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Most Hated Bosses in Video Games
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What are the bosses you hate the most? Not the hardest bosses or the worst bosses. Just bosses for some reason you just absolutely despise. Like, you look at them and the first thing that pops in your head is just hatred and loathing. That boss for me is Nioh's Hino-Emna. I realised this after reaching a side quest late in the game where you have to fight her that I not only remembered exactly who she was despite not even seeing her since beating her in the story like a year ago but how much I hated her. I beat her easily in a single fight and felt no emotion whilst doing so. I just hate her. She was the first brick wall in the game for me. I died so many times to her paralysis Fus Ro Da move or her random grab attack or that charge. Now I'm much more experianced in the game, I was able to dodge most of her attacks, Fus Ro Da included, and block the charge since she's stunned for a good 5 seconds after using it. It was easy, which I think made me hate her even more somehow. Like a "How dare you go down like a bitch after all the shit you put me through the first time" sort of thing. So yeah. I just hate Emna. She sucks. What about you? Any bosses that go beyond annoyance and stay with you as a boss you genuinely hate? I'm curious to see peoples answers.
The first Kingdom Hearts. Ice Titan isn’t even a hard boss, it’s just tedious as hell, as you have to wait for the right attack, then reflect it back at him, my successful attempt took me like, a half hour.
This Prick, Moebius, from Time and Eternity. In classic JRPG fashion Moebius has 6 phases for no adequately explained reason, including three of the game's total 4 fights using a scrappy mechanic to really up the annoyance factor. Now for the actual fight, after running through 5 lengthy, but fairly easy phases, you get to the sixth phase, where Moebius turns the game's time spell mechanic (which you were using the entire game) against you. Using it to either greatly enhance their speed, reset themselves to the start of the fight (read full heal) or to freeze you in place for several seconds. All chosen at random so they have the ability to heal themselves, to full, however often they feel like, and done at the end of like half an hour of combat and cutscenes. Then, they are also the only boss in the entire game to have a cinematic attack triggered when they reach half health that is likely to do 4/5ths of your health, which naturally has no saving throws. So if you're injured at all when you knock them to half you're very likely to die. In the 6th phase of a lengthy boss fight, with no chance to save in between. The fight also starts maybe 5 minutes after you beat the boss of arc 3, so if you didn't save immediately after fighting them, you've effectively got a seventh phase to run through all to get to the only part of the game that's even remotely challenging.

Every "FOE" super enemy in Persona Q 1-2. Not exactly bosses, but can be considered late game enemies. They can generally kill party members in 1-2 shots, and need to be widdled down via status debuffs, so you have to play a game of debuff, buff yourself, keep healing, and hope to god that your MP doesn't drain before the FOE's health does. Absurd enemies to take on. A standard enemy gives roughly 5% your exp bar. FOEs give you a level and a half for killing. Just for comparisons. Parasite Eve's secret boss fight at the top of the Chrystler Building Super powered, and takes 30+ minutes to take down even if you're dishing max damageat the top of the Chrystler Building If it's a damage sponge, I'm probably going to hate it, regardless of the game in question. For the folks who enjoy classics: Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat 3. Dude was designed around reading your controller inputs and ruining you. Super powered, and takes 30+ minutes to take down even if you're dishing max damage. Dude was designed around reading your controller inputs and ruining you. Super powered, and takes 30+ minutes to take down even if you're dishing max damage Dark False: Phantasy Star Online High HP. Switches between Physical Immunity and Magic Immunity, flies way up high, way down below, and spins around a giant arena. If you are a magic caster, you can't hit him 70% of the time. Rangers get a 50% hit window. Melee gets a 10% hit window opportunity. Chasing a boss is never fun.
So, i did a Zero deaths Pikmin 3 run. AND NOW I HATE THE PLASM WRAITH WITH A BURNING PASSION. Seeing it just makes me mad
Fun, i get to vent Pikmin 2s final boss is none other than the infamous Titan Dweevil (apologies if i get some things wrong, been i while since i played- read, a few years) HOLY HELL Titan Dweevil essentially uses the last 4 ships parts you need for different attacks, all of them using the elemental hazards that have been annoying you for the entire fucking game, and is easily capable of wiping out all your Pikmin with its attacks, and besides, the arena you fight it in is so small the fatass takes at least 80% of it, so yeah, you can defintly see the trouble it caused me Water Wraith was a contender simply because it chases you through most of the area and is basically immortal until the boss fight, then you use Purple Pikmin to beat its ass down.
Belberith from Devil Survivor was a lad that gave me tons of trouble my first playthrough. He’s threatening already with his powerful magic attacks and HP AND MP regen, but it’s a lot less fun when he smacks you from halfway across the map and you can’t hit back. Oh, and this lets him regenerate, too. Have fun. Also this isn’t technically a boss, but the Konohana Shuffle from Okami took me literal hours to do. Mostly because wii motion controls are pain at times, and you have to draw five circles in a row without accidentally drawing the sun.
There’s something therapeutic about knowing that there’s another person out there who shares my hatred for Emna. I never even made it that far into Nioh. I just vividly remember the pain I felt fighting that bitch.
Parace L’Sia from Arcana Heart is a boss character that I know that many people actually hate to fight against what with all her OP shenanigans that can make a match end in literally 7 seconds. Sad part is that I’ve never played the game, but yeah, she’s hard. One game that I’ve actually played is Tatsunoko vs Capcom on the wii. Somehow 7 year old me never knew that Yami was supposed to be extremely hard, since I always just got sad whenever I lost, but knowing how I could never do simple and basic combos, I doubt that I actually won more than I lost.
Blitz Hannibal, Dyaus Pita, and Arius Nova from *** Eater
dr khals robot from cuphead
Whoever the fuck that bee was in cuphead I hated fighting her and to this day I refuse to fight her! Grim Matchstick wasn’t even a massive problem, but if I had to choose wether to put us through another world war or fight her, I’m going answer 1, buddy
That cotton candy dude in Yoshi's Story, it's just filler and all you have to do is eat it. It only jumps around the stage, but does absolutely nothing else.
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