it dashes forward to strike Shinami. As the spirit returns to Luna, the other flowery-ghost from earlier would reform from the faint mist around the child ++Action++ Manifest Malice - medium curse at Shinami, summon a ghost.
As Tea looks from above at Isla once again charging towards Shinami, feeling a bit bad for the alien but now just accepting it can't be helped. She flashed a smile and a thumbs up to her and congratulated herself. "Nice job Tea, you've helped another friend! Now to, wait-" She flies over to where Kazuo is, now flipping a card face up on her duel disk. Behind Kazuo, would be an angelic figure in nurse garbs. It'd present to him a ball of light that would heal him, and then, it'd float away. "Kazuo! I'm so glad I remembered your name, you're not hurt are you?" --Action-- Heal Kazuo 6 cards are now in the graveyard.
Takuto stays close to the fire he started, but ducks back in the hopes that he might avoid the needles. Calmly breathing, Takuto then fires four more sniper rounds at Shinami's head.
"Ow, this fucker..." Oliver growled being pelted by the attack. Alright... I couldn't dodge because I was getting this ready. But let's see how you handle it. Oliver connect the last piece, the barrel, and laid on the ground. He had already placed the ammo in. He then aimed his sights towards Shinami, gritting his teeth as he did so. Time to get that blood sample. Oliver pulled the trigger, sending out a .50 caliber BMG towards the monster. The shock would echo throughout the sky, and despite Oliver setting up the rest, he would be pushed back slightly by the force. Physical-Heavy
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-Player Phase-
*Sam scratches the back of his head at Luna's objection and laughs nervously.* Sam: Oh yeah. I guess that's fair. Heh heh. Sorry kiddo. Let me make it up to ya. *Instead of attacking again, Sam taps a few times on a holgraphic keyboard. A small drone appears and zaps Luna. Luna would strat to feel stonger. Meanwhile, Rose punches her hand.* Rose: Suck this, Shinami. SPYRAL HAMMA! *Sam looks over at her with an amused look* Sam: Seriously? "Spyral Hamma"? *Rose blushes heavily.* Rose: S-Shut up. Sam: Vulcan: Power Beam (Charges one Ally) Rose: Spiral Hammer (Heavy Physical damage to one foe. Removes Immobilise from them) * After being held in place long enough to be hit by Oliver's attack and Luna's other parent, Rose's attack activates, slamming the butterfly alien into the ground. This is enough to loosen her bindings however, allowing her to fly high again, dodging Kazuo's snake. and Takuto's sniper rounds. The wind from Doremi Hawk continues to prevent allies from taking damage from the field and is able to make Shinami loose her balance in the air, her wings faltering before getting used to the new air current.*
-Enemy Phase-
Shinami Instakills Takuto by melting him with acid spores lol kys jk *Shinami casts an analytical eye across the field. Noticing her spores weren't having the usual effect, she decides to ground Kazuo. She wraps herself in her wings and fires herself as a bullet. If she's successful, she'd pierce straight through the left wing of Doremi Hawk in an attempt to bring it down before unfurling herself. High above the competition, she'd start sending a new wave of spores down. If these spores were breathed in, they wouldn't cause a burning sensation. Instead, those who breath it in would find their muscles begin ceasing up, preventing them from moving.* Shinami: Analytical Gaze (Grants 2 extra moves) Bullet Wings (Heavy Physical Damage to one foe. Target: Doremi Hawk) Paralysis Spores (Chane to stun all foes for 1 turn)
She's on the move again. I need her to stay in one place for me to hit her. I guess I can wait for the right time... As Oliver turned his rifle towards the direction of Shinami his felt his muscles tense up before loosening. What the hell? A new type of spore? And my nanobots just made a anti-body to the other one! God damn it, well it's not like I could've hit her with the rifle in the speed she's going. I hope they can cover me while the nanobots make an anti-body for this spore. Since it's similar to the one before it should only take one turn...
DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST ALLOW SHINAMI TO MOVE AGAIN!? GIRL, YOU ARE ACTUALLY STUPID!! [He would yell at everyone below. Absolutely baffled by Rose's actual "strategy", which was genius at first but clearly just a blue moon thing, he lets out a massive sigh as Alloy Serpent misses the mark which should have been able to finish her off right then and there. Luckily, Tea had healed him, and in a simple, quick response, he would give her a thumbs up.] Wha-! [Shinami would pierce right through Doremi Hawk's wing, and as such, would be unable to do much in response. Quickly, Kazuo would go for the handgun in his pocket, but he had managed to breath in the stunning spores, making him unable to do much but to accept the fact he was falling at great speeds towards the ground. After a second or two, perhaps three, he would hit the ground and not really feel it thanks to Do Re Might absorbing the impact. Doremi Hawk would stay on the ground as it slowly repairs itself by using the faraway remains of the now broken wing. With no actual orifice, it is not stunned. Alloy Serpent merely makes it near Kazuo is before getting stunned as well.] So...t-that's how it goes. Good call, to call upon Do Re Might... [He would close his eyes, aware he was safe for the moment. He thinks that Doremi Hawk will take a while to pull itself together. He had more than one idea inside his head, however.] But...you'll see what I can really do.

"Woah.. Feels weird. Thanks creepy man!" Luna giggles, seemingly not taking note of the situation, she turns back around to face Shinami, only to realize they've been blown far away. "Oh man, how am I.. Wait. What's.." Luna breathes in some of the spores, causing the girl to start coughing and have trouble moving "Aww.. That's No fun." although their master might be stunned, as undead Luna's ghosts would have no trouble with the spores. They don't make any motion to attack, but rather they draw on the lingering spirits from the squirrels, growing for a bit before... Splitting, their flowery spectral forms ripping themselves in half in a gruesome display before forming into two ghosts for each, totalling four. ++Action++ Phantom Howl - doubles the number of ghosts (now 4)
Worrying about the rest of the party, Takuto ties up an Amrita Shower bottle to his grappling hook, shooting it down to the group below and temporarily removing the stun of the spores for 1 turn through a strange mist that somehow neutralizes its effects.
"Don't- woah!" Though she tried to dive back in to heal Kazuo once more, Tea had to back away in order to narrowly avoid the paralyzing spores, her eyes almost feeling the need to never close again at the sight of them. Now, seeing as how there's no way for her to really get back at the main party, she might as well stop playing cleric in the sky. She flipped one card face up on her duel disk, revealing a large ladybug that had a skull mark on it's wings. "This isn't friendly, hope you enjoy!" The girl shouted out towards Shinami before transferring onto the ladybug's back. As soon as Darklord Marie stopped carrying Tea around, she started to conjure up dark magic in her hands, shooting a dark blast of energy Shinami's way. Afterwards, she circled around Tea and the skull mark ladybug to watch out for any attacks that might come their way. --Action-- Medium Curse Damage at Shinami. Tea's speed in the air is now lowered. 6 cards are in the graveyard.
Oh... Isla looked at her claws, her ears folding downwards in sadness. Are my claws that weak she didn't even feel it? Well! Maybe I just have to put more hits to it! Isla stood up, and sneezed, covering her nose. Wow, am I allergic to this? Isla felt her body getting heavy. Before she competely stopped moving her jumped behind cover. Ok, I can wait this out! I just have to believe.
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-Player Phase-
Rose: I didn't let her go. She broke out. Completely differant. And let's not forget who broke my tree. Don't think I didn't notice that birds metallic wings. If you were more careful, we'd still have cover from these spores. VULCAN (AI voice): WOULD YOU IDIOTS PAY ATTENTION PLEASE? Rose: Did you seriously make an AI version of- grk. *Rose freezes up, stunned. Meanwhile Sam, a rebreather over his mouth, smirked.* Rose: Stunned Sam: Spore Mask (Nullifies Status Ailments) *Most of the team is taken by Shinami's Stun Spores. However, they are saved by Takuto's Amrita Shower, curing them of the spores hold. Meanwhile, Tea's projectiles soar at Shinami. Due to Field, though Shinami blocks with the back of her iron like wings, Tea's cursed shots pierce them and strike her, earning an annoyed growl from the buttefly.*
-Enemy Phase-
*Shinami clicks her tongues. She shakes her arms, trying to alliviate the burning sensation she got hit by as a result of Tea hitting her* Shinami: Minimal effectiveness. Someone's not playing by the rules. *Shinami runs her eyes over the battlefield until her eyes land on Takuto and his small fire. She narrows her eyes and points down at him. Her sceptre begins spinning like a drill and launches at Takuto. If all goes as planned, it would pierce his fire before curving and attacking him. Meanwhile, Shinami begins a new wave of orbs. Yet another kind from the poison spores or stun spores. Anyone who breathed in this new set of waves would begin to feel sluggish, like they were moving in slow motion. A debilitating poison that numbed the mind and senses of it's target, making them easier to deal with. From above, she smirked.* Shinami: No more playing around. Shinami: Analytical Gaze (Gain Two Turns) Drill Spear (Heavy Physical Damage to one foe. Target: Takuto) Web Spores (Medium chance to Inflict SLOW to all foes. SLOW is an effect that lowers the ability to dodge attacks, reaction time or movement in general. Speech is unaffected.)
[Kazuo was considering his options. The materials for Doremi Hawk was still at his disposition even if they had not taken the form of a wing just yet. Furthermore, Alloy Serpent will be affected by the coming spores, and it being slow will do no good. Kazuo himself could only hold his breath for about 30 seconds, and that's as far as how much it's going to take for those things to get to him.] In which case, I need to combine them both. But I have never used the Seventh number. I wonder if it'll be okay. ... I'll trust you with this one, you. I'm counting on you. [He says to no one in particular while black markings similar flames cover his body. They soon become visible crimson flames covering his body, both furious and intense, like his entire was body was to be consumed by it.] Hear me, Fallen Spirit from the Abyss! Your wings have been taken away, and your freedom has been denied...! [The flames extend around Kazuo's surroundings as he stands up, starting to consume Serpent and Hawk while they roar with the same fear-inducing shriek. Under them, a tetragrammaton is drawn by the flames, which has been extinguished and have left nothing but the black markings on the ground.] Allow your anger to strike fear into their heart; reveal your true form!! Seventh Number - Inferno Transmutation! [The tetragrammaton would shoot out from the ground and unite itself with the two Deep Chimera. Hawk's wings would grow in size and weight, gaining even smaller claws in the medium section; its talons would become thicker and sharper. Serpent's jaw would be reduced in size as its hollow eyes light up with red, piercing orbs. Violently, both bodies would fuse together, revealing a massive winged lizard-like creature with an elongated neck and long, extremely sharp tail. Its wings alone could easily cover everyone on the ground, and its jaw would even look like vicious grin. Letting out an out-worldly blast of a roar, it would take up to the skies with Kazuo on its back.] Imaginary 7.72 - Deep Inferno Wyvern. Right, no more playing around. So you better step up already, woman. [Kazuo and Inferno Wyvern would be unaffected by the spores, and the flap of the beast's wings would dispel the spores in its initial surrounding area. Then, as soon as it makes it up, Inferno Wyvern would unhinge its jaw as it charges up flames within it throat, finally shooting a ray of concentrated plasma at Shinami, "Red Flare" (Heavy Fire to one foe + Pierce.)]

"Ohhh, wow Its so pretty!" Luna stares up at the new wyvern, giggling to herself as she spins around in a quick circle. Ever eager, the girl holds her doll tightly to her chest before announcing "I can do that too, watch this!" Luna giggles to herself as she turns to the now four ghosts by her side and gives them a wave "Alright everyone, its time. Lets do this!" At Luna's request, the four ghosts take off into the air, circling each other near the center of the field as Luna calls out "Come on out to play, Atomy. We're waiting for you!" A single sweeping arm forms itself out of the space in the middle of the ghosts, striking down the four spirits at once as "Atomy" takes form. They come in a form of a towering, emaciated man, easily ten feet tall wearing a dark, heavy armor, bone-white hair flowing around his helmet, with four spikes growing out from the shoulders and elbows of his armor. Once they've formed, Atomy puts out one hand, causing a blade that gleams with a frosty, white light to emerge from the ground at his call. "Teeheehe. There you are Atomy. Come on, kill the butterfly already." [i]Heeding his master's will, Atomy draws his blade, and makes for a single massive slash aimed for Shinami's wings[/i} ++Action++ Deadlord's blade - Colossal phys at Shinami
Oliver shook his head, his nanobots now becoming accustomed to the spores from being exposed to such a degree. He wasn't able to shake off the effect completely, it was dramatically decreased. He was able to steady his sights at Shinami. He exhaled, waited three seconds, and pulled the trigger. Better find a new trick because that one is getting old Physical-Heavy Damage to a single foe.
Tea looked in awe at both the flaming wyvern and the giant man that were both summoned in the middle of this battlefield, her mouth agape and her body not reacting quickly enough to immediately focus on what’s happening on the sidelines. ”Wow, that’s pretty cool. Wait...I needed to do something. Oh, right!” Darklord Marie saw the spores coming and flew up higher in the sky to avoid them, meanwhile, Tea and her ladybug start to fly towards Takuto, letting the ladybug take the impact of the spear. As it pierced through the ladybug, it had died immediately, letting Tea herself fall onto the ground. Her body doesn't try to get up because of the spores, but she’s still smiling. --Action-- Darklord Marie flies up above. Tea breathed in spores and went towards Takuto. Skull Mark Ladybug died and healed Tea. (Light heal)
Noticing the sceptre coming towards him, Takuto jerks back and steels himself, only to be relived to see Tea's ladybug sacrifice itself in his place. "This isn't the most ideal situation, but thanks for the save, kid." Facing the sceptre once more, he holds out his hand to it and concentrates, causing a nuclear light to spontaneously combust around itkm ++Action++ Megidovania: Heavy Almighty Damage to the sceptre
E: Let's Go! Orpheus Aternas, use Chernobyl Nuke! ++ACTION++ Chernobyl Nuke: Heavy Nuke damage to Scepter!
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++ACTION++ IQ of 9 billion: instantly kills eihara with a 100% chance and is completely unavoidable no matter what you do
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-Moves- Anti-interloper Firewall (Removes Eihara from this dimension. Unavoidable. 500% success rate.)
Ugh... now I'm just tired... wait, I'm always tired! Isla shook off her stiffness and crouched low. She grabbed a meter wide piece of wood and threw it at Shinami. I can't reach her with my claws, but I can at least do this! Physical-Medium
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-Player Phase-
Rose: Ugh. I forgot how much I hate fighting Shinami... Sam: Yeah, she's annoying. Still, you have help this time. And that stick of yours. Rose: Heh. I suppose. *Sam sends Vulcan over to Rose, who zaps her, cleansing her of Shinami's spores. Rose Spins her staff and breathes. Flowers grow over her arms, dress and staff. With a motion, Rose sends the plants outwards to all her allies. The flowers attach to the allies and gives their life force to them, healing everyone's wounds but causing the flowers to wither away.* Sam: Vulcan-Purge (Cleanse all debuffs and status downs to one ally. Target: Rose) Rose: Flower Storm (Moderatly heals all allies) *Shinami's confident face falls neutral as she witnesses the creation of not just a giant metal whyvern but a giant undead warrior. Her mouth twitches slightly.* Shinami: Eh? *Both attack hit her similtainiously, sending her out of the air and crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, Takuto's attack on the scepter sends it rolling across the ground. It doesn't do any damage cause the Scepter doesn't have a health bar though.*
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-Enemy Phase-
*Shinami lays face down in the dirt. Slowly, she raises an arm and slams it back down.* Shinami: That... is... it... * Slowly, she ascends to the sky. She raises a hand to her mask,* Shinami: I'm sick of you. Machinists, Mages and... and... Whatever the hell that child is. I'm sick of all of you. *Shinami rips the mask of her face. Spores fall from her wings, linking with the flames lingering around from Kazuo's flame attack and setting the entire arena on fire, seemingly turning the clouds above red. Shinami looks down, her face, covered with a large, black, jagged scar in a diagonal line down her face, a picture of anger. She raises her hands into the air. Her wings behind her change and shift, splitting apart and reforming, becoming sharper and more jagged than before. Her scepter flies up to her spinning around as the remaining spores form together, shifting around Shinami in a helix. Shinami attaches her mask to her shield, making it look like a floating head.* Shinami: I'm done playing. Now, I shall reduce you to smudges of... whatever colour blood you people have. Go. Steel Spores. *Shinami claps towards the party. The Helix of spores shifts, becoming a diamond in front of Shinami. Suddenly, they launch forwards in a rain of sharp spikes, raining down across the field. Meanwhile, The scepter flies out, arching around before spinning like a drill and tries to destroy Kazuo's Drake via attack through the heart* Shinami Personal Skill: Steel Spore Mode (Permenantly Raises own Attack and Defence. Permenantly grants 2 moves per turn. Immunity to all Status ailments and Field Effects. Removes effects of Toxic Heal)
Field Change- Blazing Field Fire Attacks Damage Up Wind Attacks Damage Up Ice Attacks Damage Down Attack status changing abilities increased by 1 stage Everyone takes fire damage every turn depending on fire resistance(Normal: Light. Weak: Moderate. Null/Repel: None. Absorb: Light healing)
Shinami: Steel Needle Storm (HeavyGun damage to all allies + Low chance to inflict BLEED. BLEED deals light damage each turn and lowers attack while active) Drill Spear (Target: Deep Inferno Wyvern
Isla put her hands above her and jumped under cover. Damn it! This strom is like, the worse thing that can happen to someone like me! I can only attack from close! I need something to cover for me... or I can just wait it out. Isla curled into a ball under the dead tree. This isn't so bad... just some heavy rain. Yawn...
"Owowow, fucking asshole it's like thumbtacks." Oliver growled going under parts of the dead tree for cover while dragging his rifle. He sighed once under cover, slowly picking out the needles on his skin. Bastard, I can't aim out there, and I can't do it in here... hopefully the weather clears soon. Oliver flipped off Shinami. Almighty-Emotional Damage
After stretching a bit, the girl squinted at the sky seemingly unaware of what's in the air. Tea looks at the incoming bullet hell, and then at her duel disk, showing the value of her life points. Then she sets a card down with a smile on her face. "Yeah, I can totally take this." She sets down a spell card again, now summoning a heavenly white bird the size of a slightly above average mule. Since her ladybug had died, this will have to do for now. She mounted it again, letting it stupidly fly straight towards the steel hail as she sets another card onto her duel disk. Darklord Marie zips around the storm, some needles grazing her but overall she wasn't impeded in anyway. Meanwhile, Tea flips up her card face up, now summoning an Enchanted Javelin into her hand. She raised it up into the air and let it shower both her and the bird in healing magic before they both take a lot of damage from the needle storm. Only Tea is now bleeding. Darklord Marie charges up a dark magic blast while Tea pulls a card from her deck. --Action-- Tea is in the air again (Supremacy Berry has slow movement in air). Tea suffers from bleed, but Life Points are fine thanks to Enchanted Javelin. Darklord Marie charges attack. 11 cards in the graveyard.

“I’m Luna!” The child yells to Shinami, oblivious to the point of her remark. Luna waves to Shinami before shouting “And you shouldn’t call people names, it’s r...” Luna had never put much effort into dodging herself, and now that she is without ghosts there’s nothing to protect the girl from getting struck by needles, piercing her skin and knocking the girl over, some blood trickling from her arm “Y... You’re mean. Mother, Father!” As before, a burst of dark energy flies towards Shinami, aiming to strike her before manifesting itself as a Spirit beside Luna as the girl takes light damage from the fire As for Atomy, the lord makes no motions to dodge the needles, leaving his armor riddled with holes. However, having no blood, he is incapable of bleeding. The undead lord reaches out in an attempt to grab Shinami. Rather than take hold of her, Atomy’s arm would simply sweep through her, bringing a deathly chill along with it. As he does so, some of Atomy’s long decaying hair would catch fire, leaving an unpleasant scent as it goes ++action++ Luna- Fire resistance - normal Manifest Maluce - light curse + summon a ghost (down from medium due to bleeding) Atomy- Fire resistance - weak Chilling Grasp - heavy ice + moderate chance to freeze.
[Although the attack does hit Kazuo, his Vibration Shield gains yet another stack, it's final one before any other strike sets off the automatic Release. Still, he would cover his face as the "Steel Spores" get to him out of simple reflexes. Not hurt at all, he would smirk even as the very same attack has the same effect on his Wyvern, it would even seem to bounce back in random directions. Right after, he would notice the woman's attack directed at Inferno Wyvern's heart. Putting on hand inside his pocket, and with the other pointing at her with the index finger, he would move it from to side to side just so she could see his disapproval.] These aren't machines, but spirits that have been placed in an artificial body. All very different in their own way, like for example. [The scepter would make contact with Inferno Wyvern, but it would stay there for a moment before being shot back right at Shinami at the exact same speed and strength she had given it initially. Kazuo smirks.] Inferno Wyvern cannot be hurt by projectiles or anything solid, they are all repelled!! Imaginary Number 2.0 - Deep Transmigration!! [Clapping his hands together, red markings would cover Kazuo's body, all looking like stripes and fur. Back on the ground, a pile of gears would slowly come together, taking a form similar to that of a cannon.] Release!! [The three stacks of vibrations accumulated within Kazuo would be released alongside the red markings; meaning he has no external shield and his general mobility is back. The markings would trap the massive force within itself as it is shot down to the ground. It enters the cannon, and the metal begins to melt, slowly taking the shape of a skeleton.] I call upon your name, Bearer of the Mark! Manifestation of war, ruin the earth with your flames! Imaginary 2.14 - Deep Gear Tiger!! [The skeletal feline of metal would have long and sharp claws and two long fangs at the front of its perpetually open mouth. Inside it, a cannon was clear to see, as its thorax has a similar design to that of a revolver's cylinder, and going down the spine, small fuel tank-like organs would be attached. Letting out a loud roar, the creature grips itself into the ground while looking up. Inferno Wyvern would follow suit as they both charge up flames within their mouths. Inferno Wyvern unleashes its "Red Flare" (Heavy Fire + Pierce through any resistance.), and Gear Tiger shoots out his "Star Scorcher Barrage" (Medium Fire 6 times, each hit has 50% chance of hitting.)] Why don't you give up already? You are no match for me, let alone all of us combined. C'mon missy, what will it be? Date or Death? Either way, I'm taking you out.
Feeling the situation was dire, Takuto yells out to Shinami "Hey! You're making a mistake. You can't hope to accomplish anything if you die here!" His attempt at persuasion would have a moderate chance to distract Shinami. "Think logically, you'll... urgh-!" Takuto's jacket is pierced by the needles, and as he held his arm up to protect himself, it would become badly injured, causing him to wince in pain and lose his balance. As a result, he managed to lose his footing and fall off the steel beam, although managing to get a grip on the ledge with his other arm.
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-Player Phase-
*Rose's mouth twitches as she watches Shinami's transformation.* Rose: Huh. That's new. Sam: That's not something I wanna hear. *Sam impales his cane into the ground, creating a barrier around his general area, protecting Rose and anyone else who happens to be around him from the needle storm. Rose glances back at her tree, now ablaze, and clicks her tongue. Instead she would spin her staff. Some of the flames react and fly to the tips of the staff, creating a ring of fire. She would then project this ring as a burning disk at Shinami.* Sam: Barrier Cane (Nullify damage to nearby allies for 1 turn) Rose: Flame Wheel (Heavy fire damage to one foe. Target: Shinami) *Shinami would simply flip over Atomy's attack, using a hand to push off it head and launch higher into the air, gracefully dodging Rose and Kazuo's attacks with a spin. Her staff would fly back up to her and clip her wings slightly in the dodge before flying back under Shinami's control and placing itself under her, letting her rest the toes of one of her feet on the metal object.*
-Enemy Phase-
Shinami: Can't be harmed by physical methods, eh? Like the Hyena. Thanks for informing me. I'll make sure not to make the same mistake twice. *Shinami pushes herself off her staff, flipping multiple times in the air before ending up floating upside down. Spores gather at the tips of her wings as she draws them back. She then flaps them multiple time in quick succession. The spores spread across wind produce, sharpening them as they launch out, firing at Kazuo and his creations. Meanwhile, Shinami falls back through the air, propelled by the wind. She covers her self in her wings, creating the usual bullet shape but now covered in jagged ridges. She flies staight down, hoping to crash straight through Luna's Atomy, bisecting them. As she hit the ground, she'd unfurl her wings, her feet finally touching the ground on her own accord.* Shinami: Razor Wind (X3 Heavy Wind Damage to random allies. Targets: Kazuo, Inferno Wyvern, Deep Gear Tiger) Jagged Bullet Wings (Severe Physical Damage to one ally. Medium chance to inflict BLEED. Target: Atomy)

Atomy wasn’t particularly quick to begin with, now alight he is only able to make one more pass, attempting to chill Shinami as she passes through the air towards him before being pierced and beginning to disperse, his blade falling through the ground, back to the underworld. “Bye Atomy! Let’s play again ok?” Luna waves to the skeletal lord as he disintegrates. However, a piece of his spirit remains, taking the form of a blackish ghost light that flies towards Luna, simply remaining in the air around her. ++Action++ Atomy - chilling touch - does medium ice on contact with Atomy Luna - soul conversion, turns deceased allies into shadows to strengthen and unlock attacks (shadow count 1)
Tea follows Shinami with her eyes, not having much faith in thinking her bird friend will keep up with her in the air. She looks at her hand before she just now noticed Atomy passing away from Shinami's attack. She flips a card face up onto the field, now letting a serpentine-like creature with only an eyeball and wings wrap around her. "Kiseitai. Make sure Marie hits her." Tea points towards Shinami and has the Kiseitai detach from her body, using Tea's arm to try and fling itself towards Shinami. If it latches onto her, it takes a transparent form and binds Shinami. Since it was so light, Shinami probably would not even notice it at all, neither would Kiseitai really damage her. Instead, Kiseitai's eyeball looks up at the sky, looking at Darklord Marie in the air finishing her attack. Darklord Marie shoots a ball of dark energy towards Shinami, one that travels extremely fast, almost as if it was going the speed of light. If Kiseitai was on Shinami, this ball of death would end up following Shinami around if she had tried to avoid it at all. Meanwhile, Tea is still flying on top of her bird, whistling casually as she draws another card from her deck. --Action-- Darklord Marie sends a shocking death ball (Heavy Curse Damage). Kiseitai makes all of Shinami's attacks heal Tea by 25% if latched onto her. 11 cards are in the graveyard.
Only having the strength to pick himself back up, Takuto uses the opportunity provided by his allies to lick his wounds. He pulls out some bandages from his first-aid kit and uses them to stop the bleeding, spending a few moments to sit down and rest.
[Kazuo covers his own body with his arms as he is attacked by the wind. He smirks as he knows now he won't be the target for any physical or gun-like attacks, even as his skin is receiving cuts and his clothes are slightly ruined. Most tragically, his jacket had a few big cuts. His pants and shirt would gain a few new blood stains. Despite this, he is in no danger, and Inferno Wyvern is taking it like its nothing, while Gear Tiger simply claws itself to the ground while resisting the attacks.] But don't forget, Inferno Wyvern is but an evolution of Hawk and Serpent, which means...! [Inferno Wyvern's eyes would light up as the wind surrounding it stops completely, only to make it change directions and make it head straight towards the ground, from where the strong winds would force debris and the Steel Spores into the air.] It has some pretty effective wings, but more than that, it can even control wind! [The currents of strong wind would turn into a column of air which would carry the Steel Spores and remaining rubble to strike her all at once, "Hurricane Caller" (Severe Wind to one foe + Heavy Gun due to carried over spores). At the same time, Gear Tiger would have its metallic skeletal body damaged. With this in mind, it would sit down and let out a howl as it absorbs the flames from around the area, healing itself. Right after doing this, it would point its cannon at Shinami and fire a single long and sharp projectile, "Dune Harpoon" (Medium Gun + Pierce). If it hits, the projectile would latch onto Shinami and keep her in place, and even if she was able to move, there is no physical thing keeping Tiger and Shinami connected, just energy that the Deep Chimera can force upon another, and not the other way around.] Lawful Blades! This will only get worse for you!! [Two massive blades would fall from the skies, long enough to rival a three floor building, one would fall in front of Shinami and the other behind, but both would be aimed at the floor. Normally, 6 swords would be released, but the other 4 would remain in Stock, which means that it can be combo'd.] This is already way beyond your capacity. High-Speed Alloy! [With a punch motion, even more numerous and bigger, more advanced gears would be shot at Shinami from within an unseen vortex (Light Physical 1-6 times).]
Alright, now there's just a bit of fire. I can steady my aim in that. Oliver ran out of the tree and aimed his sights on Shinami. Only three bullets left. Oliver exhaled, and took the shot. Heavy Gun Damage to one foe.
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-Player Phase-
*Sam lifts his can out of the ground, the shield deactivating. He glances around the field, feeling the heat of the flames around him.* Sam: This is annoying. If this fire keeps up... Rose: What are you thinking? Sam: Mind covering me? *Rose nods simply. Sam vanishes behind the burning tree and crouches before he starts tapping away on his metal arm. Meanwhile, Rose runs forwards and leaps at Shinami, bring her staff down on her.* Sam: Preperations are sometimes needed (Skip a turn) Rose: Staff Slam (Heavy physical to one foe. Target: Shinami) *Shinami's wings block Atomy's blow as she falls, only resulting in some frost forming on the wings that quickly melt away. As she lands, she is whipped forcfully back into the air by Kazuo's attack. Her control over her spores stops them from being an issue, but the wind still causes some issues to her. In the air, she can only wrap her self in her wings as she is caught by Marie's Curse Orb and Oliver's shot. She stabilises herself ass eh touches down again. Just in time to catch Rose's staff.*
-Enemy Phase-
Shinami: Facing me head on now, eh? Rose: In the end, it should just be you and me. Shinami: That help me eradicate these vermin. Join me and we can get back to killing eachother after all this is done with Rose: Like hell. Shinami: Shame. Someone as talented as you would do wonders in our army *Shinami glances in midair. Her spores form once more. They spin together before forming two large swords. They do a swinging motion before crashing down to the ground, heading towrds Luna and Isla. Meanwhile, Shinami uses her wings in an attempt to impale Rose. As she does so, she turns her body slightly, shielding herself from view with Rose's body* Shinami: Steel Spore Slash (X2 Severe Physical Damage to random foes. Targets: Isla and Luna) Wing Slash (X2 Heavy Physical damage to one foe. Low chance to inflict DEATH. Target: Rose)
Army? If she is the leader of that army, then it shouldn't be a problem. Oliver aimed his sights once again. This shot and one more, then I'm out. I'd better make this count. Oliver's eyes seemed to glow as he shot another round. Heavy-Gun Damage to one foe. Target: left wing
Like that'll stop anyone. Just lose. [Inferno Wyvern loads up an even more powerful attack from above. Its body would heat up and unleash a massive wave of fire and wind. Creating a similar sound to that of an erupting volcano, it would shoot a concentrated blast of fire, "Nova Maxima" (Severe Fire + Wind to one. Pierce.). At the same time, Gear Tiger would use "Star Scorcher Barrage" (Medium Fire 6 times. Each one with 50% of hitting.) on Shinami. Confident of things going just fine for the most part, he would allow big gear pieces to fall from behind him.] High-speed Alloy! Seriously, just lose Shinami, because things will keep getting better and better. And only one of us is getting stronger by the second. I wouldn't want you to die against humans, after all. [Kazuo would cross his arms while on top of Inferno Wyvern, but secretly preparing to jump down if anything were to be directed at him, as his balance wasn't perfect.]

“Come on out to play, hehe!” At Luna’s command, the one ghost accompanying the girl dives into the ground. While her only guard is busy, Luna gets hit full force by the spores, knocking the girl a fair distance back and off her feet. Her last words as she loses consciousness “You’re no fun...” Soon, the Being Luna called would emerge from the ground, a spirit formed from malice that begins to form its body from leftover bits and pieces of animal and spirit lying around “You beckoned...” However, the lichvwould soon realize it’s summoner was defeated. With no reason to stick around, it sinks into the ground from whence it came. ++action++ Luna - KO Lich - leaves
Tea is kind of left speechless as she has been avoided from being targeted. Her friend has been KO'ed, but sadly, seeing as how her deck is mainly a healing deck, she can't be revived. "This adventure has been pretty fun so far..." She says, setting both one card face down and another one face up, straight onto the field. Up in the air would be the same heartly priest that healed Isla a bit ago, now using his curative magic to finally heal Tea's bleeding. Meanwhile, Darklord Marie simply charges yet another dark attack, this time standing behind Tea and her bird. --Action-- Darklord Marie concentrates. Tea sets down one card. Tea heals bleed. 12 cards are now in the graveyard.
"I swear, some people just don't know when to give up. This isn't exactly what i'd call ideal, but the target seems desperate enough." Standing up, Takuto holds his grappling hook in front of him and points it at Shinami. First, he would line up the trajectory of the gun so it would likely hit Shinami's leg under standard conditions. Then, he would wait for when Shinami is flying near enough to him. Finding the most favorable shot he could, the therapist then fires the hook, intending for it to latch onto Shinami's ankle and hold her in place for a brief moment. Whether or not it would connect, Takuto would shout down to the group below him. "The enemy's on their last ropes, guys! Let's finish them off while we have the chance!"
Isla felt her instincts spike making her wake up. She rubbed her eyes and looked around, noticing the attack coming at her. Wow! I fall asleep and then get attacked?! I just wanted to sleep under a burning tree! Isla moved to the side trying to dodge the attack.
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-Player Phase-
*Rose grunts in pain as she gets stabbed point blank. She glances over her shoulder, noticing her "allies" still willing to attack through her. She groans.* Rose: Thanks guys. Love ya too. Geez. I'll save myself. * Rose stabs her staff into the ground behind Shinami. The staff explodes into vines and shards of bark. The explosion allows Rose to kick off Shinami, freeing herself from the wings. As a side effect of the explosion, the ground rumbles under Oliver and Kazuo before a large root shoots out underneath them.* Rose: Oops. Did I do that? *Meanwhile, Sam smirks and fires a lightning bolt high into the sky.* Rose: Root explosion (Heavy Physical damage to random targets. Targets: Shinami, Oliver, Kazuo) Sam: Here's the wind up (Skip a turn) *The explosion knocks Shinami forwards, into the path of the attacks, sending her to the ground yet again. Slowly, she rises from the ground on her wings, shooting into the air.*
-Enemy Phase-
Shinami: Losing? On the ropes? What fight are you in? *Shinami's eyes glint in anger. She frowns, scanning across the arena.* Shinami: No. I've just been playing around. But this? This is me done with you humans. * Shinami spreads her wings. Her spores gather around her before gathering in a single point infront of her. Her scepter spins above her head. The wind picks up, soon forming a vortex, sweeping everything not pinned to the ground up, from roots and concrete to steel and bone, causing it to rise into the air. The spores use the wind and start spinning rapidly. Shinami gives a cold stare to those beneath her.* Shinami: Humanity. For commiting the grave sin of turning your swords to the heavens, to we your benevolant saviours of the Thundarian Empire, I will crush you. Your corpses, bloated and unrecognizable from my toxic spores, shall be tied to a mast and shown to your people about what happens when you rebel. Now fall. Abrimaros Cascade* *For a moment, everything freezes in place. The Tempest stops. Then, the shards part. A massive air canon launches forwards at the party. The ground turns to sand as the winds crash into it and move forwards towards you. The air grows heavy as poison fills it, shot out from the air canon released from Shinami. The objects suspended in the air fall, adding to the chaos.* Shinami: Maelstrom (Cancels Arena effects. Deals Heavy Physical damage randomly) Abrimaros Cascade (Colossal Wind Damage to all foes)

as light and unconscious as the child is, Luna would end up getting added to the debris in the air by mistake, leaving the child to get tossed about by the breeze, with her small, plush toy being separated from them in the chaos
Oh wow that looks dangerous! Isla jumped back under the tree, grabbing the wood to make sure she didn't go flying away. Hey Shinami! You've said you were done with humans for like three turns now! Come on and finish it then! Or is what you're saying just hot air!? Pun intended, as an air cannon is above me and I'm near a burning tree...
[Kazuo would laugh at Rose's foolish attempt. Being on top of Inferno Wyvern, and given the angle of the attack, it would merely bounce back as soon as it made contact. Shinami however, was not exactly done as she soon begins her monologue.] You sure talk a lot for someone about to die, it would be easier if you jus- [At that moment, he attack begins. On the ground, Gear Tiger would be unable to stay on its feet as the Physical and Wind damage push him deeper into the ground. Its body may have been metallic, but it is also not made to resist strong blows, especially not given the materials used to make him. Kazuo thinks he should have stacked up more Gears before finishing the summoning, but there is no point thinking about that now. Inferno Wyvern would not be faced with the combination of attacks, but it would start losing its balance with the wind, and noticing this, Kazuo would allow himself to fall and remain under Inferno Wyvern is it also lets itself fall, shielding him from the wind, but not the rubble and hard pieces being carried by it. As a result, Kazuo's right and dominant arm is badly damaged; dislocated and bruised, he would barely be able to use it with hos numb and weak it is.] Y-You aren't as good as...you said you were! Imaginary 2.0 - Deep Transmigration!! I call upon…your name, Bearer of the Mark...! [Inferno Wyvern would catch Kazuo as his body is covered in red markings similar to scales and beaks. Unable to clap his hands normally, he hits his right hand with his left in order to simulate the motion. He lets out a cry of pain. The red marks would shoot out of his body as he tries to ignore his right arm and holds his ground on the sand. The gigantic swords he had summoned previously would join with the massive pieces of gear he had used previously as they join together into a bulky mass that would grow four short and sturdy legs. Soon enough, one of the blades would take the shape of a massive, spiky shell and tail, while a single vacant orifice on the front would feature an eyeless head with a sharp beak-like mouth, and a neck made out of a dozen unique parts capable of extending. It would not make a single noise as it merely stands there, waiting. The sand under it freezes and a generally cold wind surrounds the area.] Manifestation of punishment, let them shiver...! Imaginary 2.13 - Deep Guillotine Tortoise!! [Deep Inferno Wyvern would stand in front of Kazuo as a shield. Deep Gear Tiger would remain on the ground, not being capable of moving as it slowly repairs itself. Deep Guillotine Tortoise simply makes the air around the area cold.]
Tea looks over towards her allies that were still standing, most notably Kazuo who was the most determined to win this fight. Tea laughed, once again almost forgetting about the attack that was about to come their way. The strong winds that she’d simply call in her head a “refreshing breeze” snapped her back into action as she spoke atop her bird once more. “Shinami, you’re very lucky! I remembered your name! Now, I hope you also remember my trap card! Enchanted Javelin!” Tea flipped a card once again on her duel disk, now summoning another enchanted javelin that she twirled a bit before raising towards the sky, letting a rejuvenating rain of curative energy wash over her to “protect her from these winds”. Really though, this wasn’t really protecting her from anything, both Darklord Marie and Supremacy Berry getting lost in the tempest storm. Before they were blown away, Marie fired her sphere of dark energy toward the ground. This ball wouldn’t actually make any kind of impact once it had hit the ground, but it seemed to be gone. That was all the fallen angel could do, as it had digitalized out of existence along with the bird Tea was riding. Now the girl was grounded once more. She shuffled through her hand before setting another card face down. “Gee, I sure hope Kazuo over there wins. I wonder who’s still with us...” —Action— Enchanted Javelin heals Tea before she would get KO’ed by the winds. Darklord Marie fires a charged dark orb toward the ground. Kisetai makes Shinami’s attack heal Sam (Heavy Heal). 14 cards are in the graveyard.
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"Yep, seems they've all but given up." Takuto chuckles, cocking his head up slightly as a giant robotic humanoid figure materializes behind him. This figure holds its giant metal hands in front of Takuto, deflecting what debris would come his way and pushing back against the stream of wind. Waiting for the storm to end, the machine then reforms right in front of Shinami, clenching a giant fist and then slamming it right into her at mach 1 speed. --Action-- God's Hand: Severe Physical damage to Shinami
Air? Are you kidding me? I can handle everything else, but this is going to hurt. Oliver left his rifle and raised his guard, preparing to take the air clean on. He was able to at least be under cover for the maelstorm, if that meant anything for what's he's about to tank.
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-Player Phase-
Rose: What in the- Grk! * In her attempts to avoid the wind blast, Rose ignores the debris being thrown around by the Maelstrom. Unfortunatly for her, this means get knocked on the head by a falling Luna and collapses to the ground. Luna's doll falls right after the girl, creating an unforatable pile the Rose tries to push off.* Rose: Stupid... brat. * Flower grow across Rose's hair and exhale a large amount of spores before shriviling up and being blown away in the breeze. Luna would feel her wounds fixing themselves, waking her up. Meanwhile, Sam's barrier is able to withstand the wind blast barely, and he falls to one knee in the sand below, breathing heavily.* Sam: That... ah... *The rest of the wind blast and falling debris would do well to block the attacks sent Shinami's way or send everyone flying or sinking into the newly formed sand. Sam would rise up, gritting his teeth.* Sam: Welp. Now's as good of time as any. Raijin...Bolt *With a snap of his fingers, a large bolt comes crashing down on Shinami's Position. Sam's arm sparks and falls limp.* Rose: Life Giving Bloom (Revives an ally with half health. Target: Luna) Sam: Keraunos System: Raijin's Bolt (Colosal Electric Damage to one foe. Guarantees stun unles foe is immune to stun. Disable Keraunos System for 3 turns)
-Enemy Phase-
*Shinami gasps before screaming, her own staff being used as a lightning rod to conduct the elecricity of Sam's attack into her. Lighning surges through her, causing her to be unable to do anything.* Sam: If we're gonna take her out, I'd suggest doing it now. Give it everything ya got. Shinami: Stunned
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[Kazuo would press his left hand in the back of his neck. He would move it side to side, making a nasty cracking sound. After this, he would grit his teeth as he places his right arm's bones on their rightful place. Still in pain, he would walk closer to Shinami's general direction. Inferno Wyvern would unhinge its jaw and Guillotine Tortoise would open its mouth more and more, with no clear intent of it ever reaching its limit.] Haha... ! I will admit I feel somewhat cheated out by this outcome...I wanted to show you more of my power and yet here we are...but it's not over yet... ! Hahahahaha ! You were talking so much about your power and how we are minuscule, and there you are, fully open, and soon, full of holes. [Gear Tiger would keep repairing itself, but flames would condense themselves within Inferno Wyvern's mouth that some of it would fall off like molten lava on the ground. Tortoise keeps opening its jaw, now wide enough to cuz a small house in half.] I'll send my regards to your family, but I doubt they'll care. [Inferno Wyvern would unleash its "Nova Maxima" (Severe Fire + Wind to one. Pierce.), shooting out concentrated fire and wind in a single ray that would be hot enough to cut right through a building like it was paper, and enough force to reduce a rock to sand. However, its general intent was to push Shinami in the direction of Guillotine Tortoise. After the attack hits, this one Chimera would then rapidly extend its neck in the direction of Shinami and stab her with its lower jaw through the torso, only to force her into the sand. With its "Monarch Finale" (Heavy Ice + Physical to 1. 90% Death.), its metallic tongue would move around her body and keep her in place for the upper jaw to fall and bite right through the neck and torso instantly.] ... Never show me your face again, trash.

“U... Unn?” Luna slowly wakes up, tired and confused, the girl yawns and stretches, seemingly not noticing that she’s on someone until.. “Where’d he go?” Luna wakes with a start, glancing around in a panic. It’s not until the child rolls off Rose that she finds her toy, clutching it tightly to her chest “Oh there you are, don’t run away from me like that I missed you so much• As Luna clutches her doll tightly, the two spirits guarding her would reform, though they have no face they almost seem to smile watching her
The girl tried to listen to what Sam said, but to no avail. All she really sees is the large bolt of lightning shocking Shinami, and Kazuo immediately capitalizing with his own attack afterwards. Tea takes this as yet another moment to gather herself. For no reason. "Alright friends, I feel like we're finished!" Tea says to no one in particular, drawing a card from her deck and looking at her hand. Overall, she shrugs and just plays whatever, as she thinks that the battle is already finished. Meanwhile, Kiseitai only dies as a response to the bolt that hits Shinami, not even having any time to digitalize itself out of existence. --Action-- Goblin's Secret Remedy on Tea. Numinous Healer on Tea. 17 cards are in the graveyard.
"heh... heh..." Right after smirking at the stunned Shinami, Takuto promptly passes out from the sustained damage.
Oliver opened his eyes to find himself laying on the ground with light debris on his chest. That wasn't so bad, I guess the air cannon wasn't that much to be scared of. Oliver grabbed his brass knuckles and looked over to Shinami. He began to run towards her. He is confident in his knuckles, they were very risky however. Drawing from his own blood made them expensive, and they were at their most effective only if Oliver had direct contact with whoever he was fighting. Something he often isn't given. Now, however, he catches his lucky break. Oliver reeled his hand back and slammed it onto Shinami's face. The magic knuckles causing a blue sphere to appear around Oliver. Heavy-Physical damage. Weapon: Anti-Magic Knuckles (Causes whoever directly hit by them to lose the ability to conjure magic for one turn.)
(edited by Oliver_Three)
Ha ha knew it! Isla ran towards Shinami, and then jumped into the air. Isla did a flip before scratching Shinami's back with both of her hands. Heavy-Physical Moderate chance to cause bleed.
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--Player Phase--
*Shinami would be caught by all attacks heading her way, being knocked out of the sky by Kazuo's Nova Maxima and knocked around by the following blows. She holds onto her staff as she manages to get to her feet once again then gasps as she is approached by Kazuo's other golem. Suddenly, a blur passes her by. Kazuo's chimera stops dead as laughter fills the area.*
-Battle End, Player Victory-
Sam: Oh this guy... Rose: That laugh... Ah crap. *Shinami growls.* Shinami: Galio... You bastard... * Dusting off his hands, Galio steps around Kazuo's frozen chimera. He grins, showing sharp yellow teeth. His single eye, visible through the cracks of a large iron mask over the top half of his mask. He leans casually against the mech.* Galio: Tut tut tut. You people really don't know how to treat a lady, huh? Hee hee hee. Shinami: This is my fight. Get... out of here. Galio: Sorry, little princess. We kinda need you alive.
U-uh... the news didn't say thing about this. Um... can you tell me your full name and why you are here?
Oliver slowly backed up, still having his guard raised. He was nearly out of energy. He doubt his body can take another large scale battle. It's better to hang in the back at the moment. Nanobots are working overtime.
The girl felt kind of bad seeing Shinami get hit by all those attacks, but it seemed to be expected. However, with the new arrrival of the man, Tea simply shrugged back, laughing off his words as she mostly expects an attack that'll be dead on arrival with a few cards face down and one attack she herself had forgotten about. "Heh, I don't know at all sir! I just wanted to be friends. With the deck I was playing with, I was only playing healer in the sky."

“Treat who?” Luna looks around, somewhat confused. It seems she forgot what we were doing during her little nap. She clings tightly before asking the new guy “Oh, hey! Do you wanna play adventurer with me? Mother and Father would be so happy.”
[Kazuo would sigh and scratch his cheek, not exactly amused about the turn of events. He somehow felt that the mere fact of an army existing implied someone else was around, because no one would be stupid enough to raid a place on their own, no matter how strong. At least he had means to summon reinforcements.] Lady? ... Oh! You mean the trash there, well I'm sorry but you people have a weird way of putting things, so in turn, I put her in her place. Now, if you would kindly put her inside the bin over there... [He would point at the smallest possible trash bin in the area, which had somehow survived the entire battle. For real.] We'll consider you guys losers and then go eat sushi as a celebration. That goes to you too, Genbu. Come here. [Despite the situation, Guillotine Tortoise would shake its body and slowly make its way back to Kazuo, unfazed by all and everyone. Once at the side of Inferno Wyvern, Kazuo would dust off his jacket and take off his hat while directing his gaze at Shinami.] You know "Princess", the date offer is still up. I'm sure you would like to know more about the humans and demons who kicked your ass into the ground multiple times. I know I would like to hear all about you, overrated weaklings.
The battle having ended, Takuto was able to recover and appear next to the party. He looks at Galio for a moment, disheartened. "You know, your 'friend' could use some psychiatric help. Here, have my card." Takuto passes Galio a lamenated card with contact information for Maruki Takuto. "If I might ask one thing, though." He looks down at Shinami. "Why would you expect desperate people to not lash out against you, instead of doing it more? Or do you still think some vague definition of strength will grant you everything you desire?" He does an Adachi-like shrug and smiles. "Well, you lost, so not like it matters what you think."
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*Galio grins at Luna and Tea* Galio: Maybe some other time, kiddos. *He then looks over to Kazuo and back to his turtle that Galio was leaning on. Despite being called for, the turtle didn't move.* Galio: Y'know, it's rude not to share your toys. Specially after you've been bullying my friend. Wouldn't it kill ya to play nice? Heh heh heh. But if ya really want it... *Galio smirked cockily. He side stepped off the turtle and motioned a hand towards Kazuo. Stiffly, Guilotine Turtle turned around and charged at Kazuo, rearing up to attack it's master.* Galio: Enjoy. Sam: Yeah, you should probably not do that anymore. While your machines were able to check Shinami, Galio's a completely differant monster. Rose: He calls it "Command". It allows him to take over any physical object just by placing a hand on it. Makes weapons like yours useless. Galio: Aw. No giving away my game plan. That's just plain rude. Well, forget it. Ready to go, princess? Shinami: No... I'll kill... *Shinami coughs. Galio rolls his eyes. He takes the golden mask off Shinami's reflector and pushes it against her face again.* Galio: Sorry, I wasn't really asking your permission.
(edited by Sam)
This doesn't seem like a good plan. I need at least a turn to let the nanobots heal me half-way and another to get a read on this guy. Oliver got on one knee and prepared himself to dodge any attack thrown at him.
Good thing I don't use any objects... Isla bounced on her toes and got ready to attack or dodge depending on what they do. It doesn't really matter. So, you also believe in humanity ending? Or are you just her friend, because it doesn't look like it. You look more like you're just using whatever you can to reach whatever you want.
[Kazuo shrugs, shaking his head from side to side as he puts on his hat. Inferno Wyvern would get in the way of Guillotine Tortoise, which immediately lost its form the moment Galio took control of it. Its body is nothing but a few pieces of metal with no real form now.] Alright, stop playing around, you had your fun. [With Inferno Wyvern in the way, the rubble would make contact before being sent back flying to the skies above at the same speed and power Galio had commanded. He would clear his throat as he pats the Chimera who had just saved him. The red markings Kazuo had used to bind the creatures together would appear all over the Tortoise's ruined body as the being quickly takes its form again in the air.] Since you revealed your hand so early on, it's only fair I do the same, right? But I won't, just know that it's a mistake to call my Chimera "weapons" or "objects"; "machine" is very much insulting too. While true that you may "command" the body, it is nothing with the special something I need to provide. At the very least, you tried. [It was his turn to laugh, letting out his cocky self. Inferno Wyvern's mouth would open up and its head would angle in such a way that it made it seem like it had a toothy smile. It seemed like even Gullotine Tortoise was laughing as it falls back to the ground, making a loud noise and making the sand raise on impact, as well as filling the area with dust.] Just saying though. You may leave whenever you please, as long as you take the trash with you back home. Oh, and try harder next time Shinami, because if that was you absolute best then you are a horrible disappointment.
(edited by Kazuo_Takahara)
"I would suggest for us all to be friends. But uh, heh. Uhm." Tea's eyes signal towards mostly everyone else immediately talking smack about Shinami as soon as they all won. She looked at Galio and did a Zac Efron shrug before getting all her cards and shuffling them back in her deck, saying something else in a cheery tone not at all expecting a reply. "But all in all, I say this was a very fun experience! Right?"
"Hey, Galio, is it? Are you feeling alright yourself? Seriously, if anyone needs to talk, i'm here for you." Takuto adjusts his glasses and takes a sip of apple juice. "You know, it's not good for you too make too many bad first impressions. That may impact your future relationships in a way you might not like. Maybe we should sit down and have a long dialogue, or something? Or is fighting just everyone's favorite pastime?"

"awwww, I wanted to play now." Luna pouts, either apathetic or unaware of the fact Gallio was trying to kill people. The child holds tightly to her doll before commenting "If you're gonna leave just go already. I don't wanna see you anymore."
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*Upon seeing Kazuo's turtle unforming and then reforming, Galio just laughs* Galio: Alright. That's a new one. But as much as I'd love to stay and chat and talk about my life story to mister analyst over there, I've gotta bounce. Ain't that right princess? Shinami: I can still... Galio: Yeah, I wasn't actually asking for your garbage opinion. Catch you later, children. *Galio blew a kiss at everyone before both he and Shinami vanish in a beam of light. Sam and Rose finally breath a sigh of relief.* Rose; Everyone alright? I think we're safe. Sam: Safe is subjective *Above the crackling of the flames, many sirens can be heard. Seems the fight attracted some unwanted attention.* Sam: Right. I reccomend we leave now.

"Oh?" Luna seems to get excited at the sound of sirens. She doesn't know what the sirens mean specifically, but she does know what more people means. The girl hops in place for a moment as she blurts out "More people want to play with Luna? This is going to be FUN." Luna giggles maniacally as she takes a few steps away from the fire, waiting for her new friends to arrive
[Kazuo would make a motion with his hand, as if catching the kiss and them throwing it into the trash. Guillotine Tortoise's body would break apart and so would Gear Tiger's, leaving only Inferno Wyvern waiting for a command.] I'm fine, my arm got hurt a tiny bit, but that woman was not an issue. Seriously, she was so bad it surprises me you had so much trouble with her in the first place. Oh, right... [He would take a revolver from inside his left pocket and unload it before throwing it into Inferno Wyvern's mouth, where it completely melts away.] I don't need two of the same gun so I'm just keeping the ammunition, and besides, I can't leave any trace that could lead back to me, I have a private life I wish to protect. ... [Kazuo would jump on Inferno Wyvern's back as it jumps into the sky and flaps its wings once. Sand would be lift up and the image of the creature, although not exactly too high above, was somehow hard to make out with bare eyes. Indeed, Kazuo was leaving without even saying goodbye.]
"Oh, policemen? That means more friends. But I dunno if I feel like making friends with them right now..." Tea said as her eyes glanced over at Luna who really seemed to be excited at the thought of what could be assumed as "playing adventure" again. Though she was about to stop her, there was no way she wouldn't see Kazuo just flying off first. "Bye Kazuo, have fun!" The girl smiled and waved up in the air, now deciding that she should place a card down on her duel disk, summoning a skull mark ladybug and flying off slowly in the distance, in the complete opposite direction of everyone else.
Wait what? Oh no, I wasn't supposed to be here! Boss thinks I'm still in my office! Isla scrambled to jump over the dead trees and out of the greenhouse. Hey Tea and Luna, I'll put you in todays magazine for sure! Look forward to it because I'll put a good word about you! Isla used the shadows and started making her way to her office.
Takuto dusts off his coat and approaches Sam. "Hey, Sam, was it? Why don't you take my card, too? In addition to being a good therapist, you can call me up if any more of these aliens, demons or what have you show up and you need any extra help." Takuto hands Sam the same lamenated card he tried to hand Galio. "Well, I better head out now." Takuto shoots his grappling hook far above everyone's field of view, using it to escape from the scene.
Damn it, there goes my evidence and reason to be here. Oliver looked around and saw the helicopters as well as the cars. I'll be in a lot of trouble if the police catch me. The PD and HQ have never liked each other, they'll use me as a point to get rid of them. Oliver began to dart away from the scene, waving goodbye to the rest of the group. "Thanks, I hope we don't ever meet again, because we'll probably be fighting another monster if we do!" Oliver said sprinting away.
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Sam: Welp. Time to go. Ready? Rose: Right. Sam: Catch you later, folks. Try not to get arrested. *A portal opens behind Sam and Rose that the duo pass through before closing. Soon after, a number of police officers enter the area, ready to investigate the issue. Those who remain are likely to face question and/or lethal force depending on how much they resist. The true perpetrators from both parties are long gone however.*
--Scenario Over--
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